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 Addiction and Intimacy the Relationships

Isn’t it common knowledge excessive consumption of alcohol has more often than not been a major reason behind many family; scandals, fights, separations, divorce or worse deaths? Well finding the golden balance between drug abuse, addiction and intimacy is tricky. Even though supposed to avoid the prejudice to say it is one of the most difficult things to balance between addiction and intimacy, it is tempting to assert this is the truth. These require commitment that is terms of time and finances. It is more difficult to manage an intimate relationship while deep into addiction. The following is an account of addiction triggers and how they influence intimacy.

Elements of Addiction and Intimacy

Addiction is an intricate condition of the brain, usually categorized as a disease that involves reward and motivation cerebral systems structurally and chemically altered. The condition involves a number of behavioral and substance related things an individual finds difficult to control. It is a chronic brain disorder that despite several attempts to leave, one constantly finds him/herself falling back to. Usually, addiction manifests itself in various forms. This is dependent on a wide range of behavioral and substance related triggers among them: gambling, sex, food, work, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, bhang, and the latest one, computer and the internet.

Intimacy on the other hand is an interpersonal relationship between two individuals. It involves both emotional and physical engagements. Whereas emotional intimacy refers to how a person’s being feels closer to the other, physical intimacy essentially is about sexual involvement. An intimate relationship requires a good balance of various dear elements among them: trust, care, affection, expectations, beliefs, cognitive perceptions, opinions, experience, and commitment. Intimacy comes along with a number of human benefits that all together show its significance in our lives. These incudes: a deeper understanding of self, spiritual growth, feelings of completion, and sexual reward.

Addiction and Intimacy

Substance Addiction and Intimacy  

Excessive use of drugs often leaves one obsessed. Excessive substance abuse often takes control of one’s body. The result of such addiction literally is little or no space for other commitments. Further drug abuse often drives one into a state of illusion and selfishness. Drug abuse is also said to reduce feelings of true affection and love. With time drug addicts are said to think not beyond their own needs, to satisfy their addiction. Sometimes they spend most if not all their money drinking alcohol and or taking drugs, forgetting the simple things that once mattered in their relationships and the needs of their partners.

Addiction and Intimacy explains that sometimes, drug addicts wake besides strange sexual partners. Often it starts as a simple one time occurrence which the victim feels remorseful but soon it becomes a habit. Of course you can imagine effects of the same including unplanned pregnancies and possible infection with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) or HIV-AIDS. In extreme situations, substance abuse may generally lead to loss of sexual interest and ability to perform well at it.

 Behavioral Addiction and Intimacy

Relationships bring people of different backgrounds together. It may be difficult to know from the start everything about one’s partner. However at times it is easier. One may not accept some behavior exhibited by the other. But still they agree to get into relationships with expectations to influence one another to change. At times they achieve desired behavioral attributes in the said partners, but at times they seem to do the same things repeatedly it becomes difficult to control. One great hindrance to behavior change is addiction. When a person is addicted to gambling for instance, they will always want to do that. They will do whatever it takes, including keeping it a secret from their partners. In the end the partner who expected change may become wary hence confrontation, separation or divorce. Once a relationship reaches such levels, intimacy is lost.

Intimacy and Addiction Recovery

In order to maintain intimacy, an addict may have to take the bold step of recovery. Once the victim gives up addiction, they begin to restore their life. Intimacy therefore becomes one area they work on seriously. It is actually one of the toughest to fix. However with a good recovery plan coupled with the right forums such as the upcoming August integrative addiction medicine conferences, they may as well be able to meet various professionals who will help them fix their intimacy, their partner’s, or that of their friends or neighbors. One expert sure to attend the conference is Dr Dalal Akoury of Integrative Addiction Institute and International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians.

Addiction and Intimacy

Intimacy and Addiction Recovery Tips

Other than recovery, following are tips on addiction and intimacy that would be very useful in learning how to overcome.

  1. Avoid getting into a relationship within the first year of recovery. Simple, you have enough to deal with yet another sexual relationship may do the honors to destroy it all.
  2. It is important to have realistic expectations. During recovery or even immediately after, it is important to know the relation will not be back on its knees in a fortnight.
  3. Effective communication between the partners is essentially also an important part of recovery.
  4. As earlier stated, counseling is a good way to recover. Only this time it is recommended both partners attend the sessions as directed by the doctor.
  5. Loss of sexual libido might as well be caused by another thing all together. It is therefore important talk to a specialist.
  6. In some cases the situation may be so bad, it would be best to end the relationship all together, however caution has to be taken especially if children are involved.

For more information on the above, click http://www.integrativeaddiction2015.com. The link will be your guide to sign up for the conference as well give you a backgrounder about speakers lined up for the mega integrative addiction conference.

Addiction and Intimacy, the Relationship?


Perpetual Fear of Exposure Ruins Relationship

Perpetual Fear of Exposure Ruins Relationship with Partners

RelationshipAny form of addiction works on the addict as some form of self-soothing emotional escapade from all sorts of pressures and anxieties that addicts face in life as a result of the drug use or as a result of life complexities.

Addicts attempt to meet their primary emotional and mental needs with a substance or behavior which supersedes reason. No matter how much sex or pornography a person consumes, the core emotion with which they are struggling is unmoved, and the feelings of emptiness are exacerbated by the very “remedy” intended to bring relief. People free of addiction tend to meet those primary needs with healthy physical and relational behaviors that serve as a priority over other forms of connection.

When one partner in a marriage or relationship is a sexual addict, both partners will have to suffer. The extent to which each partner is impacted by the sexual compulsivity will vary depending on the type of addiction, the length of time he has been a victim, the pace of progress of the menace, the presence/absence of children in the family, presence of other co-occurring addictions among other factors. In every marriage, if a partner has sex addiction, the impact is enough to cause gross damage to the relationship or the family. There is therefore need for treatment so that the condition of the addict may not worsen. However, the partner who is not yet addicted also needs help.

A sexual addict will leave the partner feeling guilty and shameful and sometimes even bitter and these calls for counseling to help them eradicate these thoughts from their minds as they may escalate into more serious effects. These feelings will have a negative bearing on the relationship and the un-addicted partner may begin viewing him/herself as an object of desire that is abused and misused, with these thoughts he/she is bound to be distant and this creates discord in the relationship.

How can fear of exposure in a female sex addict ruin a relationship?

Fear of exposure causes a female sex addict to act in certain ways that jeopardize her relationships. The shame from her sexual acts and the fear of being exposed and rejected are powerful motivators that keep the sex addict trapped in isolation. She closes himself off, not realizing she’s creating a “vacuum of emptiness” inside. This “vacuum of emptiness” is unbearable and so she “fixes it” by acting out sexually. But her acting out only produces more shame and emptiness, and a vicious cycle sets in.

To try to run from the mess she is on the inside, she fakes it on the outside. Some will spend more of their time din their jobs and neglect the time they have for their partners; they mostly do this in hope that their success in their careers may fill their vacuums in love.

Some will turn to food, drugs, relationships and alcohol in pursuit of a fix for the vacuum they ail from, all these will only beckon more sexual acts that only make the relationship between her and her husband sour. However even after engaging in sexual activities with different people the hunger for more will be insatiable hence they will remain trapped in the behavior.

She becomes increasingly self-centered.

In her isolated state the sex addict becomes the center of her world. She becomes obsessed with acting out (or not doing so) her wants, problems, feelings and she also becomes very worried about what people think and say about her.

She obsesses about acting out, (or not acting out), her wants, her problems, how she is feeling at the moment, looking successful and what others think about her. She also becomes egocentric and judgmental making it hard for her to be understood and pleased by the rest of her family members; her children and husband as well as those in the extended family circle.

Her values will also change and she may become a person whose character is wanting and no one really would like to spend time with.

Her perceptions, values and decision making processes are distorted.

She doesn’t see how her decisions affect herself and others and she can’t see the devastating long term consequences of her choices. Her distorted ambitions and her insecure and narrow perspective leave her prone to making big mistakes when crucial decisions need to be made both in her personal and professional life.

She’s blind to the fact that the course she’s on is destructive to herself, her family, her employer and the church.

Fear causes fatigue and anxiety that affect general health.

relationshipThe stress sex addiction puts on her immune system and lowers it making the addict more susceptible to diseases like colds and other infections of the respiratory system.

Sexual addiction alters the shape of the brain and drains natural levels of serotonin. It also interferes with the nervous system and may also affect your sleep and energy levels will be drained. Depression and anxiety will find their way in and cause the mayhem they are known to cause; emotional instability. With depression they will be bound to use antidepressants to ease the tension and this may be a leeway to some ailments.

Fear of exposure by female sex addicts has far reaching effects on their social lives. At AWAREmed Health and Wellness resource center, help and support is available. Call Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) for expert advice.

Perpetual Fear of Exposure Ruins Relationship with Partners



Healing Sexless Marriage

When the flame goes out: healing a sexless marriage

marriageThe sparkle goes out of perfectly normal marriage every once in a while. It is unusual however to have continued months, or even years of celibacy in marriage. Conjugal relations can become ‘dead’ and unstimulating, becoming just another chore on a long to-do list.

Either way, it is frustrating and can really have one or both partners feeling unfulfilled or unwanted. How does a couple that couldn’t keep their hands off each other turn into ‘that’ couple? Well, focusing on an endless hierarchy of needs can cause a couple to get caught in the rat race. Career demands can interrupt a couple’s time destroying romantic intentions. Caring for children and elderly parents can also take their toll on the marriage. All that responsibility placed on a couple can cause them to feel overwhelmed and responsible for their comfort and happiness. Constant disagreements, bickering and not really listening to your partner can also drive a wedge between a couple that is reflected in the bedroom. All is not lost. There are a few things a couple can try to get things back on track in their sex life.

  • Physicality.

Go for a full body check-up. Make sure there is nothing wrong with either of you. Discuss the effects any medications and contraceptive methods may be playing into the situation. Confront any issues like vaginal dryness, premature ejaculation etc that inhibit your intimate time together. Get to the bottom of them and look for solutions with a qualified medic.

  • Keep fit

Maintain your fitness. A regular exercise regimen reduces stress, increases feel-good endorphins and makes you feel more alive. It might also make a couple look and feel more attractive besides, the more admiring looks a couple gets, the more desirable and passionate they feel!

  • Communicate sexually

Get a discussion going about what turns you on. There is a whole buffet of unexplored sexual territory that you may have overlooked. Find out how your partner’s needs have evolved and stay interested. It might be much easier to share erotic fantasies on an impersonal medium on email or private chat rooms. The idea is to find points of convergence, experimentation and no-go zones in a gentle non-judgmental way.

  • Flirt and tease

Married couples often assume marriage means consent, and so don’t bother seducing their beloved. They either ask for sex as if it were a business transaction or wait until they are propositioned. Make the most of small opportunities to make romantic gestures and always leave them wanting a little bit more. Cook your beloved breakfast in bed and surprise them with a stimulating massage.

  • Clear up any resentments

If there are any deep seated issues in the marriage, try resolve them as soon as you can. Don’t let things fester. They will eventually turn up in the bedroom. Matters of infidelity, in-laws and finances can cause strain on a relationship. Consider hiring outside help from a qualified psychologist, sex or relationship therapist to get to the bottom of deep seated issues. Your sex life will be hotter for it!

  • Be adventurous

Try some of the things on each other’s ‘maybe’ sex lists. It could surprise you to find that you enjoy them! It will be a great turn on to them and a romantic expression of love that can only fan the flames of love. The idea is to be playful, creative, sly demanding etc. Just let go and enjoy the freedom of being your lover’s chosen one.

  • Make sex a priority

There is no getting around it. Couples with a healthy intimate life make time for it. It doesn’t happen by accident. It is deliberate and requires a lot of dedication. Sometimes it is deciding to learn different techniques, sometimes it means forfeiting certain acts that feel unpleasant to your beloved. Whatever the case, take the time to learn more and more about each other’s bodies and erotic desires.

  • Find your passion

The fuel that causes great adventures between the sheets also creates excitement in many other areas of life. So if there is a lack of passion in a marriage, chances are there are other areas in life that need to be reignited. Find things that stimulate you and return that spring in your step. Take up mountain climbing, repair vintage cars, start a business, start a homeless shelter etc. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you can laugh at a silly joke for minutes on end.

Sexless seasons come and go, but they do not have to be permanent. Get out of that rut by trying one of these tips. Your spouse will become your lover once more.

When the flame goes out: healing a sexless marriage


Antidepressants Sex Drive Reduced: Keep Off!

Antidepressants  Sex Drive is Reduced Greatly- Exercise Is

the Best Remedy

Antidepressants Just like love, trust and faithfulness are needed in every relationship, Sex is a need that every relationship must have in order to keep the wheels of love spinning. It is the spice, a moment in which the partners get lost in their own pleasures not only to make themselves happy but also to the other party satisfied. Relationships have been broken as a result of sex. when the sex is not satisfactory, when it does nothing to the other party and when it isn’t awesome as it ought to be then the party not satisfied in the relationship will hunger for more, he or she will look for a better alternative to fill this vacuum that cannot be filled by his or her partner and when this happens they call it infidelity! Great sex can save a marriage of all this crap and create a more romantic fortress around the partners making them feel there is no other couple that has it better than they do. Never underestimate the power of sex, it is so powerful that it can wreak a well cemented marriage where trust and love was but also it can make a marriage last even longer. Sex is therefore a necessity in every relationship not only as a way of procreation but as a special gift that you present to your loved one with lots of passion and love.

However most marriages have lacked this special gift and are merely moving on for the sake of saving their reputation and maintaining their pride but behind closed doors men weep and wet their pillows with tears over guns without bullets. They never rise to occasion and this is a strong wave that may sweep the relationship to its ultimate destruction. Women are also not left out and they too suffer lower libido and all these have been linked to use of antidepressants Sex Drive.

Antidepressants Sex Drive Robbers

The human psychological being is made up of different chemical reactions that make it function as it is supposed to. However any intake of a strong drug will interfere with the chemical reactions that make the psychological being work therefore altering all the psychological functions. The reactions between the drug components and the body processes may have negative implications in your body. Sex drive-the psychological need to engage in sexual activity can be adversely affected by use of externally induced strong drugs. One of the strongest drugs is the antidepressants sex drive. These drugs have a way of reducing a person’s Antidepressant sex drive, (antidepressants Sex Drive). Researchers have proved that these antidepressants sex drive, are very instrumental in decreasing a person’s sex drive. Doctors have warned patients to restrain from long term use of antidepressants so as to avoid its side effects that are quite destructive to a person’s sex life.

Antidepressants Sex Drive affect women in a destructive Way!

Researchers have revealed that the use of antidepressants sex drive is even more destructive to women. They deplete their urge for sex as they will not desire to initiate sex nor be part of the activity. With such a low sex drive the sexual life of a woman becomes spoilt and that may be the beginning of marriage storms. Appetite for sex in women should be high if they need to get satisfied in bed too. Taking a woman who has no appetite for sex to bed is like a soft rape, she is not psychological prepared for sex and this may cause irritation in the vagina as the vagina will not be moist enough for safe sex. In the end it may beckon other diseases that may rise from such persistent bruises. This may in itself change a woman’s perception of sex. As sex is becoming increasingly painful a woman will begin to view sex as rather punitive and not as a special gift that it is supposed to be.

Antidepressants Sex Drive Could be Enhanced with Exercise

When a woman has lost her sex drive, it is hard to regain her initial appetite for sex. However doctors have given hope to those women who are struggling with low sex drive. Exercise is a good way of regaining your lost appetite for sex. The word exercise to most women means strenuous activity that will take the better part of the day, this is not true just sparing thirty minutes daily for a workout in the gym daily is enough to revive a woman’s sex drive. Regular exercise is the cheapest and easiest way to fight low sex drive.

A well-researched article published by experienced scientists in the Depression and Anxiety journal states that regular exercise are very helpful in fighting the side effects of antidepressants sex drive, very destructive on a person’s sexual life. The benefits of exercise have been echoed into our brains but it is better to note that exercise is non-invasive remedy for low sexual drives. Using sexual boosting tablets may not yield long term results and may cause serious collateral damage.

Antidepressants and sex drive

Antidepressants Sex Drive Greatly Reduce: Keep Off!

A research was done on 52 young women who used to take antidepressants sex driving. The women had sex for the first thirty days without exercise. The women were then divided into two groups where one group had intense exercise after which they had sex while the other group had sex regularly but exercised at any suitable hour. This went on for a month. The schedules of these two groups were exchanged for another month. The women were then interviewed on their sex drive and satisfaction. Most of them said that they enjoyed sex more when they exercised. They admitted that having sex after exercise was more fulfilling.

Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) is an experienced doctor that has helped many cancer patients in their fight against the disease. She has also helped many people regain their sex appetite and add more fun their sexual life. She founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center which is home to many people seeking health breakthrough. Call on her now and learn more on how to enhance your sexual health.

Antidepressants Sex Drive is Reduced Greatly- Exercise Is The Best Remedy


Priapus Shot

Priapus Shot – Penis Enhancement

Priapus Shot is the solution for your sexual fulfillment. If you need that desired penis size then go for it it is within your reach.

It can be very frustrating and embarrassing if you were to be in bed with your partner only to realize that you have lost your erection ability. What will follow will be very devastating. This is becoming common in many households ware women are not able to get their full conjugal rights because the man is either not able to keep his erection for the duration of sexual intercourse or he has lost his erection ability completely. Many families have been broken as a result of such inabilities. The consequences are heart breaking and frightening. Because of luck of sexual satisfaction many marriages and even relationships outside marriages have been terminated. Other repercussions of this problem include:

  • The introduction of sexual infections due to unfaithfulness
  • Divorce
  • Children living in broken families
  • Increase in immorality and prostitution
  • Possible crime rate increase due to spouses trying to defend their relationship
  • Getting into problems with law enforcement agencies

The list is endless and what does this communicate to you? We must find a lasting solution for this problem. Sex is a major component of in any relationship and its omission results in the many consequences listed above. Therefore If you are unable to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection or your penis is less than desirable size, you now know the impact it can have on your sex life, intimate relationships and by extension your social life. Creating an ideal penis health and size has a number of components to consider.

  • One must have adequate desire and sexual energy (often testosterone related)
  • Intact nerve supply and optimal blood flow.
  • Penis size is usually a genetic matter and many men feel they would like to achieve more length and girth

Fortunately there are medications on the market now that cause vasodilation which are often are intended help but most of these pills don’t always work efficiently however they can do a great job of increasing the blood flow to the penis but this can only last for a while and whatever caused the decrease blood flow resuscitates the moment the pills wears off. Besides this the side effects of these pills can be trigger life threatening complications like stroke, heart attack, and headache. We’re however privileged that the revolutionary introduction of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy for penis rejuvenation is available to help men with improvement and sustaining of erection, sensitivity and penis size. The procedure known as Priapus Shot is very simple, friendly and almost painless often done at a doctor’s office. This process incorporates the harvesting and injection of one’s own plasma enriched growth factors or PRP into specific areas of the penis.

It is important to know that not everyone will necessarily achieve the same results or satisfaction; however for many the result is an increase in the length, girth and sensitivity of the penis and the treatment results for those men are impressive. It is also important to note that results may not be immediate. It may take a few weeks to achieve the full effects as doctor Akoury will help you understand. And on your part as the patient there are a number of things you will need to observe and practice daily during the treatment process for an optimal success. These we will discuss with you confidentially when you make this very important call to doctor Dalal Akoury who is also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, a facility in which highly qualified experts will be waiting for you to help you understand among many other things what you must do daily to increase the rate of success, we will be waiting for your call so that we can in confidence discuss with you in a private consultation.

Under normal circumstance young people will tend to be full of sexual life and this deteriorates as they get older. Both physical and psychological factors due to aging can have a remarkable impact on sexual performance. While going back in time is not an option, there is a solution to help rejuvenate your youthful strength and appearance known as The Priapus Procedure™. The Priapus Procedure™ is a method through which the penis is injected with your body’s own Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM), which helps to improve the health and vitality of the penis. The Priapus Procedure™ enables transformation by promoting increased blood flow to the penis, which ultimately strengthens the erection and enhances appearance making you to keep the erection and improve on your bed time performance. If this article is describing what you are going through right now, I want to encourage you that you’re not alone in this many men are suffering quietly and end up injuring their relationships. You don’t have to do that you have an opportunity to improve on your sexual life by calling doctor Dalal Akoury who is an expert in performing this Priapus procedure and has been of great help to many men like you for over twenty years now. All you need to do is to call or visit her at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and you will have the best sexual fulfillment ever.

What You Can Expect After Treatment?

  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Improved sexual capabilities
  • Increase in sexual stamina – maintain a longer and more fulfilling sex life
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Increase in girth (up to 1 inch)
  • Increase in length (.25 – 1 inch) on average
  • No allergic reactions (you are using your body’s own fluids)
  • No lumps
  • Minimal pain

How PRP Works

Just to bring you up to speed of how PRP procedures works;

  • The Priapus Shot™ begins with a couple of vials of blood being drawn.
  • Then the plasma that contains the PRP is separated from the red and white blood cells by a centrifuge.
  • The platelets, which contain highly active glycoproteins known as growth factors (also called “chemokines” and “cytokines”), are then injected with an extremely thin needle (27 gauges) directly into these six injection areas.
  • Before you squirm at the thought of penile injections, the entire penis is numbed with a topical cream before the injections, so the patient feels no pain.
  • The chemokines and cytokines within the PRP stimulate the local “uni-potent” stem cells (stem cells that only produce new cells in the adjacent tissue), which in turn initiates the production of new tissue in and around the injection locations
  • The growth factors within PRP stimulate the productions of new cells, enhance the migration of these cells in and around the injection sites, repair damaged cells, and extend the life of existing cells all of which contribute to tissue rejuvenation.
  • PRP injections also enhance the proliferation of fibroblast growth factors (FGF) that direct the formation of new blood vessels and capillaries (angiogenesis) and wound healing.

As with healing any wound, the rejuvenation of the penis involves numerous tissue types like blood vessels, nerves, smooth muscle fibers, lymph vessels, connective tissues, endothelium and many more. So when the penis receives a concentrated pulse of bioactive glycoproteins and FGF from a PRP injection, it immediately begins the generation of new tissue in the corpus cavernosa and throughout the entire penis. If you are reading this article right now and the content of this article describes your problem call doctor Akoury now.

Priapus Shot – Penis Enhancement