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Picking fitness regime

Picking fitness regime

Picking fitness regime that works well for you is all you need to succeed

Picking fitness regime: The suitable gym that won’t affect your daily schedule

Weight management is a major problem to many people. Because of this many have not made any attempt of taking corrective measures. As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Centre under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD losing weight is a must for people whose BMI is above the normal rate of 25. One challenge that people face is picking fitness regime for your physical fitness. This is what we want to help you address so that you can take a good and informed decision. That is to say when considering registering to a fitness program it’s important to note that not every fitness program will deliver the same result for everyone. The program should fit in your schedule and you also need to get a fitness program tailored to your needs, the following factors are essential;

Location and duration

Accessibility is important meaning the location must be conducive. This will avoid any inconveniences. Besides the location depending on your availability, the duration must also be a point of concern. The choice program should allow you to go for your sessions at convenience so that you can be consistent and available.

Picking fitness regime: Membership and instructors

Some gyms attract people of one gender while others attract people of certain age group and of some class. This means you can find yourself in a gym with very gentle people and times you can find yourself in a gym of very rogue people. You need a gym that will provide a good environment for your exercise needs without fear of embarrassment. You can tour the gym facility when it’s on the session and make a judgment based on the environment and membership convenience. Alongside that, you need courteous and supportive staff members in a gym for you to exercise and achieve your weight loss goals. You may want to ask for certification of the staff to provide some assurance that you will be dealing with professionals.


One of the things which make me forget about a gym is the hygiene problem. Any gym you want to join for a fitness program should be clean and that includes the personal hygiene of staff members. Carry out a self-audit by inspecting the changing room, the bathrooms as well as toilets, towels, basin, the equipment etc. this is very important since most gym facilities are public and anybody can walk in and become a member easily. You must not take chance with cleanliness.


Finally, check on the fees charged. The fees should be reasonable compared to other fitness programs. Ask your friends or workmates for gyms and their rates so that you don’t join a program that will burden you. All these factors should help you find a fitness program that won’t interfere with your daily schedule as well as your budget. You can also seek for more professional input from doctor Akoury for any concerns you may be having overweight management and picking fitness regime today and you will be attended to professionally.

Picking fitness regime: The suitable gym that won’t affect your daily schedule



Autoimmune diseases no more

Staying fit while on diet over the holidays

Staying fit

Staying fit while on diet over the holidays is very essential for the productivity of your health

Staying fit while on diet over the holidays: Keeping the shape in all seasons

We all like to enjoy the company of our family members, friends or colleagues at work. It is actually health and fun being surrounded by people you can lean on for support in good or bad times. These groups of people are normally available for us and so they are the ones we would wish to celebrate with during our organized events or holidays. Nonetheless, it is during this holiday period that we often tend to make mistakes which can have savior consequences in our general health and lifestyle. According to the experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, staying fit and on course with your weight management during the holiday is possible. We are going to be discussing some guidelines in a series of articles which will be very helpful in sensitizing you not to lose focus in your weight management objectives. Therefore stay tuned on the link for more information which will be very beneficial to you during your time out with your family or friend on holidays. Ideally everyone should enjoy their holidays like for instance:

  • You can enjoy being with family and going out with friends.
  • You can go to holiday parties and have fun.
  • You can enjoy a few “naughty” meals.
  • You can have a piece of cake and a glass or two of champagne.

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself and still remain healthy, slim and fit through the holidays. All you need to do is to have some planning in place, set some realistic goals and being discipline to your target. For the purpose of this two part series I’d like to share with you 10 productive ways to help you follow on your diet and remain in great shape over the holidays without really turning into a “miserable scrooge.”

Staying fit while on diet over the holidays: Remain in your program over the holidays

It is said that when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. For sure not only do we fail to plan but we are intentionally planning to fail over the holidays. Most people expect to “blow” their diet and skip workouts over the holidays. They expect to eat more, to exercise less and to gain weight. As a result, they don’t even make the effort. We often fail to take control and approach the holiday with a lot of unhealthy practices. Before we know it, we’re in January drawing the New Year’s resolution and guess what? The first resolution is weight loss. By this time we are in our worst shape for things we could avoid if we planned well. To avoid these failures we must plan to succeed even as we have fun in holidays.

  • The expectations must be positive.
  • Be determined not to entertain the thought of slipping back.
  • Keep your standards up and don’t relent.

Remember that you can plan to stay in shape over the holidays and at the same time planning on how to improve on your weak points. All you have to do is make the decision, remain focus, consult with the experts at AWAREmed health center and expect success.

Staying fit while on diet over the holidays: Keeping the shape in all seasons



Women Fitness is this your goal

 Women Fitness is this your goal

The word fitness is commonly used, but do you know what it means? It is used to indicate Health, vigor, strength, energy. Each of these can be diminished by inactivity, which leads to a loss of muscle, functional ability, and increased weight, all indicators of low fitness levels. Low fitness increases risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and more. People who are physically fit have better endurance, can do more things more easily, and generally live longer than those with low fitness.
It is important to diversify your exercise, and each one is important. Together, these make up a system that leads to high levels of physical fitness. The four components to physical fitness are:
1. Cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) endurance is the ability to perform sustained physical activity, such as walking, swimming, running, etc.

2. Muscle strength and endurance are linked, and improved by resistance training, such as weight lifting.
3. Body composition is the body’s proportion of muscle, fat, and water. More muscle means greater fitness.
4. Flexibility is related to the range of a body’s movement and motion, and can be increased through consistently stretching muscles.

There is a correlation between exercise and weight, but thin does not mean fit, and the impact of physical activity goes beyond obesity. Coupled with good nutrition, exercise will reduce the risk of premature death, help maintain healthy bones and joints, elevate mood, and enhance performance. Fitness brings a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and some cancers. As muscle mass and metabolic rates increase, weight is balanced, chronic illnesses more easily managed, sleep improved. So, walk whenever you can. Park the car far from the entrance. Get off the bus early. Walk the dog. Dance. Clean the house with wild abandon. Weed by hand. Take the stairs. It all adds up.
Cardio/aerobic exercise is physical activity that requires the heart and lungs to work hard to meet the body’s increased oxygen demand, and is usually accomplished through repetitive movements of large muscle groups (arms, legs, hips). When you are aerobically fit, your body takes in and utilizes oxygen more efficiently in order to sustain this repetitive movement, and results in improved heart and lung function, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved blood sugar control, enhanced immune function, better cholesterol balance, and a longer life expectancy.

There is a world of aerobic exercise, so choose those that you enjoy. Running, fast walking, biking, and swimming are all good choices. In the gym, there are treadmills, elliptical trainers, spin cycles, and rebounders. Play with the kids. Dance. Make it fun!

Strength training involves the use of weights or other form of resistance to build muscle. With benefits similar to aerobic exercise, resistance training increases strength and endurance, improves balance, and revs up metabolism – the number of calories burned at rest. Muscle is active tissue (vs. the more inactive fat), so requires a lot of energy to function, burning about 60 calories per day. This means that adding 10 pounds of muscle will burn 62 pounds of fat over a year. Strength training is not just for young people, either. Studies show people in their 70s and 80s can see strength improve up to 180% in just a few weeks!

Free weights, weight machines, and circuit training are found in most gyms, and there are Soloflex, Bowflex, and Delta Trimax machines for home use. Pilates, Total Gym, and some yoga poses use body weight for resistance, and can be very effective, too.

Weight bearing exercises force muscles to work against gravity or resistance, which strengthens bones when stress causes new bone formation. The bone actually becomes denser and stronger. Studies show that weight bearing exercise can help slow bone loss and osteoporosis, thus reducing fractures, even in people well into their 90s.
Exercise that is weight bearing includes walking, running, jumping, hiking, stair climbing. One especially good form is rebounding, which can be done at home (mini-trampoline) or in a gym.
Tightness and constriction lead to reduction of blood flow to muscles and tissues, resulting in fewer nutrients and more buildup of metabolic waste. If not stretched regularly, muscles grow shorter, resulting in less flexibility and greater risk of injury. Stretching is the cure for tightness and restriction, so regular stretching promotes health, reduces muscle tension, enhances range of motion and circulation, reduces injury, increases energy, and feels great!

Proper breathing is a topic worthy of its own article. The concept is simple, and uses a device that restricts inhalations and exhalations. This strengthens the muscles involved in breathing, increasing lung capacity. These devices are inexpensive and widely available, and have been shown to increase breathing capacity by close to 300%.

Another key aspect of exercise is balance, which diminishes with age unless exercised, leading to falls and fractures. To enhance balance, try this simple exercise:

• Stand with one hand on the back of a chair for support.
• Bend the knee nearest the chair 90 degrees, keeping your knees together.
• Get used to balancing on one leg while holding the chair, working toward standing without support. Once you do, work on holding your hands in front of you, prayer-like, as you stand in position. For more intensity, close your eyes.
• Repeat on other side.

Many yoga poses are specifically designed to improve balance, and can be used for variety, as can vibrating platform equipment.

Exercise is as important to good health as proper nutrition – and you need both. Adequate nutrition while exercising includes:
• Protein for muscle repair. Rice protein combined with yellow pea protein is exceptional.
• Carbohydrates, especially ultra-long-chain carbohydrates (ULCs) such as pre-sprouted barley, which release energy over several hours and do not spike blood sugar.
• High quality fats; especially omega-3s and 9s.
• Extra antioxidants to clear the metabolic byproducts of exercise.
• Minerals (electrolytes) and water soluble vitamins (B vitamins and C). Consider adding liquid trace minerals to your water.
If you don’t move you die. Exercise fundamentally changes every system and function in your body – keeping you moving and healthy.