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Poor obese health and the economy

Poor obese health

Poor obese health and the economy due to frightening illnesses relating to obesity can attack at any stage in life

Poor obese health and the economy: Observing the corporate waistline

Every mission statement you see in the business world will make no sense if it’s not about profit making. All businesses across the globe are in operation for this one goal of making money. Meaning that any establishment that doesn’t realize this is misplaced and should close down. The burden of increasing profit margin is giving managers sleepless nights. And even as this wish is being championed, it is often met with several obstacles derailing profitability. One of the major factors is the poor health of the work force. This is what is going to form the basis of this discussion while looking at overweight and obesity as a factor. Poor obese health contribution to the downfall of the economy can’t be ignored any further. For a better understanding, we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD a weight lose professional for over two decades. In her passion of making a difference in peoples’ lives, doctor Akoury founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center where total focus is on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into one. And as we progress, you may want to schedule an appointment with her to help you in all your weight management concerns professionally.

Poor obese health and the economy: Economic sabotage as a result of obesity

The problem of poor overweight management is causing businesses billions of dollars yearly. This is due to higher cost of treating weight related health complications resulting into lower productivity and absenteeism of obese employees. Today obesity is ranked second in the U.S as a national scourge in terms of increased health costs thereby making obese people contribution to the state of the economy wanting. Even though this is a serious problem, we must not lose hope. All is not lost to those individuals who may be suffering from weight related complications. Her desire to help the hopeless community made her form this health facility primarily to transform each individual’s life. This she does through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals into finding their own inner healing power. Remember that doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. If you’re losing it, be encouraged today and schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury now and get the solution to all your weight problem.

At this facility we appreciate everyone and treat everybody with respect and dignity. Ours is to help you get your life back and make your contribution to the society effectively. We understand that being overweight can cause many health problems, and that why we want to correct that timely in a welcoming environment and at affordable rates. As you consider scheduling for that appointment, listen to some of the impact of being obese that makes obese people contribution to the state of the economy a subject of discussion. Recently a number of U.S. corporations including Ford Motor, General Mills and IBM formed the Institute on the Costs and Health Effects of Obesity to address the growing epidemic of obesity. The Institute plans a U.S.-wide weight-awareness campaign and a summit to share ideas about fighting obesity. All these are being done to make the obese people’s contribution to the state of the economy to be practically viable.

Poor obese health and the economy: Observing the corporate waistline


Obesity and weight lose

Leptin regulatory role of metabolism and appetite

Leptin regulatory role

Leptin regulatory role of metabolism and appetite. Leptin will help control the amount of food you eat for effective healthy weight management

Leptin regulatory role of metabolism and appetite: Thermogenesis

As a communication tool, leptin regulatory role of metabolism and appetite is well articulated in to the brain. According to doctor Dalal Akoury, MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, leptin will be informing the brain of any changes that takes place. That is to say it will let the brain know how much fat is in your body. And as leptin levels goes up, your appetite reduces. And as leptin levels fall, your appetite upsurges. Besides that leptin is also charged with the role of regulating the rate of fat breakdown. Meaning that as leptin levels rise, your metabolic rate escalations and as leptin levels fall, your metabolism decelerates. These are fundamental roles played by leptin hormone even as it delivers on its role of helping you control your appetite and metabolism in an attempt of ensuring that your weight management is well taken care off.

Leptin regulatory role of metabolism and appetite: The calories in the body

Excess calories which are not put into proper use by the body systems if often blamed for the excessive weight that is characterized with several health complications. Leptin will be very useful in regulating the intake of calories especially when the right foods are consumed. In the meantime it is important to remember that the quantity of calories you burn is controlled by thermogenesis. This is a process (thermogenesis) in which the body produces heat from the muscles and experts conducting a study over the same have established that hormone leptin can significantly increase thermogenesis which is very essential and helpful in burning any of the excess fat.

Leptin regulatory role of metabolism and appetite: Why look for AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center?

There are very many health institutions where you can seek for treatment solutions however it will interest you to note that the formation of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center was passionate and professional. Doctor Akoury made this decision to primarily transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. Telephone number 843 213 1480

Finally now that you know, you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury and on your arrival at the facility, we will take you through all the process and monitor closely on your progress professionally. And by the time all this is done you will not only feel better and healthier but to your amazement you will find that, the pounds are dropping naturally. Besides that, you’ll also stop craving for unhealthy foods. We have chosen this course and we want you to be part of this successful weight loss program established by one of the most experienced professional in our time. Your perfect health is our pride, schedule for that appointment today and discover how using leptin the weight loss hormone can work for you during the holidays and beyond.

Leptin regulatory role of metabolism and appetite: Thermogenesis



Compulsive overeating

Learning healthy lifestyle living habits

Learning healthy lifestyle

For a good start in life, learning healthy lifestyle living habits becomes a priority. Take note of what you eat.

Learning healthy lifestyle living habits: The key components of safety

Did you know that food is a key determinant of what your lifestyle is and how it will look like? It’s is true that we can’t do without food. But even with that need, we must not let a good need as food be the reason for our chronic illness says doctor Dalal Akoury MD. President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Resource Center. This is a health facility with a mission and vision of kicking out all elements of addiction and its compliments. One way of a achieving this is through education. Doctor Akoury appreciates that learning healthy lifestyle living habits is a key component of ensuring safety from all matters addiction. In her professional desire to make this come to reality, doctor Akoury established AWAREmed Integrative Addiction Institute which is a training/learning facility for all medical practitioners and more so the nursing profession. Under this umbrella, nurses are able to learn about so many things including that of healthy eating. Therefore if you’re wondering on how you can become a healthy eater, this institution is meant for you and you can always join the facility at any time. For more information about this entry, you can first call doctor Akoury today on telephone number 843 213 1480 for further inquiries.

Learning healthy lifestyle living habits: Healthy eating

As you approach this topic in any discussion, it is important to appreciate that healthy eating is not just about the observation of some strict diet, weight management, or denying yourself of you favorite food, there is more than what people make it look like. That is why when you register with AWAREmed integrative addiction institute, you will learn more and be able to deliver on your treatment obligations effectively. Healthy feeding is about feeling good, great and having sufficient energy, improving of your facials and general body structure alongside stabilizing your moods.

Many of us are struggling without knowing what to do because of numerous advice about nutrition and diet from one professional to another because what you are told today expert A will be the complete opposite of what expert B will tell you further throwing you into confusion. We are committed in helping you get the best by releasing into the market nurses who are consistent and competent all round. Learning healthy lifestyle is very key to doing the right thing and even as we endeavor to train experts it is also important that we help the public understand some of the basic so that they can reduce their levels of confusion and be able to learn on how to test, verify and create a healthy diet good enough for their minds and whole body.

It is therefore important that as individuals we have a duty to play. Therefore while the world is training us to emphasize on a particular nutrient, we need to move to food based recommendations. We must ensure that our food is whole and enriched with minimal processed foods. In other words the foods we must go for needs to be as natural as possible. Those are the kinds of food that promotes learning healthy living not just for the professionals but every one of us.

Learning healthy lifestyle living habits: The key components of safety



How to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight

How to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight: Pregnancy and other Factors of overweight

How to have a healthy pregnancy if you're overweight

How to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight. Some simple and light exercise will be necessary.

It is the joy of every woman to be a mother some day and that is the common denominator across the board. If you ask me whether I’ am in agreement with this then the answer is an absolute yes. Having children and seeing them grow to become useful people in the society is like music that soothes the heart. Having babies in the natural way will necessitate that a woman will have to nurse the pregnancy for nine months before delivery. I am aware that you are aware of this. However what I want to address in this article is “how to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight”. Have I got your attention? If yes then keep reading and find more from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of Doctor Dalal Akoury’s care. Being obese and pregnant at the same time can be very disturbing psychologically. This must not be the case if you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury an experienced weight loss professional of over two decades of medical practice. She will be able to evaluate your individual situation and ensure that all your concerns about your weight and pregnancy are addressed. Now let us make effort to understanding further how to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight by answering these questions.

How to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight: How will my weight affect you and your baby?

Actually it is not automatic that when you are obese or overweight then you will have complications during pregnancy. This is not true since overweight women can still enjoy a healthy pregnancy even when overweight. It must be noted that while being overweight might bring with it several complication in this situation, it is not always automatic. As a matter of fact you can still nurse the whole pregnancy period to delivery without any effect at all. However, like I have indicated being weightier, with a raised body mass index (BMI) does make it more likely that you’ll be affected by certain complications. You may not experience any of these complications, but it’s helpful to be aware of them, just in case. This is very important because health care providers are not quite certain of the exact reasons as to why being overweight can make a difference to how well your pregnancy goes. This is so because being overweight is characterized by several factors that can influence your health including once age, family history, lifestyle, and ethnic background. A single condition or even all of them can play their part. However, this will not erode the fact that the higher your BMI is, the greater the risk of having a complication during pregnancy. It will therefore be very important that for us to appreciate how to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight we must understand some of the most common pregnancy complications associated with being overweight or obese. Such complications may include the following:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • High blood pressure (gestational hypertension)
  • Pre-eclampsia, which happens when there’s a problem with the placenta
  • Your labour starting too soon

Besides that, being overweight may also prolong the pregnancy period and you may deliver past the recommended time. When this happens then chances are that your labour will be induced. Therefore if you were to deliver a baby at a BMI of 30 or more, then you’re likely to go through the following in the process:

  • An assisted birth (with forceps or ventouse)
  • A caesarean section
  • Increased or heavy bleeding after birth (postpartum haemorrhage or PPH)
  • A wound infection if you give birth by caesarean section
  • A blood clot in a deep vein in your leg (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) or in your lung (pulmonary embolism or PE)
  • Increased time spent in hospital due to complications

How to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight: What can I do to have a healthy pregnancy?

The good news is that doctor Akoury will take you through a few simple steps which will help to protect your baby’s wellbeing. The following steps are beneficial:

These are very useful guidelines and are the best options available to help you reduce the possibilities of developing complications. There is no evidence that dieting to lose weight while you’re pregnant is a good idea when it comes to answering the question “how to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight?” on the other hand in certain cases, dieting may be harmful to your baby. If you’re suffering from nausea and vomiting in the early weeks of your pregnancy, then it can be hard to enjoy a well-balanced diet. In such cases ensure that you drink plenty of water, and try to eat small, nutritious meals often.

How to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight: Exercise

Regular exercise during pregnancy is a great way of helping your body to cope with pregnancy and prepare for the delivery. This is one of the most effective ways of managing your weight, particularly if you combine it with a healthy diet. This can in turn lower your risk of giving birth to a large baby. However, if you weren’t exercising prior to pregnancy, this isn’t the time to start a vigorous new regime. As long as you get the go-ahead from your midwife or doctor, you can do mild to moderate exercise. This will go a long way into unlocking the riddle of how to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight. Alongside that choose low-impact activities like brisk walking or swimming. Keep workout sessions short, increase them gradually, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Finally talk to your doctor about your feelings about the whole situation. You may have a history of high blood pressure, or have diabetes. Or you may have a family history of large babies. Remember that the discloser of these facts will only make the experts to help you deliver a healthy baby.

How to have a healthy pregnancy if you’re overweight: Pregnancy and other Factors of overweight

Treating Cancer – Related Thrombosis

Assessing and Treating Cancer – Related Thrombosis

Cancer – related thrombosis has been one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in patients. Its significance has been underscored by the fact that the condition can actually affect patients regardless of the stage at which the disease is. In this essay, we shall discuss an integrative approach that can be used to inhibit this condition in cancer patients. Basically, the approach that is used seeks to do two important things: make the tumor host terrain conducive to optimal health while being non – conducive to the growth and development of cancer cells through metastasis. Our focus shall be on different ways by which this objective can be achieved.

How cancer cells use angiogenesis to grow

The growth and development of cancer takes place through a series of complex and interrelated steps. An important thing to understand, though, is that for cancer cells to successfully grow, they have to be provided by a regular supply of oxygenated blood. This calls for a rich supply of blood vessels in the body of the patient. In general, a normal human body has an inbuilt mechanism by which new blood vessels are generated and develop for specific functions. This process, called angiogenesis, is vital for different purposes such as general healing of a wound and even during the process of embryo formation. Unfortunately, it is this processes that cancer cells make use of to achieve what they need most: blood supply. The cells literally hijack the process of angiogenesis and use it as a basis to support their growth and possible metastasis in the future.

molecules involved in clotting and cancer

The process of metastasis

It is important to note that metastasis of cancer cells occurs in several interconnected steps. First, after apparently normal cells of the body have been changed into completely tumor cells, a heavy network of capillaries is built around the cells. This process, angiogenesis, is necessary for the cells to develop and grow further. Research has indicated that cancerous cells are able to hasten the process by producing factors that promote angiogenesis. This build up in supply is necessary for the cells to get to the next stage which is invading the body cells of the host. After invading local body cells the newly develop cancer cells then undergo a process of breaking free from the original mass and spreading to other parts of the body. Cancer cells, in singular or groups, break away from the original mass and get spread through the supply system of the body. Although some are destroyed, there is always a good amount of cells which survive. It is the surviving cells that move across the body, find a new organ or tissue upon which to base their growth and begin the process of getting a new supply of blood afresh. This sets a new foundation for the process to repeat itself.

The role of Angiogenesis

It is the role that angiogenesis plays in this process that has stimulated a lot of research in use of therapies that inhibit it. The thinking behind this approach is that once the process has been inhibited, cancer cells will be deprived of their most vital resource: blood supply thus being condemned to an early death. The crux of the matter, however, is that with the use of anti – angiogenesis drugs comes the risk of cancer – related thrombosis. The problem is complicated further when one considers that different types of conventional cancer therapies have also been known to increase the possibility of the occurrence of cancer – related thrombosis in cancer patients.

Integrative approach to treat cancer – related thrombosis

This, therefore, calls for an integrative approach to treatment that arrests the process of metastasis while at the same time promoting optimal growth and reducing the possibility of cancer – related thrombosis. There are several things that such an approach is made up of which include the use of botanicals, botanical compounds, enzymes, nutritionals, diet and life-style changes.

  • Lifestyle changes

It is important for cancer patients to carefully observe their lifestyles. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle plays a key role in reducing the possibility of one developing any of the different forms of cancer – related thrombosis. Furthermore, by using a diet that contains foods rich in different minerals such as vitamin E, omega – 3 fatty acids and polyphenol, it has been established that one would be reducing the possibility of such an occurrence.

  • Use of botanicals

There are several different botanicals that have been used to reduce angiogenesis and, by extension, occurrence of cancer – related thrombosis in patients. For instance, some herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine have been found to exhibit these properties. Also, green tea, which contains a relatively high proportion of polyphenols, can be a useful product. However, the bulk of research on this score has been on botanicals such as Chinese wormwood Curcumin. The research has been focused on how particular agents found in these plants can be used effectively to counter the effects of particular cancer therapies in promoting the process of angiogenesis upon which metastasis and cancer – related thrombosis are based.

For years, our focus here at AWAREmed, has been to use the best available practices to ensure that our patients are free from the possibility of cancer – related thrombosis. To achieve this, we use a sound approach that is completely personalized to the needs of our clients, thus guaranteeing them the best services in integrative approach to cancer treatment.

Assessing and Treating Cancer – Related Thrombosis

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