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How to lose weight faster when belly dancing

Belly dancing incorporates wave-like movements that are sometimes, quick, slow or angular. Belly dancing is also another best trick to losing weight provided you are willing to engage an aerobic like calorie-burning exercises involved in it. One of the things that make belly dancing quite useful is that it does not only help you burn fat to lose weight but also effective to sculpt your physique.

If you are well acquainted with belly dancing, you might have noticed that most regular belly dancers are not only well built but also flexible. In short, belly dancing is a way to go for if you are looking for the easiest, fastest and enjoyable way to let go of some pounds.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to eat aimlessly. Just like any other weight loss strategy, losing weight through belly dancing also requires you to watch your diet. Even with regular hours of stramineous belly dancing, you won’t be able to lose weight if what you eat is junk foods. You must be able to choose what to eat and most importantly, control the portion you take.

One of the reasons belly dancing comes out as one of the most effective weight loss strategies is the fact that it helps keep away stress. It is one of the exercises that will perfectly fit the music you love. Not only will you be enjoying your music, but you’ll be happier seeing that you can flow with the rhythm.


lose weight

Unless you have big problems, you’ll be able to do away with bad stressing thoughts. Also keep in mind that overeating might be influenced by stress. Belly dancing will help you focus on good things and as a result, prevent you from eating aimlessly.

Here is how to get the best out of your belly dancing routine.

  • Create a schedule: Come up with a schedule you can stick to. It can be thrice a week.
  • Warm up and stretch: This will make it easier for you to prevent injuries when executing your moves.
  • Play music you like and can dance to: Choose music that won’t bore you at the middle.
  • Find fat-burner moves; Figure out which moves tires you a lot.
  • Repeat and repeat: By repeating, you’ll be working on specific parts of your body that need to let go of some fats.
  • Ensure that your workout doesn’t conflict with other tasks you have before you
  • Watch your diet; as mentioned earlier, diet plays an important role here. Eat more in the morning and reduce the portion when your bedtime is approaching. Also remember to avoid eating junk foods.

The final word

Just like any other workout, belly dancing for weight loss requires you to be disciplined. You must be able to stick to your schedule and most importantly, eat healthily.


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How to deal with your cravings faster

Do away with cravings for faster weight loss

Gaining weight in today is easy simply because technology has made us lazier than we were in the past. We have to spend most of our times inactive and the time we get out, we are either driving or being driven. These have in turn led to some problems such as overweight that is linked to several ailments.

Distinguishing between appetite and hunger has become harder because unlike in the past, there is a lot to eat. Some will just eat not because they feel hungry but because they saw food they like.

Hunger is simply a message sent by your stomach when it is empty, and it wants to be filled. Appetite, on the other hand, means a desire to eat even when your stomach is full. Most people eat because they are near or can easily access food that they like.

Appetite is one the reasons; your body ends up storing excess fat simply because you are giving it more than it wants and what it cannot digest.

Many people today are having a hard time dealing with weight because they are used to the idea of eating whenever they come across their favorite foods. They try each and every trick without a success and as a result, most of giving up.


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One of the most effective ways is controlling your appetite, and nothing does this well than an appetite suppressant. However, when using this kind of pills, it is vital that you ensure that your calorie intake does not go below the required level. Here are some important facts to note.

  • If you burn the same amount of calories as you take, then you’ll be able to maintain your weight.
  • If you take more calories than what is needed by your body, then the body will convert the extra calorie to fat that will be stored in several parts of your body.
  • If you burn more calories than what you take, then you’ll lose more weight simply because your body will require more energy that will force it to burn more fats to get the energy.

Health experts advise that you consume foods that have low calories. Among the best choices are smoothies. Think of foods like asparagus and more.

The bottom line

The best way to lose weight is to focus on some calories that get in and out of your body. It is one of the most useful strategies for reducing the amounts of excess fats stored in various parts of your body. Appetite suppressants having a low-calorie diet will work best to control your appetite hence the best option for those who can’t control their cravings.


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Top 5 Delicious and Low-Calorie Weight Loss Recipes

Low calorie and delicious weight loss recipes

When you are planning on a diet that will help you lose weight, you don’t need a recipe that is balmy and expensive at the same time. Lucky for you, it is all here. Check out the top 5 delicious and low-calorie weight loss recipes you’ll ever come across.

  1. Low-calorie breakfast

Your breakfast should be the heaviest compared to what you take for lunch and supper. But this doesn’t mean that it should contain more calories. There are more than enough healthy recipes that are also delicious. Among them is Poached Eggs having Mushrooms and Tomatoes. What you need to do is, pour some vinegar on the eggs so that it becomes white. You can then fry the tomatoes and mushrooms separately and remember to season using salt and pepper. To make it tastier, you can sprinkle a tablespoon of chopped chives.

  1. Treats free of guilt

Sweets are often discouraged for a person trying to stay in shape. If you are one of those who can’t keep away the craving, you don’t need to torture yourself because there is something for you: a low-calorie Choco Fudge Brownie. To make it, you need to mix salt, cocoa and flour whisked in the batter. Heat the butter and chocolate using a microwave for approximately one minute. You can then stir and then leave it to cool. Lastly add one tablespoon of vanilla, a cup of sugar plus a low-fat milk and whisk. Bake the batter in a pan for approximately 20 minutes.

  1. Low-calorie entries

One of the healthiest low-calorie recipes is a grilled chicken pineapple salad. It combines all the vital nutrients that are also low in calories. To make this, you need chicken breast without skin, pineapple bits, bell peppers and spinach leaves. You can then add orange juice to bring out the sweetness of spice. Also, you can add onions.

low calorie weight loss

  1. Light Dinner

If you are a veggie fanatic, you’ll want this recipe for supper. The tofu and coconut mixed in a curry sauce. It is a healthy recipe having very simple ingredients. What you need is curry powder, mushrooms, coconut milk, cubed tofu and lastly something to season. Mix the curry powder, soy sauce and lastly, a coconut milk, brown sugar, and ginger in a pot. Boil and then stir in a mixture of tomatoes, onions, tofu and mushrooms. Let it cook for approximately six minutes and your delicious dinner will be ready.

  1. Healthy lunch recipe

Your cravings get high during lunch time. You don’t need to risk your diet. There are more than enough delicious and healthy recipes you can use for weight loss. The most favourite for women who mind their health is rice salad and taco. First, cook your beef and garlic until it turns brown. You can them mix in long grain rice, season and lastly top using cheese. Eat with tacos.

Dieting is important when you are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, you might not enjoy what the health experts and most nutritionists are suggesting. Involve the recipes mentioned here and see how easy it is to lose weight without letting go of your favourite tastes.


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