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Alcoholism malnutrition effect

Alcoholism malnutrition effect

Alcoholism malnutrition effect are real and can knock on your doorstep at any time if you don’t stop using alcohol

Alcoholism malnutrition effect: Liver toxicity: Liver toxicity

Being malnourished deprives the body of essential nutrients for health and body comfort. We must ensure that the body gets all the food nutrients it needs. In doing so, we’ll meet some obstacle along the way one of them being the element of substance abuse. For a better understanding, we want to focus on the topic alcoholism malnutrition effects progressively. We are doing this as a way of supporting the noble assignment of defeating the scourge of addiction from our societies. In that respect doctor, Dalal Akoury who is also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is going to take us through the discussion and we want to appeal to you to keep on the link and invite a friend so that we can have a healthy learning experience together. Meanwhile, if this is causing you any problem, you can always consult with the experts from AWAREmed Health Center for further professional direction.

Alcoholism malnutrition effect: Why does alcohol addiction cause malnutrition?

By all standards, alcohol is the world’s most abused substance. Ironically, it is also the biggest revenue earner to the authorities in terms of tax levies. In other words am simply saying that despite the serious health consequences, it is legally allowed for consumption. I have always appreciated that most authorities have put certain restrictions as controlling measures to minimize its consumption, but the truth is, these has not yielded any positive result. This is because the effects of alcohol consumption can be felt in all our families whether directly or indirectly.

Our learning institutions are not spared either. Young boys and girls are drinking disorderly to the amazement and deterioration of our morals. Now to the question “why do we say that alcohol addiction causes malnutrition”? It will surprise you to note that in this generation many alcoholics across the globe are malnourished for various reasons.

Take, for example, victims of alcohol abuse suffers high risk of being malnourished either because they take in very little of essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins, or because alcohol and its metabolism inhibit their body from performing its duty of properly absorbing, digesting and using those nutrients as effective as it should. This, therefore, brings in the significance of alcohol addiction in malnutrition in the picture. It is no wonder majority of alcohol consumers and particularly the alcoholics frequently experience deficiencies in vital food nutrients including proteins and vitamins, particularly vitamin A. the danger of these deficiencies is that if not addressed in good time, the victims risk being affected by serious and chronic liver disease and other serious alcohol–related disorders.

A complex relationship exists between a person’s alcohol consumption and nutritional status. Many people, including light to moderate drinkers who consume one to two glasses or less of alcoholic beverage per day, consider those beverages a part of their normal diet and acquire a certain number of calories from them. When consumed in excess, alcohol can cause diseases by interfering with the nutritional status of the drinker. For example, alcohol can alter the intake, absorption into the body, and utilization of various nutrients. In addition, alcohol exerts some harmful effects through its breakdown (i.e., metabolism) and the resulting toxic compounds, particularly in the liver, where most of the alcohol metabolism occurs. This explains why you need to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury now for help.

Alcoholism malnutrition effect: Liver toxicity



Exploring nutritional therapy for substance abuse eradication

Medicinal nutrition therapy for substance abuse

Medicinal nutrition therapy

Medicinal nutrition therapy for substance abuse works and leaves you all smiles

Medicinal nutrition therapy for substance abuse: Specific nutritional threats discussed

The dangers of substance abuse can be very fatal and life threatening if action to address them is not expedited. Over the decades we have been on the first lane of delivering solutions to this problem with a lot of professionalism, care and excellence. It is our commitment to see this problem eradicated in it’s entirely in our life time and that is the reason why we have not relented in our zeal to its elimination. For that reason, we the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury will remain in the forefront of the fight of drug addiction applying all the tools at our disposal until we can say that the war is worn. Nonetheless this is not an easy assignment and we are acknowledging that and that is why our team of professionals are well trained to the task. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the effect of proper nutrition in the fight of this problem and we now want to further that discussion today in this article by discussing the effects of medicinal nutrition therapy for substance abuse elimination and how it works.

Doctor Dalal Akoury says that depending on the variance of the substances abused by different individual, their nutritional status, weight problems and disease, we are likely not to have similarities the ways such substances affects them. It is therefore very important that when seeking for the best avenues, we must conduct out a full assessment and evaluation primarily to determine the individual requirements. And that is what we want to first explore in this article with a view of examining the common needs for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in substance abuse and then discuss the specific nutritional threats each substance poses as well as the recommendations for addressing those threats. By the end of the discussion you will be well equipped to face any nutritional challenges that may come your way even as you fight off addiction. We therefore urge you to stay on the link for much more information about this way of fighting addiction.

Medicinal nutrition therapy for substance abuse: Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a serious health problem that comes into the body due to the deficiencies of several food nutrients. It causes the body to be pale, weak and being vulnerable to any attacks by chronic health complications. Nonetheless for the purpose of our discussion, malnutrition that is related to addiction is categorized either as primary or secondary malnutrition.

Primary malnutrition – this normally occurs when the substance replaces other dietary nutrients in the body thereby causing a lot of intoxication to the body system.

Secondary malnutrition – under normal circumstances this will results from improper nutrient metabolism, absorption, utilization, or excretion even though the diet may be adequate. Even though malnutrition is categorized in either primary or secondary, they both have one common denominator which is both types of malnutrition can result from any substance use. That is why you need to consult with doctor Dalal Akoury immediately to salvage the situation before it get out of hand.

Medicinal nutrition therapy for substance abuse: Specific nutritional threats discussed




Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients

Malnutrition effects

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients correction begins with addressing all nutritional imbalances caused by drug addiction and alcoholism

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients: Increased deficiencies

In her decades of working experience with addiction patients, doctor Akoury registers that even though everybody is vulnerable to malnutrition effects, it is important to note that patients who are struggling with multiple addictions show increased deficiencies due to malnutrition. Like for instance in one of the studies it was revealed that up to 70% of addicted drug users suffered vitamin D deficiency and low levels of vitamin C, and yet in another research it was also established that some 50% of addicts were deficient either in iron or vitamins (vitamins A, C, and E being most common) during detox.

It is also important to note that MNT for malnutrition roles includes correcting any deficiencies, providing an adequate diet, and addressing any alterations that need to be made to the diet due to oral, digestive, or metabolic issues. A once-a-day, low-potency multivitamin/mineral supplement may be useful for those unable to consume a calorically adequate diet and those with dietary limitations or severe gastrointestinal damage.

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients: Metabolic syndrome

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, substance abuse, especially alcohol abuse, is closely associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, which consists of increased abdominal obesity, hyperglycemia, abnormal cholesterol, and hypertension. The mechanisms through which substance abuse contributes to this condition includes increased cell damage, reduced energy production, cells’ reduced antioxidant potential, and enhanced excitotoxicity. Some substances, including alcohol and marijuana, lead to higher calorie intakes, increased weight circumference, and poorer nutritional profiles, all of which will lead to an increased metabolic syndrome risk.

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in substance abusers is reported to be 5% to 31%, with a higher risk for those who abuse alcohol and opioids. Higher risk is thought to be associated with an increased period of dependence on a substance. To reduce this considerably, it is important that we take such patients through counseling particularly on the subject of lifestyle changes. The effectiveness of this will go a long way in decreasing their risk of contracting chronic health conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Besides this such patients should also be encouraged to engage in healthy practices like exercise, weight loss and dietary changes to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and quitting smoking.

Before we come to the conclusion of this discussion, I want to give some assurance to you concerning the best way forward even after leaving this sight. And before you go remember that we have only looked at malnutrition and metabolism and we are yet to explore on pharmacotherapy, weight management and eating disorders which are also very instrumental in medical nutrition therapy for substance abuse. Because of that we are going to proceed with the two in our next article and it is going to be very healthy for you to be there.

Finally as a possible way forward whenever therapy is mentioned, people often think of resources and the cost implications. Remember what we said in the introduction that we are determined in seeing you through this process of eliminating addiction all through. That is why doctor Dalal Akoury founded this facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) so that you can get the much needed assistance conveniently and at a very competitive rate. Therefore if this description suits your situation, then you need to schedule that appointment with doctor Akoury today for the commencement of your recovery journey today.

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients: Increased deficiencies









Alcohol consumption malnutrition contribution

Alcohol consumption malnutrition

Alcohol consumption malnutrition contribution is real since alcohol in major content is water and calories

Alcohol consumption malnutrition contribution: Primary and secondary malnutrition

Malnutrition is an avoidable problem but some of our habits make it very difficult to do so. It is interesting to note that no one would want to be put in the category of malnourished people yet our actions does not really conform with the things that will prevent us from being malnourished. From the previous article, we have just established that alcoholic beverages are only rich in water and ethanol with very negligible patches of some nutrients. I do not know what you do with your life but one thing I do know is that if you are misusing alcohol consistently, then you need to stay on the link and follow keenly on the contributions of alcohol addiction to malnutrition. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center will be sharing with us on some of the things we need to know to be safe from both the problems of alcohol consumption malnutrition contributions.

In general doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center states that from the observation made in various scientific studies, there are clear evidence that many alcoholics do not take a balanced diet; moreover, as had been mentioned earlier, excessive alcohol consumption may interfere with these alcoholics’ ability to absorb and use the nutrients they do consume productively. Accordingly, many alcoholics suffer from various degrees of both primary and secondary malnutrition. Primary malnutrition occurs when alcohol replaces other nutrients in the diet, resulting in overall reduced nutrient intake. Secondary malnutrition occurs when the drinker consumes adequate nutrients but alcohol interferes with the absorption of those nutrients from the intestine so they are not available to the body.

The most severe malnutrition, which is accompanied by a significant reduction in muscle mass, generally is found in those alcoholics who are hospitalized for medical complications of alcoholism (e.g., alcohol–related liver disease or other organ damage). If these patients continue to drink, they will lose additional weight; conversely, if they abstain from drinking, they will gain weight. This pattern applies to patients with and without liver disease.

Alcohol consumption malnutrition contribution: Alcohol’s effects on digestion and absorption of essential nutrients

Alcohol consumption, particularly at heavy drinking levels, not only influences the drinker’s diet but also affects the metabolism of those nutrients they consume. Thus, even if the drinker ingests sufficient proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, deficiencies may develop if those nutrients are not adequately absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood, are not broken down properly or are not used effectively by the body’s cells. Two classes of nutrients for which such problems occur are proteins and vitamins. It therefore means that, alcohol is the biggest enemy and must be eliminated. Many at times people often find it difficult to cease alcohol consumption because of its addictiveness and that is why doctor Akoury comes in. Having been in the profession for over two decades, doctor Akoury will help you get rid of the bottle and become free from alcohol consumption malnutrition contributions. All you need to do is to call her now for the commencement of your recovery process.

Alcohol consumption malnutrition contribution: Primary and secondary malnutrition



Holistic cancer treatment strategies

Holistic cancer treatment

Holistic cancer treatment strategies is all we offer if only you can call us

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Raising hope for cancer patients

Because of the devastating nature of cancer disease, to reduce the pain, holistic cancer treatment is very necessary. This will need a lot of professionalism to be achieved. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are very categorical that cancer can be avoided if certain things are done right. The prevention element would be the best because it would save us from all the complications that come with the diagnosis of cancer. In this article, we are not going to dwell much on the prevention aspect but to look at the holistic cancer treatment strategies in this order.

Cancer is an immune deficiency condition

First cancer impairs immunity. It is therefore important that we stimulate and support the immune system by taking the following precautions:

  • Chronic infections like Lyme diseases and yeast needs to be detected and removed.
  • Enhance immune defense to cancer
  • Patients’ needs to know their immune status through carrying out laboratory tests
  • Tissue inflammation needs to be decreased to promote healing

Cancer developed over time under the stress of accumulated toxins

To correct this, the body needs to be adequately detoxified.

  • A comprehensive whole body detoxification program in order for other therapies to work effectively
  • Detecting and eliminating food and environmental allergies
  • Detoxification is essential for cancer prevention and treatment
  • Laboratory testing to evaluate heavy metal or environmental toxicity
  • Restoring natural flora to the bowel

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Malnutrition condition

Correct nutritional imbalances by:

  • Optimal nutrition foods, oral and I.V. supplementation to correct imbalances
  • Laboratory evaluation to determine any nutritional imbalance
  • A comprehensive cancer diet program

It must be appreciated that cancer is a whole body disease involving the body, mind and spirit. That therefore means that incorporating mind and body medication is very necessary. Like for instance:

  • Detect emotional trauma or stress trigger for cancer
  • Relieve stress burden through individual and family support, meditation
  • Use biological, psycho-emotional support to regain harmony of mind/body/spirit

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Cancer and sugar

Targeted Low Dose/Insulin Potentiation Therapy (TLD/IPT) is a non-conventional protocol for the treatment of cancer based upon the hypothesis that insulin may be used to potentiate the effectiveness of commonly used anti-cancer drugs. Because cancer cells have many more insulin receptors than healthy cells, when exposed to insulin the cancer cells open these receptors and become more susceptible to low doses of chemotherapeutic agents. The chemotherapeutic agents are then given in much lower doses than in conventional therapies because of this insulin effect. TLD/IPT also delivers chemotherapeutic drugs more frequently, also thought to allow a therapeutic impact while imparting fewer side effects and allowing patients a higher quality of life.

Finally cancer has tendency of taking over the bodily systems and progresses in an acidic microenvironment, which partially contributes to pain. This can be corrected by modifying your diet to reduce the acidity in the body, drinking a lot of water, taking foods loaded with good fats, vegetables, lean meat, fish and whole foods. Remember that good nutrition will also help cancer patients through the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Raising hope for cancer patients