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Pain Management with Injections

Injections for Pain Management

Injections for Pain ManagementPain management is crucial especially in treatment of such diseases that are characterized by chronic pain such as cancer and arthritis. Pain management is also important part of treatment especially in situations where the patient is to go through intense like during chemotherapy for cancer patients or after going through surgery.  Nobody will like to have intense pain maim him for even the least amount of time. People like to be happy and avoid anything that may bring them pain. However in some instances there has to be pain for a much serious health problem to be solved. To manage pain certain drugs are used that helps you to endure the pain, unfortunately most of these are addictive and so as you are using them to manage pain you are at risk of addiction. Opiates are the mostly used drugs in pain management and they work well in ensuring that your pain is moderated if not done away with completely. The nature of these drugs however requires that they be administered by a professional since they are very rewarding and before long the patient may become addicted to them or even dependent on them. There is however one disadvantage of using opiates in pain management; Due to their rewarding nature they can be easily abused and a treatment that once began on the right foot may end up being another nightmare in a person’s life hence there is need for actions to be taken to help patients not to be addicted to this pain drugs.

The medical researchers however did not stop at opiates but went step further to come up with other treatment methods that can be employed to help in treating pain  patients and these involves the use of injections .  In most cases whenever a person has pain in any part of the body, he may be encouraged to try physical therapy or to go for a cortisone injection which normally helps but if all these failed then you need a different approach to tackling the pain. Proliferative therapies like the prolotherapy, Prolozone and the platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) are a good way to deal with pain but are little known.


Prolozone is a form of proliferative therapy. Proliferative therapy generally involves the injection of natural substances into the affected area. When done properly, these injections stimulate the release of growth factors and formation of new collagen in the affected area. The prefix “prolo” refers to this stage of new tissue growth or “proliferation.” As the body forms new collagen, the treated ligaments and tendons become thicker and stronger and more capable of doing their work. Proper alignment, stability, and function are restored, and typically the pain subsides.

Prolozone therapy uses ozone which is a form of oxygen but with three oxygen atoms. The ozone has a very powerful regenerative ability that helps in treating the damaged connective tissues. When the ozone is injected, it improves the oxygen circulation and delivery to the damaged cells. Prolozone therapy also helps not only by strengthening the tendons and the ligaments but also by rebuilding cartilage in the treated joints. Prolozone therapy was by pioneered Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

Patients enjoy Prolozone therapy as compared to other proliferative therapies like prolotherapy since with Prolozone the number of individual injections is less based on the area treated as compared to the number of injections in prolotherapy. The solution is dispersed over a larger area compared to prolotherapy, due to the injection of ozone gas. This has made Prolozone more preferred by people who do not want many injections

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)

This is a safe non-surgical procedure that helps those with injuries in the tendons or suffering from osteoporosis. This treatment utilizes platelets from the patient’s own blood to rebuild a damaged tendon or cartilage. It has been successful in not only relieving the pain, but also in jumpstarting the healing process.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)

During this therapy the patients’ blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge for 15 minutes to separate out the platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the damaged portion of the tendon or cartilage with the guidance of an ultrasound machine. This treatment is one of the best non-surgical procedures that can be used against pain plus it takes short time for the patient to heal completely. Averagely patients take three months to be able to return to the activities they were performing before the injury that resulted in the pain.

IV therapy for chronic pain

IV nutritional therapies might have been used in chronic pain management for quite a time and have showed impressive results.  Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) treats patients with chronic pain on a daily basis and has found that some people who suffer from extensive inflammation or degeneration from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or other auto-immune problems may just be lacking some of the vital minerals and vitamins in the body and therefore an IV vitamin and mineral therapy might just work well for them.

IV therapy involves administering the minerals, vitamins that the body lacks through and IV drip. The same might be used to administer some medicine that may help to heal the injured tissues and facilitate formation of new tissues.


With the injections for pan management you will not only experience liberating relief for weeks with but also are helpful in finding the long-term pain solution. Injections are so simple and low risk they should be in the pain-management discussion for everyone. To discuss how therapeutic injections can free you of pain and improve your long-term outlook, please call (843) 213-1480 or contact Dr. Akoury Dalal

Injections for Pain Management



Understanding The Cancer Machine

The Cancer Machine

Cancer is a common medical condition that in the years has claimed the lives of not only the old folks but also the young. For years medical practitioners have worked tirelessly to find a breakthrough in the cure for cancer.

Surgery, radiation and chemo therapy are the leading cancer management techniques. Surgery seeks to remove the cancerous tumors from the patient before it spreads to other parts of the body. The other methods aim at killing the cancerous cells to stop their growth.

However, there has been a breakthrough in the medical field that has sent researchers investing greatly in it. This breakthrough has something to do with the Kanzius cancer machine. Researchers are investing in it in order to test its efficiency.

The Kanzius Machine

John Kanzius is a man who proved that cancer could be concurred. With no medical background or knowledge in science, the fellow built a radio wave machine he hoped would cure cancer. This may be hard to believe because he only did this with pie pans belonging to his wife.

Kanzius was diagnosed with leukemia which had cost him a lot through dozens of chemotherapy sessions. This is where the inspiration came from. Having undergone several sessions of chemotherapy he figured out that the medical field could do with something better.

Cancer patients did not have to endure the pain that comes with chemotherapy. Chemo therapy is meant to kill the cancer cells and slow down their multiplication.

The Cancer Machine

One day, he woke up at night and went to the kitchen. He stated assembling his wife’s pie pans to build a radio wave machine to help cure cancer. Later with $200,000 he was able to build a more advanced machine.

The Kanzius cancer machine has today proved to be a breakthrough in medicine. Researchers are now pouring millions of dollars to testing the machine.

The medical trials on the machine have still a long way to go before it becomes applicable. If the machine proves efficient, it will be the answer to millions of cancer patients who have to undergo expensive procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery to kill the cancer cells and remove cancerous tumors.

The cancer machine will destroy the cancer cells without the need for chemo therapy. The main reason Kanzius came up with the machine was to act as an alternative for chemotherapy. He himself having been a cancer patient, he was familiar with the shortcomings that come with chemotherapy.

The machine will work by destroying all cancer cells in the body. This will happen without the need for surgery or drugs. The good news is that, unlike other cancer management techniques, the Kanzius machine will have no side effects.

Cancer patients will be able to go through the cancer process without experiencing side effects that come with cancer, for example hair loss in patients exposed to chemotherapy.

How the Cancer Machine Works

The cancer machine is made up of different radio wave boxes. Radio waves move from one box to another. This creates energy that is enough to activate gas that is contained in a fluorescent light. It is common knowledge among folks that, metal heats up when it is exposed to powered radio waves. A tumor that is injected with some kind of metal will be destroyed when a beam of radio wave is focused on it.

The cancer machine will require doctors to inject metal nanoparticles into the tumor. When this is done the tumor is then exposed to radio wave beams. This creates a process where the tumor is destroyed by killing the cells that make up the tumor. This happens without necessarily destroying the tissues that surrounds the tumor.

Researchers believe that use of molecules that are specially programmed to reach cancer cells and attaching to them nanoparticles, the machine will have the ability of targeting even the microscopic cells in the body.

The Cancer Machine

This cancer machine will prove to be a great relief to cancer patients. It will enable patients to recover from cancer without side effects.

Alternative ways of reducing cancer risks

Meanwhile before scientists can verify the workability of the Kanzius machine here are some ways to reduce your risk of getting cancer:

  • Take regular exercises
  • Reduce your intake of processed sugars, foods and grain carbohydrate.
  • Get sufficient night sleep
  • Reduce exposure to chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.
  • Avoid being overweight as obesity is a risk factor for cancer.
  • Always ensure that you take a balanced diet.

With these healthy procedures you will be able to a large extent reduce your cancer risk. Cancer is a lifestyle disease and your health depends on how you treat your body. You can find out more about this from Dr. Dalal Akoury who has wide experience with cancer patients. Many patients who have recovered bear testimony to her good work and wide knowledge and experience. For more health and wellness tips just visit www.awaremednetwork.com.

Understanding The Cancer Machine



Medicare Law and The Cost Of Chemotherapy

Medicare Law Has Little Impact On The Cost Of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy in general

Chemotherapy is one of the many types of methods that are used to treat cancer. Depending on the particular type of cancer, its level of progression and other factors, this method has proven to be one of the most effective ones in reversing the effects of a tumor in the body by killing the cancer cells directly.

Although effective, chemotherapy has been described as one of the most expensive forms of treatment for cancer. The type and amount of drugs that are used in the course of the treatment usually amount to a substantial amount. Yet cancer is a disease whose adverse effect on the population is well documented.

Therefore, the need to develop programs that reduce the cost of undergoing chemotherapy has dominated academic and public debate for long. That is why the government developed a comprehensive medical law to help in bringing down the costs of chemotherapy.

How the chemotherapy costs are covered in the Medicare law

Generally, the law seeks to reduce the financial burden of undergoing chemotherapy by following four main strategies designated as plan A, B, C and D. every one of these plans covers different aspects of the overall cost and vary from the rest in terms of the amounts that are covered for every component of the treatment.


For Plan A, cover for the costs of chemotherapy is extended to patients who are admitted to a hospital. The hospitals that are taken into consideration when this plan is applied are the usual public ones as well as the specialized medical facilities that offer cancer treatment and care to patients. This plan is different from Plan C under which care is extended to outpatient clients only.

For Plan C, all the provisions under plan A and B are included but there are other additional advantages that are provided to individuals. What this implies is that a person who is subscribed to Plan C of the Medicare policy is able to enjoy a range of advantages in terms of reduced costs for undergoing chemotherapy. The advantages apply to any hospital or cancer treatment facility.

Then there is the last plan which is referred to as Plan D. under this plan, an individual is able to enjoy reductions in the cost of buying the drugs that are used for chemotherapy. Although this plan covers all the prescription drugs that one may use in the course of undergoing chemotherapy, it is worth noting that the plan only covers outpatient services. This implies that it is not applicable to the drugs used by inpatients.

How the Medicare law sought to reduce the cost of chemotherapy

Passed back in 2003 and 2005, the Medicare law sought to help reduce the costs of chemotherapy for cancer patients. Generally, the law pursued several approaches. The first one was reducing the usage of highly priced drugs for treating cancer. since a large portion of the costs of undergoing chemotherapy are consumed by buying highly priced drugs, the law sought to reverse this by introducing special reimbursements to clinics that charge clients a fee for their service. The idea was that by reimbursing such service providers, the manner in which they recommend drugs for cancer treatment would be controlled.

Therefore, under the legislation, different types of drugs were accorded different levels of reimbursements to the service providers. The law sought to reduce the high dependence that service providers show on such expensive drugs by reducing the amount of reimbursements that is offered to them. This way, it was thought that service providers would find selling such drugs not as profitable as it was before and consequently reduce the frequency with which they prescribe them to their patients.

Impact of the Medicare law on the cost of chemotherapy

Although the Medicare law that was developed and passed sought to bring down the costs of chemotherapy to individuals who are registered in the plan, this has not been the case. So far, things have turned out quite differently from what the drafters of the policy and laws intended. Increasing academic opinion indicates that the policy itself has failed, apart from the relevant legislations that were passed as a way of implementing it. There are several ways in which this failure in the law and policy has been seen. These are described in the sections that follow.

First, it has now become obvious that the law has failed to limit the extent to which doctors prescribe the most expensive drugs to patients. When developed, the law sought to limit the number of highly expensive drugs that doctors recommend to their patients by reducing the amount of reimbursements that are offered to doctors on such drugs. The idea was that by reducing the amount of reimbursement that is offered to doctors on such drugs, doctors would definitely avoid recommending them to their patients because of the financial implications involved.

However, this has not been the case. Over the course of time, doctors have continued to prescribe to their patients the most expensive drugs. This only means one thing; that the policy has failed to achieve this objective.

Another way that the Medicare law can be said to have failed in achieving its objectives can be seen in the relationship between the overall cost and rate of cancer. Research studies have indicated that cancer rates have fallen slightly over the years. However, the overall cost of cancer has been rising over the years. Yet the overriding objective of the Medicare law was to reduce the costs of chemotherapy. What this implies is that the law has failed to curb the rising costs of chemotherapy for patients and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

It is because of this situation that the need for comprehensive cancer treatment and management is on the rise. AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a leading institution in provision of integrated cancer treatment therapies. We believe that an integrated approach has an important role to play in overall cancer treatment and management practices.

Medicare Law Has Little Impact On The Cost Of Chemotherapy



Natural Body Restoration Before and After For Chemotherapy

Why you need to prepare for chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment that makes use of drugs to kill the cancer cells in the body. Usually, the drugs are made of highly active chemical compounds that directly act on the cancer cells. The nature of the drugs and the way they function in the body presents a number of changes to a patient. Also, the fact that the treatment usually runs for a considerable length of time makes it necessary for one to be fully prepared for it. Therefore, it is important that a patient is fully prepared before chemotherapy is administered.

Ways of preparing for chemotherapy

There are several ways in which a patient can prepare for chemotherapy. The preparation usually follows some basic approaches.

Getting sufficient rest

It is important for one to get sufficient rest in the weeks that precede the treatment. The basic reasoning behind this is simple. Usually, one gets anxious and restless in the days prior to the treatment. Such an emotional state triggers biological responses in the body. When this happens, a person remains in an agitated state throughout the treatment. When the treatment is administered to a person who is already under emotional stress, the side effects of the drugs tend to be increased. It is therefore very important for one to get enough sleep in the weeks prior to undergoing the therapy.


There are several ways in which one can get enough sleep and rest. For example, there are special natural supplements which, when used, can help one sleep well and be fully relaxed before undergoing the treatment. Also, one can get some of the many herbals that are used to induce sleep in individuals. In general, using natural methods to enhance one’s sleep can play a vital role in helping a patient be fully relaxed before undergoing chemotherapy.

Being psychologically prepared

There is always the tendency of patients feeling extremely worried about the effect that the treatment will have on them even before undergoing it. Furthermore, the fact that chemotherapy is a complicated process that takes its toll on the health of a patient makes many people very worried about it. These two factors: fear and worry, can make a patient lose self composure long before the treatment is administered. Therefore, it is important for one to be psychologically prepared for treatment.

Good preparation begins with being fully informed of what chemotherapy is all about, how it will be carried out and the possible side effects that one should expect. This will help one to be fully prepared psychologically before undergoing the treatment.

Being physically prepared

As much as psychological preparation is important, one has to be physically prepared for the treatment as well. Physical preparation takes many different forms. For example, you need to increase your amount of intake of proteins. The reason for this is simple. Proteins perform the all-important function of rebuilding the body. This becomes a critical need in the course of treatment because the drugs used in the treatment kill both cancer and body cells.

Also, physical preparation takes the form of increasing the level of intake of water. This makes the body to be in the right form before one undergoes the treatment.

Why you need restoration after chemotherapy

After successfully undergoing therapy, one’s body is usually weakened by effects of the drugs. Furthermore, there is a buildup of toxic products that are produced by the action of the drugs on cancerous cells in the body. This makes it necessary for one to undergo a comprehensive restoration process after the treatment.

Ways of restoration after chemotherapy

There are several ways in which one can restore the body to its perfect condition after undergoing chemotherapy. The overall objective is to remove all the toxic products that accumulate in the body and repairing cells that have been damaged by the effect of the drugs. This can be done in several ways.

Taking the right kind of foods

Diet plays an important role in restoring the body to an ideal state of health after one has undergone chemotherapy. There are several foods that can help in this course. For example, it is recommended that one increases the amount of fiber in the diet. Fiber is important because it helps one to heal quite fast. Furthermore, the role that fiber plays in the process of digestion can be useful to a patient who has undergone chemotherapy because this will speed up the process of eliminating toxic products from the body. Therefore, one should eat foods that contain a lot of fiber like whole grains and different types of fruits and vegetables.


Physical Restoration Of The Body

Here, one needs to develop a good plan for physical exercise and stick to it. The importance of this is that physical exercise helps the body overcome drug-induced fatigue thus speeding up the healing process. One can start with light exercises and progress as time goes by.

Body restoration through the use of fluid

Fluids like water are important components of a body restoration program after chemotherapy. Fluids serve several important functions in the body. For example, they speed up the rate at which waste products are eliminated from it. Since chemotherapy leads to a buildup of toxins in the body, increased intake of fluids is very useful in removing such toxins.

Whether you are preparing for or recovering from chemotherapy, Dr. Dalal Akoury of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center will be of great help. Spending time with her either before or after chemotherapy will help you be fully prepared for the process and get over its effects, safely, naturally and fast.

Natural Body Restoration Before and After For Chemotherapy



Sex And Intimacy After Breast Cancer

Sex And Intimacy After Breast Cancer- Getting the Facts Right

Although breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among women, advances in research have led to the development of therapies that have proven to be quite effective in treating the disease. Use of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, among other alternative forms of cancer treatments, have been widely used to treat women suffering from breast cancer. However, after successfully undergoing cancer treatment, many women experience drastic changes in their sexual lives in general and intimacy in particular. In this article, the different ways in which breast cancer affects the sexual lives of women, after it has been successfully treated, are examined.

breast cancer

  • Feelings of being unattractive

Usually, many women feel completely unattractive after they have undergone treatment procedures for breast cancer. There are several things that contribute to this feeling among them. First, many of the procedures that are used to treat breast cancer successfully are invasive. For instance, all forms of mastectomy are invasive in that the breast is invaded and tissues removed. Although there are reconstructions procedures that are meant to restore the breast to its natural shape and size, the impact of the procedure affects the sense of being attractive in many women. Secondly, the scars that remain after the procedures make many women to feel completely unattractive.

Furthermore, the majority of women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer tend to feel that they have lost their sense of femininity. Related to feelings of no longer being attractive, a sense of one having lost her femininity is equally devastating and arises from the reality that part or the entire breast has been removed. Also, feelings of unattractiveness in women who have been treated of breast cancer may be influenced by their partners. In cases of women who have lacked support from their partners, the feelings of unattractiveness and loss of femininity are strengthened. On the other hand, availability of support from the partner works to reduce such feelings in the women.

  • Impact on intimacy

For the majority, diagnosis of breast cancer always results into changes to their sex lives. This happens for several reasons and in several ways. For instance, many women tend to experience a decline in their libido after being diagnosed with breast cancer. There are several factors that are responsible for this. The most important one of them is the direct impact of the diagnosis which sets a train of emotional and psychological responses in a patient leading that lead to a decline of sexual desire in them.

With the reduction in the desire for sex, many women feel that they are failing in their duties to their partners. Feelings of guilt, apparent failure and loss usually exacerbate the condition for such women instead of making things better. In all these, the reaction of the partner matters a lot. If the partner behaves in such a manner to suggest that he is not satisfied sexually by the woman, this definitely makes the situation worse because it validates the original feelings of guilt and failure within the woman. This definitely affects the intimacy patterns of the pair.

  • Painful sex

In some cases, women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have successfully undergone treatment tend to experience general sexual dysfunction. This is manifested in different ways. For example, some women, as a result of hormonal changes and other psychological factors, tend to experience a decline in the desire for sex. This may be detrimental considering that the feelings of the other partner are most likely to be hurt. Secondly, many women who have suffered from breast cancer may experience painful sex as a result of dryness of the vagina. This makes it practically difficult for them to engage in pleasurable sexual intercourse with their partners, thus putting a strain on their relationships.

Apart from this, breast cancer has been known to result into failure of women to reach orgasm during sex. What usually happens is that such women are worried about their bodies to such an extent that they fail to concentrate on the intercourse. Besides, some women have reported that their breasts become completely insensitive after treatment for breast cancer. The presence of this condition often means that women are not able to fully enjoy themselves during sexual intercourse since the breast is a highly erogenous part of the body of a woman.

breast cancer

Breast cancer has a number of unpleasant consequences on the sexual and intimate lives of women. From poor self image to overall lack of desire for sex, affected women tend to experience a myriad of problems that arise from the direct effects of the disease (or treatment) as well as their own perceptions about themselves. In all these cases, the perception and behavior of the partners play a major role in shaping how women respond to the challenges that they experience. The way a partner behaves may either strengthen the unpleasant effect of breast cancer on the sexual lives of women or diminish them.

Dr. Dalal Akoury has been working with women who have breast cancer for a long time. It is the desire to provide solutions to such women and other patients in general that led her to establish AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Centre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since its establishment, the facility has been a leading center for cancer patients across the world. Our approach to treating cancer seeks to combine conventional treatment methods with different alternative therapies. The result of this approach is your full recovery within the shortest time possible.

Sex And Intimacy After Breast Cancer

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