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Mitochondrial Restoration and Cancer Treatment

Mitochondrial Restoration and Cancer Treatment

mitochondrionResearch indicates that humans can survive up to 20 years of exposure to carcinogen before their bodies develop a solid tumor. All this while the body remains healthy despite the exposure to the potentially harmful substances due to the body’s natural ability to defend itself. This natural body defense mechanism is made possible by a series of cellular activity. The cells must keep replicating and actively breaking down the toxins that enter the body rendering them powerless so that they cannot harm the body. In the process of defending itself, the body has to have some of its cells dying away. The white blood cells fight and die but the body continues to manufacture more of these ‘fighter cells.’

This indicates that the body is an actively working machine. And for a machine to remain active there must be the expenditure of energy. And a lot of that energy is needed for the body defense mechanism. The DNA plays a central role in this. The mitochondria are the organelles that are responsible for the generation of the energy used during every one of these processes. Research has therefore indicated that there are many intimate ways in which dysfunctional mitochondria contribute to the development of cancer and its subsequent metastasis.

Given mitochondria’s central role in defending the body against disease attack including formation of cancer tumor, mitochondrial dysfunction is fundamentally connected to the development of cancer in the human body. A decline in mitochondrial energy production is often associated with old age and this is closely related with the generation of larger volumes of free radicals. This in turn often cause mitochondrial mutations. These mitochondrial mutations interfere with the normal process of cell removal, a process that is usually referred to as apoptosis.

The ability of the body to remove dead cells through apoptosis is central to the general protection against cancer. Current research is being focused on the enormous energy-dependent body processes that are required in eradicating defective or abnormally growing cells. The studies indicate that dysfunctional mitochondria often disallow the cells’ ability to go through normal apoptotic elimination processes. This means that cancer tumor can freely take advantage of the situation and initiate growth and proliferation.

To make the mitochondrial dysfunction even more central to the formation of cancer, the energy organelles (mitochondria) are usually the source for numerous proteins that are responsible for cell apoptosis. The proteins work by activating cell death in their journey to eliminating dead cells, meaning that in their absence the whole process is bound to break down allowing dead cells to remain in the body.

According to a recent study, mitochondrial dysfunction associated with aging in humans often provides a major stimulus on carcinogenesis. This form of dysfunction is prerequisite to the progression of prostate cancer in surgery patients.

Fighting Cancer by Reversing Mitochondrial Dysfunction

A number of recent studies have shown that deteriorated cancerous cells can potentially be reversed back to normal cellular function if particular enzyme-active nutritional substances are used. This involves a set of processes targeting the mitochondrial energy generating mechanism and general restoration of the dysfunctional mitochondria.


Other researchers suggest that select fruit and vegetable hydrogen acceptors may be utilized as well. These are nutritional substances rich in enzymes which will catalyze the recovery of the broken processes. A number of these substances have been identified including raw crystallized red beets, saccharomyces cerevisiae live fluid yeast strain, red beet juice, bromelain; a pineapple enzyme, raw blueberry juice, raw pineapple juice, raw red cherries, raw red grapes and beta carotene.

The health benefits of live S. cerevisiae yeast are far reaching yet many orthodox medical practitioners as well as nutritionists are yet to become aware of these extensive benefits.

In addition, the use of green foods is also seriously recommended. Some of the best green foods that can be utilized for this medical purpose include kamut grass powder, barley grass powder and sun chlorella. A specialized form of red beet crystals that are freeze-dried are used for the most effective hydrogen acceptor. Essiac, a uniquely special liquid extract formula is utilized or herbal protection.

Alternatively, a specialized compound Anoxe with low-molecular antioxidant properties is recommended for further cellular protection. This compound has been highly suggested by therapists basing their arguments on various clinical observations and medical experience. Anoxe is therefore said to be the possible ultimate antioxidant. It has high efficiency and is greatly safe in restoring the reactive oxygen species- antioxidant balance. The substance is said to be an effective anti-aging compound scientifically proven. It is also perfect for use as a cosmetic enhancement agent particularly for wrinkles and bad skin.

AwareMed recommends the use of Anoxe as an alternative for protection against cellular dysfunction. More information can be accessed freely at the AwareMed web site.

Mitochondrial Restoration and Cancer Treatment



Mitochondrial Disease And Ebola

Mitochondrial Disease And Ebola

The basis of mitochondrial disease

At the root of the mitochondrial disease is the manner in which mitochondria, tiny microscopic organelles that are found within the cells of the body, function. The mitochondria are made up of different much smaller structures that include ribosomes, granules and two membranes. The internal structures of the mitochondria are the actual sites where the primary function of the mitochondria, which is formation of energy at the cellular level, takes place.

Through complex biochemical reactions that take place inside the internal structures, mitochondria serve the all important purpose of providing the energy that is needed to maintain the process of life. This takes place in all the body cells.  It is through the process that takes place inside the mitochondria that body cells are able to get all the energy required to drive their vital processes.

At times and for various reasons, the mitochondria may fail in their primary function. This is the basis of mitochondrial disease. When this happens, the mitochondria are unable to provide energy to the body cells. This translates to complicated physiological conditions in the body of a person. It is in the same manner that the possible relationship between the disease and Ebola Virus Disease is being examined. Just as mitochondrial disease makes it easy for other disease to attack an individual, the same may be said about Ebola Virus Disease.

Signs and symptoms of mitochondrial disease

The different signs and symptoms that are manifested by this disease vary from person to person. Furthermore, they all arise from the fact that the disease results from internal damages to the structure of the mitochondria. This makes them unable to produce energy as is the norm, thus leading to direct interference in the manner in which the body cells function. This condition causes a number of signs that appear on the body of the affected person.


Because of lack of energy, a person may feel fatigued and fall short of breath at all times. Further, the effect of destruction of the mitochondria is usually seen in the form of overall weakness of the muscles and poor coordination of the limbs.

In the case of children, destruction of the mitochondria has adverse effects. First of all, it leads directly to developmental problems in the affected child. A child who has been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease will fail to fully develop mentally and physically. This results to learning problems and other forms of medical conditions which, if not checked, may lead to death.

Breakdown of the mitochondria in the cells of the body may also be manifested in the form of a number of different diseases. For instance, it is common to find persons who have been affected by the disease complaining of problems with the thyroid. Furthermore, some problems such as seizure have been associated with mitochondrial disease.

  • How mitochondrial disease is detected

So far, a single test that can be used to detect this disease has not been developed. However, doctors are able to accurately diagnose its development in an individual with relative ease. This is because the symptoms of the disease are quite observable and unique to it. However, in some cases, a DNA test may be carried out to ascertain the existence of the condition in an individual who is showing symptoms.

  • Treatment options for mitochondrial disease

Getting an effective treatment of mitochondrial disease is not easy. It requires finding a means by which the process of destruction of the structure of the mitochondria is reversed. Currently, there is no particular conventional therapy that has been developed to achieve this objective. Research on how to develop a single drug to reverse the process by which the internal structure of the mitochondria gets damaged as a result of the disease is undergoing.

The fact that there still lacks a single drug that can treat mitochondrial disease does not mean that all is lost. There exist different alternative approaches that are used to counter the effects of the disease. The basic idea behind such approaches is that although it may be difficult to undo the damage to the mitochondria, it is actually possible to tackle the effects of the disease. Effects on the body of het patient such as persistent fatigue, muscle weakness and other physiological conditions can actually be tackled by use of different medical methods.

The alternative approach to treating mitochondrial disease seeks to restore the health of the individual to the best level that is possible. There are several methods that are used to achieve this. Various therapies of vitamins and other nutrients are used to counteract the impact of mitochondrial disease on the bodies of patients. Furthermore, other natural supplements whose efficacy against particular symptoms and effects that are produced by the disease are used to improve the overall health of the patients.

Further, nutritional therapies are usually used to help patients remain healthy. By using a well developed diet, physicians are able to help patients of mitochondrial disease lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Such an approach has proven useful in helping patents attain and maintain a particular level of energy in their bodies, thus reducing the effect of the disease on their lives completely.

Dr. Dalal Akoury of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Centre can help in using natural methods to restore the functioning of the mitochondria. In general, maintaining the mitochondria in good shape translates to overall wellness and health. That is why here at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Centre, we seek to help our patients achieve overall health through different alternative methods that have been tried and tested. Our methods of treatment work well to complement other conventional methods being used. We believe that taking such an integrative approach to medicine is the way to go.

Mitochondrial Disease And Ebola

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IV Amino Acids and Mitochondrial Rejuvenation for Weight Management

Amino Acids and Mitochondrial RejuvenationUse of IV Amino Acids and Mitochondrial Rejuvenation for Weight Management

The holiday period usually presents one big problem to many people: unplanned for gains in body weight. There is good news, however. You can successfully manage your weight during this period by preparing thoroughly for it. And you can prepare by two main methods: use of IV amino acids and mitochondrial rejuvenation. We shall look at both methods in detail in the sections that follow.

What is IV vitamin and amino acid therapy?

This is a special form of therapy in which essential nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and others are carefully mixed and injected directly into the system of an individual as a way of treating a wide range of diseases and improving the general state of health.

The effectiveness of this therapy is a result of several factors. To begin with, the amino acids and other nutrients that are introduced to the body in this therapy are in a simple form that is required by the body. What this means is that once the nutrients find their way into the body, they are immediately absorbed and utilized for maximum effect.

You can contrast this with what happens when you rely entirely on your diet for supply of the nutrients. When this is the case, the process that the nutrients have to be taken through before being made readily available to your body is long and winding. First, the food has to be digested. This usually takes some time. Second, the absorption process has to take place successfully for the nutrients to be made available in your system. This process is raft with a number of shortfalls. Your body may have its own conditions which hamper the rate and extent of digestion and absorption of nutrients. All these contribute to a low level of intake of nutrients in your body.

Amino Acids and Mitochondrial Rejuvenation

However, the fact that this therapy entails direct administration of a high concentration of vitamins, amino acids, calcium and other nutrients to your system makes it quite effective and useful. Also, effectiveness and usefulness the therapy is enhanced by the fact that it can be tailored to your individual needs.

What is mitochondrial rejuvenation?

Your body functions properly because of the energy that is produced in mitochondria, special organelles in your body cells. When the mitochondria are functioning properly, you feel energetic and in good shape all the time. However, a decline in their form and activity is immediately felt in the form of fatigue and general decline in vitality.

To correct this, rejuvenation of the mitochondria is necessary. This is an essential process for one to remain generally healthy. When there is biogenesis of the mitochondria, an individual is left feeling healthy and younger. This plays an important role in helping you manage your weight as well

Role of mitochondria in overall health of an individual

There are several ways in which the condition of the mitochondria is directly related to the general state of your health. For example, the process of aging is directly linked to damage of the mitochondria in the body cells. A high rate of mitochondrial damage has been identified as one of the main causes of aging in individuals.

Second, degeneration of mitochondria has been identified as one of the main and common characteristics of many forms of chronic diseases. Debilitating conditions created by diabetes and cancer can be attributed to the high rate of damage of mitochondria in the body cells of the patient.

Third, the damage of mitochondria and the consequent degradation of the health of an individual have been identified as a result of destruction of the internal structure of the mitochondria. The mitochondria are highly complex organelles made up of intricate structures. It is the destruction of the internal structures that renders the entire mitochondria non-functional, thus setting the stage for the undesirable health effects that follow.

This underscores the importance of well functioning mitochondria in the health of an individual.

How IV Amino acids and mitochondrial rejuvenation help in weight management

There are several ways in which this happens. First, since one of the many benefits of the IV amino acids therapy is in enhancing the overall repair and activity of the body cells, it is useful in enhancing the rate of repair of the cell mitochondria in your body. Therefore, getting this therapy can play an important role in helping you manage your weight through the holiday.

Second, the process of managing your weight requires a careful balance between the amount of fat and muscles. On one hand is the need for speedy burning of fats to ensure that excess fat does not accumulate in the body and lead to unnecessary gain of weight. On the other is the need to build up lean muscles at a fast rate to ensure that the weight of the body remains within the desired levels.

At the heart of all these processes is the role of the mitochondria. Their perfect functioning determines how well these processes take place, therefore determining how well you manage your weight. Since the IV amino acid therapy has been known to provide to the body essential nutrient, some of which are quite necessary for proper functioning of the mitochondria, it can be said that the therapy is quite useful in rejuvenating the mitochondria. This, by extension, will help you successfully manage your weight through the holiday season.

The sole goal of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is to help you achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness. That is why we have designed our services in such a manner that your needs take the center stage. Therefore, feel free to contact Dr. Dalal Akoury, a renowned medical practitioner, for a consultation session on how to tackle any particular health condition. She will ensure that you have your health in perfect condition. We are located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Use of IV Amino Acids and Mitochondrial Rejuvenation for Weight Management



How To Re-Energize The Mitochondria By Use Of Intravenous Therapy

How To Re-Energize The Mitochondria By Use Of Intravenous Therapy To Prepare For Easy Addiction Detoxification

Intravenous TherapyDamages and the dysfunctions in mitochondria is an important factor in a range of human diseases due to their influence in cell metabolism. Mitochondrial disorders often manifest in a number of ways such as neurological disorders, diabetes and endocrinopathy.

In other diseases, defects occur in nuclear genes leading to dysfunctions of the mitochondrial proteins. Diseases such as hereditary spastic paraplegia, Friedreich’ ataxia and Wilson’s disease also result because of this. These diseases are inherited as in the case to other genetic diseases.

Mitochondria are central to oxidative phosphorylation and plenty of metabolism in the body and are also involved in plenty of cell deaths. Mitochondrial dysfunction therefore contributes to a wide range of human illnesses. Many patients with disease of the mitochondria also have issues with their gastro-intestinal tract and this is treated by therapies through nutritional intake. Such like patients usually have weak immune systems and as such they are always in constant battle with numerous infections. History and research reveals that earlier intravenous nutrition consisted of protein and dextrose alone. Lipids were then later introduced and later removed due to complications, but this was later re-introduced again.

At the moment or rather current time, there are multiple options in intravenous therapy for nutrition. The pump options are such as Gemstar and even CADD. Obtaining nutrients orally or through the gastro-intestinal is usually the most effective, since this is always a more physiological process.

However, if this is not possible, the intravenous nutrition is done, in the form of intravenous hydration or through home parenteral nutrition. Parenteral nutrition involves providing the patient’s calories using an intravenous line that leads into the central circulatory system. Intravenous nutrition involves giving fluids and can be used as a medium of providing electrolytes and other additives.

Various factors are important in determining the kind of hydration that is ideal for a patient. The length of time the procedure takes as well as how and where the hydration happens are most often the main factors to consider.

Hydration is a major issue with people suffering from mitochondrial disease. For one to decide to start intravenous hydration he should keep in mind whether the treatment is long-term or for a short term. The kind of lines through which intravenous hydration is done are peripheral, PICC line, PortACath and tunnel catheters.

Peripheral is placing the intravenous lines in the hand or arm and for a short period of time, normally between three to five days. This method is not ideal for use at home because it requires a professional to do it and fewer nurses have such kind of professional training.

MitochondriaPICC is placed with the aid of an X-ray in the upper arm where the catheter goes directly into the central circulatory system. The site or area of insertion should be protected from infections by always keeping it dry.

PortACath is usually placed in the upper chest of the patient.in this type of line, the needle can be removed and the patient is allowed to swim or even shower.

Tunnel catheters are also usually in the upper chest and surgically removed .however, they can also be placed somewhere hidden. There is a risk of infection with this type of intravenous hydration.

Many patients are allergic to the substances involved and suffer from skin breakdown and are therefore more susceptible to infections. Also because of lower immunity, they are prone to infections. Furthermore, these patients also stand a higher risk of clotting. These treatment lines should be handled with care and fewer people. They should be thoroughly washed and items cleaned separately. The access points should be sanitized with alcohol prior to injection.

Some complications such as catheter occlusion caused by blood clotting occur, due to thrombotic clots. But there are medications that clear clots on the catheter.

Infections are normally common because of a component in blood that encourages growth of bacteria. This component is known as biofilm. The biggest threat to intravenous nutrition however is catheter related blood stream infections. This is treated by antibiotics, antibiotic locks and by changing of the central line.

Intravenous therapy is also a great way to get a high dose of vitamins, vital minerals and antioxidants into the circulatory system. Therefore, the nutrients are quickly introduced into the circulation and are delivered directly into the cellular space without having to go through the gastro-intestinal tract.

Many people notice improved immunity, higher energy levels and enhanced detoxification through therapies.

Intra venous nutrient therapy also provides higher doses as   compared to oral therapy.

Scientists have been studying the effects of higher doses of Vitamin C for quite a long time.

Vitamin C is essential as a water-soluble vitamin that is commonly also known as ascorbic acid.  The antioxidant effects of Vitamin C have been researched extensively to show positive and protective benefits against many ailments.

Myer’s Cocktail, AMP/NAD Energy Shots and MSM Infusions can also be used to boost the mitochondria

One may just feel a cold or a viral illness is coming on but once you have an intravenous cocktail that may well restore your health.

Whether you need help on balancing adrenals or you are an addict who is looking for a natural way of gradually recovering from an addiction, Awaremed Resource And Wellness Center is your perfect solution. You are free to call us, for more go to www.awaremednetwork.com

How To Re-Energize The Mitochondria By Use Of Intravenous Therapy To Prepare For Easy Addiction Detoxification

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Poly MVA And Addiction Treatment

Role of Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment

What is poly MVA?

This is a supplement which is prepared in a very special way. These supplements are obtained from blending variety of minerals, vitamins and some amino acids. These supplements are meant to give support to cellular energy production and also promote overall health. Studies which have been conducted to ascertain the use of poly MVA have shown that people who take the supplement not only do they feel overly well but also feel high energy level. Another advantage of using poly MVA has been that, it balances the pH levels in the body. This helps your body’s wellness in many ways. Poly MVA has also been known to get rid of some harmful compounds which are known to harm liver. This makes your liver remain free from the effects of these chemicals.

Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment

How does poly MVA work?

The working principles of poly MVA are based on mitochondria. The understanding of mitochondria and how it works is therefore important before one seeks to understand how poly MVA functions.

What is this mitochondrion then? How does it work? Mitochondria are sometimes referred to as the cell’s power plants. They are discrete structures of any cell, which function to generate energy for the cell. For any cell to remain healthy there must be sufficient and reliable supply of energy. During the production of this energy o molecular level, a compound which helps in the transfer of this energy within the cell is also stimulated. This chemical is called Adenosine 5;-triphosphate.

Whenever poly MVA is administered to a patient, it crosses the cell membrane and thus it conducts electrical current from the membrane itself to the mitochondria. These mitochondria as discussed earlier are structures within the cell itself that serves as for production of energy and respiration. Under normal circumstances, mitochondria possess properties of ability to redistribute the electrical charge throughout the cell to energize it as well as enhancing its activity. When mitochondria cannot perform this function, there is need for intervention, preferably with the poly MVA supplement which will intervene and ensure the mitochondrial functions are executed.

Can poly MVA be helpful in addiction recovery?

Poly MVA has actually proven to be helpful when administered to patients who are recovering from addiction. It is a fact that almost all the addictive substances will damage given parts of your body. The process of recovering from this addiction, must involve healing of the damaged parts or cells, for a complete and successful recovery to be realized.

One of the common damages caused by addiction from drugs is cell malfunction. When the cells malfunction, there is high likelihood that the patient will be a victim of a disease as a result. This is common with cancer, which is caused by death of cells as a result of malfunction.

When poly MVA is administered, it helps to ensure that the cells which malfunctioned are restored back to their functional state. This occurs through re-energizing of mitochondria, which are the power plants of the cells. Poly MVA provides mitochondria with energy and thus stimulating it to function well.

Some of the properties which make poly MVA helpful in recovery are:-

  • It plays an important role in helping the body to produce energy. This is as a result of re-energizing mitochondria, which is responsible for production of energy for the cells.
  • Poly MVA has also proven to support the liver in removing some harmful substances from the body. These chemical substances which would otherwise harm the liver are removed from the body. This has health benefits beyond recovery from addiction, since the patient remains free from liver damage related illnesses even after recovering from addiction.
  • Poly MVA also plays a vital role in preventing call damage. When cells are not supplied with sufficient energy, they will definitely get damaged. Poly MVA ensures that optimal conditions for proper functioning of the cells are maintained.
  • Another advantage of using poly MVA is that it helps the body in removing heavy metals from the blood streams. Many of the heavy metals are known to be toxic. Their presence in the body could have a serious health impact. These metals need to be removed from the blood streams since their transportation throughout the body would be toxic to many body organs. Poly MVA helps the body to get rid of such metals.

Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment

  • Poly MVA, when used as a supplement can act as a very powerful antioxidant and detoxificant. It neutralizes the negative effect of poisonous compounds in the body. This is an effect which can be very helpful for a person recovering from drug addiction. Many addictive drugs are known to leave a residual effect and thus usage of poly MVA would neutralize this effect.
  • It also prevents B-12 deficiency, which is related to mental breakdown in people of elderly age. Deficiency in this chemical result to decline or loss in memory.
  • Another important property of poly MVA is that it supports nerves and neurotransmitter functioning. Neurotransmitter is responsible for reward system, and its proper functioning results to one feeling healthy and in a good state.
  • Poly MVA has also been proven to support white blood cells function. White blood cells protect our bodies from diseases, and by supporting their function, poly MVA contributes to healthy living.
  • Another important role of poly MVA worthy mentioning is that it plays role to balance pH levels in our bodies. This help in maintaining oxygenation of cells and tissues.

Addiction treatment process is a serious treatment procedure and should only be carried out by professional who are certified and really understand what they do. At Awaremed Wellness and Resource center, we understand all steps and phases of addiction treatment. If you need help with any addiction treatment, call in and keep reading our blog

Role of Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment