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Winter skincare health guidelines

Winter skincare health

Winter skincare health guidelines are essential in keeping natural healthy and attractive skin complexion in and out of season

Winter skincare health guidelines: Periodic skin moisturization

Owing to the different weather changes in seasons, your skin health can be vulnerable. The skin being the center of attraction to the world around you, it must remain glamorous. We spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD about winter skincare health guidelines. As an expert in this discipline, she acknowledges that changing the products you used in spring or summer may be necessary when you get to winter. It’s important that you find an ointment” moisturizer that’s oil-based, rather than water-based. This is because oil will create a protective layer to the skin by retaining more moisture than a cream or lotion. Always consult with the experts on your choice of skincare products because not all oils are appropriate for the face. The family of non-clogging oils like avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil is most appropriate. You may also go for lotions containing humectants a class of substances that attract moisture to your skin.

SunscreenNo, sunscreen isn’t just for summertime. Winter sun combined with snow glare can still damage your skin. Applying a broad-spectrum of sunscreen on your face and your hands (if they’re exposed) 30 minutes before going outside. Do this periodically if you stay outside a long time.

Supporting your hands – Remember that the skin on your hands is thinner than on most parts of the body and has fewer oil glands. It becomes harder to keep your hands moist, especially in cold, dry weather. This can lead to itchiness and crack. It is advisable to wear gloves when you go outside and if you need to wear wool to keep your hands warm, slip on a thin cotton glove first, to avoid any irritation the wool might cause.

Hook up the humidifierCentral heating systems (as well as space heaters) blast hot dry air throughout our homes and offices. Humidifiers get more moisture in the air, which helps prevent your skin from drying out. Place several small humidifiers throughout your home; they help disperse the moisture more evenly.

Winter skincare health guidelines: Hydration

It is always said that water is life and so drinking plenty of water helps your skin stay youthful. Water is good for your overall health and the skin of someone who is severely dehydrated will benefit from fluids. But the average person’s skin does not reflect the amount of water being drunk.

Pace the peelsIf your facial skin is uncomfortably dry, avoid using harsh peels, masks, and alcohol-based toners or astringents, all of which can strip vital oil from your skin. Instead, find a cleansing milk or mild foaming cleanser, a toner with no alcohol, and masks that are deeply hydrating rather than clay-based, which tend to draw moisture out of the face. And use them a little less often. Finally, the skin needs to be protected from all harms of the weather and seasons. We all need to learn with the experts at AWAREmed health center. This way we will overcome challenges that may come with the changes in seasons. Winter skincare health guidelines are important. You may want to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury to help you build a youthful skin complexion professionally.

Winter skincare health guidelines: Periodic skin moisturization





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Wrinkled skin complexion processes

Wrinkled skin complexion

Wrinkled skin complexion processes can be very damaging if not addressed promptly

Wrinkled skin complexion processes: Collagens and elastin

Why do we have wrinkled skin complexion in life? If there is anything people would want to disassociate themselves with is the natural process of aging. We all want to look youthful even when the time has come for us to grow old. Unfortunately experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are very categorical that as we grow into mature adults, we can avoid if for it is a natural process. That is to say, we can only succeed in delaying it but ultimately wrinkles will occur at some point of time in life even in the presence of collagen and elastin. This is so because, as we get older, collagen and elastin levels decrease in our body. It is the decrease of collagens and elastin that causes old age wrinkles and skin sagging all over the body.

Because of these unwanted side effects of aging can speed up greatly due to over-exposure to the sun and other bad habits like smoking as well as other environmental degradation factors. Nonetheless, the good news is that doctor Akoury in her several decades of practice in skin care medication, has helped so many people across the globe to have a more rejuvenated skin and facial looks. You can be part of this success only if you schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury for a more tailored approach of medication. She will be able to help you slow down the appearance of wrinkles and even prevent them from appearing using the various treatment techniques available at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Some of those treatment techniques include Vampire facelift, exfoliation and moisturizing.

Wrinkled skin complexion processes: Good quality moisturizers

In doing all these it is necessary that you only use something that can help boost your collagen levels. For instance a good moisturizer will have vitamin E, antioxidants and Coenzyme Q1Wri0. Moisturizing every day will help keep your skin hydrated and promote healthy, smooth skin texture. Aside from exfoliating and moisturizing there are a number of procedures out there that can also help you in improving your skin texture effectively.

Finally having said that there are very many procedures applicable for the improvement of your skin complexion, it is important to appreciate that when your starting point is not right and professional, you will fail and to avoid failures, doctor Akoury founded this facility to primarily transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about skin health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It will also interest you to note that doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. This is the kind of professionalism you need to succeed in your hunt for a much healthier skin. You can reach doctor Akoury on telephone number 843 213 1480 for any concerns you may be having today and you will not regret it.

Wrinkled skin complexion processes: Collagens and elastin