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Multiple addiction complications treatment

Multiple addiction complications

Compromising Multiple addiction complications treatment that delivers healing

Multiple addiction complications treatment: Alcohol depressive effects

For every problem there must be the spirit of seeking for solution to that problem. Without solutions the problem may escalate into even much more bigger problems further complicating the initial problem that could have been dealt with easily if somebody cared to seek for the solution. Therefore when the problem at hand is about multiple addiction complications and substance abuse life can be very frustrating. To remedy the situation, seeking for timely treatment for multiple addiction complications becomes the focus of our discussion in this article. As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and also the founder of the facility we appreciate that sometimes treatment of multiple drug and alcohol addiction can be too complicated for many treatment facilities to adequately manage. Ordinarily the instinct of many is to treat the problem as two addictions instead of approaching it as a complex, interwoven, mental disorder.

However when you visit us, be rest assured that our team of professional medical expert together with other professional support staff in different respective professions, we will and very quickly get to the heart of the problem of our patients’ simultaneous dependency issues. Upon evaluation we will professionally administer the correct detoxification procedure based on your individual multiple addictions. Doctor Akoury reiterates that on successfully completing the detox process is only then can we officially begin the behavioral health phase of treatment. We want to encourage you not to suffer in silence because help is available with us and treatment is guaranteed irrespective of how messy you may think your situation is, we will sort it out because that is the passion we have in delivering quality treatment to all our clients. We would be very glad to be part of your recovery and celebrate with you as you re possess your health and life back.

Multiple addiction complications treatment: No matter the justification, there is nothing good about drugs

As it has always been the case, there is nothing good about drugs no matter the justifications users may have. All we get from drugs is problems and problems all through. Alcohol consumption for example has serious depressive effect on it individual’s users more so when it is mixed with other substances like amphetamines. The consequences of such combinations are never good and users may experience reduced symptoms from both substances thereby causing them to continue their habit of abuse. Besides that the combination can lead to an irregular heartbeat, spasms, headaches, kidney disease and much more. That is why working with the addiction therapists and other experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to get help is highly recommended. Nonetheless what many people and particularly non-addicts often struggle to understand is that addiction is never about the drug of choice itself. On the surface it would appear that alcoholism or sex addiction stemmed from an intense love of alcohol or sex. Professionally this is hardly the case. Doctor Akoury explains that addiction represents a deep and unattainable craving-a mental, physical, and spiritual longing. It is however very important to appreciate that the item or behavior being craved is never the issue because the problem is the insatiable need.

Multiple addiction complications treatment: Alcohol depressive effects


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Multiple substance abuse treatment

Multiple substance abuse

Multiple substance abuse treatment needs to be addressed differently

Multiple substance abuse treatment: The outward manifestation of addiction

The complexity of addiction is one that will continue to be a subject of discussion for sometimes. We actually need to understand that addicts are people who live with a craving they cannot meet on their own. They feel out of place in the world, and they are uncomfortable in their own life. Besides that as they seek for solutions of their frustrations they are likely at some point find that a particular substance or behavior gives them the release they’ve been looking for. This often offers to them temporary solution and many at time the elements that does this may include elements like alcohol, food, drugs, sex, gambling, or codependent relationships. The craving therefore encompasses their life and to them there is no life without fulfillment of the urge. Doctor Akoury confirms that given that addiction is the outward manifestation of this internal need, it is not uncommon for addicts to suffer from multiple addictions. Drugs and alcohol are a common combination just in the same way alcohol and food. Once addicts get into recovery, they often find a host of other addictions they never realized they had.

Multiple substance abuse treatment: Willingness hope and honesty

As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center would put it, the timely treatment for multiple substance abuse is possible to every willing, hopeful and honest people. One must first be willing and kick out the element of denial and be very hopeful since this will keep them going even when challenges come their way. With the two practiced the individual must also be very honest with himself or herself during treatment. If you can recover from one addiction, you can recover from several. Note that there are no special powers required beyond willingness and honesty. When addicts relapse, the common cause is a failure to be honest with themselves and others. We appreciate that it may be hard to attack several conditions at once. In fact most addictions will require the help and from support groups and professionals. Suffering from multiple addictions could mean several programs and multiple meetings each week. However this may not be the only approach. It is important for the addict to be well connected to his support network, but it is also important for him to begin re-entering his life. He will need to establish a work life and he will need to work on restoring relationships.

Finally when you’re honest and with the help of professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, the addict can begin to categorize his addictions. It may interest you to note that many addicts find that despite suffering multiple addictions, there is usually a primary offender. Take for example, one addict may realize that he had a problem with alcohol but besides that, he was also grossly obese due to compulsive overeating. When he began to get help for his food addiction and he dealt with the issues underlying his insatiable urge to eat, his compulsion to drink vanished. He realized that he drank as a part of his addiction, but that food was the true offender. When he got clean around food, alcohol ceased to be an issue. There are so many other examples we can give and this will be very helpful for you. Therefore if you need to know more for your own good, seek audience with doctor Dalal Akoury today and your life will never be the same again.

Multiple substance abuse treatment: The outward manifestation of addiction





Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients

Malnutrition effects

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients correction begins with addressing all nutritional imbalances caused by drug addiction and alcoholism

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients: Increased deficiencies

In her decades of working experience with addiction patients, doctor Akoury registers that even though everybody is vulnerable to malnutrition effects, it is important to note that patients who are struggling with multiple addictions show increased deficiencies due to malnutrition. Like for instance in one of the studies it was revealed that up to 70% of addicted drug users suffered vitamin D deficiency and low levels of vitamin C, and yet in another research it was also established that some 50% of addicts were deficient either in iron or vitamins (vitamins A, C, and E being most common) during detox.

It is also important to note that MNT for malnutrition roles includes correcting any deficiencies, providing an adequate diet, and addressing any alterations that need to be made to the diet due to oral, digestive, or metabolic issues. A once-a-day, low-potency multivitamin/mineral supplement may be useful for those unable to consume a calorically adequate diet and those with dietary limitations or severe gastrointestinal damage.

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients: Metabolic syndrome

According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, substance abuse, especially alcohol abuse, is closely associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, which consists of increased abdominal obesity, hyperglycemia, abnormal cholesterol, and hypertension. The mechanisms through which substance abuse contributes to this condition includes increased cell damage, reduced energy production, cells’ reduced antioxidant potential, and enhanced excitotoxicity. Some substances, including alcohol and marijuana, lead to higher calorie intakes, increased weight circumference, and poorer nutritional profiles, all of which will lead to an increased metabolic syndrome risk.

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in substance abusers is reported to be 5% to 31%, with a higher risk for those who abuse alcohol and opioids. Higher risk is thought to be associated with an increased period of dependence on a substance. To reduce this considerably, it is important that we take such patients through counseling particularly on the subject of lifestyle changes. The effectiveness of this will go a long way in decreasing their risk of contracting chronic health conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Besides this such patients should also be encouraged to engage in healthy practices like exercise, weight loss and dietary changes to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and quitting smoking.

Before we come to the conclusion of this discussion, I want to give some assurance to you concerning the best way forward even after leaving this sight. And before you go remember that we have only looked at malnutrition and metabolism and we are yet to explore on pharmacotherapy, weight management and eating disorders which are also very instrumental in medical nutrition therapy for substance abuse. Because of that we are going to proceed with the two in our next article and it is going to be very healthy for you to be there.

Finally as a possible way forward whenever therapy is mentioned, people often think of resources and the cost implications. Remember what we said in the introduction that we are determined in seeing you through this process of eliminating addiction all through. That is why doctor Dalal Akoury founded this facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) so that you can get the much needed assistance conveniently and at a very competitive rate. Therefore if this description suits your situation, then you need to schedule that appointment with doctor Akoury today for the commencement of your recovery journey today.

Malnutrition effects on multiple addiction patients: Increased deficiencies








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Treating multiple drug addiction cases

Treating multiple drug addiction

Treating multiple drug addiction cases. Drug addiction may be the highway to temporal solution, but the consequences can be life threatening

Treating multiple drug addiction cases: The toxic effects of multiple addiction

Multiple drug addiction will always occur when the elements of addiction is more than one at any given time. Meaning that any two or more psychoactive substances at a time causes what is referred to us multiple of addiction. Even though there is no particular pattern by which multiple addiction may occur, from experience there can be various combinations of drugs from different classes that when put together will cause multiple of drug addiction. The most frequent drugs combinations that necessitates treating multiple drug addiction includes: heroin and cocaine; cocaine and alcohol; heroin and MMDA (ecstasy); heroin and THC (marijuana); alcohol, amphetamines, MMDA and THC; benzodiazepines usually take part in every combination. With all these combinations you can only ask yourself that do we have solutions in treating multiple drug addiction cases. That is what we want to address in this article to help you be well equipped with the right skills in handling multiple addiction.

Speaking to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center an addiction health center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD), it is evident that the addictiveness of narcotic properties alongside toxic effects of these substances are on the rise. The pathological attraction to drugs has reached the point of paranoia. The processes of physical and mental degradation are often accelerated several times. It is therefore important to note that with multiple drug addiction, detrimental health consequences will become irreversible after 3-4 years of drug abuse meaning that if you are going through this complication, then it is time for you to seek for help immediately from the house of the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center today.

Treating multiple drug addiction cases: Combination of alcohol and cocaine

The most common and highly dangerous version of multiple drug addiction currently is a combination of alcohol and cocaine. This combination of Cocaine and alcohol creates a highly toxic chemical called Coca-ethylene the only known example of creating a third drug following the ingestion of two others. Coca-ethylene’s powerful euphoric effects help to explain the increasing attraction of combining alcohol and cocaine. The combined use of alcohol and cocaine can produce a sense of increased and prolonged euphoria, compared with the use of either substance isolated. However, Coca-ethylene has not only a pronounced euphoric effect but also possesses the life-threatening properties. It is not only toxic for liver, but it is also blamed for heart attacks and in a surge of social problems. Many who consider themselves social users for whom a line or two of cocaine coupled with a few drinks in a bar is a weekly or monthly event – don’t consider the health implications of drug addiction. Its side-effects threaten to become tragically familiar as they take their toll on users.

Finally cocaine-related deaths are also increasing in the US and according to the US National Household Drug Survey, it is estimates that around five million people use alcohol and cocaine each month. The ability of cocaine users to consume vast amounts of alcohol is being blamed for an increase in sexually risky behavior among the young and rising levels of violence. This is one reason why you should consider scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury for a much more professional care an all matters relating to drug addiction.

Treating multiple drug addiction cases: The toxic effects of multiple addiction


female sex addiction2

Simultaneous treatment of sex and drug addiction

Simultaneous treatment of sexual addiction and drug abuse: Multiple addictions solutions

Simultaneous treatment

Simultaneous treatment of sexual addiction and drug abuse is very fundamental if recovery is to be meaningful and sustainable.

The trend with which addiction is changing is one that needs all the stake holders to join hand together and fight the problem from one common front. For a very long time all we have known is the monolistic addiction where one could be seen to be struggling with only one kind of substance say being an alcoholic. Things are now changing and multiple addictions are becoming the order of the day. This has necessitated experts including those from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury to think outside the box on the best treatment approach. In most cases multiple kind of addiction will involve substance abuse and sexual addiction. Therefore experts are now applying the simultaneous treatment where a number of addiction are treated all at the same time a patient enroll in addiction medical facility for treatment.

Looking at addiction critically, we have actually been brought up in the full knowledge that drugs whether illicit or prescription drugs are actually all candidates for abuse and because of this upbringing many people wallowing in that school of thought. The question that follows next is that really the true position of the understanding of what addiction is all about? Let’s get some expert opinion from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. From the discussion with the experts from this facility, it is very obvious that there are different kinds of addictions. That is to say that one could be addicted to drugs and alcohol, or to certain behaviors (e.g. sex) or even both. And just for clarity it is important to note that behavioral addiction may be so many and that may include addiction to sexual activities, gaming from the computer devices, gambling and many others. We are therefore at risk of either becoming victims of either of them or even both and that is when simultaneous treatment becomes relevant. Simultaneous treatment is very important in the sense that while on the surface, different addictions seem to be associated with their own unique set of behaviors they are often fueled by the same underlying feelings of guilt, shame, avoidance and trauma. Addictions interact within the individual making it difficult to tease them apart.

Simultaneous treatment of sexual addiction and drug abuse: The trends of problematic substances

When examining the trends of problematic substance use in individuals seeking help for a sexual addiction, it becomes clear that the two are indistinctly linked together. The available statistics also indicate that majority of people who are struggling with sexual addiction also meet the criteria for alcohol or drug addiction. Studies have also established that many individuals who are struggling with sexual addiction problems have actually admitted to using substances mostly to help them in dealing with, or escaping from, the pain that is caused by their sexual behavior. Besides that it is also very common that many people are currently using substances to get over their inhibitions in order to engage in sexual behaviors that might be uncharacteristic for them if they were not drunk or high. This further explains the significance of multi addiction and the need for simultaneous treatment.

We must therefore seek for information by way of investigating how multiple addictions can feed into one another. This is very important because it is possible that individuals may use one of their addictions to mask or dismiss the other addiction and this could be influenced by various reasons including fear and shames especially those elements that are considered shameful addiction. Like for instance, an individual may deny having a problem with sexual addiction and insist completely that their problematic sexual behavior is only caused by intoxication. However, the truth of the matter in this case may be that the drugs or alcohol are merely concealing the pain and shameful acts that are associated with the sexual addiction thereby helping the person to be spared from the emotional consequences of his or her actions. By the same token, both addictions may work on intensifying one another in such a way that the person only engages in their sexual addiction under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These rituals then serve to protect the addiction and ensure that patterns of use are stable and predictable and this can be very dangerous if not dealt with expeditiously.

A major concern with treatment of substance use disorder alone is that any untreated sexual addiction often precipitates a relapse of substance use. Dealing with one addiction while ignoring the other may end up intensifying the problem that has not been addressed. A good example would be when a person in early recovery from a substance addiction turns to sexual performance enhancers in order to continue the ritualized sexual behavior that was previously enhanced by the substance use. This sexual behavior can continue to be problematic for the individual. The individual may continue to feel a sense of shame and pain. Therefore recovery is about addressing the entire addictive process, not just those associated with a particular substance or behavior. The addictive process, whether it be related to sexual behavior or substances is often characterized by a pattern of secrecy, cognitive distortions and rituals. Therefore recovery from addiction regardless of type, would involve embracing and attempting to live a life of honesty, authenticity and emotional growth.

Fortunately, many underlying similarities between multiple addictions mean that the underlying framework for concurrent treatment is quite effective. According to a recent study conducted at Bellwood Health Services confirms that individuals with a comorbid sexual addiction and substance use disorder attending the same treatment centre as those with only sexual addiction, have comparable treatment outcomes at six months follow-up. Both groups demonstrated substantial improvement not only on measures of substance use and sexual impulse control but also on self-reported measures of well-being and quality of life.

Simultaneous treatment of sexual addiction and drug abuse: Replacing the maladaptive coping strategies

Finally, looking at some of the past psychological trauma, sexual abuse, abandonment and neglect, doctor Akoury reiterates that these are some of the very important issues that need to be addressed in treatment. Therefore any recovering addict must commit to learning on how to identify the signs of being actively involved in the addictive process and work hard primarily at replacing all the maladaptive coping strategies with positive and affirming ones. Moreover the individual addict needs to be empowered and be given the necessary tools to be able to function effectively in their environment and successfully meet all life’s challenges without turning to substance use or problematic sexual behavior. We know that this can be very difficult to some of you and if you’re that person, then you need not to give up because there is help on the way upon calling doctor Dalal Akoury today to schedule for a one on one meeting with her and your life will never be the same again thereafter.

Simultaneous treatment of sexual addiction and drug abuse: Multiple addictions solutions