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Undersatnding addiction objectively

Disgraceful drug addiction

Disgraceful drug addiction

Disgraceful drug addiction is ruining our lives miserably

Disgraceful drug addiction: The root cause

We all concede that the disgraceful drug addiction impacts negatively on our health globally. The resources directed towards resolving this menace is weighing most economies down. Because of our consensus on this topic, I felt that it will be necessary to share with you some of the genesis of this problem. You will be amazed to know how close the source of the problem is to you. And that is why I want to persuade you to keep me company for a while as we explore this topic. As I had mentioned before, the root cause of drug taking and drug addiction is not distanced away but just a stone through away. If you are wondering about my choice of topic, I will explain. One fact about this topic is that there will be no addiction to any drug without taking or using the drug itself. Many people often argue that “I only took a little and that a little alcohol is good for your health.” Have you heard such statements? I hope we are together now, after all, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step says doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President, and founder of AWAREmed Health and wellness resource center.

Disgraceful drug addiction: Poor diet

Today drug use and abuse have become a major problem in our societies and drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, heroin, marijuana cocaine and other psychostimulants have various negative effects on human life. But most importantly, the prevention of drug addiction, better rehabilitation and the decrease in the use of drugs will not occur until we focus and concentrate more on the physical or biological side of the use and addiction to drugs and understand the relationship between diet, magnetism and drug use. Many times drug addicts use drugs because of poor nutrition and because of lack of vital energy or magnetism in their bodies. This also applies to those who are using drugs moderately for recreational purposes.

Disgraceful drug addiction: Why magnetic deficiency

The answer to this question will be found in Phyllis explanation of the two poles of magnetism, positive and negative. The human body and all animal bodies are positive in polarity while vegetation’s are negative. The human body will need magnetic balance for good health and to resist the craving for drugs which can only be attained through feeding on plant foods alone i.e., a purely vegetarian diet. While on the other hand electromagnetism is the key to human vitality or energy and many vitamins and minerals are also needed for efficient brain function. This, therefore, means that a diet rich in high animal products and low in vegetable grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits will have the effect of creating a magnetic-electrical and chemical deficiency.

That explains why drug taking and drug addiction will always remain the same and must be eliminated from our body systems. We appreciate that because of the addictiveness of drugs, many may not be willing or rather find it difficult to seek for treatment. Nonetheless, we want to encourage you to look at such difficulties as obstacles along the recovery process. Consulting with experts from AWAREmed health center will certainly give you the much-needed breakthrough and a lasting solution.

Disgraceful drug addiction: The root cause


weight loss diet

Exploring drug addiction causes

Exploring drug addiction

Exploring drug addiction causes was not embraced by our great grandparents and so the effects right now are in the brain.Neurochemical reward and drug addiction effects on the brain may include certain pleasurable principle and that explains why the brain needs to be protected the most

Exploring drug addiction causes: The nutrition way

It is almost becoming common knowledge that alcohols among other substances are the commonly abused drugs not just in your state, but across the globe. Because of this, many lives are lost in the process and so we all need to pool together to educate our young ones on the dangers of substance abuse by way of exploring drug addiction causes and effective solutions. With the knowledge of this common factor, it is equally important to appreciate that what may not be common in the public knowledge is the possible roots and genesis of drug taking and drug addiction. This is what we want to address in this article as we progress into the discussion. In our last article, we introduced the causes sighting poor diet and the brains consequent magnetic and chemical imbalance as some of the primary root causes of drug taking and drug addiction. Progressively, we want to engage the expertise of professionals from AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD by way of exploring drug addiction causes. And in doing so, our focus is going to be on the deficiency of nutrients as we progressed into the discussion.

Exploring drug addiction causes: Serotonin

Diet is the key to the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin which has been linked to drug taking. The dietary precursor for serotonin is the amino acid tryptophan which is low in the high-protein diet and high in a high-carbohydrate diet. The effects of drug taking may either increase or decrease levels of serotonin in the brain depending on the patient taking the drug. Individuals responds differently where in some people, alcohol increases their serotonin levels, possibly by decreasing levels of other competing amino acids in the blood as they reach the blood-brain barrier, causing them to relax. While other people may find alcohol and sugar decrease serotonin in the brain causing depression or aggression. And in fact, many criminals, as well as those struggling with chronic depression have been found with this condition.

Exploring drug addiction causes: Poor diet and deficiency of serotonin

Poor carbohydrates (sugar) with high protein (meat) are possible elements of abnormal low serotonin levels. The increase in meat and sugar and other refined carbohydrates consumption like junk food over the last two decades may have resulted in generally low brain serotonin levels which may explain the recent epidemic of childhood depression in our society today. Serotonin deficiency has also been linked by researchers to various state of mental illness, drug-taking, and violent crime.

Tryptophan, the precursor of serotonin (5HT), is believed to be a controlling factor in the CNS, affecting the people’s moods, aggression, pain, anxiety, sleep, memory, eating behavior, addictive behavior, temperature, endocrine and motor regulation. Abnormalities of 5HT include Parkinson’s disease, MS, sleep disorders Huntington’s, schizophrenia, mania, depression, hypersexuality, bulimia, and much more.

Deficiency of tryptophan and tyrosine, the precursors of serotonergic and catecholamine systems have been found in eight adolescents with impulsive behavior. Thirteen studies of serotonin in aggressive cases have been reported with all showing the concentration of 5-HIAA as cerebrospinal fluid are inversely related to aggression, irritability, hostility and criminal activity, further explaining why seeking for professional input from doctor Akoury from time to time is very important not just for you, but to the entire family.

Exploring drug addiction causes: The nutrition way



Breast Cancer Awareness, YOU Can Survive it!


 Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. Dalal Akoury


 Breast Cancer Awareness; YOU Can Survive Breast Cancer

More women are surviving breast cancer because of Breast Cancer Awareness today, than ever before. With the knowledge we have today we are able to make decisions to prevent breast cancer through awareness, early detection, nutrition and exercise. Breast Cancer AwarenessBreast cancer begins in the ducts of the breast and can spread to the surrounding tissue. If it the cancer is left undetected, it will spread to other areas of the body and will be more difficult to treat.

– There has been over 11,000 cases of breast cancer that has begun to spread in women under the age of 40 and over 1,000 deaths for the same age group in 2011.

– Breast Cancer Awareness; Breast cancer increases with age with most of the new cases and deaths occurring in women forty years old and older.

Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer? Dr. Dalal Akoury answers

  Breast Cancer Awareness is the answer

Risk factors for; Breast Cancer Awarenessbreast cancer are listed by Dr. Dalal Akoury:


  Breast Cancer Awareness is the primary goal of AWAREmed

–       Gender: Woman are more at risk for breast cancer, but men can also get it. However, women are 100 times more at risk than men because of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone that causes the abnormal cell growth.

–       Race: African American women are more susceptible to getting breast cancer than those who are not.

–       Age: Women approaching 40 years of age are at risk for breast cancer. 1 out of 8 breast cancers that have already

Begun to spread are found in women under 45 years in age.

–       Genetic:  Breast Cancer Awareness; Breast cancer can be hereditary. 5 to 10 breast cancer cases are found to be related to genetics.

–       Using oral contraceptives increase breast cancer for women slightly over those who have never used them.

–       The use of combined post menopausal hormone therapy can increase the risk of getting breast cancer.

–       Smoking, drinking alcohol, undue stress, poor diet and obesity all contribute to the increased risk of getting breast cancer.

Signs or symptoms: of Breast cancer are listed by Dr. Dalal Akoury

The most common sign or symptom is finding a lump or mass in the breasts. They are usually painless, hard and have irregular edges, but they can be soft as well. Other signs are swelling on part or all of the breast, skin thickening or irritation, nipple pain, redness or unusual nipple discharge. Breast cancer can spread to the lymph nodes under the arm and cause a lump or swelling there. It is always important to have any new mass or lump checked out by your health care professional.


 Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness?


  Breast Cancer Awareness; How Do I Check Myself for Breast Cancer? Dr. Dalal Akoury teaches

Women beginning in their 20s should begin regularly doing breast self exam. Be sure to do this even if you have breast implants, as there is still breast tissue. However, breast augmentation does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

– To do a breast self exam, lie down on your back and use the three middle fingers to feel for any lumps on your opposite breast. Press firmly and use a small circular motion to feel the breast tissue. Notify your doctor if you feel anything out of the ordinary.

Prevention measures to reduce breast cancer awareness and Survive Breast Cancer :

–       Regular screening is the most important thing you can do for prevention because you can catch the cancer at an early stage and can Survive Breast Cancer

–       Be sure to get your annual mammogram once you reach the age of 40.

–       Reduce your body weight if you are obese. You can reduce your weight by taking in less calories than you burn. Less calories in and more calories burned will mean more weight lost.

–       Increase your physical activity to at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, even if it is just walking.

–       Eat a healthy, well- balanced diet.

A diet that contains vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, fruits and low fat dairy will help you Breast Cancer Awareness help you Survive Breast Cancer and reduce risk of breast cancer. Reduce high fat diets that include hydrogenated oils that are usually found in most processed foods, like cakes and cookies. Avoid high carb diets that are mostly simple carbs that include candy and sodas.

What are the Best Food and Supplements to help you Survive Breast Canceris part of Dr. Dalal Akoury breast cancer treatment protocol.

–       Organic vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip greens, tomato, carrots

–       Eat dark colored fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and cherries.

–       Get enough foods with vitamin D. That includes skim milk, fat free yogurts with live cultures, cottage cheese and

 Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

eggs. Don’t forget the sunlight, but in moderation, which is a great source of vitamin D.

–       Be sure to eat foods that are rich in Omega 3. They are cold water fish such as; salmon, tuna, swordfish, crab and sardines.

–       Nuts also are a great source of Omega 3 as well as an antioxidant. They include walnuts, pecans, and almonds.

Some vital supplements that help prevent breast cancer are:

– Black Cohosh


 Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

– Curcumin


– Sulforaphane

– Fish Oil

– Melatonin

– Vitamin D

– Resveratrol

– Mangosteen

  Breast Cancer Awareness; Get Moving Prevent  and Survive Breast Cancer! this is Dr. Dalal Akoury’s philosophy

Many studies have shown females who work out moderate to vigorously for a few hours a week have reduced their risk of breast cancer 30 to 40 percent.

It reduces hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone which causes breast cancer at a faster rate. Physically fit women have a better chance of surviving breast cancer than overweight or obese women.

Some basic exercises that would help would be:

–      Walking, jogging or hiking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes a day.

–       Moderate swimming on a regular basis.

–       Cycling outdoors or doing spinning sessions at a gym.

–       Experiment with yoga classes.

–       Try zumba or kickboxing classes.

  Breast Cancer Awareness; One Last Word on how to Survive Breast Cancer explains Dr. Dalal Akoury

Women who are reaching menopause are estrogen dominant are more likely to get breast cancer. This hormonal imbalance increases risk of breast cancer. The omega 3’s and soy based foods help reduce the risk of hormonal imbalance.

– Also remove xenoestrogens:

They are chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body and are in pesticides and plastics. Cut back on processed foods because some common food preservations are xenoestrogen. Switch to organic meats because some of the hormones that are used to make most store bought chicken and cattle grow larger are xenoestrogens.

  Breast Cancer Awareness; YOU Can Survive Breast Cancer with Dr. Dalal  Akoury  Wellness Live Chat!


Beginning on Wednesday, October 3, at our AWAREMed location, from 6-7:30 pm ET, our series will focus on various topics of health, wellness, prevention and disease treatment options covering aspects of the complete body, mind, and spiritual health.


Dr. Akoury’s presentations are geared towards the medical profession and anyone who is interested in learning how to find complete wellness for themselves. The presentations are easy to understand, given in a relaxed and serene atmosphere, and in terms the general public can comprehend and embrace. So join in and learn how to heal your whole body the natural way!


YOU Can Survive Breast Cancer




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