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Best addiction treatment programs

Best addiction treatment

Best addiction treatment programs may include both in and out patient rehabilitation programs

Best addiction treatment programs: The exclusive level of care at AWAREmed

Many societies are today ailing with constant harassment by people who are abusing drugs disorderly. Pease and family comfort is becoming very costly thanks to the consequences of drug addiction. We are not just speaking out of observation, but as professionals from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD, we recognize how incapacitating and stressful it can be to experience the symptoms associated with addictions, behavioral health disorders, and other related issues on a daily basis. Because of those weighty concerns, we’re providing the best addiction treatment programs to people struggling with a wide range of mental health conditions with comprehensive, evidenced-based treatment that features around-the-clock care in a secure and supportive environment. We are committed to clinical excellence and kindhearted care through high quality treatment that has shown to produce optimal outcomes.

Under the able leadership of doctor Akoury, our team of experts understands the uniqueness of each patient and responds differently to various types of therapy which is why we offer multiple recovery programs that are delivered through a wide range of treatment modalities. This varied and dynamic approach to treatment ensures that we are prepared to offer the level and type of treatment that each patient needs in order to be able to achieve his or her goals, not only in the residential phase of treatment, but also in the years to come after a patient has successfully completed treatment.

Why should you consider AWAREmed addiction treatment programs? It may interest you to note that the formation of this facility by doctor Akoury was divine with a sole objective of objective transforming each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. That is why doctor Akoury’s practice only focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. This is therefore the place to be for all your addiction related complications and we will surely make a difference in your life. We are available on telephone number 843 213 1480 and will be happy to hear from you. In the meantime the following are some of the treatment programs we have for you:

Anxiety and mood program

Addictions/Co-Occurring Disorders Program

  • Drug
  • Alcoholism
  • Alcohol

Eating Disorders Program

  • Bulimia
  • Binge-Eating Disorder
  • Anorexia

Best addiction treatment programs: Chronic pain program

  • Chronic pain including neck and back disorders, oro-facial pain, arthritis, headaches, opiate hyperalgesia, central nervous system sensitivity, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions

Trauma Recovery Program

  • PTSD symptoms associated with adult or childhood trauma

Best addiction treatment programs: Four-day family program

Each program offered at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center has a master schedule and each patient is provided with a daily schedule highlighting his or her individual appointments, lectures, groups, and physician visits. Each program may incorporate a myriad of integrative services, as well as therapeutic recreational activities, in order to fully address each individual’s mind, body, and spirit. This integrated approach to treatment allows each patient to obtain the skills necessary to remain successful in his or her journey to recovery.

Best addiction treatment programs: The exclusive level of care




Acne Scars Treatment

Posttraumatic stress disorder

Posttraumatic stress disorder

Posttraumatic stress disorder comes with varying effects on humanity

Posttraumatic stress disorder: Addressing trauma problems

In addressing trauma, it is important to note that the debilitating symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and the inner turmoil caused by traumatic experiences in one’s childhood or during adulthood can hinder an individual’s functioning in a negative way. To address this problem, AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD, is offering the best and much superior residential programming for both adult men and women who wish to overcome a traumatic past with the assistance of our well trained and experienced professionals.

Posttraumatic stress disorder: Trauma recovery program

The Program for Trauma Recovery is specialized and comprehensive in nature so that those who partake in the services provided can become truly healed in a holistic way. This program implements a bio-psychosocial-spiritual approach to care and integrates a system of neuropsychiatric treatment that is able to fully restore the mind, body, and spirit. Our team of qualified and highly-experienced professionals will administer treatment within this program with a body of knowledge and clinical expertise that has changed the lives of countless individuals.

The overarching goal of the Trauma Recovery Program is to improve the daily functioning and overall quality of life for patients by supplying stabilizing services that aim to reduce the impact of symptoms and emotional turmoil known to occur when a person endures a trauma. We also hope to build upon already-existing strengths and assist patients in rediscovering their personal and emotional truths concerning fear, trust, honesty, and dependency.

In the event that a given patient needs an immediate and intensive services prior to beginning this treatment program, we will evaluate each case individually and facilitate these services for the patients who require them. Nonetheless it is important to note that these services are short-term and, therefore the moment the patient has completed this type of care, residential treatment can commence. Upon embarking on the therapeutic process within the Trauma Recovery Program, patients will partake in the following therapeutic interventions, of which are detailed within each patient’s treatment plan and daily treatment schedule:

  • Psychodrama
  • Peer group work that is led by a therapist
  • Movement groups
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Somato-emotional response (SE) massage
  • Somatic Experiencing (SE)
  • Resilience training
  • Medication management services with a psychiatrist
  • Psycho educational lectures
  • Individual therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Expressive arts
  • Equine therapy
  • Mindfulness training
  • Meditation
  • Daily yoga

Finally, in addressing trauma complications, it is important to note that each patient receiving care will be assessed on an ongoing basis by our caring staff so that each and every need of our patients is sufficiently met. It is our hope that patients who complete this program will have a solid foundation of recovery and the ability to live a magnanimous life without being bound by trauma from the past. This is what we want to offer to you if only you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today.

Posttraumatic stress disorder: Addressing trauma problems




Post acute withdrawal symptoms

Post acute withdrawal

Post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) has serious consequences and if not addressed can cause serious problems

Post acute withdrawal symptoms: Good nutrition and diet

When it comes to proper management of alcohol and drug addiction, nutrition will always play a very significant role in the whole process. For a while now our postings concerning the post-withdrawal symptoms and how well they can be managed as a means of keeping the scourge of addiction to manageable levels have impacted on many. Ours is to impact positively on the lives of people and for that reason, we want to continue while concentrating on the good nutrition and diet for a recovering person (addict).

When considering nutrition, three things come to mind almost immediately, that there must be three well-balanced meals daily, at least three nutritious snacks daily and of course ensuring that there is no sugar and caffeine in our menu. The concern of many experts including doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, we are living in a very stressful society where everybody is running up and down to make ends meet. Because of the magnitude of stressful lives that they live doctor Akoury is not missing her words reiterating that hunger produces stress. Her advice is that, in order to live a healthy life based on good nutrition, the following are necessary:

  • Try to plan your eating schedule so that you do not skip meals and so that you can have periodic nutritious snacks
  • Do not eat candy, donuts, soft drinks, potato chips, or other high calories, low nutrient foods
  • You should specifically avoid foods that produce stress such as concentrated sweets and caffeine. Both of these produce the same kind of chemical reaction in your body as being frightened or overly excited.
  • Concentrated sweets such as candy, jelly, syrup, and sugar-sweetened soft drinks will give you a quick “pick-up,” but you will experience a let-down about an hour later accompanied by nervousness and irritability.

Post acute withdrawal symptoms: Battling fatigue and nervousness

With the application of these tips, you’re certainly going to see a big difference. Remember that your reason for eating a snack should be to combat fatigue and nervousness and having a nutritious snack before you feel hungry to prevent a craving for sweets will be very ideal say doctor Akoury. Just to further make emphasis on that let me share with you briefly what good nutrition can do and has done to other people. According to one of my patient who is a recovering alcoholic, she was in the habit of eating a large quantity of ice cream every night. She talked about craving for it and believed that by eating ice cream she was reducing a craving for alcohol. The next morning she always would feel sluggish and irritable. Throughout her stress increased until it was relieved by the ice cream.

One day professional counselors suggested for her that she needs to remove the ice cream from her diet she felt she could not get along without it. When our counselors examined her diet it was evident that she consistently skipped breakfast and was not getting adequate nutrition. She later agreed to try eating a balanced diet and to eliminate ice cream on a trial basis. By and by she discovered that when she ate a balanced diet and ate regular meals and several nutritious snacks throughout the day her craving for ice cream disappeared and she could easily eliminate it from her life. What does this communicate to you? Good nutrition and diet for a recovering person work and your situation is no different. Call doctor Akoury now for all your concerns about this.

Post acute withdrawal symptoms: Good nutrition and diet


weight loss tips

Stress complications awareness

Stress complications awareness

Stress complications awareness and managing anxiety when well done could keep you off hospital environment

Stress complications awareness: Anxiety and addiction

The essence of life is to live a very healthy and comfortable life away from all the diseases and worries. Many at times this has not been actualized because of various reasons. One of the reason why we are not having comfort in life is stress. This is a serious health impediment we want to address going forward. And because of this doctor Dalal Akoury made a decision to create AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility which is qualifies and experienced professionals are more than willing to help you address any health condition you may be having. And because stress is associated with many health problems, we want to focus on the creation of stress complications awareness so that our loved ones can be well informed into taking the right decisions in life.

Knowledge is wealth that cannot be robbed away from anyone and this is the tool doctor Akoury is using to empower people through various training on matters pertaining to drug addiction and stress complications. The good news is that this facility is not only addressing the issues of the direct victims of substance abuse, but also even to the professionals who are attending to the patients suffering from drug misuse that causes them to be stressed up. Like for instance, on annual basis AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, which is one of the leading pioneers in natural and holistic addiction treatment, normally conducts educational functional and integrative addiction conference for professionals including doctors, counselors, nurses and addiction therapists. These conference are tailored to helping professionals be knowledgeable in their dealings and impact positively to their clients. This way many people are able to get the stress complications awareness campaign loud from their local clinics and chose to live positively and in a healthy manner.

Stress complications awareness: Psychological effects of stress

Doctor Akoury says that the reason why we often fail to manage stress effectively is because of the close association stress has with depression and anxiety. And in fact this has been confirmed in the findings of some studies that suggest that the inability to adapt to stress is associated with the onset of depression or anxiety. Further to that some evidence also suggests that the repeated release of stress hormones produces hyperactivity in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system, and this causes disruptions in the normal levels of serotonin which is the brain chemical that is critical for feelings of well-being.

Psychologically some people will appear to be more vulnerable or at greater risk for an overactive HPA system under stress, including those with personality traits that cause perfectionism. And on a more obvious level for your consumption about stress is that, stress reduces the quality of one’s life by affecting or causing an injustice to the feelings of pleasure and accomplishment. Besides that, statistics has it that nearly all perfect and stable relationships are often threatened in times of stress. This is even more aggravated where the victims are also abusing drugs and alcohol. It is therefore only fair that we all seek for lasting solutions to this problem by consulting with the experts from time to time. Doctor Akoury is very much available and more than willing to help you professionally if only you could schedule for that appointment with her today.

Stress complications awareness: Anxiety and addiction






When hope runs out of addiction recovery


When hope runs out of addiction recovery: It is still possible to start all over again

When hope runs out of addiction recovery

When hope runs out of addiction recovery other unhealthy conditions like stress get opportunity to explore on your health and this must not be allowed to happen, remember stress is one of the most triggers.

As one living with a family member who is seriously into drugs you will be down hearted seeing your loved one suffering from the scourge of addiction. It may become even more frustrating when all the efforts you have put in place to help appear not to be yielding any fruit. Therefore I want to ask you that what do you do when hope runs out of addiction recovery. With all the knowledge you have and the professional advice given duly followed yet the victim keeps to their unhealthy behavior what next? And have you ever wondered why suicide is the tragic fate of so many people struggling with addiction? In our pervious article doctor Dalal Akoury an addiction expert of many decades and also the proprietor of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center shared with us some of the elements concerning the painful suicidal nature of drug addiction and she is going to be with us throughout this discussion helping us to appreciate some of the possible explanations which may cause one to give up on life and contemplate suicide. Such levels of giving up can only occur when hope runs out of addiction recovery and this is very dangerous. Now let us consider some of the following as the possible occurrences when the thought of suicidal creeps in:

  • When under the power and the influence of drugs or alcohol, such people are most likely to lose inhibitions and take risks they would not do when sober like committing suicide.
  • Many people abuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.
  • The rate of major depression is two to four times higher among addicts than the general population.

Although drugs may seem to help in the short term, they exacerbate problems over time. When attempting to stop using drugs, people may feel overwhelmed by the return of painful emotions that they had subjected to medication using drugs. They may also be clear-headed enough to carry out suicidal thoughts and plans. Transitions, such as entering or leaving treatment, relapse, and death, divorce or other major life changes, can be especially vulnerable times.

Abusing drugs, especially depressants such as alcohol or sedatives, can also trigger symptoms of depression thereby increasing the risk of suicide. As the consequences of addiction pile up, from legal problems and damaged relationships to financial ruin and job loss, individuals may lose all hope that things can get better and for some the feeling of impossibilities may take center stage where victims only see two possible ways of relief i.e. getting back into drugs use or death. In situations like these both the victim and their loved ones must work together objectively without apportioning blame. Helping one who is already giving up any hopes of ever recovering from his/her addiction can be quite challenging and that is why we are privileged to have doctor Dalal Akoury with us for professional advice and total treatment. We therefore want to recommend heavily that we need not to wait until the condition gets to this level. While we appreciate that denial is a major component of draw back in this journey, timely intervention is very important. Taking to doctor Dalal Akoury today will be of great help to you and your loved ones because up on scheduling for an appointment with her, she will professionally evaluate your individual condition and put you in the best treatment program that is tailored just for you and your unique condition.

When hope runs out of addiction recovery: Treatment and prevention

The best way of solving the problem of suicide that is emanating from substance abuse is to prevent it from taking place however treatment will be very fundamental if you are already deep into drugs. The figures are very disturbing if the available estimated figures are anything to go by. Doctor Akoury is reporting that about 45% of suicide patients are those suffering from untreated drug abuse disorders. This great number is due to several factors including problems like stigma. Many people often fail to seek for help because of the stigma besides luck of proper training in suicide prevention. It is important therefore that people suffering from drug addiction owns up and make clear the acknowledgement of their habit early enough so that they can enrolled in a recovery program immediate. Doing this, will go a long way in containing the situation and suicide can be prevented as a result of treatment.

There are very few primary care physicians trained to help identify and prevent suicide nonetheless the few in administering treatment must not shy away from establishing the genesis of the problem by asking turf questions that would not otherwise be asked. Such questions will be helpful is addressing suicidal ideation even when the patient is struggling or has in the past been struggling with addiction, depression or other mental health disorders. It is important that someone ask the difficult question like; whether the patient has ever considered or attempted suicide or whether they are currently think about or intend to commit suicide. These are questions that are never asked yet they are very necessary so that victims can get help in good time because patients need to be shown love and let them know that they are not alone and that they are cared for. Impacting the spirit of hope in them is very vital. And this can be a collaborative effort between them and their loved ones to help create a lasting recovery plan that guarantees their safety and then addressing the underlying issues in trust by a trusted health provider.

When hope runs out of addiction recovery: Threats

Finally we are often worried about the addicts in our lives for good reason. This is so because they are at high risk of death by a number of causes including: diseases, accident and even suicide. We have talked much about suicide now but I still want to make emphasis that suicide prevention requires a multifaceted approach even though it all hinges on the person reaching out for help and effective treatment being available when they take that brave step of turning away from their behaviors. We must therefore make a firm decision of seek for help from well-respected professionals who will ensure lasting solution is achieved. In that respect, you may want to seek for expert opinion at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care. And as we had mentioned before, Doctor Akoury is a medical professional with several decades of experience and together with her team of experienced experts they will focus on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE

When hope runs out of addiction recovery: It is still possible to start all over again