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Legalizing drug use and crimes of terrorism

Legalizing drug use

Legalizing drug use and crimes of terrorism is not an option drugs kills

Legalizing drug use and crimes of terrorism: Relationship between crime and drug addiction

We are living at a time when very many things you would not imagine happening in life. The rate of crime is escalating and becoming very sophisticated every day. Many lives are lost in one single act of crime thanks to the availability of drugs in the market that has made criminals to get the psych for crime. Because of this the global safety is not guaranteed and that is why we want to focus our discussion on this topic of legalizing drug use and crimes of terrorism in our states. Will this real help put to check this problem that is causing a lot of fear among people globally? This is a subject that can be debated endlessly and therefore we want to engage the services of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) who besides being a veteran addiction expert of several decades is also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Doctor Akoury is registering that it is regrettable that dealing in illicit drugs is continually becoming a very big business not just in your country but across the globe. Today we have very many organized and dangerous drug cartels in most countries that are deeply rooted in this killer business and the most painful part of this is that they are using the proceeds accruing from their criminal activity to raise more havoc in the societies. These cartels are causing a lot of constrain in the delivery of security services in some states since a lot of efforts are put in ensuring that their activities do not cause harm to the innocent citizens. In the process of doing this other sectors may be compromised which means that the status quo is likely to continue for very long time if the drugs continues to be affordable and easily accessible in the market as it is now in most streets of our cities across the globe.

Legalizing drug use and crimes of terrorism: Addiction and crime prevention

It has been suggested that unless we change human nature itself then crime will always be there. Crime is first propagated in the mind before its execution and so the wellness of the mind is a perfect remedy for everyone. Doctor Akoury is of the strong opinion that while we appreciate that drug addiction is well connected with crime, the two can be separated and each can be dealt with individually and in isolation. It will be an uphill task for the authority to ensure that drug barons are arrested because many of them are always walking free while their little clients are the ones being arrested and when they are arrested, they have the resources to buy their way out into the street again.

Finally the option of treatment is the best and for this to yield any meaningful fruits, it is highly recommended that we all engage the services of real professionals in addiction. To the long journey of addiction recovery and crime reduction from our societies, it’s important that if you are struggling with any form of addiction, you can schedule for an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center today for the commencement of your recovery process.

Legalizing drug use and crimes of terrorism: Relationship between crime and drug addiction




Permitting drug use merits and demerits

Permitting drug use

Permitting drug use merits and demerits. Whichever way drugs are not benficial

Permitting drug use merits and demerits: Should drug use be legalized

Experts are divided as to whether legalizing drug use is practical or not. This is because the merits and demerits of permitting drug use are weighty and are all pegged on health, security and economic stability. And so as the debate rages on doctor Akoury states that one of the ideas put forward in this discussion is that of legalizing drugs. Those who are supporting this view argue that it would facilitate and help in the reduction of crime especially those that are associated with drug abuse. Their point is that when dealing in drug is legal then chances are that addicts would not have to resort to criminal behavior to fund their habit. The costs of drugs could be put to check by setting rates which addicts could afford without having to steal in order to get the supply. Besides that they also elude that these drugs could also be taxed and the revenue realized from these could be used to fund drug rehabilitation treatment. Alongside with that this school of thought is also seeing the possibility of realizing reduction in the attraction to drugs. To them many people will often be curious at things that are prohibited and restricted and so by allowing its use this will be eliminated hence the reduction of substance abuse.

Permitting drug use merits and demerits: Dissenting views in legalizing drug use

Nonetheless the opposing views is very categorical that the effects of drug abuse is so devastating that letting people lose to it will kill the moral fabric of the society and most importantly, we are going to register very disturbing figures in terms of death, sicknesses and crime due to more addictions. Besides that the reason of revenue is inconsequential as this would place an extra burden on taxpayers, the authorities and the State as a whole in the logistics of caring and administration of treatment to the increased number of people being addicted to the drugs.

If you are still with us in this discussion I want to believe that we are heading somewhere. Now that we are progressing well doctor Akoury possess this concern, “what do you do with those people who are addicted to committing an offences day in day out?” remember that these people may or may not be addicted to drugs but one common denominator they have is that they have an addiction, which in this case is addiction to crime. These are very tricky occurrences and we will be lying to ourselves if we say that we understand because for sure there is no easy answer to this debate will still continue. However it is important to pick certain points in this all issue and appreciate that the questions raised are very pertinent and cannot just be ignored. That is why professionally it is said that prevention is better than cure therefore you do not willfully create a problem because you have the mechanisms of solving it says doctor Dalal Akoury.

Permitting drug use merits and demerits: Should drug use be legalized




Understanding the three stages of drug addiction

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction: The three significant stages of drug addiction

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction is very key to unlocking the social problem of drug abuse in our societies

If somebody was to tell you that you are addicted to certain drug would you agree with him? And if you would what would be your facts in other words how do you know that you are addicted to drugs? These are some of the questions we want to address even as we focus on our topic of the day “understanding the three stages of drug addiction”. From the experts and psychologist point of view drug addiction is a disease characterized by both physical and psychological health impairments. It can also be defined as a pattern of substance use leading to significant impairment in physical and mental functioning. In whichever way you look at it there will be some level of physical and psychological impairment in the process a factor which doctor Dalal Akoury concurs that is the most significant problem in addiction. For our understanding of the problem, doctor Dalal Akoury is going to share with us the three stages of drug addiction as follows:

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction: The first stage of drug addiction

At the introduction levels of addiction the psychological dependence on the drugs (stage of Preoccupation or Anticipation), is characterized by the following symptoms:

The constant craving for the drug – An overwhelming desire to use the drug of choice to relieve the state of psycho-emotional stress preoccupies the user despite the other responsibilities and events in his/her life.

The altered psyche – Nervousness, frequent mood swings, depression, irritability, agitation, aggressiveness, difficulty with concentration are the common signs of progressively developing addiction.

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction: Second stage and symptoms of drug addiction 

Is the stage of intoxication? – This stage is characterized by the further worsening the above mentioned symptoms of drug addiction and appearing the new ones

The growing tolerance – The longer the drugs are introduced into the body the larger amounts of drugs are necessary to continue experiencing the same euphoric effects. The increased doses of the drug (binging) push the effects of intoxication to a dangerous level.

The emergence of withdrawal syndrome – Uncomfortable, very disruptive, physical and mental condition that happen when the body is sharply deprived of the psychoactive substances that it is used to getting. The clinical picture of withdrawal syndrome varies and mostly depends on the type of the using substance. The most common symptoms of drug addiction and opioid withdrawal include the constant, deep, exhausting pain in muscles and bones all over the body, sensation of almost unbearable inner cold, frequent cold-and-hot flashes, shivering, sneezing, watery eyes, sweating, cramps in stomach area, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, restless legs, increased nervousness and irritability, sleep disorders, insomnia, and many more. 

The negative and persistent changes in personality – It will interest you to note that at this stage there will be increased emotional sensitivity, explosiveness, frequent mood swings, narrowing of vital interests, aggressiveness, apathy, impaired memory and intelligence, tendency to depression, dishonesty, permanent conflicts at work and home, problems with the law.

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction: Drug dependence symptoms in third stage

Third stage of drug dependence is the stage of Physical, Mental and Social Degradation.

  • Presence of irreversible pathological changes in the internal organs and systems of the  body (liver failure due to toxicity and viral hepatitis, toxic encephalopathy, immune system disorders, AIDS, etc.).
  • Development of dementia and other drug related mental disorders. The chronic use of certain drugs
  • Currently available evidence indicates that heavy, long-term drug consumption is likely to have a negative impact on cognitive function.  Longer-term smoking of marijuana is associated with increased risk of intellectual deterioration and possibly schizophrenia and dementia.
  • The chronic use of benzodiazepines and psycho-stimulants also leads to increased risk of cognitive impairment.  For example, 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine, (MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy), produces the long-term deficit in serotonin function in the brain, resulting in  mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.
  • Chronic drug abuse by adolescents during formative years is a particular concern because it interferes with normal socialization and cognitive development and thus frequently contributes to the development of mental disorders.
  • Social degradation by drug dependence: Like for instance the loss of marriage, family; spoiled interpersonal relationships; degradation in professional skills and activities and as a result the problems with employment and financial issues; problems with law-abiding.
Understanding the three stages of drug addiction: Consequences and effects of drug addiction and alcoholism

Consequences and effects of drug addiction and alcoholism have both medical and social effects.

Health effects of drug addiction and alcohol abuse – The most obvious negative effects of drug addiction or alcohol abuse is deterioration in physical and mental state of an addict.

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction: Effects of drug abuse on the brain

It will interest you to note that different type of drugs causes particular and quite specific effects of chronic drug intoxication:

Effects of drug abuse on the brain in case of untreated drug and alcohol abuse is irreversible condition that leads to progressive deterioration of personality. Degradation begins with memory loss, inability to concentrate and further shows up in reduced physical and mental activity, in a tendency to fruitless fantasies, excessive irritability and sleep disorders. The normal human emotions, desires, interests, work skills gradually fade and meaning of life gets limited to searching for drugs. Untreated addiction undoubtedly ends up in irreversible dementia.

Mental disorders in case of a drug abuse are varied and accompany all its forms. The most common characteristic of mental disorder is psychosis, which may occur either shortly after using the drug or during the withdrawal. Acute psychosis is characterized by a pronounce  anxiety,  kind of panic attack, paranoia, consciousness disorders up to the visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations and delusions. Often such states result in committing suicide. Use of improvised and counterfeit drugs presents particular danger to life and health of a drug addict. Chronic drug users look physically exhausted. They have distinctive appearance: pallor, poor skin elasticity, feverish bright eyes, dry nails, hair loss, they are underweight.  Addicts look much older than their physiological age. All male drug addicts sooner or later develop impotence, as well as female addicts develop frigidity. Negatively affected by drugs and alcohol germ cells often result in the birth of weak and sick children with different congenital defects. Pregnancy in case of active drug use runs hard, with complications and high chances of miscarriage and preterm birth. After birth such children are growing poorly, lagging behind in their physical and mental development. They often get sick. Children whose mothers were on drugs during pregnancy are already born addicted to drugs with all ensuing consequences.

Finally take note that all drugs without any exception destroy the brain in the first place and you need not to get to the second one so long as you are using a drug the first one is sufficient. Doctor Akoury concludes that even if you smoke marijuana which is considered the weakest of all drugs occasionally, you are already initiating the irreversible effects of drug abuse on the brain which manifest in weakening attention, reduced memory capacity, in forming the typical for the drug addicts thinking and behavior patterns, which are very well shown in numerous drug addicts jokes and “freaky films” with their peculiar flat sense of humor. The stronger the drug the worse their effects therefore for the purpose of your good health understanding the three stages of drug addiction is very important. And with that done if you are suffering from any form of addiction, you now have an opportunity to correct it by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for the commencement of your recovery process today.

Understanding the three stages of drug addiction: The three significant stages of drug addiction



Drug addiction and the life of the baby

Drug addiction and the life of the baby: How do drugs affect my baby?

Drug addiction and the life of the baby

Drug addiction and the life of the baby. Pregnant women owes their unborn children the duty of care by keeping of substance abuse

For those pregnant women who are using drugs, there is no doubt that almost all drugs pass through the placenta to reach your baby and have some effect on them. It is important to note that drugs in your body will definitely reduce the amount of oxygen that can reach your baby. Early in pregnancy, some drugs may affect your baby’s development and as a result your baby may not grow as well as is expected in your uterus (womb). We all understand the significance of drug addiction and the life of the baby. This is not something that can be wished a way by all means. Talking to doctor Dalal Akoury we have realized that taking illegal drugs will cause problems later in your pregnancy, and as a matter of fact the use of such drugs can affect how well the placenta works. With the presence of drugs in the system, there is a risk that the placenta may come away from the side of your uterus, sometimes causing severe bleeding a process known as placental abruption. Placental abruption is a serious condition and, because of the bleeding it causes, it can be life-threatening for you and your baby. Your baby may have withdrawal symptoms if you were taking drugs regularly during your pregnancy which may necessitate that the baby stay in hospital for a while so that nurses and doctors can check him or her for signs of withdrawal and give the right treatment.

Drug addiction and the life of the baby: What if I took drugs before finding out I was pregnant?

The common concern for many women is that what happens to them and their unborn children if they were taking drugs before becoming pregnant! It is actually true that many people take drugs as part of their social life. Besides if you took a drug without realizing you were pregnant on a one-off occasion, then you don’t have to worry because it’s very unlikely that it will have any effect on your baby. However, if illegal drugs are part of your life and as a result of that you have become an addict, it will be very important that you seek for help immediately to improve the outlook for you and your baby says doctor Akoury.

Drug addiction and the life of the baby: Which drugs have which effects?

Besides the various questions that often cross many people’s minds, there are certain known facts about the effects of illegal drugs and such facts may include the following:

Cannabis (marijuana) – Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug. Taking cannabis during pregnancy might make your baby unsettled and more easily startled after he is born. In the longer term, it could cause behavior and learning problems for your baby as he grows older. Remember that smoking cannabis also exposes your baby to the risks related to smoking. If you smoke, you are more likely to go into premature labour. There’s also a higher chance that your baby will be born with a low birth weight and other complications, and it increases the risk of cot death.

Speed (amphetamines) and crystal meth (methamphetamine)For the benefit of your unborn child, it would be very proper for you to stop taking speed or crystal meth before you get pregnant or during and after pregnancy. If you have been using these drugs, you can still quit even when you are pregnant, but to be safe and this is very important, you should stop taking these drugs with medical help in a drug treatment program. This is so because stopping suddenly could be harmful for you and to your baby as well and could even cause miscarriage. Remember that taking speed or crystal meth can make the following more likely:

  • A complication where the placenta can’t carry enough oxygen and nutrients to your baby, called placental insufficiency
  • The placenta separating from your uterus (placental abruption)

These drugs can affect your baby’s growth in the uterus, making her smaller than expected for your stage of pregnancy and increasing the chance of premature birth.

EcstasyDoctor Akoury says that there’s a lot of concern about the long-term side-effects of taking ecstasy. Nonetheless more needs to be done to ascertain any effect it may have on your pregnancy or your baby. At the moment, there is very little evidence that this can cause any significant effect to either the mother or the baby. But all the same ecstasy may have an effect on your baby’s motor development (co-ordination and movement). But then again there is limited evidence that it could cause birth defects and a lot more research needs to be done to establish that.

Cocaine and crack cocaineTaking cocaine or crack during pregnancy may increase your risk of having a miscarriage and of placental abruption later in pregnancy. Using cocaine while you are pregnant can slow down your baby’s growth in the uterus. It may also increase the risk of your baby having problems with learning and behavior when he is older.

Heroin and strong painkillersHeroin has serious risks for your baby. The same kind of problems can happen if you are regularly using related painkillers (opioids) like morphine or Tramadol during pregnancy. You may not realize that you can become addicted to strong painkillers. But if you use heroin or other opioids, it is vital to get treatment as soon as it is practically possible. Trying to quit on your own could be dangerous for you and your baby. It could cause a miscarriage or premature birth, or your baby could be stillborn. The safest way to quit is with medical help, as part of a drug treatment program. And remember that during pregnancy, heroin and other opioids can slow down your baby’s growth and have an effect on how her brain grows. These drugs can also make it harder for your baby to breathe just after she is born.

One of the most serious problems for your baby is withdrawal symptoms when she is born. Your baby will need special care in hospital if she has withdrawal symptoms. As she grows older, your child may have behavioral problems. Experts are yet to establish the effects about growth and intelligence but there are indications that these may also cause some effects both for you and the baby. Finally your life and that of your baby are priceless. You may be finding it difficult to face your addiction problem and so you hide and suffer in silence. This will not help, doctor Akoury founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center with you in mind. We have a team of experienced professionals waiting to help you face this giant before you. All you need to do on your part is to schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury and you will never regret making this decision.

Drug addiction and the life of the baby: How do drugs affect my baby?






Dextromethorphan (DXM) As a Drug of Abuse

Dextromethorphan (DXM) As a Drug of Abuse

Dextromethorphan (DXM)As a known fact, most of the drugs that are now commonly abused began as clinical drugs. There are clinical drugs that might have recreational properties in that when a person takes more than recommended dosage he may experience some of the effects of the drug. These may include hallucination and euphoria. For this reason these drugs can be misused in large scale if measures are not taken to strictly regulate their use. Dextromethorphan is one of the drugs that have been used in clinical setup but are known to be rich in recreational properties.

Dextromethorphan (DXM) was used as a cough depressant in the past. Most of the over the counter cough medicines has it as an ingredient. It works in these drugs as an antitussive (cough suppressant) and expectorant in other words it works as an agent that promotes the removal of mucus from the respiratory tract. It also has other medical uses. These may include the temporary relief of sinus congestion, runny nose, cough, sneezing, itching of the nose and throat, and watery eyes caused by hay fever, allergies, cold, or flu (influenza). In fact most of the over the counter cough medication has DXM as the most active component. When the recommended dose is taken, DXM has few adverse side effects, and has a long history of safety and effectiveness. However when taken in huge doses beyond the description it has some serious side effects. It causes hazy images and poor vision plus it also causes hallucinations. This drug, owing to its hallucinatory effects has been highly abused.

Over the past few years, cases related to use of DXM for non-medical purposes has risen and still very many people are using this drug for all the wrong reasons. Experts opine that the rise in abuse of this drug is attributed to the ease of purchasing nonprescription cough drugs from drug stores and in the internet. The drug is also legal and so even those who use it for wrong purpose are not afraid of the authorities even if they are found to be in possession of DXM. This gives it a more reason to be used as opposed to other hallucinogens that are considered illegal in most states. The FDA approves the use of DXM for medicinal purposes basing on the fact that when it is used within the prescribed doses then it can not cause any health hazard. However, it can be a damaging substance. Recreational users intentionally exceed suggested doses to experience a sense of heightened perceptual awareness, altered time perception, and/or visual hallucinations. Also, users often abuse the drug in combination with other drugs. The interaction between DXM and other substances e.g., alcohol, acetaminophen, MDMA/ecstasy, and other OTC cough medicines. When DXM is used with other drugs for recreational purposes, it produces a synergistic effect that can be very dangerous. Ingredients of cough medicines other than DXM, like acetaminophen, are extremely hazardous when consumed in high doses and can cause liver damage, heart attack, stroke, and death. For these reasons it is very important to restrict oneself to the prescribed dosage to avoid all the other undesirable effects.

DXM as Sigma receptors agonists

This drug works in a number ways in suppressing coughs. Firstly it has pharmacodynamic similarities to the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist ketamine. It is used as a cough depressant as it has been found to be effective yet very safe when used within the required doses. However this drug does not bind on the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors only but also binds to sigma-1 (σ1) receptors, which are believed to be protein targets for a potential new class of antidepressant medications.

Due to its hallucinatory effects it has become abused in that instead being used for medicinal purposes people now use it as a recreational drug. When taken a person will experience visual hallucinations and radically altered states of consciousness, often experienced as pleasurable and illuminating. This intense feeling of happiness and euphoria is what make many people to abuse DXM. It takes a person to a mental trip where every boundary of the mind seems overcome. However in case of overdose with the good feelings of happiness and euphoria a person may get feelings of anxiety and revulsion after using DXM. However there are other side effects associated with it.

Dextromethorphan (DXM)

Dextromethorphan side effects

Every drug has a side effect when abused. However the drugs will induce different reactions in people. As for DXM, it is very safe when used within the prescribed doses. However when a person uses this drugs in higher doses he will have to go through certain problems that are induced by the drug. There is however an innocent unintentional overdose under which a person may suffer such symptoms as; difficulty breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.  When this happens, you should stop using dextromethorphan and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects: severe dizziness, anxiety, restless feeling, or nervousness, confusion, hallucinations and slow, shallow breathing.

Apart from the unintentional overdose that may be termed accidental a person may overdose to get the feelings of euphoria and hallucinations from this drug. However this may result in serious health problems both short-term and long-term.

Finally, Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) is an experienced doctor who has been in the frontline fighting drug addiction. He runs a website that equips readers of better ways to overcome not only drug addiction but also serious health problems that have caused nightmares to the world population. Get in touch with her today and learn more.

Dextromethorphan (DXM) As a Drug of Abuse