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Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse when eliminated, life becomes enjoyable

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Real time solution with the experts

Sexual dysfunction is a problem affecting many men and women currently. The condition covers a range of sexual problems including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation in men
  • Pain associated with intercourse
  • Low libido and
  • Poor response to sexual contact

Drugs and alcohol are known to affect a person’s sexual behavior, ability to function and sensations. Drugs and alcohol are often taken as a way to hide psychological or emotional problems or to ignore physical difficulties that are contributing to sexual dysfunction. However we have four main categories of sexual dysfunction disorders which include:

  • Sexual desire
  • Sexual arousal
  • Orgasm
  • Sexual pain disorders

Each one has distinct symptoms, yet all are negatively attributed to drugs and alcohol. Some drugs can make sexual problems worse, others are milder. Regardless of the effects of the drugs, sexual problems can cause major relationship and psychological problems if unresolved and that is when the services of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury comes in. if you need any help along this line, make that very important phone call now and get all the answers to your concerns professionally with doctor Akoury. And now to the categories of sexual dysfunction:

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Sexual desire disorders

These are commonly referred to as a loss or decrease in libido. This condition may be caused by the influence of substances, fatigue, depression or anxiety. Some medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications are known to cause a loss of libido. Alcohol and other substances can also negatively impact on a persons’ libido. Fatigue associated with alcohol or drug binge may also affect a person’s desire to have sex. Chronic, long term marijuana use is known to contribute to a loss of libido, especially in women. This lack of sex drive is a symptom of bigger motivational issues that many people suffer when using this drug. For the most part, a persons’ sex drive will return to normal with discontinuation of using marijuana.

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Sexual arousal disorder

Alcohol is one of the most common substances that affect a persons’ ability to be aroused or maintain arousal. Sexual arousal disorder typically refers to problems associated with getting and maintaining an erection, or for women, to be able to maintain arousal during intercourse. Cocaine and other stimulants can also cause a person to have difficulty in becoming aroused or maintaining a level of arousal.

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Sexual pain disorder

Sexual pain disorders are primarily a female condition. It is a condition which causes a woman to feel immense pain and discomfort when having sex. It is regrettable that this is happening at this point of time, even with the available help offered by very many professionals across the globe. Ladies sex is pleasurable and should not cause you any pain, it is true that there are two main types of this disorder, dyspareunia or painful intercourse and vaginismus which is an involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles. Take that bold step and call doctor Akoury today for help and she will turn your frustrations and pain into lasting fulfillment in your sex life professionally.

Sexual dysfunction and substance abuse: Real time solution with the experts



Male sexual dysfunction complications

Male sexual dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction complications are normal health problems that we need not to be ashamed of

Male sexual dysfunction complications: Premature ejaculation problems

The problems relating to male sexual dysfunction are many and complicated. Like for instance premature ejaculation which is also known as rapid ejaculation is just one problem. Currently experts are not in agreement of a particular definition nonetheless we can confidently say that it is a condition whereby a patient ejaculates with minimal sexual stimulation and before he wishes it to occur. It can be life-long (primary) or secondary. There are numerous theories as to the cause but most cases are probably multi-factorial with a contribution from both psychological and physical factors. This is understood to be the most common sexual dysfunction affecting men with about 30% of men of all ages suffering from this condition.

Interestingly however, the quality of life of these patients is not negatively affected by their condition. Therefore it would be better to manage this problem appropriately by handling both psycho-pharmacologic fashions. The use of medications to increase ejaculation time is useful in permitting the patients to practice senate focus exercises to recondition the ejaculatory reflex. The latter technique is essential to the long-term cure of premature ejaculation. To date, there is minimal evidence-based data assessing the outcome of this therapeutic approach.

Male sexual dysfunction complications: Retarded orgasm

Retarded orgasm is a very difficult sexual dysfunction to treat. This condition involves the inability of the patient to achieve orgasm (ejaculation) appropriately and in a timely manner and with severe cases men fails completely to achieve orgasm on any occasion. Age is a serious factor here since as men grow older normally they tend to increase in the time it takes to achieve ejaculation, however, in some men this increase may lead to inability to ejaculate within a 30 minute time period from the commencement of sexual stimulation. The causes of this condition include the use of certain anti-depressant medications (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa), sensory neurologic disorders affecting penile sensation (as may occur with diabetic nerve damage), and psychological disorders (this is frequently seen in older men in their early experiences following divorce or being widowed).

Finally there are many men suffering from any of the four discussed forms of ejaculation and there suffering must be brought to an end so that they can get their sex life back. Like I mentioned above doctor Dalal Akoury founded this health facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) to help you be who you want to be. Your ejaculation problem is only a problem because you have not sought the expert opinion. When you call doctor Akoury she will evaluate your condition and administer treatment to you using the P Shop. The Priapus Shot,® (also known as the P-shot) is designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men, especially those who have lost function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, drug side effects and other conditions such as diabetes. Remember Priapus Shot® procedure begins with a quick and easy blood draw. Then, using a proprietary technique, the growth factors are extracted from your blood and concentrated into the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  PRP is the injected into areas of the penis that are most important for the sexual response. These areas are numbed with a local anesthetic cream before injection, yielding little or no discomfort during the procedure. This will only take some few minutes in her office and will be done in total confidentiality leaving you with a more fulfilled sex life, call her now.

Male sexual dysfunction complications: Premature ejaculation problems





Erectile dysfunctions diagnosis

Erectile dysfunctions diagnosis

Erectile dysfunctions diagnosis is important as it will facilitate timely treatment for lasting solutions

Erectile dysfunctions diagnosis: Stem cell therapy

When one is not able to perform his sexual duties in bed because of illness the psychological weight that comes with it can be very disturbing. Many men are suffering in silence because of impotency or erectile dysfunctions as it is commonly referred to. This problem is further made complicated due to the fact that many victims often feel embarrassed to come out for treatment. As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD, we want to pass this communication that erectile dysfunctions diagnosis will help you get back to normality and so you need not to be embarrassed in anyway. This is a health condition like any other and therefore people need not to feel otherwise.

As a way of finding solution, AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center has developed integrated modern method of sexual function improvement and restoration which has been tested and proven to be very effective and successful. It will interest you to note that this method is designed to make corrections in the hormonal, vascular and neurologic mechanisms of sexual capacity and body regeneration stimulation with fetal stem cells. Once erectile dysfunction diagnosis is properly done, treatment can then follow professionally.

Erectile dysfunctions diagnosis: Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the individual’s inability to maintain erection sufficient for a sexual intercourse. It can be caused by both psychological and somatic problems like urologic, endocrine, vascular and neurologic diseases factors. When timely actions is taken through the application of fetal stem cell therapy, the benefits are enormous which may include the following:

  • Psycho-emotional and general health improvement
  • Better sleep
  • Hormonal balance
  • Improvement of artery wall quality and vasomotor tone
  • Immune system regulation
  • Body regeneration potential stimulation
  • Better tissue quality

Fetal stem cell therapy ensures optimal condition for sexual activity and libido improvement. Nonetheless it is important to note that in order to solve the problem in the most effective way, collaboration of the patient and the doctors is very essential. That is to say that only sincere and straight talk about all the problems will help medical experts to make necessary medical adjustments and clinical protocol to meet all the patient’s needs. That is why being embarrassed is not an option. You will have to open up to your doctor if any meaningful results is to be realized. In the meantime the erectile dysfunction diagnosis procedures may include:

  • History collection and study
  • Filling the forms
  • Examination
  • Laboratory tests (testosterone, lipid profile, blood sugar etc.)
  • Instrumental examination
  • Specific examinations

When you visit this facility, our diagnostic and treatment program will be done professionally and for effective delivery of good result we are likely to carry out some of the following:

  • Laboratory tests and instrumental examinations.
  • Multidisciplinary case management team meeting for treatment strategy development.
  • Medicinal correction of metabolic, hormonal, vascular, sleep etc. problems.
  • Sexual function stimulation through physical therapy.
  • Administration of fetal cell suspensions.
  • Final recommendations of multidisciplinary case management team.
  • Follow-up after the treatment.

Finally available statistics indicate that the integrated method of erectile dysfunction treatment results in normal sexual life in 83% of men within 3 months after the treatment.  35% of them do not use additional medications, and 48% use minimal doses of medicines. Whatever the case may be talk to us and we will help you professionally.

Erectile dysfunctions diagnosis: Stem cell therapy





Understanding erectile dysfunction in men

Understanding erectile dysfunction in men: Impotence factor

Understanding erectile dysfunction

Understanding erectile dysfunction in men marks the beginning of healing of broken relationships

The inability of any man to satisfy his wife sexual needs can be very traumatizing in men’s health. This single act can cause serious frictions in any relationship. As serious as it appears, many people often shy away from publicly or even privately discoursing their sexual life complications with even their own doctors. This has caused a lot of problems in both individual’s life and their relationships. For that reason, we (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) want to help you get out of this disturbing problem. Understanding erectile dysfunction therefore becomes our focus point in this health information.

According to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as ones inability to keep or sustain an erection for a sexual intercourse. When one loses the firmness of the penis during intercourse, such an individual may be seen as being impotent or suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Understanding erectile dysfunction in men: How common is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is associated with men and often as a sexual problem. Even though this problem can affect all men at any time due to different factors, it is commonly alluded to aging men. In other words as one grows older they tend to lose the ability to keep a firm erection. It must however be noted that this has got nothing to do with the natural aging process. Doctor Akoury advices that communication needs to flow between the victim and the doctor. This is not a simple thing as it could be a pointer to other health complications or your blood vessels are clogging. Besides that it may also mean that you have nerve damage from diabetes and failing to share this with your physician may even cause further complications. Therefore if you are struggling with this condition, then you need tot to fear. Instead speak out and seek for medical treatment from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for further treatment and direction. On our own you can also set off this problem off your shoulder by engaging more in exercises, losing weight and ceasing from the smoking habits.

Because of the seriousness with which understanding erectile dysfunction in men is, it is important to appreciate that ED is considered present in a man’s life if:

  • They can’t get an erection sometimes, though not every time
  • If they get a weak erection which cannot sustain sexual intercourse long enough for satisfaction.
  • If no erection is experienced at completely all the time

Finally and has been mentioned, understanding erectile dysfunction is not meant to scare or cause you any form of embarrassment of isolation. This is a health condition that needs to be addressed promptly. Therefore if you or you are suspecting that somebody is struggling with ED complications, then you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today for a more professional one on one discussion.

Understanding erectile dysfunction in men: Impotence factor



Increasing sex performance by treating addiction

Increasing sex performance by treating addiction: Knowing the best action to take

Increasing sex performance

Increasing sex performance will nor be possible if you are lost in drug addiction. If you are an addict, then you need to seek for treatment today.

Sex is not just a tool for procreation. It is a gift to be treasured, respected and enjoyed. Talking about sex can sometimes in most societies be difficult due to the nature of privacy that comes with it. However in this point and time, this should not be the case. We should be free to talk about it and help those who are missing out on the fulfillment of this treasure. We are aware that besides the procreation element, the portion of enjoyment is under serious threat and that is the motivation we have in addressing you on this topic of “increasing sexual performance by treating addiction.” If you have been with us for a while now, the topic addiction is not new to you. But for the avoidance of doubt we are not going to leave any stone unturned if we have to deliver justice to the society. We the experts of addiction at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and also founder of the facility, we are committed to making a difference in people’s live by posting trustworthy blogs on this link to help people understand and make the right, worthy and productive decisions for themselves about their lives. Therefore, for us to appreciate why increasing sex performance by treating addiction is relevant, we have to first take into consideration a few points as follows.

Increasing sex performance by treating addiction: Substance abuse and promiscuity

Being addicted to alcohol or drugs has serious repercussion when it comes to sexual fulfillment. It brings with it abusive behaviors and carelessness in sexual relationships which those into drugs. Professionally it has been established that many addicts are never intimate in their relationships instead they practice promiscuity. Promiscuous sex is a type of sex which lacks intimacy and it is also abusive and reckless with an individual engaging into sexual relationships with multiple partners. Under the influence of drugs, the addict will in most cases go with anybody in bed and wake up the following day with no memories of the happenings the night before. This is one of the consequences that drug users will have to contend with and that is why for any meaningful sexual relation to take place, addiction must be eliminated. The risks involved are life threatening and while increasing sexual performance is objectively ideal, serious actions must be taken to deal with the scourge of addiction if we have to be safe from there other risks which are associated with having sex under the influence of a substance. Doctor Akoury is emphasizing that normally when people are intoxicated they lose memory and can make poor and dangerous decisions. It is such decisions that endanger themselves and the multiple sex partners thereby increasing the risk of picking up a sexually transmitted disease and unplanned pregnancy.

Increasing sex performance by treating addiction: Impact of addiction on the sex drive

The impact of addiction on sex drive is real and devastating. The illusion that certain drugs like cocaine increases sex drive is one that must not be acceptable to humanity by all means. While there may be some partiality in that, cocaine is a dangerous substance and a killer to sex drive. If one uses cocaine besides becoming addicted to it, they may lose their erection ability completely with time. Doctor Akoury advices alcohol and drug abuse can be the greatest enemies to people’s sexual health (sexual performance) and must be avoided if increasing sexual performance is to be made relevant. Therefore if people abuses drugs further they are likely to lose all interest in sex and intimacy with males suffering the most of sexual dysfunctions consequences while women will suffer from decreased libido as a result of drug abuse.

Increasing sex performance by treating addiction: Overcoming intimacy and sexual issues in recovery

Having known the consequences of addiction in our sexual health, it is only fair that treatment is done in good time. And even as we consider doing this, we must be careful to be alert not to injure intimacy and sexual related issues during the period of recovery. Therefore in order to overcome these problems professionally, doctor Akoury recommends that:

  • During the recovery period, experts advises that new relationships be avoided at least within the first year of recovery. Primarily this is important because at this time the patient already has more than enough to concentrate on and adding another intimate relationship can easily trigger the recovering patient into their old habits.
  • Where the victims are a married couple, it is important that when they get sober, some allowance of time of adjustment becomes necessary. It may not be realistic to expect this relationship to turn to its intimacy immediately as it used to be. The elements like lost trust need to be restored progressively over a period of time.
  • The fall into addiction does not occur overnight and neither does recovery from it. It may take month or even years before the individual is fully able to be intimate with another human being – this is particularly likely if they had intimacy issues before they fell into addiction.
  • When a partner in a relationship is struggling with addiction, the effectiveness of communication will be seriously injured and this will have to be natured back gradually.
  • The partner will have developed certain coping strategies to deal with the behavior of the addict. They may need to abandon these coping strategies before intimacy can be resumed – this will only happen if they can once again feel they trust their partner.
  • If people have persistent problems with intimacy they may benefit from some type of counseling. A therapist will be able to help the individual dig deep to discover any underlying issues and on this you can always contact doctor Dalal Akoury on telephone number 843 213 1480 for further direction.
  • When the damage caused by addiction has reached a point of no return and the partners in that relationship feels that salvaging it is not possible, then the last option would be to end it in the interest of the children and the vulnerable.
  • In all this confusion, it is important that both direct and indirect victims consult with the experts from time to time to detect and correct any underlying medical issues that could be the root course. And experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center would be very resourceful to you if only you can schedule for an appointment with them.
  • Early recovery is often described as an emotional rollercoaster. Things tend to settle down once the individual has established themselves in sobriety, and they will then usually find it easier to manage their intimate relationships.
  • Relationship counseling can be a big help for those who are serious about rebuilding their current partnership. It can be like giving the relationship a clean start.

Increasing sex performance by treating addiction: Knowing the best action to take