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Women’s Sexuality In The 19th Century

The Great Awakening encouraged a commitment to a new standard of morality. Women’s Sexuality in the 19th Century: The concept of Homosexuality as a sexual orientation appeared in America during the late 1800’s.

Women sexual revolutionConsidering both physical and psychological wellbeing, Masculine anxieties in the 19th century are repeatedly seen to be focusing on the purportedly malevolent impacts of masturbation, which was apparently there as one of a broad range of physical and psychological ailments, and on venereal illnesses, specifically syphilis. This carries us precisely into the topic of nineteenth century sexuality, which has been an ongoing subject of arguments and captivation.

When most people of this age were questioned, their responses suggested that they were both plainly ignorant and emotionally aloof when it came to sexual issues. But soon enough another side of these people was revealed, a hypocritical one, in the shape of a secret world where prostitution and pornography were very common. This social contrast was highlighted in a number of societies and the argument mainly presented was that sex was not something to be treated as a taboo but the exact opposite of it. People highlighting these ‘dark sides’ of their societies argued that this matter must be discussed obsessively on every forum and regulation would be far more fruitful for the society rather than suppression of the issue. One can argue that these were the reason why the subjects like art and medicine of that era were so influenced by sexuality.

Sexuality in that era was also highly gender biased. At that time, it was a common misconception that females don’t really like the ‘taste’ of sex, i.e. they merely did it to satisfy their partners and if it was up to them, women might not even want to do it. Lately, however, this misconception was cleared by scientific research as well as the involvement of more and more married women being involved in extra-marital affairs. It was also revealed by later studies that many couples actually did enjoy mutual pleasure as it is common nowadays. And thus the 19th century moralism, which was tantamount to slogans like “men are polygamous, women are monogamous’ with the added detail that majority of women don’t even have sexual urges as compared to males, was thrown in the trash can through social and biological ideas based on scientific investigation.

On one hand where women were being oppressed is the name of morality, these ‘moralists’ also proposed and, to some level, also imposed a socio-medical binding on the males grounded on male self-control to encourage the middleclass standards of familial life. These initiatives were taken to control males’ chronic desires, and also in regard of ancient predictions that population upsurge would inescapably exceed the planet’s food supplies. For similar motives, ‘irregular sexual activity’ was also slammed. There is sufficient proof that numerous working-class people were expected to be married or at least married once a pregnancy has happened. The proportion of illegal deliveries was comparatively small.

Prostitution, on the other hand, continued to be the most upsetting issue. Moral alarm were buzzing at full intensity in the mid-19th century as urban population was on the rise which consequently increased ‘flesh selling’ on the streets, theatres and public parks. To some extent it gave women the visible female freedom that they were wanting from the controlled society. From their point of view, women were subject to male dominance in roles of daughters, workers or domestic help. However, as prostitutes, they at least possessed personal and financial liberty. To curb this thinking, a ‘Contagious Diseases Acts’ was formalized which made a binding on female prostitutes to be medically examined for venereal disease from time to time. Those found positive were to be detained.  The enforcement of this act gave rise to one of the most triumphant and distinguishing sexual restructuring campaigns of that epoch.

Feminists however still insisted and focused on both physical and mental sexual liberation for women. The quest for sexual satisfaction for women was the main philosophy which consequently set the groundwork for female autonomy.

How couples behave in private is no doubt hard to evaluate, but there has been evidence that partners who did not enforce intercourse were appreciated. This behavior is also evident by the indicator that 19th century families of eight to ten people were disappearing by the start of twentieth century. Couples during the last three decades were opting to plan and restrict their family size regardless of which social class they belonged to. Family size restrictions were escorted by hurdles for growing viewpoints to sexual relations from the modern woman and her male benefactors.

In a period where heterosexuality was not allowed to be discussed despite being considered both normal and natural, one can imagine how homosexuality would have been dealt with. But even with all the opposition during that era, homosexuality still increased, mainly in men (the literati kind to specific). While homosexuality was frowned upon in public, acts of this specific ‘indecency’ were not openly and harshly legislated by the last decade of nineteenth century. As a result of this law, gay sex was declared a disgraceful crime even in private. This new law even led to the infamous incarceration of Oscar Wilde in the year 1896. If we talk about females, the most famous association during that time was that of Anne Lister in west Yorkshire and her lesbian lover. The relationship, as described, is filled with sensuality and passion. Another affair in the same era that gained a lot of attention was that of Charlotte Cushman (an American actress) and her European lover Rosa Bonheur (a painter). The couple was famous for their outright boyish freedom and appearance.

In the end we can safely conclude that in the domains of gender, medication and sexuality, the 19th century people rarely conformed to their stereotypes. Unlike in other fields that involved complex ideas and experimentation, it took them much longer to realize that the basic human right to what a person does in their own time and space cannot be curbed. Unless someone is getting hurt, a human being is entitled to have and promote his opinions, live up to his own preferences and be what or whoever he wants to be.


Abnormal Sexual Behaviors And Their Treatment

Dealing with sexual disorder

Abnormal sexual behaviorAbnormal sexual behaviors or alternatively called ‘Paraphilias’. According to DSM paraphilias all have in common distressing and repetitive sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors. These fantasies, urges, or behaviors must occur for a significant period of time and must interfere with either satisfactory sexual relations or everyday functioning if the diagnosis is to be made. There is also a sense of distress within these individuals. In other words, they typically recognize the symptoms as negatively impacting their life but feel as if they are unable to control them. There are plenty of behaviors when undertaken excessively they become abnormal, though there are therapy and rehabilitation solutions available to these issues, but it can only be done if a person seeks help which seldom happens.

Serial infidelity or the urge to have multiple extra marital affairs is one of the earliest signs of presenting paraphilias. During this, a person is driven by the desire of having sex with a number of people without considering the emotional harm they do to themselves or others. These behaviors could escalate to having multiple one-night stands. While its considered normal for people to have one night stand once in a while or mistakenly getting caught in a moment and having sex. Generally speaking there is no FDA approved drug that can treat these kinds of addictions but related symptoms such as anxiety, depression and frustration are completely treatable which reduce the severity of disorder.

Sex is considered a private act for majority of people, but having a repetitive uncanny desire of having sex with multiple partners at the same time is a form of sexual abnormality. Sex normally occurs between people who have developed some kind of attraction and affection towards each other or somehow they know each other through some source but people having abnormal sexual behaviors crave for sex with anonymous partners or simply strangers. These individuals also spend a significant amount of time in planning these activities, at time the mere imagination of involving in sexual activities with a stranger or multiple partners become sources of satisfaction and gratification for these individuals.

Escort/prostitution addiction is another major abnormal sexual behavior that progresses as the disorder gains severity. Individuals addicted to escorts could not help control the urge of going to prostitutes for sexual gratification. On the other hand, they can practice those sexual acts like sadistic and masochistic acts with prostitutes easily but it is very unlikely that their permanent partner (spouse/girlfriend) would be willing to get involved in these risky acts. Their urge for this sadistic sexual gratification keeps them bounded to escort addiction. People addicted to escorts generally practice unsafe sex and thus falls prey to sexually transmitted diseases as they lack a sense of self harm.

Persistent use of pornography and addiction to masturbation is one of the most common sexual addictions, a person suffering this addiction lack a sense of control over their sexual needs that are fulfilled by pornography. Sexual Boundary Problems occur when a person fails to recognize that who should be seen in a sexual way and who should not. They have no respect for social barriers and norms’ regarding sexual behaviors and what is considered appropriate and what’s not. Addiction to port can progress towards Cybersex, cybersex Addiction or Abuse where an individual gets involved in sexual practices with people over internet. This kind of addiction involves phone sex, sex through text messages (sexting), and sex over video calls with people sitting miles apart.

People addicted to sex often get involved with exhibitionism and voyeurism. Exhibitionism is the act of exposing those parts of one’s body that are not normally exposed – for example, the breasts, genitals or buttocks in a public or a semi private gathering. The practice may arise from a yearning or obligation to expose themselves in such a manner to groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers for their amusement or gain sexual attention or satisfaction. Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered being of a private nature. In voyeurism, observer mostly do not interact with the subject being observed and it merely involves only seeing them but many times it involves filming or photographs to be used afterwards for abnormal sexual gains.

Sexual harassment, molestation and rape are the extreme form of abnormal sexual behavior. All of these are considered sexual offences as well. Not every sex addict comes as far as committing these offences but a great majority of sex offenders are sex addicts. All of these acts involve a non-consenting child, adult or even an aged individual, who is forced to have intercourse or other related sexual activities with the offender in a totally inhumane manner.

When a person is seen with all of the above or few of these abnormal behaviors, it is mandatory that these addictions should be treated for their own good and for the safety of those around them. Unfortunately there is no drug that can treat these forms of addiction due to a lack of generalization of symptoms, but there are a number of psycho-therapy options available for such individuals. Some options include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Group therapy
  • Couple’s counseling or Marriage counseling.
  • 12-step recovery.
  • Inpatient therapy

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Women’s Sexuality In The 20th Century And Today.

Women’s Sexuality In The 20th Century And Today.

women sexualityAs seen with many tests, reports and surveys, women’s sexuality was becoming something of a big issue, receiving interests and attention from all quarters of life. This sudden flurry of interest was believed to have started with the publication of a book titled What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire by Daniel Bergner. This book was one of the greatest hits on the New York Times list. It was focused on the treatment of women that has low sexual libidos although many angles have been explored and current researches are still going on, on women’s sexuality in the 20th century and today.

As each day goes by the complexity of the sexual character or behavior of women seems to be spiraling beyond control. Evolutionally, females are seen as the conservatives when it comes to sex. While they are careful in choosing their partners, they are mostly loyal and steady in their relationships. Males are the ones who don’t attach too much importance to who they have sex with and are mostly not so committed. For males, it’s the pleasure first before the commitment. As such, they tend to just choose a partner at random and they are more likely to have multiple partners that not. However, with the recent results shown in researches and studies conducted on the 20th Century women, the story has changed to a large extent.

The today’s woman tends to have sexual appetite that may not be as consistent as what obtains in the past. Women today want to enjoy sex with reckless abandon, something that would have been more consistent with me. They want the good sex. For them, they have been taken for granted for too long. According to the research, many females interviewed agreed that they have always had desires for passionate and unrestricted sexual life but that has not always been seen as normal within social, political and religious points of view. A woman who seeks to express or explore her sexuality will soon be seen as promiscuous. Today however, there seems to be a newfound freedom for women to express their sexuality.

The TV seems to be one of the biggest pivots in changing women’s sexuality in the 20th century and today. Turn on the TV and you are watching a show that is displaying women expressing their sexual appetite as they like it. Gone are the days when sex used to be something you keep for the sacred confines of marriage, you can now pick it up on the alleyways, in the restrooms, the hotels and anywhere you like it and this doesn’t look too good for the menfolk. Also, with the increased number of women fighting for women rights in public and personal domains, women have come to see themselves as deprived for too long and are therefore no longer ready to play the servant any longer to men in their relationships. In most movies today, where women are lead characters, they are portrayed as confident and assertive. Many magazines today are focused on helping women discover their various sexual potentials.

The published work of Williams Masters, M.D and Virginia Johnson was a groundbreaking one on Human Sexual Inadequacy in 1970 was a groundbreaking one. According to the studies, more than 50% of women have unsatisfying sexual lives in their relationships. Then, it was believed that the cause was either conservative cultural issues or ignorance of how sex works. It was the general believe that men are the experts in sex and that they should be gentler with women. This was one of the errors we have seen as today, it appears men don’t even know anything about sex.

Women claim they have been on the conservative because there was little or no way to reduce the occurrence of pregnancies when they have sex and no woman wants to get pregnant for any random man. Today however, contraceptives are everywhere. This has given women the ability to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. Most women today have long-term partners for the purpose of raising family; people they hardly now enjoy sex with and because of that, have a couple other males outside with whom they enjoy steamy and passionate sexual encounters with no strings attached.

The thought of this has raised too much dust and it is understandable. Men feel insecure because they don’t know who now satisfied their partners outside. It’s kind of crazy because one out of every 5 women you see go by is keen on sex without borders. The question still remain “How did we get here?” Women sexuality is now celebrated and this definitely is not doing too much good to anyone. These are issues that are bothering to parents and people in relationships alike and no one really knows how to put an end to such.

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When Does Sexuality Begin?

Stages of the beginning of sexuality

beginning of sexualityThere had been times when sex and sexuality were one of the least discussed topics, they were more like taboos. But nowadays it’s perfectly normal to discuss them; these are still fairly personal but no more considered as forbidden knowledge. The terms Sexuality and sexual orientation are sometimes alternatively used for each other and to a great extant its well justified. Sexuality is about understanding your personal sexual feelings and attractions towards others while sexual orientation is exploring your sexuality and placing yourself in pre-defined categories such as heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality. There is no definite age at which sexuality begins as there are multiple environmental and social factors that are responsible for it. Biological and socially the age of beginning depends upon Gender, hormonal balance, ethnicity, family values, substance and drug use, socioeconomic makeup, religious beliefs, cultural views about sex, women liberation etc.

It’s not justified to say that sexuality only begins when a child starts understanding its environment because we all are sexual beings, even  an infant have a different overall body structure and organs distinctly a male or a female or sometimes both, these factors through some extant can predict a child’s sexual orientation. On the other hand young children are usually curious about their bodies, between ages zero to five, it is considered normal for them to touch their own body parts and also ask questions about related topics.

Gender plays a very important role in the onset of sexuality. It refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that are assigned to men and women in any given society There are defined gender roles and expectation in every society that how men and women should behave. There are cultures where it is alright for men to talk about sex whether women are expected to stay silent on these matters. They cannot be assertive about their sexual preference and orientation; simply they are not given enough liberation to express their sexual desires.

The hormonal theory of sexuality and gender identity explains in detail that, exposure to certain hormones  at early stages of development plays a very important role in fetal sex differentiation, such exposure also has a strong influence on the sexual orientation and or gender identity that emerges later in the adult. Differences in brain structure that come about from chemical messengers and genes interacting on developing brain cells are believed to be the basis of sex differences in countless behaviors, including sexual orientation. Prenatal factors that affect or interfere with the interaction of these hormones on the developing brain can influence later sex-typed behavior in children. On the other hand hormonal production and balance biologically determines the increased awareness of sexual behaviors in children. Usually children start facing hormonal changes after the age of ten that greatly impacts their attitude towards sex and sexuality.

Socioeconomic and environmental issues have long been discussed as key role players in the onset of sexuality in children. Within sound socio economic settings, children are more exposed to facilities such as internet, magazines, sex educations guides and most importantly social media at an early age. Also in cultural settings where public show of affection is culturally accepted, children possess early beginning of sexuality. They have more references to real life so they could understand their own desires in a much better way as compared to those children who do not have access to our basic information systems and facilities. The trends of proper sex education in a culture can enhance the rates of children getting involved in sexual habits at an early age. On the other hand educated families tend to be more open about sex and sex education with their children. The question “what is the appropriate age?” for discussing such personal and sensitive topics with children has haunted parents and psychologists for a long time, but now it’s an established fact that healthy sex education can greatly reduce the risk of children developing aberrant sexual habits due to wrong information from wrong sources.

In societies where children can have easy access to drugs and other similar substances, it has been seen that sexual behavioral abnormalities and early understanding of sexual practices occur as one of the many side effects of these drugs. The concept of normal and abnormal habits is totally relevant to the age of a child. There are practices that are considered for a child five years of age but the same practices are normal for a child around ten years of age.

One more important parameter in determining the commencement of sexuality is religious practices. Religious practices often forbid extra marital sex, and private habits like masturbation. From a psychological perspective it is perfectly normal a child to have inappropriate thoughts and touching their own body parts but these same practices are at time forbidden, when these practices are strictly followed, children are kept socially isolated from being getting indulged in such activities that can delay social inception of sexuality.

In conclusion, the commencement of sexuality can not only be based one or few factors, it’s a complex process which has equal involvement of biological processes and social and environmental practices around the individuals. Sexuality cannot be generalized, every individual is unique and so are their experiences towards life, there are multiple encounters that shape the sexual orientation of a child. Even once decided and sorted out, there are significant chances that a person’s sexuality can change over the period of time. These intricate matters still need a lot of discussion to answer more complex questions related to this basic knowledge. For this purpose we have arranged Integrative Addiction Conference which focuses on more sensitive issues of human sexuality and addiction. It is a great opportunity for health professionals. Students, psychologists, policy makers and every related field experts to join this platform and help build an integrated system for the solution of current problems related to above mentioned issues.


What is Sexual addiction?

Sex addiction explained.

Sexual AddictionSexual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Like all of the present forms of addictions, the negative impact of addiction on addict and family members progressively increase with the progress of disease. This addiction if left unattended, take a toll on the addict’s life and forces the individual to heap on the addictive behavior to have the same level of satisfaction that was attainable through less effort at the beginning of disease. As every individual possess unique personality, the intensity of disease is also variable for every addict. For some their addictive behavior does not surpasses the grim need of masturbation, extensive addiction to pornography or cybersex and other chat sex facilities but for others, it can acquire a more severe form forcing them to get involved in certain abnormal activities like exhibitionism, voyeurism, obscene phone calls, child molestation or rape. It is not necessary that this disease forces individuals to commit sex crimes. They can keep it personal because statistics show that not all sex offenders are sex addicts but there is a significant percentage i.e. 55% who can be considered sex addicts.

Sexual addiction could not be put into distinct categories because of the variability of reasons and factors but still chiefly it involves excess addiction masturbation, pornography, prostitution, fantasy, sadistic or masochistic behavior, Exhibition/Voyeurism, other excessive sexual pursuits like child molestation, insatiable lust for partners, rapid switching of partners for sexual satisfaction, emotional detachment and lack of satisfaction through normal sexual practices. The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity states that a sex addict will continue to engage in certain sexual behaviors despite facing prospective health risks, financial and economic harms, shattered and unsuccessful relationships or even arrest.

It is an established fact that sex offenders do not solely act for sexual delight, but rather out of a troubled desire for authority, supremacy, control or vengeance, or a perverted and distorted expression of anger. A sex addict may suffer a single form of sexual addiction or it may practices all of its forms depending upon the severity of disease and course of time an addict have been indulged in these activities.  Sexual addiction is usually considered an emotional/psychological sexual disorder but it does manifests itself in physical form. Sometime it’s evident from ones behavior that they are thinking about some really perverse act as it becomes difficult for addicts to control their behavior.

Sex addicts often face problems defining healthy boundaries, they either completely become desolate, depressed, mysterious, frustrated, and humiliated or they could become completely opposite of these, being excessively getting involved with people sexually regardless of respecting the choice of their partners or potential partners towards them. Majority of sex addicts could not walk out of unhealthy relationships because of their extreme paranoia of abandonment. On contrary to this, their sexual lust might make them leave their healthy relationships in the worst of ways without caring about the emotions of people around them.

Sexual addiction can develop due to factors that encompass all aspects of an individual’s life. Researchers have found that there could be some biological explanations for sex addiction. An individual could have a genetic tendency towards emotional volatility, impulsivity or negative attention seeking behavior. Existence of other metal conditions like stress, anxiety or depression can also play a major role in manifestation of sexual addiction. Higher levels of sex hormones are other key players that can increase the chances of excessive involvement in sexual activities. Psychologically, those that have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, or have a tendency toward “manic” states, are much more likely to engage in excessive or risky sexual behavior. Apart from these causes an early history of child abuse, molestation or exposure to explicit content at an inappropriate age can result into aberrant sexual behaviors.

Sexual addiction can have deleterious effects on individual’s life and the life of those around them. According to the stats of Departmental Management of the USDA, about 38% of men and 45% of women with sex addictions have a venereal disease as a result of their behavior. On the other hand in female addicts pregnancy is a main side effect related to these sexual practices. In a survey, around 70% of women have experienced an unwanted pregnancy due to their untamed sexual ventures. Socially, sex addiction can result in decline of personal relationships and decreased productivity in working environments, resulting in financial problems. Health wise, these excessive sexual activities greatly increase the chance of contacting sexually transmitted diseases.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders, Volume Four categorizes sex addiction, under the category “Sexual Disorders”. It is immensely imperative to know that although sex and porn addiction are not “formally” diagnosable, these situations exist and often present with very unpleasant consequences and towering levels of distress, guilt, and emotional tumult. If you can relate to the symptoms mentioned above, or know somebody who meets these criteria, do not hesitate to ask for help. There are a number of available options for treatment including psychotherapy, medication and hormonal therapy but diagnosis and self-assessment is the key to get help in the first place. If you think you need help we are organizing an international conference titled “Integrative Addiction conference” whose sole purpose is to unite medical health professional, psychologists and other stake holder on one platform. Speakers from all over the world are going to discuss multiple aspects of addiction. This is just a tremendous opportunity to get a lot of valuable information without any kind of hesitation. You can find more information here http://integrativeaddictionconference.com/ . Get yourself registered today and avail this opportunity to understand yourself and your loved ones in better ways. Alternatively if you have some valuable suggestions and knowledge of the said field, you can join us as one of our speakers, so register right now and spread awareness. After all it’s the right of every human being to be loved and understood despite of innumerous flaws we all possess.