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Skincare dangers to keep away from

Skincare dangers

Skincare dangers to keep away from for the beauty to be exposed

Skincare dangers to keep away from: Sun rays exposure destroys your skin health

The beauty of your skin is dependent on many things especially those that are initiated by you. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD eating healthy and being sure not to overdo sun exposure will help protect your skin immensely. Nonetheless, take note that, these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a healthy skin boosting lifestyle. Just as it’s important to eat plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, it’s important to avoid exposing your skin to lifestyle habits that can cause damage. In her experience in the skin care profession, doctor Akoury recommends the following items to be avoided for your skin’s sake:

Smoking: Smoking damages collagen and elastin while decreasing blood flow to your skin. This makes it difficult for your skin cells to receive enough oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy. The physical act of smoking can also contribute to expression lines around your lips and eyes (from pursing your lips and squinting).

Drinking Alcohol: While an occasional glass of wine is not likely to cause your skin much harm, too much alcohol can damage blood vessels over time, leading to permanently flushed skin or visible blood vessels on your skin’s surface.

Sugar: Eating too much sugar or refined carbs lead to the production of advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. These molecules damage collagen and elastin, and in so doing contribute to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Stress: Emotional stress can take a major toll on the appearance of your skin. Not only does stress lessen your skin’s ability to function properly, putting it at risk of skin diseases and increasing the length of time wounds take to heal, but stress also speeds up the rate of cellular aging, which can make you look older, faster.

Skincare dangers to keep away from: Healthy skin comes from within

Virtually no salve, cream or treatment can do for your skin what a healthy lifestyle can. If you want a smooth, glowing complexion, the type that makes your friends want to know your secret, there really is no better way other than strict adherence to good nutrition. Doctor Akoury reiterates that, “By eating right and protecting your skin from damage, you’ll have visibly healthier, younger looking skin, no matter your age”. Plus, these same steps that give you a healthy complexion offers benefits that are much more than just skin deep, they’ll help you get healthier overall, too. Finally, over time I have realized that when it comes to matters dealing with human health, the doctors’ touch is very important. Therefore for the good health of your skin up on reading this article, schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury to give you clear and professional direction about your situation today.

Skincare dangers to keep away from: Sun rays exposure destroys your skin health







female beauty

Skin health nutrition for a radiant skin

Skin health nutrition

Skin health nutrition for a radiant skin together with exercise beauty is guaranteed

Skin health nutrition for a radiant skin: What to eat for healthy skin

With a well-nourished skin, it won’t be wrong to keep admiring what you see. No wonder people say that “your eyes are the windows to your soul” and if this is anything to go by then you could as well say that your skin is the window to your stomach. This is weighty because what you eat has a direct impact on your skin health, hence the choice of the topic skin health nutrition. To illustrate this, doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center reiterates that all the antioxidant-rich foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are leading the list of skin-boosting foods because they help to fight free radicals, which can contribute to signs of aging. Research has shown that the antioxidants in vitamins C and E can protect the skin from sun damage and help reduce damage in skin cells caused by harmful free radicals, which contribute to aging skin.

Skin health nutrition for a radiant skin: The B vitamin biotin

Similarly, we have long known that the B vitamin biotin is responsible for forming the basis of skin, hair and nail cells, and vitamin A found in many fruits and vegetables also maintains and repairs the skin tissue. Without an adequate supply of these vitamins, you may notice it in the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. Remember that fruits and vegetables are not the only the kinds of foods your skin can benefit from; olive oil and legumes are also beneficial. In one study it was established that a high intake of vegetables, legumes and olive oil could help protect against wrinkles.

Omega-3 fats, which are found in fish and fish oils, walnuts, and flaxseeds, are also important for skin health, as they support healthy cell membranes, which will help keep skin cells hydrated and plump. Besides that Green tea has also emerged as a powerful beverage for skin health. With both antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties, green tea is protective against harmful oxidative stress.

Finally, you must not forget that your skin is the largest organ in your body and therefore any food that is good for your body will also be good for your skin. What you eat in very simple term can be the best or the worst thing you can do to protect the health of your skin. We are going to continue with the discussion on how to get healthy younger looking skin naturally in our next article. But for now if you have any concerns relating to the quality of your skin, then you can schedule for an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care for professional remedies.

Skin health nutrition for a radiant skin: What to eat for healthy skin


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Sun rays intensity and skin cancer

Sun rays intensity

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer. The sun is the greatest thereat in formation of skin cancer

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer: Risk factors for skin cancer

The biggest victim or culprit in causing skin problems is the sun rays intensity. Skin cancer is one of the most disturbing skin problems for everyone. Skincare experts’ advices that skin cancer prevention among many other skin health complications should be prevented by all means. Prevention will not just keep our skin healthy, but also save us money, time and psychological problems. What goes in your mind at the mention of the word cancer? No one would want to associate with cancer because it is the most frustrating and traumatizing. It is because of its adverse effects that doctor Dalal Akoury established AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to bring forth preventive solutions to everyone about skincare. Protecting your skin from the harms of the sun becomes the primary preventive measure anyone can take.

This is one point that when you visit this facility will be emphasized because it forms the basis of the problem. Therefore, the most important way of skin cancer prevention is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays intensity. We want to use this platform to give you tips on how you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. It is equally important to protect children from the sun. Remember that the skin of a child is more delicate and sensitive to sun damage than the skin of an adult. Proper care needs to be exercise at that tender age to avert any possibilities of contracting skin cancer when they become adults. This does not necessarily mean that you and your children won’t enjoy the warmth of the sun. No the sunlight has some benefits and you can still enjoy sunshine and the outdoors. We’re only aiming at helping you do so in a manner that encourages skin cancer prevention.

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer: Sun and skin damage

I have never seen anybody who doesn’t want to have a perfect skin complexion. Because this is a common denominator to all, doctor Akoury is explaining certain facts to put more emphasis on the effects of sun rays to the skin. Too much exposure to sunlight is harmful and can damage the skin. Some of this damage is short-term like sunburn. However, permitting your skin to burn consistently in such unfriendly weather can lead to future complications like skin cancer. The damage is often caused by the two main types of ultraviolet (UV) sunlight namely UVA and UVB.

  • UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, damaging the skin dermis (the middle layer).
  • The dermis contains the elastic tissues that keep the skin stretchy.
  • UVA rays therefore have the effect of ageing the skin and causing wrinkles.
  • UVB rays are absorbed by the epidermis (the top layer of skin). This causes sun tanning but also burning.

Finally, it is important to note that both UVA and UVB rays will intensify your risk of developing skin cancer. Receiving sunburnt is a pointing sign that you are putting yourself at risk of contracting skin cancer. Also remember that damaged skin cells also points out that you’re at greater risk of becoming abnormal and cancerous. Because of the sun rays intensity effects, you should be motivated to call doctor Akoury today for help that delivers lasting solutions.

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer: Risk factors for skin cancer


Skincare tips

Good diet support skin health

Good diet support

Good diet support skin health by laying good foundation in dealing with all the skin health obstacles

Good diet support skin health: Making good choices on what you eat

The bond between your diet and your skin’s health may come as a surprise to many. There is no doubt that good and healthy food will provide specific nutrients for efficient body operations. Take for example, for healthy bones calcium and vitamin D is needed and the heart will also function well when we feed on fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. In the same way the skin will also demand that we supply good foods to the body for it to be glamorous and healthy. Therefore if you are not sure of the good foods for your skin or which one are harmful doctor Dalal Akoury will be talking to us in this article to give you the details of what you need to know about how good diet support the efficient management of a healthy and glamorous skin.

The skin is a reflection of your total body health. It good health is very important. Good nutritious foods will keep your inside healthy. It will also help keep your outward appearance radiant. All these will be reflected through the good health of your skin. On the other hand, a poor diet will show up on your skin portraying wrinkles and dryness. I believe that you’re getting the tone of this article and considering making effort to nourish your skin. Doing this is not just about feeding on good foods or diet. It will require the full involvement of skin care professionals to take you through the best way of doing so.

We have several experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury’s care more than qualified to help you out. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment with the experts at this facility and your beauty will be restored professionally. During your sessions with the experts, doctor Akoury will upon evaluating your situation, advice you appropriately on the kind of diet that support smooth, healthy skin, and which foods are more likely to lead to rashes, blemishes, and breakouts. Make that very important call today and begin the journey to a more youthful look.

Good diet support skin health: Balance your fats

Finally, it is worth noting that different fatty acids in the foods we eat can support or dampen inflammation. Remember, too much inflammation inside your body can show up on your skin. Ages ago, omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3s were evenly represented in the human diet. But we tend to get a lot more omega-6s now. This imbalance can be addressed by adopting the following:

  • Using less vegetable oil such as corn, safflower, and even canola oil.
  • Buying beef and eggs from animals that ate while roaming in pastures, rather than animals that were corn-fed.
  • Eating more fish rich in omega-3s, such as salmon and mackerel, and considering taking fish-oil supplements. And always remain in constant consultation with your doctor every time you’re considering changing the supplements.

With the above observations, the experts can look out for any possible side effects or drug interactions and take corrective measures in good time.

Good diet support skin health: Making good choices on what you eat


Autoimmune diseases no more

Good diet maintenances skin health

Good diet maintenances

Good diet maintenances skin health. Try it and find out for yourself

Good diet maintenances skin health: The blood sugar connection

Contrary to the past believes, currently research has established some correlations between diet and skin acne. We spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center over this and she agrees that one of the best ways for improving the health of your skin is based on what you feed on. For a more glamorous kin complexion it is important that you eat good foods that target the stabilization of your blood sugar. Some foods make your blood sugar quickly soar. When this happens it triggers your body to make a burst of the hormone insulin to help your cells absorb the sugar. And that explains why good diet maintenances skin health efficiently.

Take for instance, if you’re eating cookies, granola bar, alongside drinking sweetened beverages regularly, you’re succeeding in pushing your blood sugar high rapidly. And the consequences of this is that you will have more insulin circulating in your bloodstream. Various research has suggested that insulin may play a role in acne. And while researchers were exploring the possible link, they studied some teenage boys and young men with acne for three months. During the study period some ate a diet including foods with a low glycemic load, and others ate a carbohydrate-heavy diet without being concerned about their glycemic index. Those who ate the special low glycemic load diet had more improvement in their acne.

On the other hand, a study published in a dermatology journal later that same year didn’t find any relationship between acne, insulin levels, and measurements of glycemic load. Meaning that, the matter is still under investigation. In the meantime, let us consider the following guidelines which can keep your blood sugar steady and at the same time fight inflammation and oxidative damage that could be linked to skin problems:

  • Focus on foods with a low glycemic index (GI), a measurement related to glycemic load. These cause smaller increases in your blood sugar, as opposed to the steeper jump from foods with a high glycemic index, or GI. Identifying low and high GI foods may take some time.
  • Eat small meals often. Eating every two and a half to three hours will help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels steadier.
  • Eat lots of vegetables. It is recommended that you eat 10 fist-sized servings of vegetables daily. Choose veggies across a range of deep and bright colors. These will provide a variety of antioxidants that dampen free-radical (or “oxidative”) damage and inflammation.

Good diet maintenances skin health: Gluten’s role

Finally, individuals struggling with celiac disease needs to avoid gluten (a kind of protein), found in certain grains. In these cases, eating gluten causes damage in the small intestine. Concern about gluten’s effects in people without celiac disease has become trendy in recent years. But people can be sensitive to gluten even if they don’t have celiac disease. In some cases, this gluten sensitivity can cause a skin rash. However, the rash related to gluten sensitivity, called dermatitis herpetiformis, is seen mainly in people with celiac disease. Therefore, a low-gluten diet can make a lot of nutritious foods such as whole-wheat bread disappears from your plate. These are important fact which we need to take seriously. You can seek for more professional input by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury now.

Good diet maintenances skin health: The blood sugar connection