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Solving addiction glitches

Solving addiction glitches

Solving addiction glitches to eliminate all addiction stressors and addiction triggers

Solving addiction glitches: Getting the right basics

The numerous drugs in the market is a representation of how many are the signs and symptoms. That is, if we want to solve addiction glitches, we must get all the basics right. Speaking to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, we can list the following as the most common symptoms of drug addiction. Physical signs and symptoms to include, chills, sweats, flu-like symptoms and excess amounts of physical energy among many others while the psychological symptoms to include anxiety, euphoria, delusions of grandeur and nervousness. In addition to these physical and psychological symptoms, there are also a number of societal behaviors that tend to be exhibited by those suffering from addiction including:

  • Engaging in reckless behavior, such as driving while intoxicated and unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • Stealing money and engaging in other criminal activity to support a drug habit
  • Stealing or borrowing money from friends and family to support one’s drug addiction
  • Disappearing for long stretches of time without explanation
  • Sudden poor performance at work or school

If you or someone you love is exhibiting one or more of these behaviors due to drug use, it is time to seek for professional interventionist at a rehab facility immediately. You can contact doctor Akoury now and she will professionally take yours through the right recovery process that will leave you sober and healthy to face life once again positively.

Solving addiction glitches: Seeking for help

The biggest problem about drug addiction is living in denial. Victims are unwilling to seek treatment by themselves. They just don’t want to admit that they have a problem. They are ashamed about their addiction but still suffer in silence as they fall deeper and deeper into the negative spiral of drug dependence. This attitude lays the burden of support for the close family members and friends to assist them in seeking for treatment. This may not be very easy but if it is the best applicable option. Therefore once the signs and symptoms of drug addiction have been identified, it is important that the family or friends take the next step of talking to their loved ones openly and honestly, about their condition.

Nonetheless, if, after talking, their addiction continues, it is recommended that you hold an intervention, that is a meeting in which family and friends confront their loved one about their condition, in a loving manner, showing them how it has impacted the lives of those around them. The object of an intervention is to get the individual to come to the realization and acknowledgment that they have a problem with drugs, and also to get that person into accepting to have the problem to be fixed either by being admitted to a drug rehab or getting an outpatient treatment immediately. This will not be easy but the effort will be worth it. Finally, if you want to know more about how you can be of help to your addicted loved one, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury today for a more professional input.

Solving addiction glitches: Getting the right basics






Youthful drug addiction problems in our societies

Youthful drug addiction

Youthful drug addiction problems in our societies. The scourge is digging deep into the most productive generation

Youthful drug addiction problems in our societies: Remedial actions of stopping teens’ addiction

Parenthood is the joy of everyone but it comes with serious work of bringing up children in the right way. Things can further be complicated with the youthful drug addiction problems that is threatening to tear apart our societal moral fabric. Therefore for parents caring for teens who have been experimenting with substance abuse, the grim possibilities that result from teenage addiction can be terrifying. As such, it’s important for parents of teens who have been abusing alcohol or drugs be prepared to intervene in order to divert the lives that would be lost to addiction. The following are some of the hints that such parents can employ in order to help remedy the situation. Therefore as a parent you must:

  • Be prepared and educated
  • Develop a plan
  • Choose the right environment & confront the teen
  • Explore substance abuse treatment options today

For the purposes of this discussion we are only going to share with you on the first hint of the need to be well prepared and be well educated about the substances if you are to be on top of everything. The remaining three will form part of our discussion in the next posting which you also don’t want to miss.

Youthful drug addiction problems in our societies: Be prepared and educated

It’s often said that knowledge is power therefore when handling the teens substance abuse professionally we must be smart in all our approaches says doctor Dalal Akoury. She continues to register that one of the common characteristics of individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction is denial. This is very common with most addicts who often fail to come to terms with the realities and severity of their dependency. As such, teens who have been experimenting with substance abuse tend to not only be secretive about their consumption, but also tend to minimize the direness of the situation. It is therefore very vital that parents who want to help their teens to stop abusing alcohol and drugs must be well equipped with all the relevant skills they need to win this war. That can only mean that they get prepared by educating themselves about substance abuse and addiction. Doctor Akoury proposes the following as some of the potential knowledge that will be most beneficial in dealing with the problem at hand, addictive potential of the various chemical substances, the side effects and symptoms that accompany substance abuse, the difficulty addiction recovery process, and the lifelong journey of sustained abstinence. Besides that parents should also familiarize themselves with the signs of substance abuse in order to better identify when a problem is present. Now with these preparations and education you will be well placed to face the challenge nonetheless as had been registered above we will continue with the remaining three in our next posting.  In the meantime if you have any concern about handling the teen’s substance abuse professionally, you can reach out to doctor Dalal Akoury for further deliberations.

Youthful drug addiction problems in our societies: Remedial actions of stopping teens’ addiction



drug abuse

Family participation in solving addiction complications

Family participation

Family participation in solving addiction complications is very fundamental in delivering timely healing

Family participation in solving addiction complications: Drug addiction recovery

The family participation in solving drug addiction complications is not only essential but also timely. When the whole family is involved, the end product will be loaded with a lot more than just healing from addiction. With this kind of therapy where everyone is taking part all the loose ends will be tied up and weak relationship made stronger, unity is restored and the common family agendum is given a chance once more. The best part of it is that children born in this new relationship will not have wrong mentors and parents will equally have the moral authority to instill discipline in their children as they grow up.

Besides the aforementioned, experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center registers that being a family disease, those who have been affected by addiction may take years to recover, as they rebuild and stabilize their lives, independent of what the alcohol and drug addicted family member does. Without question, it can seem overwhelming, but as we have already stated that commitment to the recovery process is also a commitment to the overall well-being of the whole family. Therefore very constructive and active family participation in the recovery process is essential if the family is to heal from the destructive impact of addiction. To keep hopes alive, the whole family needs a variety of supports, information and skills including the following:

Family participation in solving addiction complications: End the isolation and connect

By discouraging all kinds of isolation and willingly coming out to face the problem is a step in the right direction. Through this the victim is able to associate with the right kinds of people either by joining an education or support group. Under such environments understanding how addiction affects the whole family as well as the direct victim becomes easier. The family participation will enable them to learn new communication skills towards restoring any communication link that may have been destroyed by this act of addiction in the first place.

Family participation in solving addiction complications: Detachment and responsibility

Drug addiction often creates room for neglect of responsibilities. Learning on how to make progress on the detachment with love of the substance is very key to the restoration of one’s self. The success of this through the family participation will enable the patient to refocus on assuming responsibility for our own behavior. They will be able to quit their old habits which are full of denial and blame game and re-energize on keeping the new found life free from addiction and make it work for prosperity. The best part of it all is that with the family participation, they will be able to adequately prepare for any eventuality of relapse and deal with it effectively for the good of the victim and the whole family.

Finally as we settle on solutions to this problem, we must all appreciate that family recovery is very ideal and realistic for millions across the globe, and because of this hope, help, and healing of family recovery has become the most powerful way to break the intergenerational cycle of alcoholism and addiction in the family thereby bringing restoration to where hope was dying and discouragement was thriving. You can speak to us at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center about all concerns you may have in relation to alcoholism and addiction as potential factors of family pain and we will gladly come to your aide.

Family participation in solving addiction complications: Drug addiction recovery