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Auriculotherapy and Treatment Interventions for Addiction

Role of Auriculotherapy as a Treatment Intervention for Addiction

Acupuncture has been used for a long time especially in the Chinese traditional medicine as treatment of many diseases. Acupuncture typically works on specific points of the body known as meridians. The essence of acupuncture is to increase flow of energy and achieve the yin/yang balance. When there is interference with the flow of energy an imbalance is created which results in pain. Therefore acupuncture is used to stop the blockage of energy in the acupuncture meridian channels. Auriculotherapy is one of the types of acupuncture that is used today to heal variety of diseases. It’s done on the left ear (auricle). It involves the stimulation of the auricle of the external ear for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in other parts of the body.

It is also known as ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture when the stimulation is achieved by the insertion of acupuncture needles, whereas the term auriculotherapy often refers to electrical stimulation of the surface of ear reflex points. On the ear there are specific pints to be stimulated by manual pressure, referred to as auricular acupressure or ear reflexology. Acupuncture points on the ear can also be stimulated with lasers, magnets, and ear pellets. All this is aimed at restoring flow of energy in the rest of the body to heal pain open blockages of energy flow that may be caused by prolonged drug use.


How auriculotherapy affect drug users

Some drugs are known to block the effects of opiate drugs. Researchers have revealed that these drugs that block the effects of opiate drugs also block the pain relieving effects of Auricular therapy. Scientists have opined that the pain relief from auriculotherapy is drawn from the release of endorphins into the blood.  As common knowledge, endorphins are your body’s natural pain relieving chemicals. These endorphins are created by the brain and are similar in chemistry to opiate drugs such as morphine. When these opiates are used or other drugs with similar chemistry to the endorphins they will mimic the activities of the endorphins and the brain responds by suppressing the production of its own endorphins leading to dependence on the drugs. With the auriculotherapy, the balancing of energy throughout the body is achieved. Stimulation of the auricular acupuncture microsystem can lead to a homeostatic state whereby any form of stress or pain is lessened, this is possible as auriculotherapy facilitates a balancing of energy throughout the body macrosystems or by correcting pathological reflex centers in the brain.

The ability and effectiveness of auriculotherapy in reducing drug abuse is explained in both the western neurological conceptualization and traditional medicine view. The first evidence of the power of auriculotherapy in reducing the substance cravings of drug addicts came from H.L. Wen of Hong Kong in the 1970’s. These evidences were further expanded upon by Dr. Michel Smith, a physician who practices Oriental Medicine in New York City. The Lung point on the ear used to relieve addiction disorders is said to affect the energy of the Lung meridian, which affects not only respiratory disorders but problems with detoxification. A Western neurological explanation of drug detoxification with auriculotherapy is based on the observation that the concha area of the ear which is used to treat addiction problems represents the control of the autonomic nervous system through the vagus nerve and through the hypothalamus of the brain. When a specific reflex point is stimulated on the ear, it corresponds to a specific area of the body an action which leads to either a reduction of excess stimulation or an enhancement of diminished under activity of the affected region. The overall effect of auriculotherapy is to create a more balanced condition throughout the body, it is with this balance that the adverse effects of drugs of abuse on the addict are fought and the normal function of the body restored.

Despite its effectiveness in treating variety of diseases there is no direct nerve connection between the ear and the rest of the body. Auriculotherapy owes its effectiveness to the fact that the nerves from the ear connect to reflex centers in the brain. These nerves send neurological reflex messages to the spinal cord and then to nerves connecting to the corresponding part of the body hence facilitating healing of affected parts of the body.

The ear works as the map of the entire body. It links the rest of the body to the nervous system. With Auriculotherapy doctors can energetically treat a number of painful conditions through the brain by reaching out to the affected areas through the ears. Today the modern science has proved what most cultures believed to be true while some people discarded as mere beliefs; acupuncture works. Technology such as Function MRI (fMRI) proves that ear acupuncture indeed triggers an effect in areas of the brain, specific to the corresponding zone on the ear.


How Auriculotherapy is performed

There are several ways through which auriculotherapy can be administered. Sometimes some special needles can be used but mostly auriculotherapy is done needle-free. some of the needle free methods include; use of electrical or laser stimulation, specialized pressure pellets made from gold, silver, steel or herbal seeds, as well as magnets, and manual pressure.  Most doctors who use this therapy will have all this methods of administration but will choose the best method in relation to each case.

Finally, you may need help in battling addiction, We at AWAREmed health and wellness center are dedicated to finding the best natural solutions to addiction problems. You can visit us at Myrtle Beach South Carolina where you will be attended to by Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) who has vast experience in integrative medicine for lifestyle diseases.

Role of Auriculotherapy as a Treatment Intervention for Addiction






Substance Use Disorder Treatment with Nervine Herbs

Substance Use Disorder Treatment with Nervine Herbs

The basic knowledge of drugs is that they are substances that interfere with the normal functioning of the body. This therefore means that after using some drugs and substances a person’s behavior will be altered by the substances he has used. However it should be known that there are far more damages that drug and substances use cause to an individual health wise. Substance use disorder, also known as drug use disorder, is a condition in which the use of one or more substances leads to a clinically significant impairment or distress. In this context contrary to common knowledge that substance can mean any physical matter, the term substance here is used to mean drugs. Substance Use Disorder refers to the overuse of, or dependence on, a drug leading to effects that are detrimental to the individual’s physical and mental health as well as the effect on other people’s welfare.

The diagnosis of substance abuse disorder has improved treatment of patients. Before his approach to treatment of addiction related cases, doctors used to treat addiction and other clinically significant abuse as separate issues but with substance use disorder diagnosis, doctors can simultaneously treat both addiction and non-addiction related dysfunctional substance abuse in patients. the rule of this approach of treatment is that the doctor will identify the specific cause of problems to an individual for example if a person is alcohol-related issues then he Is termed to suffer alcohol use disorder  while a person suffering from cocaine is termed to be suffering from stimulant use disorder.

Nervine Herbs

a person suffering from any substance use disorder will exhibit at least three and at most eleven specific symptoms related to the use of the substance with the most prominent examples of these symptoms being substance cravings, an inability to curb substance intake, the development of tolerance to a substance’s effects, serious life disruptions that stem from substance use, use of substances in clearly dangerous circumstances and devotion of significant time or resources to either using a substance or recovering from substance intake. However, people affected by the minimum number of symptoms have mild substance use disorder, while people affected with many or most of the required symptoms have major or severe substance use disorder but all of these people need substance use disorder treatment in order to be free from the effects of the drugs they are using.

Treatment of substance use disorder with nervine herbs

What are Nervine Herbs?

The Nervines are herbs that are very essential in supporting the nervous system. The nervines may work as tonics and to create a mild calming effect. The tonic nervines may include the Skullcap and the oat tops while Catnip and chamomile can be used for mild calming of the nervous system. Apart from these two categories there are also nervines that work as strong sedatives on the nervous system, they may include the Hops and the Valerian among others. Generally the nervine herbs are used to relieve nagging muscle tension and spasms, circular thoughts, insomnia, and the occasional worry that has become a part of day to day life. Some of these herbs provide multiple nervine actions, such as Skullcap which relaxes the muscles, helps calm worried thoughts, and nourishes the nervous system. Others such as Oat Tops, are not necessarily relaxing to the physical body, but help restore and support healthy nerve functioning when taken on a regular basis.

The nervous system is Composed of the all the nerve tissues in the body and plays very critical roles in the body. They are composed of the nerve tissues that receive stimuli and transmit stimuli to the nervous systems and to initiate responses. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord and functions as the points of collection of all the nerve impulses. This is how the nervous system works; the sensory nervous system receives the stimuli, the central nervous system interprets them while the motor nervous system initiates responses.

The nervous system are very vital in the body and so they ought to be performing at optimum always, however due to some of the substances that a person may use such as drugs and alcohol the communication between these nerve tissues may be tampered with leading to rise of some complications in a person . Therefore there is need for the entire nervous system to replenished, relaxed and strengthened and nothing does that better than the nervines. The nervines are herbs that are specifically for the nervous system. They correct all the defects in the nervous system as well as strengthening the nervous system.

Nervine Herbs

Here are some of the useful Nervine Herbs

Catnip – this nervine is a very gentle sedative that is used in solving insomnia related problems. Some drugs may often leave the user with sleeplessness after along use. Catnip could be the answer. It’s also good for headaches.

California poppy – this herb has anti-anxiety, sedative, and analgesic properties. It’s used to promote relaxation in those seeking rest from nerve pain.

Passion flower – This stunning plant offers anti-spasmodic power and is helpful with tension headaches, occasional nerve pain, nervous restlessness, and restful sleep. Good for many symptoms of substance use disorder.

Lavender – Calming herb that is often used in aromatherapy applications for its mild calming action. This herb is uplifting hence good for low moods. It is good for mild anxiety and improves sleep quality.  For persistent depression use lavender with holy basil and damiana.

Finally, Here at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center we are committed to availing help to addicts by availing some of the most integrative approaches to healing an addict. We advocate for natural healing to all kinds of addiction. In case you are struggling with addiction just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for help.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment with Nervine Herbs



Entertainment Industry and Relationship to Alcohol Addiction

People Employed In the Arts, In the Leisure and Hospitality Prone To Drinking

Many people indulge in drinking of alcohol as leisure. Most people have only evenings and weekends to grab their bottles of alcohol and feel the fun. However there are other people who have all the time they want and can engage in alcohol drinking at any time of the day without this affecting their work relationships or at least they will not face such stiff penalties for drinking alcohol during working hours such as suspension and loss of job. This group that enjoys the freedom to drink alcohol whenever they want and as much as they want are those employed in the arts, in the leisure and hospitality.

George Washington University Medical Center researchers compared the alcoholism rates of various professions. It was found that people who are employed in Arts, leisure and hospitality tops the chart at 15 percent. This group is followed closely by construction and mining at 14.7, retail at 9.7, finance and real estate tied at 9.2, and transportation at 8.2. At only 7.2 percent, professional hunters and fishermen are less than half as likely as artists to be alcoholics. For education, health, social services, it’s 5.4 percent. Public administrators trail the pack at 5.3 percent.

Alcohol addiction

This research however did not give reasons why people employed as artists, in leisure and hospitality engaged more in drinking alcohol than all the other work groups. It is therefore safe to give personal opinion to why these people drink more than any other work group. Here are some of the reasons why those who are employed in art, leisure and hospitality drink alcohol more than those who are employed as teachers, health workers and even those who offer social services.

Most of them own their Jobs

The reason why teachers, health workers and other public servants do not engage more in drinking is because they do not own their jobs and have to abide with certain stipulated codes of conduct failure to which they will lose their jobs. Public servants have nothing special  that can make them not drink as much as artists but the fact that they are employed and must please their employers at all times leaves them with only weekends and evenings to drink and revel.

Public servants are also expected to be the eyes of their profession. In that they ought to paint their profession in a manner that it will be respected by the society. School teachers bear this pressure that they have to be seen as role models by the students they teach and no student will have a drunkard scholar as a role model.

Artists are generally rich

Artists are known to earn much out of their little effort. Take for example an athlete like Usain Bolt who will run few seconds yet earn millions from it. He therefore has too much to spend as compared to a teacher who will work an entire month and still will be left with very little to spare. I am not trying to say that the rich generally drinks more than the poor but the nature of an athlete’s profession leaves him with all the reasons to celebrate as compared to other professional who have nothing to celebrate about their jobs but are merely glued to their jobs just because they need to earn a living from it.

Nature of their work

Where do musicians perform? In offices where only water can be drawn from a dispenser? No most artistes work in places where alcohol is the most available beverage. They perform in bars and clubs where alcohol is just meters away. He lives with the alcohol as he is working but the social workers and other civil servants do not have that immediate access to alcohol as much as the artistes and those working in hospitality. There are people who began working in the hospitality industry when they were not taking alcohol but due to the exposure they got they began indulging in alcohol. You may think it is a choice you make irrespective of where you are but the exposure to alcohol may have a great influence on you.


Merrymaking Culture

The salient characteristic of hospitality industry is the merrymaking culture. Drinking alcohol and merrymaking are identical twins therefore it only suits the situation that people working in these areas embrace the culture. You will always be attracted to work where you feel you will enjoy the benefits of such work and that is why most people working in hospitality industry are heavy drinkers. Another reason for their drinking is that they have flexible working time that allows them to create time for their bottle.

Peer influence

In the entertainment industry is where you will find varied trends ranging from hairstyle to dressing code. This influence does not only end in dressing code and appearance of an artist but also in their behaviors. You will find that most upcoming musicians will ape the way of life their roles models live and since most of the artists are drinkers these upcoming artistes grow up knowing that as the norm and embracing it.

Alcoholism is a vice that should be fought by all means that is why we at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts and offering them a place to call home. It does not matter what kind of addiction you are wrestling with right now, just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) today and begin your journey to victory against addiction.

People Employed In the Arts, In the Leisure and Hospitality Prone To Drinking



Alcohol Addiction among Executives and Professionals In Dubai

Alcohol Addiction among Executives and Professionals Is a Growing Problem in Dubai

Dubai is a country where Islamic religion dominates and as known alcohol consumption is prohibited among Muslims. However there has been an increase in the number of people consuming alcohol in Dubai as well as other countries within the United Arabs Emirates such as Abu Dhabi among others. Recently the alarming rate of alcohol consumption in the entire United Arabs Emirates has compelled the concerned authorities to come up with measures to help this huge population wasting their lives away in drinking alcohol without any control. This includes setting up a national rehab center at Abu Dhabi to help cater for the needs of addicts in the UAE.

The biggest in fighting alcohol addiction in Dubai is that most of the people affected are professionals which means that at the time of their addiction they might not be able to offer the services that are needed by the citizens however the NRC is doing as much to save the situation as possible to ensure that the growing numbers of executives and professionals consuming alcohol is reduced.

Alcohol Addiction in Dubai

in Dubai alcohol is frequently used socially, however as a person continues to use alcohol he will fail to notice in good time if his drinking is becoming a problem and by the time he realizes that the habit is becoming a problem it will probably too late. This is the problem that has faced professionals in Dubai and the fact that a person is often surrounded by people drinking the same amount, and as frequently as he does. It may be that he has always used alcohol and never thought of it as causing him problems. Professionals with family members who consume alcohol seem it normal to indulge in drinking and at some point maintaining a low risk level of drinking becomes a problem and eventually they become dependent on alcohol and dependence on alcohol and any drug of abuse is not safe for any professional as it may hurt his career.

In Dubai just like any other part of the world professional will turn to alcohol because of work related stress or a lack of knowledge about ways to manage difficult or painful emotions. With alcohol, frequent use can cause a physical dependence that needs to be assessed to be treated.

The extent to which alcohol abuse has increased in the UAE is revealed in an exclusive interview with XPRESS, in which Hesham Farouk Al Arabi, NRC head of health, training and education, revealed details of plans to treat alcohol abuse among the expat community. It includes opening a 200-bed facility by 2014 and setting up satellite services throughout the country as part of a “washing machine” model where getting clean on a detox is just the start. In the interview he pointed out that the number of expats who are drowning in booze has increased and the evidence is in the calls of inquiry made to NRC by the expats which has increased from 35 last year to 150 this year. He however admits that little is known about the size or needs of the booze-fuelled problem in the UAE expat community.

Counselors and recovering alcoholics describe the scenario as an expat social scene saturated with alcohol, topped up at the weekend with Friday brunches. A social activity unique to the UAE, these brunches offer unlimited food and alcohol for prices ranging between Dh200 and Dh1,000.

“A number of Dubai residents are drowning in booze, unable to keep their heads above the surface,” says a counselor.

Interviews of expatriates on Dubai’s drinking scene showed the call for last drinks was much in demand. However, plenty of expats are enjoying a taste of the tipple on offer without going overboard.

The scenario in Dubai

Dubai being a country where Islamic religion is dominant, alcohol laws just like in any other country in the Middle East are quite strict. There are designated areas for drinking and when a person is found drunk in public that might attract a hefty fine or even a jail term. This I believe is done with an intention to reduce the rate of drinking but on a close look it does more harm to those who are already addicted to alcohol as they find it hard to seek help openly.


Dubai has strict alcohol laws, only allowing drinking in designated areas. Getting caught drunk in public can lead to a fine and even a jail term. Over the past years alcoholism has been a growing problem in the UAE and reports from the National Rehabilitation Centre states that 5.3% of deaths are alcohol or drug related, with a considerable amount of hidden users. The setting up of the National rehab Centre may help some people to get help mostly the local Emiratis may benefit from the NRC but to save the executives and the professionals there is much to demand that cannot be offered by the NRC due to the fact that most professionals seek help in anonymity that can’t be offered by the same government that is their employer and that is where private rehabs come in. the private rehabs will not only offer anonymity but will also personalize treatment to suit every professional enhancing effectiveness.

Alcoholism is a vice that should be fought by all means that is why we at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts and offering them a place to call home. We offer NER Treatment and Amino acid therapy that are the most effective approaches to addiction treatment and recovery. You call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) today and begin your journey to victory against addiction.

Alcohol Addiction among Executives and Professionals Is a Growing Problem in Dubai



Alcohol Use on the Rise in the United Arabs Emirates

Alcohol Use on the Rise in the United Arabs Emirates

The use of alcohol has been on the rise in the United Arabs Emirates. The United Arabs Emirates being a country dominated by Islamic religion which prohibits alcohol consumption this is being quite ironical. The laws that regulate the use of alcohol in the united Arabs emirates are very strict and people have lost their lives as a result of using alcohol and other drugs due to these strict laws. The residents of the united Arabs emirates lose their lives through drugs in two ways. Firstly whenever a person is found drunk in public places he faces very hefty fines and even jail terms with very unfair punishments. Capital punishment which is viewed by many nations as quite unfair to drug offenders is quite tolerated in the Arab states. Capital punishment that involves execution of people found to be using drugs is common and many addicts have had their heads separated from the rest of their bodies by a single strike with a sword. This is mostly done in public places to scare those who might think of engaging in alcohol and other drugs use either as traders or users. The other way through which addicts lose their lives is; they do not have places that they can seek help to quit using alcohol and drugs that they are using. In the United Arabs emirates there are not enough rehabilitations centers, in fact it is only in the recent past that the country put up a national rehabilitation center at Abu Dhabi.

Alcohol Addiction

In spite of the strict rules that regulate the use of alcohol in the United Arabs Emirates the number of residents battling alcohol abuse is on the rise. In fact it is said that in the United Arabs Emirates boozy brunches and binge drinking have become the order of the day. The problems associated with binge drinking has been crippling the economy of UAE given that alcoholism as affected the professional class just as much as the local Emiratis are affected and this has also rendered civil servants and other professionals incapable of serving the citizens of UAE effectively. To save the population and help solve problems associated with alcohol addiction the concerned authorities have been occupied trying to avail rehab services to those affected by this epidemic especially the expatriate. The authorities seem more committed to fighting this social ill as they are now offering this needed help to all affected individuals irrespective of their nationality as opposed to helping only Emiratis only as was done in the past.

Disease Burden on Individuals and Society

The ground-breaking treatment plans follow a National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) report this year titled Disease Burden on Individuals and Society. It says 5.3 per cent of the total deaths in the UAE are due to alcohol use or illicit drugs, coupled with an expected “considerable proportion of hidden users”.

Another research report done by a research firm known as Euromonitor in 2010 showed that alcohol consumption in the UAE has increased by an alarming 30 per cent in the past five years. At the same time, instances of alcohol abuse have also sky rocketed. The frequency of Alcoholic Anonymous Arabia (AA Arabia) meetings which address the issue has registered a staggering 700 per cent increase, from three per week back in the early ’90s to 25 per week today.

Neuro Endocrine Restoration could help UAE Alcohol Addicts

Neuro Endocrine Restoration (NER) is critical in treatment of addicts. It is one of the best ways of fighting addiction. What happens when a person is addicted to a substance is that the substance of abuse that he uses damages the brain by changing its biochemistry creating an imbalance in the brain and the entire endocrine system. This means that any effective treatment must restore the state of the neurotransmitters as was before addiction. The neuro endocrine restoration is the best at doing this since it cost effective, natural and takes a shorter time.

College drinkingIn our bodies there are neurotransmitters that help us feel good and at harmony with our surrounding. There are also other neurotransmitters that are responsible for low feelings. The brain needs all these neurotransmitters to work normally. In a normal person’s case the balance between these two neurotransmitters is achieved naturally but in case of an addict this balance ceases to exist as long term use of drugs and alcohol affects the neurotransmitters. The use of NER in addiction treatment aims at helping the patient to evade the use of the drugs since without restoring the neurotransmitters, anytime an addict will attempt to stop using the drug of abuse his brain will trigger reactions of danger leading to release of adrenaline and endorphins, in such instance the addict will be forced to use the drug to restore calm and this explains why most addicts fail when they try to stop using drugs without restoring the damaged neurotransmitters.

Intravenous amino acids and the NER are natural approaches to treating addicts that have so far bore juicy fruits. They are affordable, effective and are free from withdrawal symptoms that many people suffer after going through addiction treatment with pharmaceutical medicines. We at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts and offering them a place to call home. We advocate for natural healing to all kinds of addiction. In case you are struggling with addiction just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for help.

Alcohol Use on the Rise in the United Arabs Emirates