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Stem cell therapy for heart failure

Stem cells have become a center of focus in the world of medicine today. Their ability to reproduce has led to several debates to whether they are safe for treatments or not. Apparently, stem cells are the predecessors of all body cells that can be obtained from the adults’ bone marrow, spleen, and other organs.

This is one way your body maintains a proper balance between cells so as to regenerate new cells when the old cells die. For instance, a red blood cell has approximately four months to live. The bone marrow produces new cells that will replace the old red blood cells when they die.

Stem cells for heart failure

Heart failure is one of the fatal complications affecting humans today. Even with all the hard work doctors and researchers do, patients often end up dead due to organ damage. Researchers have been working so hard to find a way to stop heart failure from taking more lives and stem cell has proven to be a potential solution.


stem cells

There are some stem cells. Currently, scientists are more into embryonic as well as adult stem cells. The source of embryonic stem cells is blastocyst which is a 5-year old human embryo. These cells always breed to form human body as well as fetuses internal organs.

One of the reasons embryonic stem cells are more valued is the fact that they are not limited to a specific cell type. They can reproduce to become any cell in the human body. One of the drawbacks of obtaining this type of cell is that an embryo must be destroyed first which to many is unethical.

Stem cells can also work for several transplants. One unfortunate fact is that it is never easy to obtain an organ needed for transplant. More often physicians have to wait for several years to find a healthy organ. Stem cells are grown in a laboratory and if they are activated to differentiate they will become any cell in human body.

The overall result is a tissue that will easily adapt to any environment. According to scientists working on the project, if stem cells are placed in a proper environment, they can grow to form a heart tissue that can be transplanted to a patient who has symptoms of heart failure. Doing this will enable his or her heart to work properly reducing increasing his or her chances of survival.

There are some research publications based on the application of stem cells to symptoms related to heart failure. Congestive heart failure often results from failure of the heart cells to function properly. This, in turn, affects the way the human heart pumps blood.

There are some treatments that have worked for several patients that include the transfer or mechanical aids. Unfortunately, it is never a guarantee that a patient would survive. Stem cell therapy is quite hopeful as it aims to tackle heart failure before it destroys life, but its application is yet to be fully accepted.


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stem cell research

Will the State be able to fund stem cell research in future?

Stem cells can be defined as undifferentiated cells that are capable of turning into particular types of cells in the body. Up to now, it is apparent that it is one of the best remedies for several complications that include, heart attack, spinal cord injury, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s illnesses.

Since its discovery, there has been a lot of debates of whether some types of stem cells could work or not. Among the most controversial forms is the stem cells that are obtained from the human embryo. There are a few groups who don’t agree with the way the embryonic stem cells are obtained simply because it involves the destruction of the human embryo.

In the year 2001, President Bush made it clear that he was going to allow stem cell research to be funded federally after confirmation of death. He further stated that no federal funds would be availed for new stem cell lines. There have been several issues on the matter. A review on the matter was aired two times on a 60-minute television show on 12th and 26th February in the year 2006.


stem cell research

In New Jersey, the Democrats fully accept stem cell funding while some Republicans oppose it. The New Jersey has suggested spending up to $150 million on research that has fewer controversies such as stem cells from placentas, cord blood, and other tissues. It also proposed to spend $50 to fund its clinical trials as well as commercial applications.

However, commercial application has been faced with a series of problems, for example, a legal opinion that proposed that the bonds exempted from the tax could not be used for funding research in which a state would have a share of the profits made by the research. In March 2006 a new issue emerged. Patent holders wanted the researchers to pay some fees for using their patents to do the research. Funnily, this debate resulted from a clash between two states, WARF of Wisconsin and CIRM of California.

In short, it is important to realize that the federal funding of stem cell research is meant to build up new medical horizons that may pay off holders of rights that are already in place.  Recently, the Supreme Court came to an agreement that was more favorable to researchers who were in need of approval by a federal regulatory body such as FDA.

This exemption was intended to ease the effects of previous claims for example, what Wisconsin said about California. But this doesn’t mean that the expectations should be set too high. One question remains, will the state be in a position to fund an embryonic stem cell therapy that is FDA approved in the coming ten years? By what is going on, one might expect positive results. However, it is time to eliminate the possibilities of obstructions along the way.


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