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Why stem cell? How significant is it to modern medicine?

Stem cells are simple cells that aren’t mature enough, but can grow and change into mature blood cells. Infusing stem cells into the human body involves cell transplants that is much needed when the bone marrow doesn’t produce enough stem cells the body needs. The primary role of the transplant is to enable the body to produce enough red blood cells, white blood cells as well as prevent other complications such as bleeding and anemia.

The transplant of stem cells can also be called the transplant of umbilical cord blood or bone marrow. Stem cell procedure increases the chances of patient’s survival as it allows the physicians to obtain the required cells from the patient’s body, twin or any matched donor. It also enables the body to produce the cells that form the blood.

Cancer treatment using stem cells

A cancer patient has to undergo chemotherapy that destroys the stem cells in the area that it is applied. Stem cell procedure is one way to restore the destroyed cells.

When given a high dose of treatments patients are often at risks of their bone marrow getting destroyed. As a result, their bodies end up not being able to produce sufficient blood cells to transfer oxygen to several parts of their body as well as fight other complications.

Stem cell transplantation has proven to be quite effective in treating complications such as lymphoma and leukemia. It can also treat several types of cancers that include multiple myelomas, neuroblastoma and more.


stem cells

The purpose of umbilical cord transplant

The umbilical cord is more applicable when treating adults that have either aplastic anemia or leukemia. It involves extraction, storage and transplantation of the umbilical cord blood. It is hard to come across donors of bone marrow simply because the procedure of extracting a bone marrow is quite painful. Umbilical cord blood has hemopoietic stem cells that can reproduce to form a bone marrow.

Why cord blood transplantation is important

Cord blood transplantation is achievable than bone marrow transplantation. Just like a bone marrow, it can be used to obtain some blood-forming cells.

One of the best things about cord blood is that they are readily available for use and can be stored. Unlike obtaining a bone marrow, it is less painful and as a result, there are more than enough donors who are willing to help. Cord blood transplant has proven to be one of the best strategies for dealing with several complications.

However, there are still some controversies revolving around the procedure and scientist are working so hard to figure out the possibilities.


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Stem cell therapy for heart failure

Stem cells have become a center of focus in the world of medicine today. Their ability to reproduce has led to several debates to whether they are safe for treatments or not. Apparently, stem cells are the predecessors of all body cells that can be obtained from the adults’ bone marrow, spleen, and other organs.

This is one way your body maintains a proper balance between cells so as to regenerate new cells when the old cells die. For instance, a red blood cell has approximately four months to live. The bone marrow produces new cells that will replace the old red blood cells when they die.

Stem cells for heart failure

Heart failure is one of the fatal complications affecting humans today. Even with all the hard work doctors and researchers do, patients often end up dead due to organ damage. Researchers have been working so hard to find a way to stop heart failure from taking more lives and stem cell has proven to be a potential solution.


stem cells

There are some stem cells. Currently, scientists are more into embryonic as well as adult stem cells. The source of embryonic stem cells is blastocyst which is a 5-year old human embryo. These cells always breed to form human body as well as fetuses internal organs.

One of the reasons embryonic stem cells are more valued is the fact that they are not limited to a specific cell type. They can reproduce to become any cell in the human body. One of the drawbacks of obtaining this type of cell is that an embryo must be destroyed first which to many is unethical.

Stem cells can also work for several transplants. One unfortunate fact is that it is never easy to obtain an organ needed for transplant. More often physicians have to wait for several years to find a healthy organ. Stem cells are grown in a laboratory and if they are activated to differentiate they will become any cell in human body.

The overall result is a tissue that will easily adapt to any environment. According to scientists working on the project, if stem cells are placed in a proper environment, they can grow to form a heart tissue that can be transplanted to a patient who has symptoms of heart failure. Doing this will enable his or her heart to work properly reducing increasing his or her chances of survival.

There are some research publications based on the application of stem cells to symptoms related to heart failure. Congestive heart failure often results from failure of the heart cells to function properly. This, in turn, affects the way the human heart pumps blood.

There are some treatments that have worked for several patients that include the transfer or mechanical aids. Unfortunately, it is never a guarantee that a patient would survive. Stem cell therapy is quite hopeful as it aims to tackle heart failure before it destroys life, but its application is yet to be fully accepted.


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Accelerating treatment that solve aging problems

Accelerating treatment that solve aging problems: Stem cells

Accelerating treatment

Accelerating treatment that solve aging problems is very necessary and also needs to be done in good time

Even though we may not like it, aging is in inevitable. At some point if we are still alive we will grow old and perhaps lose the elasticity of our skin. This happens in the sense that as we age, we are also losing our self-renewing capacities of our body naturally in the process of aging. This is because the stem cell reserves of our body gradually deplete and loses its ability of multiplication to replace any aging cells with new ones diminishes. As a result of this we start looking older; some age-related health conditions may also appear. Stressful lifestyle, malnutrition, bad habits and poor environment add to this, accelerating our body decline. And so the question we are all asking is that is there any chance of reverting or even slowing down this process? This is what we want to answer in this article by looking at how accelerating treatment that solves aging problems can be of help.

Accelerating treatment that solve aging problems: AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center

To get the answers to this question, we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD founder of the AWAREmed health facility to offer a solution. In her decades of practicing and an expert in this discipline, doctor Akoury aging has been a serious problem to the societies even though it is inevitable. And in that respect, she founded this facility where anti-aging programs with fetal stem cells is administered for all people who would want to age gracefully. Therefore when you visit us at this center, our anti-aging therapist will take you though our highly effective treatment programs that will not only help you with your aging problems but also help in boosting your overall health by extending active lifestyle, improving the capacity to work and in preventing different age-related diseases.

It will interest you to note that in most case people who will be applying for our anti-aging therapy are mainly those who:

  • Are in good health or have minor health problems, but would like to feel and look even better
  • Have no major health conditions but suffer from chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle pains, etc.
  • Aim to slow down aging processes, prolong active lifestyle and prevent age-related diseases.

Therefore if you fall in the above categories and you need this kind of therapy, our doors are always open to you because all we desire to do is to help you by way of accelerating treatment that solve aging problems professionally. With the application of stem cells in anti-aging therapies we will be able to stimulate, restore and regenerate major body systems including immune, hormonal and circulatory. This way we are able to address all the problems both from the outside and in the inside of all our patients. The result being improved functioning of internal organs that leads to greater energy levels combined with cosmetic effects, such as better skin color and lifting, sparkling eyes.

Accelerating treatment that solve aging problems: Combining both prevention and anti-aging treatment

With our unique experience in the field, we offer you a chance to combine prevention and anti-aging treatment that can lead to:

  • Better blood circulation, metabolism, hormone level and blood pressure stabilization preventing cardiovascular, endocrinal and internal diseases;
  • Better sleep, reduction or disappearance of chronic fatigue;
  • Boosted immunity, which helps prevent many age-related diseases and even cancer;
  • Cosmetic effects: greater skin tightness, elasticity and regeneration, and improved hair structure and growth;
  • Greater physical power, energy levels and capacity to work;
  • Improved libido and sexual functions.
  • Improved mental capacity and memory: preserving the powers of the intellect, quick thinking, better memory;
  • Normalization of internal organs functioning;
  • Subsiding of muscle/joint/back pain and headaches;

Fetal stem cell administration and their engraftment create a unique condition where all body cells are stimulated by the natural most powerful restorative components. Fetal stem cells restore damaged and aging cells and make the whole body younger, which no medication can ensure now speak to us and have this lifetime experience today.

Accelerating treatment that solve aging problems: Stem cells



dental pulp stem cells

Understanding How Dental Pulp Stem Cells Use and Banking Works

Dental pulp can simply be defined as the soft living tissue that exists inside your tooth. These soft tissues contain stem cells that are known as DPSCs. Just like any other stem cells, DPSCs have the ability to become any cell in human body.

Among the best functional Dental Pulp Stem Cells can be obtained from the baby’s milk teeth either on the lower or the upper incisors and canines. Studies have shown that this kind of stem cells can also be found in the wisdom tooth of a young adult.

Dental Pulp Stem Cells can be likened to mesenchymal cells known to be quite beneficial in various treatments. These cells can differentiate to form different types of cells in the body that includes, osteoblasts, adipocytes as well as chondrocytes.

Potential Uses of Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Dental Pulp Stem cells are among the vital requirements in regenerative stem cell therapies of several degenerative related complications. They offer a variety of potential therapeutic applications that include.

  • Myocytes: Muscle tissue repair
  • Neuronal: Brain and nerve tissue regeneration
  • Adipocytes: Fat tissue generation
  • Chondrocytes: They can generate and regenerate cartilage vital for joint injuries and arthritis treatments.
  • Osteocytes: Generation of Bones

In summary, dental pulp stem cells have the ability to generate some structures in the body that include bone, cartilage, dental tissue and more.

Understanding Dental Pulp stems cell harvesting

Stem cell harvesting is simply a procedure that involves the collection, storage as well as the preservation of Dental Pulp Stem cells. To maintain their nature, DPSCs have to be frozen and kept inside a stem cell bank. This requires the use of cryopreservation technology that maintains the stem cell’s variability. Here is the procedure.

dental pulp stem cells

Stem Cell Harvesting Steps

  1. Collecting of the cells: Here a dentist will extract the tooth from the donor and store it in a kit. The dentist will then send to the facility to be processed.
  2. Separating the stem cells from the dental pulp: Here the stem cells will be obtained from the dental pulp by crushing the tooth to access the cells. The cells will then be checked for sterility as well as quality.
  3. Preservation of the stem cells: If the stem cells make it past the viability test they will be preserved cryogenically. The cells will be frozen at a temperature of -238 F.

Advantages of Dental Pulp Stem Cell Banking

  1. Dental Pulp Stem Cells banking period is wide. It will work best for kids aged between 5 to 12 years as well as the seniors whose wisdom tooth is to be extracted.
  2. The collection from the dental pulp is easy, quick, effective and painless and the best part has no risks.
  3. Dental Pulp Stem cells have no controversies surrounding their use unlike what we see with the embryonic stem cells.
  4. They have also proven to be interactive with biomaterials putting them among the best choices for tissue repair.

The bottom line

Currently, several debates are revolving around the procedure behind stem cell application. There are ethical issues that give the proponents a hard time explaining why the world needs it. Using Dental Pulp Stem cells, on the other hand, is simple, safe and the best part, free of ethical issues.


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master cells

Are Stem Cells the Master Cells in Human Body?

Stem cells deserve the name master cells due to their ability to do what other cells in the human body can’t do that includes creating tissues as well as the organs. They help enhance immune system as well as the functionality of the blood. They are involved in ensuring that your body functions properly simply by regenerating themselves so that your body doesn’t run out of these vital components. Stem cells can be obtained from the umbilical cord, peripheral blood and lastly, bone marrow.

Several studies have shown that the cells derived from the umbilical cord are more effective than those found in both the peripheral blood as well as the human bone marrow simply because they are newer and younger. This is the main reason the proponent of this procedure prefers the young stem cells from the embryo. It is also easier to obtain the cells from the umbilical cord simply because they can be derived directly from the placenta as the woman gives birth. On the other hand, trying to obtain the cells from the bone marrow can be painful due to the surgical procedures involved.

Obtaining the stem cells from the umbilical cord has come with various benefits that include,

  • The best remedy for several diseases that include, heart problems, diabetes and much more.
  • The best cure for several illnesses that include fatal diseases such as anaemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and more.
  • Help relieve several complications that include Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The stem cells can be stored in the patients and later obtained to save the donor or any other family member with a problem. For example, using the bone marrow requires that the tissue of both the recipient and the donor match for success. However, when for the ones that come from the umbilical cord, studies have shown that it might work despite the differences.

master cells

There are particular complications such as GVHD where the donor stem cells may sometimes attack and destroy the tissues of the recipient. This is unlikely to happen when cord blood is used. Studies show that the young patients that receive the umbilical cord blood transplant from a matched donor were 59% less likely to experience GVHD, which was quite promising compared to when bone marrow was used.

It is also rare to find the Umbilical cord that contains infectious substances such as viruses that can risk the transplant. Studies have proven that cord blood can produce more new blood cells compared to the bone marrow. As a result, smaller amounts of cord blood cells may work successfully for any transplantation.

As medical science advances, it has been realised that the cord blood may work for medicine’s regenerative processes. Expectant mothers can store the cord blood in a bank so as to make the stem cells readily available for treatments as well as future therapies that involved repair and regeneration of tissues. The cord blood might also save a situation where a child is born with several complications that might include, heart defects and much more. There are still more hopes for this kind of treatments and scientist are working so hard to figure out the potential in it.


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