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The Importance Of High Dose Vitamin C In Balancing The Adrenals

Vitamin C Plays an Important Role in Balancing Adrenals Prior To Addiction Recovery Program

High Dose Vitamin CWhat are adrenals?

They are also referred to as adrenal glands or suprarenal glands. They are small triangular glands, which are located on top of both kidneys in our bodies. These glands play a vital role in our bodies, since they are responsible for regulation of the functioning of our bodies and minds. They are part of the endocrine system, which is branded, “policemen” in our bodies.
What is the function of these adrenals in our bodies?

The reason why adrenals are regarded as very vital in our bodies is because they produce chemicals that maintain life. Death becomes the only option for a person, when the adrenals fail to work. The chemicals which are produced by the adrenals, convert what is eaten by a human being (which is useless to our bodies) into substances which are useful to our bodies. These substances are the ones which facilitate body functions such as growing, changing and provide tools necessary for repairing and rebuilding of body tissues.

Another importance of proper functioning of adrenals is that, they produce very important hormones. One of these hormones is the cortisol, which is a hormone known to regulate physical stress, mental activities, emotion etc. when the adrenal glands are not functioning well, they may lead to insufficient cortisol hormones supply and hence the person is faced with stress among other symptoms.

Is adrenal fatigue real?

This fatigue is a reality. It is a collection of symptoms which come as a result of adrenal glands functioning below the required level. This fatigue in most cases is depicted by intense stress, which can hardly be reduced by sleep. Sleep is a common problem in people with imbalance in adrenal glands. This lack of sleep unfortunately triggers fatigue.

This condition of adrenal functioning below the required level is common in drug addicts. When an addicted person becomes a victim of adrenal malfunctioning, it becomes a more serious problem to address. For any successful addiction program, there is a need to first address the problem of adrenal. The regulation of working of the adrenal should even come before the actual addiction recovery program.

What symptoms may indicate malfunctioning in adrenal?

Unlike any other symptoms, the adrenal Symptoms are sometimes very difficult to identify. The problem with the identification of these symptoms is that they may look similar to symptoms of another condition. Therefore, you may need to identify as many symptoms as possible, before you conclude that a given person is a victim of adrenal malfunction.

The following are some of the common symptoms or consequences of adrenals malfunction:-

  • Continued fall in body temperature. Since adrenals are responsible for regulation of many body functions such as regulation of body temperature, their malfunction may lead to decline in the body temperature.
  • Body weakness – another common symptom of adrenal malfunction is body becoming weak. This is sometimes related to stress, but when adrenals fail to work for long period, it becomes difficult for the person to remain off the bed for more than an hour in a day. Such a person will remain on the bed, since he/she feel his/her body totally weak.
  • In some cases, there may be un-explained hair loses.
  • Digestion failure may also occur
  • Memory loss is also a possibility
  • Feeling of frustration
  • Mental depression
  • Low blood pressure may occur
  • Excessive feeling of hunger may also be evident

Why is high dose Vitamin C important in preparation for addiction recovery?

When a person is an addict, there is likelihood that the addictive substance has caused damage on some body organs. These damages must be repaired, for the addiction recovery process to be successful. Likewise, when a person is faced with malfunction of adrenals, there is need to urgently get assistance to restore the glands to their normal functioning states. This restoration can be done medically or by use of nutrition.

The medical way of preparing body or assisting body in recovery, is sometimes not considered the best option, considering the possibility of side effects from the drugs or addiction from the drugs in the long run, leading to dependency on the drugs. Many people prefer the nutritional way of restoring the adrenals to their functional state due to a number of benefits it has over any other method. Vitamin c is an essential vitamin for balancing adrenals and thus any diet targeting to balance the adrenals should contain sufficient vitamin c.

High Dose Vitamin CThe following are some of the benefits of vitamin c, when it is used to prepare body and balance adrenals prior to addiction recovery treatment:-

  • High dose vitamin c is quickly used during stress. This factor makes it helpful when countering adrenal fatigue. The level of vitamin c is supposed to be kept high, since researches have shown that the rates of utilization of vitamin c are very high during the stressful moments, regardless of the source of stress.
  • Vitamin C has been proven to be very powerful in fighting infections and also boosting the general body immunity. Researches have shown that, when a person is a victim of adrenal fatigue, as the levels of vitamin C decline, the immune system also declines in the same manner. This means that the administration of high dose vitamin C improves the immunity of the body, as the levels of vitamin increase. For instance, “Vaslev and Komar (1998) determined that a dose of 300mg of vitamin C resulted in a more rapid recovery of a depressed T-lymphocyte”
  • Vitamin C is vital in pre-addiction recovery, as it play a key role in removing toxins from the body. When a person is addicted of a given drug, it is very likely that the person will be either stressed or depressed. The stress reduces the levels of vitamin c in our bodies, hence leaving us with insufficient vitamin c to remove toxins from our bodies. This is because chronic stress lowers the levels of glutathione, a very important substance in removing toxins from our bodies. This is why it is very important for a person who is addicted to be subjected to high dose vitamin c before the actual recovery program begins.
  • Vitamin c is very low in toxicity. This factor makes it possible for a person to take it in large quantities, improving the immunity drastically.

Are you thinking of how you can get help on balancing adrenals? Are you an addict and you are looking for a natural way of gradually recovering from the addiction? Awaremed Resource and Wellness Center is your solution. Call us today or visit us at www.awaremednetwork.com.

Vitamin C Plays an Important Role in Balancing Adrenals Prior To Addiction Recovery Program


Homeopathy and Cancer

Exploring Homeopathy and As an Alternative Cancer Treatment

The conventional cancer treatments methods like the chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery have been used for many years and are still widely used. However there are loopholes that exists with these conventional cancer treatment methods however famous they are. Most of the patients who have gone through chemotherapy for example always suffer very severe side effects that may make the patient even weaker. The patient may also lose hair and suffer weight loss due to poor appetite. This is because the treatment not only kill the cancerous cells but also kill the healthy body cells leaving the body maimed for such a time that  the body would have made new cells.

Due to these side effects associated with the conventional cancer treatment methods, patients have been on the lookout for better alternatives that could help them evade the life threatening side effects. Medical researchers have not been left out either as they have been coming up with new discoveries that would help in treating cancer better without leaving the patients with the life threatening side effects as the case with chemotherapy. Some of these alternatives work like magic while some are not that effective. One of these alternatives that have been developed as alternative cancer treatment include homeopathy.

What is the basis of homeopathy?

The homeopathy medicine is based on the idea that the body can heal itself. The history of homeopathy can be traced to the ancient Greek but its popularity is credited to the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. He developed homeopathy in the early 1800s as a better alternative to some of the harsh medical practices of the time, such as bloodletting and purging. Dr. Hahnemann believed a substance that caused specific symptoms in a healthy person could cure those same symptoms in a sick person.

Homeopathy treats patients with highly diluted substances that are given in tablet or solution forms. These substances are given to the patient to trigger the body’s immune system to heal itself naturally. The homeopath will check on the symptoms to decide the possible causes of the symptoms after which he will be able to give the best treatment to the disease.

Homeopathy is based on the idea that “like cures like.” That is, if a substance causes a symptom in a healthy person, giving the person a very small amount of the same substance may cure the illness. The essence of homeopathic doses is to help the body to awaken its healing ability to heal naturally and resume its normal body processes.

A homeopath uses tablets or liquid substances that contain an active ingredient which may be a plant component or a mineral. These substances are known as diluted or other potentiated substances. However effective this treatment has been said to be in cancer treatment, there has been little information explaining how it works in healing the patients.

Homeopathy has been used in treating chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma, colds, flu, and allergies. Homeopathy has also been used in cancer treatment and is gaining popularity as an alternative cancer treatment though there are still mysteries how it works. Most homeopathic practitioners have opined that it helps in cancer treatment by reducing pain, improving vitality and well-being, stopping the spread of cancer, and strengthening the immune system. The homeopaths are further convinced that homeopathy can help to reduce the symptoms and side effects associated with cancer especially after going through the conventional treatment methods like chemotherapy. These side effects that may be reduced by homeopathy include; nausea, vomiting, mouth sores, hot flashes, hair loss, depression and general body weakness.

The solutions that are used in homeopathy contain minute components of the original ingredients from which they were drawn and so are still very potent. This small component of the original ingredient interacts with the body to trigger the body’s immune system to fight the diseases and cure the disease. Homeopaths believe that diluting or shaking the homeopathic solution increases its healing potential.

Homeopathy has also been compared to the beliefs of the ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine which aims at healing the body by maintaining its balance. Despite the belief that most homeopathic practitioners have in homeopathy, most of them have agreed that they do not understand how the treatment works but are hopeful that very soon research will be able to solve that puzzle.

Another important aspect of homeopathy is the ‘law of infinitesimals’ which states that the more the homeopathic solution is diluted the more potent it is. This explains why the solutions that are used in homeopathic treatments are much diluted.

When practitioners began using homeopathy, they directly prescribed the treatment to the patients but today the homeopathic solutions are commercially produced and are sold as supplements directly to the consumers, of course with directions for use. In the United States, any consumer who needs these homeopathic medicines can buy them over the counter in health food stores. They can also be bought online.

Homeopathy medicine are considered safe but just like any other treatment method some side effects may arise as some of these homeopathic solutions are not diluted to a level that all the original ingredients are over. side effects may include;allergy, asthma, ingesting heavy metals and drug interactions among others

You need reliable information to help you do this. Contact Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) for more information on health matters and be empowered to take good care of your life. Check her website for more information


Exploring Homeopathy and As an Alternative Cancer Treatment

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Understanding Depression

What is depression?

Depression is one of the common symptoms of addiction from drugs. It refers to a condition or illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest. The depressed person will in most cases stay isolated and doesn’t like talking to other people around. Although it is common that any human being will at one time feel moody and not willing to talk with people around, this happens for some time then it disappears. In the case of depressed persons this state doesn’t seem to go away.

What causes this depression?

depressionDepression mostly is caused by chemical compounds which lower neurotransmission levels, which in turn depresses or reduces arousal or simulation in various areas of the brain. These drugs which contain this compound known to cause depression are widely being used all over the world either as prescription medicines or illicit substances. These drugs are used for their effects which are initially friendly e.g. pain relief, sedation etc. but in the long run or abuse, they result into depression.

Which are the indicators of depression?

Depression symptoms can be identified through behavior of the depressed person, or through the feeling of the depressed. Some of the common symptoms of depression may include;

  • Concentration difficulties, difficulties in remembering details of something and even decision making difficulties. The depressed person can be observed to possess at least one all even all of these challenges.
  • Loss of interest in activities. The person may loss interest in activities that he/she liked previously. For instance, a person who liked playing chess, may no longer show any interest in playing it and his/her friends may be able to observe this abrupt change in taste.
  • The depressed person may show signs of chronic headaches, cramps, pains etc.
  • Sometimes the depressed person will possess intense sadness, anxiety and “feeling” towards the people around.
  • The person may look restless. In many cases, a depressed person will not seem to settle and often he/she looks disturbed by something unknown.
  • Some victims of depression are faced with fatigue and decrease in energy that they initially possessed.
  • A depressed person may feel worthless and helpless. This can be observed when the person possessed indicators of low esteem.
  • A depressed person will either miss sleep or oversleep. In terms of sleeping they do it to the extremes.
  • Another symptom worthy mentioning is that a depressed person possesses thoughts of suicide or sometimes attempt to commit suicide.

Note: The depressed person may possess several of these symptoms at the same time and thus, do not over rely on one indicator to judgment. Also note that sometimes, what you see as a symptom may actually not be. For instance, not all the times being moody will be considered a symptom of depression!

Diagnosis of depression

The detection of depression and determination of its type and intensity requires a professional person. Are you wondering where you will get these professionals? Then you don’t have to worry anymore! At AWAREmed, we have professionals who will diagnose you and if diagnosed with depression, you will be given the appropriate treatment for you to recover completely.

How we diagnose

It is a fact that we had for long been accustomed to doctors using specialized blood tests or some other expensive lab tests which helped them in making a conclusive diagnosis. This is no longer helpful when it comes to depression. One of the most powerful tool which has been proven effective is talking to the patient, as you try to analyze the situation and identify symptoms. This is the tool that we mainly use to ensure that we give you the most appropriate and effective treatment which will lead you to a very fast recovery from depression. The importance of it is to give you a sustained recovery. It has been common that depression as a mental problem in many cases may have some other underlying factors, which not unless they are addressed, the result may not be sustained for long and thus lapse may occur.


How do we treat depression?

Just like any other disease, treatment of depression begins with diagnosis. Once you have been diagnosed with depression, you can now proceed to the step of treatment. Here, the doctor will discuss various depression options with you. The appropriate treatment for depression will depend on the type of depression you have. For example, based on the type of depression that you have, the doctor will decide which of either antidepressants, psychotherapy or both will work best for you. The appropriate treatment will then be administered.

Sometimes, a person may be subjected to a given treatment and then he/she doesn’t respond to the standard depression treatment. In this case, the doctor may opt you train your brain via simulation techniques. Whatever treatment the doctor prescribes to you, it is importat to note that there is no instant solution. You must be patient to heal slowly and finally be fully depression free. You must remember that you should not give up in the race of addiction recovery.

What is depression?



Understanding the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) To Help Fight Addiction

PTSDThis is normally a condition that is actively acquired or develops after a terrifying ordeal that involved a physical harm. It is a mental problem mostly caused by terrifying event experiencing or witnessing it. The consequence of post-traumatic stress disorder is to have flashbacks, nightmares and sere anxiety. People who go through a traumatic event may take quite long time before they readjust to their normal life.

The leading source PSTD is traumatic event such as rape, torture, car accident, plane crash, bombing just to mention a few. However, there are some drugs which once they addict someone; the experience looks similar to the PSTD effects and therefore can be considered to cause PSTD. An example of such drug is bhang. Its addiction or long-term effects cause post-traumatic stress disorder, whereby the person’s mind sees things that are actually not there. For example the person could look at a given object which is not worthy drawing a human eye, keep looking at it for quite a long time, the suddenly lough loudly or run.

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

  • One of the common symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder is re-experiencing or flashbacks. Over and over the person will have the images of the event returning in the mind. It is an experience that none of the victims of PSTD will want to remember, due to its associated threat to life but it becomes unavoidable. This adds stress to the victim and may look distressed or depressed. In a bhang addict, the experience looks similar, but the situation is normally out of control of the victim and the meaning of life to the victim becomes void.
  • It is common that a victim of Post-traumatic stress disorder will avoid its symptoms. The person will avoid anything that is a reminder of the experience. In this symptom still, the person may begin to feel strongly guilty, faced with depression or losing interest in activities one used to like in the past. The person may have trouble remembering the hazardous event. Since the person starts to avoid symptoms of the event, it may cause a person to change his or her personal routine. For instance, if a person who was a pilot got a bad plane crash but escaped death narrowly, may decide to quite his former job even after fully recovering or event avoid flights in future not even as a pilot but as a passenger.
  • The victim may be faced with hyper arousal symptoms. The person’s live may change completely and begin to be living a tense life, having difficulty sleeping or even having angry outburst. Why does the person become tense and even miss sleep? This is because the hyper arousal symptoms are normally constant, instead of being activated by things that remind one of the traumatic events. While it is normal for human being to have these symptoms after a traumatic event, not all people return to their normal lives immediately. Some people take couple of weeks for the effect to go away. This is known as acute stress disorder. Likewise, not all people who lose these effects within weeks. Who some people it may take a good number of months before it disappears. This is known as post-traumatic stress disorder. Thus, the length which it takes before the effects disappear dictates the type of disorder it poses.


Diagnosis of PTSD

As earlier stated, a person will only be considered a victim of Port-traumatic stress disorder after it persists for months. Thus, a conclusion cannot be made on whether a person is a victim of PTSD when he/she has just experienced the traumatic event. In other words, we must wait and watch over the victim and see whether the effects will persist for quite long, that’s when we will be able to conclude that the person is a Post-traumatic stress disorder victim.

The diagnosis of PTSD can be done by a professional or a doctor who has experience in helping people with mental illness. The professional will as questions to the victim to identify symptoms of PTSD. Are you wondering where you will get a professional to help you out in PTSD? You don’t have to worry anymore! AWAREmed has experienced professionals who will examine your problem and device the most appropriate treatment for you. Call us or visit us today.

How is PTSD treated?

One of the treatments of PTSD which has proven to be effective in the treatment of PTSD is psychotherapy. This therapy may work on its own, in form of “talk therapy” or be combined with medication treatment. Different forms of psychotherapy will work differently for different people. It is important that each patient is treated independently and be subjected to treatment that best suits him or her. In case the patient is having an ongoing trauma, both problems should be address for better results. Some of these ongoing problems can include depression, substance abuse just to mention a few. This therapy lasts for 6 to 12 weeks but it can vary depending with the patient’s status of PTSD.

Understanding the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) To Help Fight Addiction