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Addiction consequences

Acute addiction times in childhood

Acute addiction times

Acute addiction times in childhood if not addressed will certainly grow into adulthood

Acute addiction times in childhood: Addiction is a preventable condition

Ideally what many people may not know is that the acute addiction time in childhood. This is the time when parents have more control over their children hence it is the best time to lay strong foundations in achieving the goals of addiction recovery effectively. Many studies have since established that adolescence is the most critical time for preventing substance abuse this is because of the very obvious reason including the risk of addiction being greater than any other period in life. Having said that I am almost certain that the next question that you are likely to ask is why is this so? To explain that doctor Dalal Akoury is registering that it is because at this particular point of time when the young people’s brain is primed and ripe for taking risks which include desiring and willful experimenting with drugs and alcohol among other substances. Nonetheless, one fact that we must all take seriously is that, because the brain will still be developing during this time, it is more vulnerable to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Besides that experts, at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, a facility established by doctor Dalal Akoury say that because of this some teens are even at greater risk of becoming addicted to those substances because of the inclination of genetics, family history, trauma and mental health or behavioral problems.

Acute addiction times in childhood: Increased risks between the stages of life

From the above explanation, what it really means is that young people while passing through the stages of life like adolescent, will certainly be at an increased risk of addiction if they have a family history of substance abuse, childhood experiences with abuse, neglect or other trauma, mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, poor academic performance and problems with bullying in school. One point that we must all take note of is that the description outlined above are common with very many children and what that communicates is that it is important for parents to be involved in their children’s life more consistently, objectively and know them better. And remember that the pathway from substance use to addiction is not cursed on stone, prevention is possible. Remember that the good teaching and upbringing by parents, teachers or mentors can prevent or delay the onset of substance use in our children. Doctor Akoury is very categorical that irrespective of the nature of drug in question, when the right approach is taken from the beginning, then the children and teens has higher chances of remaining sober for the rest of their lives. That explains why children who attain the age 21 without indulgence in smoking, abusing alcohol or using drugs are virtually certain never to do so in the near future.

How well then do we get to know that our children are beginning to show signs of addiction to alcohol and other substances? The experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury will be very resourceful for you if only you can schedule an appointment with her today.

Acute addiction times in childhood: Addiction is a preventable condition





Childhood addiction awareness program

Childhood addiction awareness

Childhood addiction awareness program is essential today if we’re to have a healthy generation tomorrow

Childhood addiction awareness program: Dealing with drug addiction from the beginning

Bringing up children in good health and of good morals is the desire of every parent. When children are growing up in acceptable ways the whole societies will be safe and happy. Nonetheless, one serious element that often comes in between our wishes for our children is the use of alcohol and drugs. These substances are destructive and as parents, we have a duty of giving direction to our children. This must be a continuous process. And while experts are looking at the best possible ways of eliminating of drug addiction, it was established that having an open discussion with the children about addiction is important. That is why AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center established under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) is leading the campaign of creating childhood addiction awareness across the globe through this platform. You can speak to us even as we highlight a few insight to you about catastrophes. In fact, children need to know about drugs as they grow up. We appreciate that parenting is not that easy, especially when addressing alcohol and drugs and because of that many parents often avoids the subject.

But as parents, we are a privilege to have more influence than we think and talking honestly about alcohol and drugs to our children can have a real impact. Research has shown that kids who have conversations with their parents learn a lot about the dangers of alcohol and drug use are up to 50% less likely to use alcohol and drugs than those who don’t have such conversations. To do this effectively, determination and willingness to succeed are very critical. It is true that childhood addiction education can be challenging but it begins by developing good communication skills with your children about drinking alcohol and drugs. This will help you get to know your children better and help them build the coping skills they need to handle anger, stress, peer pressure, loneliness, and disappointment during their adolescent.

Childhood addiction awareness program: Teachable moments

Addiction is life threatening and nobody would want his/her child to go through that experience. That is why parents should be the primary source of positive reliable information for children. In the holy book it is written that teach a child the way he should go and when he grows up he will not depart from it, what that means is that we must train our children about addiction because the damage will be very devastating. You can have honest and heart to heart conversation with your children about substances when they are still young and ready to listen. Remember it’s about being there for them when the issues come up in TV channels or any other media. This is an opportunity you should not miss to teach your kids because if you do, they will get their information from friends and acquaintances, the media, the internet or other sources that not only misrepresent the potential negative impact of alcohol and drugs but, actually glorify using alcohol and drugs and that way you will lose the grip of shaping their life morally and health wise.

Childhood addiction awareness program: Dealing with drug addiction from the beginning



over the counter drug abuse

Youngsters substance abuse

Youngsters substance abuse

Youngsters substance abuse is the biggest headache parents and guardians have today

Youngsters substance abuse: Finding solutions for childhood addiction

If there is anything that is heartbreaking for parents, it must be childhood addiction. Youngsters substance abuse is frustrating and stressing to the parents. When this happens, peace of mind run away and the worries of their conduct being adopted by their young siblings aches the heart measurably. What can you do when your teen just won’t stop abusing drugs? This is what we want to focus on in this discussion and with the help of doctor Dalal Akoury M.D who is a veteran addiction expert and also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, through her professionalism, we are going to deliver to you the very best health addiction information that will be of great help to you and your loved ones in handling the teens substances abuse professionally. This is something you don’t want to miss ones, therefore, we encourage you to stay on the link as we impact on you positively.

Ideally, there are so many misconceptions about alcohol and drug addiction, these misconceptions have resulted in many people believing that the addicts have willfully chosen the path of addiction. Although behavior and personal choice represent an important factor in the development of addiction, the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are of the opinion that there are other components as well. Like for instance, it may be that for some individuals, it is a biological or genetic predisposition that makes them more likely to develop an addiction if they experiment with substance abuse; while many others are led down the path of addiction due to environmental circumstances. Nonetheless, doctor Akoury reiterates that no matter how or why it occurs in the first place, alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic problem, progressive disease that initiates a dramatic transformation, turning good people into individuals who are only concerned about their next fix. This is not good for anyone and therefore it is very important that lasting solutions is found and adopted immediately.

Youngsters substance abuse: Substance abuse vulnerability for all age groups

Now to the focus of our discussion, it is important to appreciate that substance abuse is not dangerous for adolescents and teens but also very disastrous to the whole communities where our teens reside. Impressionable by nature, our youths are commonly curious about substance abuse and have traditionally experimented with alcohol and marijuana at young ages. This is a terrible mistake that anyone can do no matter the circumstance or situation. However, with a heroin epidemic having taken the globe at ransom with the United States taking the lead, from the available statistics, there’s clear evidence of increased heroin use among high school and college-aged individuals. Doctor Akoury is professionally sounding an alarm that substance abuse at such a young age is dangerous since these individuals are not yet fully developed; and remember that when youths abuse alcohol and drugs to the point of addiction, they run the risk of stunting their physical and psychological development. Moreover, addiction makes individuals more likely to resort to criminal behaviors and damage important relationships, which can have a major impact on the rest of their lives and that of their loved ones and the society in general. You can avoid this by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury for a lasting solution.

Youngsters substance abuse: Finding solutions for childhood addiction




Assessing addiction levels

Assessing addiction levels

Assessing addiction levels by establishing all the factors that increases addiction from childhood

Assessing addiction levels: The teenage drug addiction

It is the joy of every parent to have their children lives a life full of peace of mind, sobriety and social stability. These are powerful ingredients that we would all want to have in our children up-bringing. However many a times this is usually not the case because of the prevalence of drugs and bad influences from all manner of technological devices we have today. Because of this obstacles, it is important that we take stock of our children’s growth and developments. This is going to be our guide even as we focus in assessing addiction levels in our communities. To this effect, we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, who is a veteran addiction expert, President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center to shade some light on this worthy discussion. Professionally, she registers that everyone needs to be equipped with essential tips in helping our children escape the scourge of addiction.

The moment you notice any negative occurrence in your children, it must be followed by an immediate assessment to establish the problem, because any use of psychoactive drugs is harmful to their moods and mind affecting their independence in making good judgment. Therefore, parents must take keen interest in the following risks and especially when the children are going through the various stages of life like adolescent:

  1. Victimization from violence
  2. Accidental injury
  3. School failure
  4. Illegal activities
  5. Sexual misadventures
  6. Daring risk taking
  7. Suicidal despondency
  8. Drug and alcohol involvement

All these and many more are possible risk we must be keen to eliminate. I want to suggest that if you were to start the elimination in any particular order, start with number 8 since this is the genesis of all others. Top of FormBottom of FormAdolescence is a risky process during which young people are easily angered and motivated socially to explore the worldly experiences and substance use only increases these normal risks. A sober path through adolescence is the safest passage of all.

When parents have suspicion, that their children are using substances, they need to identify the level of use with which they are dealing so they do not over or underestimate the seriousness of the experience. If you were to overestimate the seriousness you may panic over what could be just a one-time experimental use while on the other hand to underestimate the seriousness you may deny troubling signs of increasing dependency. What would then follow can only be described in the following level:

Assessing addiction levels: Experimental use

This is motivated by curiosity and the teenage child only makes attempt to get the feeling and satisfy their curiosity. They can explain that they are only using drugs once in a while then you must make them know that is not just in a while but such frequency of consumption is not just experimental but recreational. Experimental use is restricted to one or two times. Sometimes a teenager will experiment and find the experience of drug use not to be worth it and stop. This experimental use is not good and must be discouraged because the younger the age the less safe it is to the consumer. This can be dangerous to the brain of the teenager and that is why you need to schedule an appointment with AWAREmed health center experts today for the commencement of your recovery process.

Assessing addiction levels: The teenage drug addiction 






weight loss

Childhood obesity detection and treatment

Childhood obesity detection

Childhood obesity detection can be avoided by engaging in physical activities and healthy living

Childhood obesity detection: Causes of being obese or overweight

Obesity and overweight are a serious threat to human life, allowing this to happen in one’s life is not only harmful but also life shortening. We must do all it takes to ensure that we are safe from these conditions. By doing this will only be effective when we impact the healthy lifestyle in our children and being keen to monitor their growth and development just in case there is evidence of development of obesity or overweight. This will help us remain focus and make early detection which will make us take precautions to correct this before it escalate to a life threatening levels. Therefore as parents, we need to be knowledgeable of the causes, precautions and solutions. Therefore childhood obesity detection becomes very important if this scourge is to be defeated. That is to say, if your child is obese or overweight, it means that they are carrying excess body fat and if no action is taken, the extra weight may cause problems for their health.

You may not have any idea how to go about this because for sure it is not easy. We want to be of help to you and your children by inviting you to pay us a visit at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care. Doctor Akoury together with her team of experts will be waiting for you to help you establish whether your child is overweight or obese by calculating their body mass index (BMI). This is a measurement of your child’s weight in relation to their height as we do this, remember that a child’s BMI is not interpreted in the same way as it is done for adults, their BMI is charted on special growth charts which show how your child’s BMI compares with the normal range for children in the same age bracket, sex and ethnic background.

Childhood obesity detection: Causes of obesity and overweight in children

This is very important for everyone including children, your weight is dependent on how much energy you take in (the calories in food and drink) and how much energy your body uses (burns) up:

  • If the amount of calories that you eat equals the amount of energy that your body uses up, then your weight remains stable.
  • If you eat fewer calories than you burn up, you lose weight. Your body has to tap into its fat stores to get the extra energy it needs.
  • If you eat more calories than you burn up, you put on weight. The excess energy is converted into fat and stored in your body.

The reasons why energy taken in may not balance energy used up and leading to weight gain in children, includes:

How much a child eats and drinks: Overweight in children is mainly because of what they eat and drink more than their body needs. Having too many foods or drinks that are too sugary or fatty is a common problem.

Lack of physical activities: It is important to know that a child may be eating the right type and the right amount of food but, if they are not doing enough exercises, they may put on weight. Activities like watching TV and playing video games for many hours also contribute to weight gain besides having parents who are inactive all these increases a child’s risk of being overweight or obese.

Childhood obesity detection: Causes of being obese or overweight