Cancer treatment Alternative IPT

Cancer treatment Alternative IPT

Your Novel Cancer Treatment with Kinder, Gentler and more Successful Outcome – IPT

IPT the kindler, friendlier and still fruitful treatment for the Cruel disease: Cancer.


Alternative cancer treatment

Alternative cancer treatment

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center offers all their readers an astounding reality. Twenty thousand people die from cancer each day that translates to 8 Million a year, that means half a million Americans dies from cancer a year.  At the beginning of the last century only one in 20 was diagnosed with cancer, in 1940 one in 16 was diagnosed with cancer, in 1970, one in 10 and today one in three develop cancer. Cancer and cancer treatment is a multi-trillion dollar industry.  Modern Medicine advancement in cancer therapy is still elusive. President Nixon declared the war on cancer 40 years ago.  The research budget of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is now $5 billion a year, more than NASA spends on space exploration. Cancer accounts for a large slice of research funds in most other developed countries, as well: Cancer Research UK, for example, has a budget of £500 million a year.

But despite this vast investment, the long-awaited “breakthrough” remains elusive. Although certain drugs (often very expensive) can prolong life, the brutal truth is that most patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer today fare little better than their counterparts did decades ago. And as life expectancy rises, more people will die of cancer. Given the poor results and the escalating costs of treatment, the social and economic impact of traditional cancer treatment is unsustainable.

I addition to the economic impacts; what are the dangers of regular/conventional chemotherapy?Cancer cells are voracious in fighting for the life-sustaining glucose they extract from the blood stream. With 16 times the number of insulin and insulin-like receptors compared to healthy cells, cancer cells steal any and all essential nutrients from the blood stream before the good cells can get any. This is why, in advanced stages of cancer, even as the patient becomes emaciated and wastes away, the tumor mercilessly continues to grow. Added to this, because of the cancer cells’ amazing internal protection against toxins, standard administered chemotherapy must be in large enough quantities to force its penetration into the cancer cells. This results in the indiscriminate penetration and killing of healthy cells as well, frequently leaving the patient with fever, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and a substantially diminished quality of life.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center – Alternative Cancer Treatment with Kinder, Gentler and more Successful Outcome – IPT – Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

Recent findings published in scientific medical literature report that cancer cells actually manufacture and secrete their own insulin. More interestingly cancer cells have sixteen times more insulin and insulin-like receptors per cell than any of the normal cells in the body. This discovery is of a valuable and critical significance because it drastically differentiates normal cells from cancer cells. This breakthrough creates a great-targeted tool For Integrative Oncology practices that effectively use IPT to Target Cancer Cell with a less harmful low fractionated doses of chemotherapy.Furthermore research indicates that the vast overabundance of insulin receptors on Cancer cells allows insulin administration to easily carry a larger dose of chemotherapeutic agents across the Cancer cell membrane — resulting in a high and lethal concentration of chemotherapeutic drugs inside the cancer cells while sparing adjacent normal healthy cells during IPT. Consequently we are able to deliver an effective treatment using greatly reduced doses of the drugs, which makes Insulin Potentiation therapy a gentler and kinder cancer treatment offered by Integrative Oncology physicians providing newer hope for cancer patients.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center – Introduces an Alternative Cancer Treatment with Kinder, Gentler and more Successful Outcome – IPT – Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

 The practice of IPT is now worldwide, however it is not yet taught in America’s conventional medical schools.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy

Medical school curriculum in the U.S. focuses mostly on insulin’s role in diabetes because Pharmaceutical companies who fund most drug research in general and cancer research in particular do not look favorably upon IPT because it affects their bottom line. All these recent advances in molecular and biological terrain modification increased our understanding of the molecular dynamics of cancer cells,  and  indicate that it is now possible to avoid the dose-related side effects of chemotherapy, while at the same time increasing the effectiveness and specificity of these agents in killing cancer cells by using a strategic innovative approach . The key to this novel elegant drug delivery system is called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center – Alternative Cancer Treatment  – What is Insulin Potentiation IPT? – Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

Insulin’s Ability to Potentiate: The word “potentiate” means that one substance – insulin – enhances the effectiveness of another substance – chemotherapy – and thus far less drugs are needed.

Simply put, IPT consists of a pulse of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) that improves the effectiveness of therapeutic drugs and supports health:

  • IPT makes cell membranes more permeable, increasing the uptake of drugs into cells.
  • IPT can help transport drugs across the blood-brain barrier.
  • Insulin, in addition to its ability to help deliver higher-levels of the chemotherapy drugs into the cancer cells, also causes these cells to go into their growth phase where they actually become more vulnerable to the chemotherapy drugs. The cells are hit harder and at a time when they are most vulnerable to the assault, thus maximizing results.

A 1981 study conducted at George Washington University showed that the chemo drug, methotrexate, when used with insulin, increased the drug’s cell-killing effect by a factor of 10,000

  • IPT’s innovative approach was developed in the 1920s as an alternative to treating syphilis with almost lethal doses of mercury and arsenic. IPT was first used for cancer in 1945.
  • Insulin assists debilitated cancer patients with appetite and metabolism, helping to mitigate the wasting – Cancer Cachexiacachexia – that accompanies the disease and its therapy.
  • IPT also may change the blood chemistry for the better. Dr. Perez Garcia studied this effect during IPT treatments and spoke of changes in the “biological terrain” of the body making it less hospitable to disease. He felt that these changes persisted long after the treatment was over.
  • IPT is believed to help detoxify. When the cell doors are open, things go in – and out. While IPT kills cancer cells, it flushes toxins into the circulation, enabling them to leave the body. This is why we pay special attention to supporting the liver during IPT.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center – Alternative Cancer Treatment – What cancers respond to IPT? IPT – Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

Kinder Cancer treatment at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center

IPT treatment has been reported to work well for many different types of cancers. There are also reports of IPT bringing responses and remissions to patients with some very difficult cancers, even cancers in late stages. Of course, each patient is evaluated anew, depending upon the type of cancer, the virulence of the individual cancer cells, and the stage of development of the cancer when the patient first comes for treatment.

Why is IPT needed?Over time, regular chemotherapy dosages may so compromise the patient’s blood counts, immune system, and organ function as to preclude further treatment or even cause organ damage resulting in patient morbidity. IPT eliminates the “lesser of two evils” decision all cancer patients face when diagnosed. Patients fare well as they experience a gentle and effective answer to cancer.


Is IPT just as effective as the chemotherapy my oncologist would prescribe?It does appear that the percentages for remission and survival are at least as good as with conventional chemotherapy, and perhaps much better. IPT has been used successfully in foreign countries for over 70 years. It has only recently been used in the USA, and there are many happy patients who now support this modified form of chemotherapy. These patients say that IPT is not only more effective than conventional chemotherapy, but also that it is certainly more comfortable than the suffering they experienced with regular chemotherapy.

Are there any side effects of IPT Treatment?A growing body of knowledge indicates that the side effects involved with IPT are significantly less than with conventional chemotherapy. There is very rarely any hair loss, no going home to shiver in bed for a day or two, and no severe vomiting. There is occasional constipation, which is easily controlled by simple medications. Some nausea is occasionally encountered for a few hours after the first couple of treatments, but this is also easily managed. The immune and other organ systems are carefully monitored during ongoing treatment, and deficiencies are easily corrected.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center – Alternative Cancer Treatment – What are the benefits of IPT Treatment?  IPT – Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

  • IPT can be very tough against tumors while being very gentle for the patient, who continues to live a normal, vital lifestyle while being treated.
  • If there is a chemotherapy drug that works against a particular type of tumor, it is believed to work at least as well with IPT. The insulin employed enables the physician to direct all the chemotherapeutic agents to the cancer cells only, sparing the normal cells and thereby insulating the patient from the throes of conventional chemotherapy. Therefore, only approximately 10% of the customary dosage of conventional chemotherapy is required. And as a result of this low dosage, with far less toxicity, up to four different chemotherapeutic agents can be administered at each weekly treatment!
  • Treatments require only approximately 2-4 hours per week and are administered in the physician’s clinic.
  • Treatment costs are significantly less than standard protocol.
  • Nobody has ever died from IPT. This cannot be said for conventional chemotherapy.

Are there any dangers in IPT treatment? Unlike with conventional chemotherapy, there have been no reported deaths as a result of IPT. Since these are toxic chemicals there is always a risk, but because IPT uses such lower doses than conventional chemotherapy any danger/risk has been significantly reduced. The worst side effect encountered is easily managed constipation. Unlike conventional chemotherapy, anemia and decreased platelet counts are unusual and usually not so severe as to require transfusions.

What should I expect when being treated? Usually 18-22 treatments are required to achieve remission. However, practitioners observed remissions after only six treatments, and occasionally remission was achieved after more than 22 treatments. It all depends on the type of cancer cell and how far it has advanced in the patient’s body.

IPT is administered in the same manner as traditional chemotherapy—the patient rests in a recliner while the chemotherapeutic agent is received through an IV. The procedure takes about 1 to 3 hours. The number and frequency of treatments vary with each patient.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy: A More In Depth Look Chemotherapy drugs are powerful cell-killing agents, they do not discriminate between cancer cells and normal cells. In the current medical practice, getting these drugs into the inside of cells where they do their work requires that they be administered in doses high enough to force them across the membranes of cancer cells.

You have Choices, exercise them, and learn about all novel approaches, you are your own advocate, do your homework. There is hope for you learn about the Healing Platform – Alternative Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment Alternative IPT