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weight loss

Overweight health problems

Overweight health problems

Overweight health problems causes obesity and all be addressed by change of life style

Overweight health problems: Importance of seeking for professional treatment

If there is any health condition that we must not allow to get close to us, it must be that of being obese or overweight. You may take this casually but wait until you understand the endless overweight health problems that are chronic and fetal that comes along with this condition. The health complications associated with overweight and being obese are a serious threat to life. If you’re obese, you’re more likely to develop a number of potentially serious health problems. According to doctor Dalal Akoury MD a weight loss professional and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center the following are some of the heath conditions associated with being overweight or obese:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Skin conditions, including poor wound healing
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition in which fat builds up in the liver and can cause inflammation or scarring
  • Metabolic syndrome a combination of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol
  • High triglycerides and low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Gynecologic problems, such as infertility and irregular periods
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Erectile dysfunction and sexual health issues
  • Cancer, including cancer of the uterus, cervix, endometrium, ovaries, breast, colon, rectum, esophagus, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney and prostate
  • Breathing disorders, including sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts

Overweight health problems: Quality of life

The gift of life is precious and we have this life to live once. Anything that complicates the full enjoyment of life must be dealt with professionally and timely. When you’re obese, the quality of your life may be lowered significantly. Despite the opportunities around you, you may not be able to do things you’d normally enjoy with ease. Take for instance participating in enjoyable activities like playing around with your young kids. This problem may also cause you to shy away from certain public places. It can also go to the extreme where obese people suffer from discrimination due to their condition. Besides these there are other weight-related issues that may affect the quality of life including:

  • Social isolation
  • Shame and guilt
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Lower work achievement
  • Disability
  • Depression

Seeking for professional help

Finally, being overweight or obese is not a crime and there are solutions for it. The first thing you need to do is to be open up and talk to your health care provider in plain truth about your weight concerns. This is one of the best things you can do for your health. Therefore, if you’re concerned about your weight, start by seeing your primary care provider and be ready for any options you may be given. The doctor in some cases may refer you to an obesity specialist, a behavioral counselor, and dietitian or nutrition specialist. The good news is that these entire specialist and many more are available at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of Doctor Akoury. You can go ahead and make that very important phone call to schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today.

Overweight health problems: Importance of seeking for professional treatment


weight loss

Cumulative weight loss benefits

Cumulative weight loss

Cumulative weight loss benefits includes both health and social benefits

Cumulative weight loss benefits: Losing weight is a process that needs commitment

The dangers which are associated with obesity and being overweight have opened a business opportunity to many people. In the process the objective is lost and the thirst to have more money overrides the health goals. The mushrooming of gym facilities and fitness clubs in today’s society is being seen as places of leisure and having fun instead of places where health matters are to be addressed. In most of these facilities, you will be attended by people whose educational back ground is questionable thereby putting the health of many innocent people seeking for perfection on their health into jeopardy. When you visit some of those facilities, you will be met with certain invitation to treat information indicating the cumulative weight loss benefits of losing weight professionally yet they don’t offer it to perfection as the advertisements indicate.

We must therefore change tacks and chose not to be lured into color without taste of brightness says doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Now to get into the discussion, I want to ask you that how well do you know of some of the cumulative benefits of losing weight professionally? The following are some of the benefits that we get when we lose weight the right way.

Cumulative weight loss benefits: Improvement of the health of your heart

The moment you enroll in the weight loss program, you have just sign a treaty with your health improvement with the heart being the greatest beneficiary in relation to the other body organs. With any slight weight loss, it translates almost immediately to the reduction of the health risks like the risk of heart attack and many other complications around the heart. Doctor Akoury says that it will be suicidal to get discouraged and abandon the weight loss program because the cumulative benefits are far reaching and touching on the very vital organs of the body. the good news about losing weight is that you don’t have to lose a significant amount for you to benefit, even that which in your own judgment is negligible is very productive in the supply of energy to your body effectively.

Remember that a journey of 1000 miles begin with a single step, it means that if you don’t tale the first step, then the 1000 miles will just remain that. Therefore taking little weight loss activities progressively will add more value to your health and boost your confidence to do more. It will also act as an incentive to graduate from one level to another even as your get closer to your ultimate goal which is health improvement. And like I had said before, this is not an easy assignment, there will be temptations to fall out, but remember that when you are contemplating doing that, a lot is already happening in the improvement of your organs. This may not be visible but they are happening. So I want to encourage you to keep to the zeal and remain focus, speak and associate with people who are positive and committed to seeing you succeed. It is your life and health we are talking about, so consult widely and seek for the services of able professionals like doctor Dalal Akoury whenever it is necessary.

Cumulative weight loss benefits: Losing weight is a process that needs commitment



Obesity and Overweight in Adults

Obesity and Overweight in Adults – Possible Solution with Doctor Akoury


Obesity and Overweight in Adults is becoming an epidemic in most societies and early treatment is necessary to avoid any future disaster.

In the resent past we have discussed this topic of obesity and overweight and because of the prevalence of this problem the world over, we are going to make certain emphasis on the same to create further awareness for the society to take better remedies and protect lives. By now it is obvious that if you are obese or overweight, you have a bigger risk of developing various health problems. Because of this it will be very important for you to know that even a modest amount of weight loss which in most cases would be ignored can help to reduce health risks associated with obesity and overweight. Therefore, the best way of losing weight and containing it is to be committed to a change in lifestyle which may include eating a healthy diet and doing some regular physical activity. Therefore can you answer the question below?

Are you obese or overweight?

I dearly being obese or overweight is a disaster in waiting, meaning that if you are obese or overweight, you are carrying excess body fat. It is also very important to be clear that being overweight or obese is not just about your shape or look it means that you have a bigger risk of developing various health problems. As an adult, you can find out whether you are overweight or obese and whether your health may be at risk, by calculating your body mass index (BMI) and measuring your waist circumference. You can get this by going through our previous articles where the details were elaborately covered. However I will be taking you through the weight circumference briefly for a better understanding of where we are heading to.

Waist circumference

If you are overweight, measuring your waist circumference can also give some information about your risk of developing health problems (particularly coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes). For instance in the event that two overweight or obese people have the same BMI, then the person with a bigger waist circumference will be at a greater risk of developing health problems due to their weight. This is because it is not just whether you are carrying excess fat but where you are carrying it. The risks to your health are greater if you mainly carry a lot of extra fat around your waist rather than mainly on your hips and thighs. In doing this, taking the easiest way to measure your waist circumference is to place the tape measure around your waist at belly button level and the result for both genders will be:

As a rule for men:

  • If you have a waist measurement of 94 cm to 101cm, the risk to your health is increased.
  • If you have a waist measurement of 102 cm and above, the risk is even higher.

As a rule for women:

  • If you have a waist measurement of 80 cm to 87cm, the risk to your health is increased.
  • If you have a waist measurement of 88 cm and above, the risk is even higher.

It is very important to consult with your doctor about your weight and how it affects your general health. For example at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care, priority is given to clients of this nature and an evaluation is done professionally to commence the recovery process which is based on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. Calling doctor Akoury for in death information and care will be the starting point for an assurance of better and healthier, comfortable life thereafter. Besides the findings of your weight circumference, if you attest to the following feelings, then you need to call doctor Akoury for a medical evaluation on your general health.

  • Feel tired and lacking in energy.
  • Experience breathing problems (for example, shortness of breath when moving around, or not being able to cope with sudden bursts of physical activity like running across the road).
  • Feel that you sweat a lot compared with other people.
  • Develop skin irritation.
  • Have difficulty sleeping.
  • Get complaints from your partner that you snore.
  • Experience back and joint pains which can affect your mobility.

Finally being obese or overweight may also lead to an increased risk of developing the following health condition besides the ones already mention:

  • Complications in pregnancy (including an increased risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy, preterm labour, caesarean section).
  • Stress incontinence (leaking urine when you are, for example, laughing, coughing, etc).
  • Stroke.
  • Sleep apnoea (this is when your breathing patterns are disturbed while you are sleeping, due to excess weight around your chest, neck and airways).
  • Gallstones.
  • Cancers (including colon, breast and endometrial (womb) cancer).
  • Gout.
  • Fatty liver.
  • Impaired glucose tolerance (pre-diabetes).
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • High cholesterol or triglyceride levels.
  • Fertility problems.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Coronary heart disease.

Besides the notable health conditions discussed, individual obese or overweight people can also develop psychological problems because of being overweight or obese. For instance, low self-esteem, poor self-image (not liking how you look) low confidence and feelings of isolation, these feelings may further affect your relationships with family members and friends and, if they are not addressed timely and allowed to become severe, they may lead to depression.

Besides depression, being obese (having a BMI >30) can also negatively affect your overall life expectancy by lessening your life spun thereby causing untimely or premature death to the victims. Like I do, I know that you love life and would not want to have your life terminated prematurely. If you are reading this article right now and you or any one you know is struggling with weight related health condition, then you need to call doctor Akoury or visit the home of obesity and weight gain solution (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) for proper and professional administration of weight loss treatment exercises offered by the real expert who have been in this practice for well over two decades. Under the able leadership of doctor Akoury, who is also a trained and qualified medical doctor of over twenty years, you will regain your life back in record time for a much healthier living thereafter.

Obesity and Overweight in Adults – Possible Solution with Doctor Akoury




Weight loss and Toxic

Weight loss and Toxic-Need to detoxify


When making effort to lose weight, you may choose to look at your toxic level and try natural means

Many people are struggling with weight and obesity in the today’s society, in order for your body to lose weight, there must be adequate hormones insulin and leptin must be doing their work.  Insulin is in place to control sugar and fat storage levels in the body while leptins job is the burning of fat.  If these hormones and the mechanisms that are there to utilize them isn’t working, you will be unable to lose weight and extremely prone to packing it on. There are two reasons these hormones begin to fail in your body, the over-consumption of sugar and processed grains and toxicity.

Toxicity is perhaps the greatest problem in the fight to lose weight.  When toxins enter your body they have an affinity for fat cells, due to the fact that they are fat soluble.  When the toxins attach to the outer cell membrane which is made of a lipid bi-layer (two layers of fat), it causes the cells to continually release Leptin which is the hormone that tells the brain to burn fat for energy, therefore, weight gain that does not respond to exercise or diet is inevitably due to Leptin resistance.

The toxins also cause the release of chemicals called cytokines that damage Leptin receptors in the brain (hypothalamus).  Once the receptors to Leptin have been damaged, Weight Loss becomes a problem your body then makes an extremely important hormone called MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone).  MSH is produced in the hypothalamus by Leptin, and it controls nerve, hormone, cytokine functions, skin and mucus membrane defenses, as well as controls the production of endorphins and melatonin.  If your brain cannot hear Leptin you will eventually become MSH deficient.  The effect of this would be that every immune and hormone response in your body will be altered.  This then leads to so many different diseases like depression, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and fibro-myalgia, just to name a few.

In many ways, our polluted world is a true test of genetic survival of the fittest. The number of toxic chemicals now threatens the reproductive ability of the human race and is also a large part of the cancer issue. These chemicals contribute to weight gain in various ways, including disruption of the hormone signaling system that regulates your metabolism, damage to and accumulation in your white adipose tissue, and increased risk for poisoning during weight loss. It is absolutely vital that you understand this subject.

Weight loss and Toxic-Challenges

It is very clear that too toxins are released back into the circulation during weight loss. This is especially the case during significant weight loss. During a weight loss of 12 percent of body weight toxins in the blood increased 23 percent – 51 percent, with the heaviest individuals releasing the most toxins. Over a one year period of weight loss toxic exposure ranged up to a whopping 388 percent. Scientists have shown that such toxins can interfere with thyroid hormone function during weight loss.  Human data shows that as the toxins go up in the blood during weight loss the levels of biologically active thyroid hormone (T3) go down. This data means that your plumbing and detoxification systems must be in good working condition for healthy weight loss or possibly even to engage weight loss.

Toxins make you feel irritable. Many people report feeling poisoned at a certain point in their weight loss process. Such people will always feel better when they eat a lot of food, as the toxins are pulled out of their blood and placed back in fat along with plenty of fat.  With little effort, most people can readily lose weight they have most recently gained. After that, people reach what I will call the “toxic plateau.” This means that detoxification strategies may need to be adjusted if weight loss slows too much or stops.

Weight loss and Toxic-Toxic Environment

Once upon a time, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a program called the National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS). In 1982 and again in 1987 it analyzed human fat samples from cadavers obtained throughout the country, looking for the types of toxins that accumulate in human fat. Four industrial solvents and one dioxin were found in 100 percent of the fat samples. Nine more chemicals, including three more dioxins and one furan were found in more than 90 percent of the fat samples. In general, 83 percent of the fat samples contained PCBs. U.S. researchers have confirmed the presence of multiple toxins in human fat associated with obesity risk. The EPA has confirmed the presence of these chemicals as pollution in the farm soil across America this can only mean that this problem will be with us for some time to come.

The scientific theory of how these chemicals cause weight gain and difficulty losing weight has now been established.  They bind to gene signaling within white adipose tissue and induce new fat cells to form while simultaneously increasing inflammation. Oftentimes, the newly formed fat cells are themselves damaged by the toxins so that they cannot metabolically perform, which includes an inability to make leptin normally. These damaged fat cells can fill up with excess fat and toxins, but are not able to efficiently carry out normal functions of fat cells, leading directly to increased risk for type 2 diabetes via the suppression of the important fat cell hormone known as adiponectin. Several human studies confirm that PCBs increase diabetes risk. These chemicals pose a serious problem to the thyroid gland and the efficient utilization of thyroid hormone throughout your body.

Weight loss and Toxic-Strategies detoxification during Weight Loss

The steps to take to boost antioxidant nutrients that are known to help detoxification processes while protecting the liver, brain, white adipose tissue, and/or circulation. Top choices are silymarin, R-alpha lipoic acid, chlorella, quercetin, grape seed extract and tocotrienols. It is now understood that “toxic” blood triggers the formation of new fat cells.  This is because the endothelial cells of your circulatory system directly communicate to your baby fat cells and can tell them what to do. Keeping your blood as clean as possible and supporting your liver are vital steps to ensure that this process goes smoothly. While making all these efforts a decision to visit AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s  who cares a lot will make great difference here we focus on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE.

Weight loss and Toxic-Need to detoxify