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Vampire Facelift treatment method

Vampire Facelift treatment

Vampire Facelift treatment method when applied professionally, the result is glamorous

Vampire Facelift treatment method: Adding youthful volume using hyaluronic acid fillers

The first step of The Vampire Facelift treatment method is the application of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm. One of the two main components of the facial aging process is the loss of volume due to a reduction of facial bone, muscle and fat, also known as “the apples of the cheeks”. Dermal fillers add youthful volume to the face while keeping a natural appearance. Hyaluronic acid fillers do not paralyze facial muscles like Botox, so volume is added without inhibiting facial movement or expressions.

Normally there is specific art application of fillers for a more vibrant natural and youthful appearance and you can rest assured that Dalal Akoury MD will apply his natural artistic abilities with her professional skills and over two decades of experience to perform your procedure, all you need to do is to get in touch with her and you will not regret the look on your face anymore.

Vampire Facelift treatment method: Revitalizing your facial skin from within

For the comfort and almost painless process, the platelet-rich fibrin matrix is placed just after a numbing cream has been applied. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix contains at least eight of the body’s own concentrated growth factors to revitalize the face in various ways like:

  • Specific growth factors increase the formation of new blood vessels also known as neovascularization and increased blood flow to the skin, resulting in healthier, better and quality skin.
  • Other growth factors increase new cell formation for skin renewal.
  • Another growth factor spurs the formation of new collagen, the major element of facial skin that diminishes in facial aging.
  • Other growth factors activate the multi-potent stem cells already in the skin by tricking it into thinking there is an injury, resulting in the use of a combination of growth factors and stem cells to generate new fatty tissue. The new fatty tissue repairs skin that was never injured, resulting in the generation of new, younger-looking skin.

Vampire Facelift treatment method: A quick procedure that keeps working for several months

Finally like I had indicated in the introduction while talking to doctor Dalal Akoury who is also the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, for professional input in calling doctor Akoury will be the starting point of ensuring that you get that youthful appearance you have been looking for. Doctor Akoury together with her team of experts appreciates that you need to get a quick result and they will just do that, remember that the entire Vampire Facelift procedure only takes about an hour to complete. Within the hour all the steps including the: blood draw, preparation of the PRP, platelet-rich fibrin matrix, and The Vampire Facelift® treatment itself will be complete and your face will surprise you when you look into the morrow. Take that positive step of calling doctor Akoury today and experience the real professional touch and take not that since skin renewal and rejuvenation is using the body’s own active regeneration components, facial skin renewal is continual for about 3 months after the procedure while the overall effects of the Vampire Facelift® can last for over a year. Thank you for desiring to make a difference in your face with the best at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Vampire Facelift treatment method: Adding youthful volume using hyaluronic acid fillers


Dr. Dalal Akoury

Vampire Facelift transformation

Vampire Facelift transformation

Vampire Facelift transformation applications and speedy facial transformation is all you need for sustainability of your facial beauty

Vampire Facelift transformation: Maintaining young and youthful look

It is interesting how everyone would like to keep and maintain that young, tender and youthful look for as long as they live. The desire for a much younger look is so strong that even the natural aging process is being fought by all means. In the spirit of doing this many challenges are being experienced more so by the ladies. This article brings the good news to the ladies of the discovery of vampire facelift transformation sighted as the perfect solution to this problem. Speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center, it is evident that the beauty condition reveals very important guidelines which when followed will give you that much youthful looks. One of the most and desired facial treatments doctor Akoury is offering is the application of vampire facelift. As we get into the finer details of this discussion, you may want to consider calling doctor Akoury for any problem relating to the beauty of your skin and face. You can schedule an appointment with her now and all your concerns will be addressed professionally.

The focus of discussion in this article will be Vampire Facelift and how effective it is. Vampire facelift was primarily established for people desiring to keep that healthy, youthful, and well moisturized young look skin naturally without the inconveniences of going through surgery. It is a systematic process that uses your own body’s healing and regenerative properties. This process does not take time with the almost immediate result being realized on the same day and with continual skin regeneration benefit lasting for months after the procedure, and results can last for over a year.

It is important to note that Vampire Facelift® is not just a facelift procedure but rather a skin treatment procedure using the body’s own natural healing and growth factors that are derived from your own. Vampire Facelift is, therefore, a stylish procedure developed to facilitate and enhance volume in the face using a combination of hyaluronic acid like Restylane and platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) which is a denser form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Vampire Facelift transformation: Recovering factors from a patient’s own blood

The major component for Vampire Facelift is platelet-rich fibrin matrix which is derived from the patient’s own blood before being mixed with other factors. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix starts with a blood draw in the very way blood is drawn during any blood test after which the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is detached by spinning the patient’s blood through a centrifuge to give a clear yellow serum after it is detached from the darker components made typically of red blood cells.

Platelet-rich plasma is used throughout the medical world for its wound and injury healing properties. It also stimulates the production of collagen and for tissue regeneration. These properties enable platelet-rich fibrin matrix as an ideal natural serum for revitalizing facial skin quality and volume with increased collagen production, blood supply, and new skin and fatty tissue generation, creating the youthful appearance that comes with generating new, healthier skin. The purpose of Vampire facelift is to correct what aging is introducing in your skin quality and that is what doctor Akoury will help you achieve.

Vampire Facelift transformation: Maintaining young and youthful look



Natural skincare alternative vampire facelift

Natural skincare alternative

Natural skincare alternative vampire facelift delivers perfect beauty

Natural skincare alternative vampire facelift: The restoration of beauty

What kind of compliments do you get when your skin is glowing? Probably, you’ve been told that you are very beautiful, gorgeous, immaculate or wonderfully looking. They are good comments and compliments everyone would like to hear. If all this compliments are directed to you, it makes you feel appreciated, noticed and admired. For this to be so in the kind of toxic environment we live in today, you will need to do a lot to achieve this because we are residents to a very polluted world with lots of toxic substances that affects our skin negatively. As we venture into this discussion do you like what you see in the mirror? How does it make you feel when you stand before your mirror? Does your skin irritates you and is it affecting your confidence or facial look? If these are your concerns then you may want to consider the best and natural skincare alternative treatment option by scheduling an appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care.

By visiting this facility we can guarantee your safety by providing only effective skin care treatment. Less invasive than surgery and more effective than typical spa treatments, we will introduce you to our facial aesthetic services which will leave you feeling happier, confident, and rejuvenated. It will not matter what kind of treatment you’ll need be it for facial wrinkles, unsightly lines, creases or folds, undesirable skin marks, or any other issue, consider it done because doctor Akoury together with her team of experts will up on finishing with you, will leave a lasting mark on you which will make many to bring back the compliments because we are the home of solution for your personal beauty.

Natural skincare alternative vampire facelift: Countless options of natural skincare

As indicated above when it comes to refreshing, beautifying, and rejuvenating the face and the general good looking skin we have countless options of natural skin care, this is what we do best. Therefore the application of biologic medicine is a field of treatment in which patients’ own tissues are take out, carefully manipulated and then reestablished into the body to effect natural results using the body’s own healing power. The good news is that after years of study, physicians have developed several new cosmetic procedures using biologic medical principles to naturally enhance appearance and reduce visible signs of aging. Top on the list is “Vampire Facelift” in which surgeons use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in patients’ own blood to regenerate skin for incredible and completely natural anti-aging effects. however as popular interest in both plastic surgery and all-natural treatment options continues to build, biologic medical procedures like the Vampire Facelift present a safe and effective alternative to conscientious consumers all while using the body’s own healing mechanism to rejuvenate the skin and beautify the body.

To gain the best of both worlds (and the disadvantages of neither), the Vampire FaceLift ® not only restores a lovely facial shape, it also regenerates tissue and creates radiant skin tone and texture. Therefore how does this fascinating procedure work?

Natural skincare alternative vampire facelift: The restoration of beauty


ageing skin naturally

Vampire facelift applications

Vampire facelift applications

Vampire facelift applications and speedy facial transformation

Vampire facelift applications: Natural skincare alternative

PRP facial rejuvenation popularly referred to as the “Vampire Facelift applications,” uses the body’s natural healing system to enhance skin tone, texture and color with minimal downtime, and without the use of man-made synthetics or invasive surgery. The key to this procedure is our own human blood, which contains Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF), compounds that stimulate the production of collagen and keratin to help the body build new, firm, healthy skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. By harnessing the powerful impact of these growth factors found in the blood platelets, it is possible to activate stem cells in our skin and to instruct the body to use those cells to grow new, young skin in areas affected by the visible signs of aging.

PRP is prepared by taking a small vial of blood normally from a patient’s arms and then placing the blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. In less than 15 minutes, physicians can boost platelet and growth factor concentration by up to 600% and then re-inject the compounds into facial skin to speed up natural healing and collagen production. The result is an all-natural alternative to fillers like Botox or invasive procedures like a surgical facelift, ideal for combating fine wrinkles around the eyes, nose, lips, forehead and neck, as well as dark under eye circles, acne scars, and sagging skin.

Complete Rejuvenation in 3 Steps

The Vampire FaceLift ® may sound supernatural, but its benefits are based firmly in nature. By drawing nourishing platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) from the patient’s blood and reapplying it to the face, the procedure restores vitality to skin.

Reshaping and beautifying the face

During the first stage of the Vampire FaceLift ®, the physician subtly sculpts the face using hyaluronic acid (HA) filler. The unique Vampire FaceLift ® approach takes into account the appropriate proportions of a beautiful face, rather than producing an unnatural appearance.

Harvesting and harnessing your blood’s healing power

Next, the physician draws a small amount of blood from the patient – about 2 teaspoons – and places the blood in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The practitioner adds special filler to this gel-like substance, which “activates” 8 or more growth factors designed to heal damaged tissue by stimulating collagen growth and blood flow.

Vampire facelift applications: Infusing the face with rejuvenating injections

After applying the numbing cream, the physician uses a special technique and a tiny needle to inject these growth factors back into the patient’s skin. By tricking stem cells into believing an injury has occurred, this process causes them to produce collagen, blood cells, and fatty tissue. As a result, skin appears younger and more beautiful. This procedure will continue to improve your skin condition over the 2 to 3 months following, as well as provide lasting effects for 1-2 years.

Finally, our objective at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care is to naturally revamp your beauty professionally. It is our business and we hold it so dear in our heart to help you have that desired youthful look in the most natural way and with absolute natural products. We will be looking forward to sharing the latest in all-natural facial rejuvenation and body contouring services with you and the global societies as well. Call us today for that life changing appointment.

Vampire facelift applications: Natural skincare alternative



Skincare tips

Vampire facelift relations to other cure procedures

Vampire facelift relations

Vampire facelift relations to other cure procedures are all tailored to help in sustaining skin texture beautiful and healthy as age catch up with us

Vampire facelift relations to other cure procedures: FAQs and solutions

In contrast to the Vampire Facelift®, the Vampire Facial® does not use any fillers. The purpose of the Vampire Facial® is to enhance the benefits of micro needling with a device such as the Dermapen by applying PRP (platelet-rich plasma) during and after the micro needling process. Even as we undertake to differentiate the vampire facelift relations with other treatment procedures, it is important to note that doctor Dalal Akoury MD, and President of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center will customizes the depth and the rate at which the micro needling is done in order to get the most benefit from the treatment for each patient. Micro needling is skill which is not performed the same way by every practitioner. The combination of micro needling with application of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) results in the stimulation of collagen and improvement of the skin. And that explains why scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury today for the commencement of this treatment process becomes very essential for you. In the meantime, as you consider doing that, let us continue with the discussion by looking at vampire facelift and synthetic fillers.

Vampire Facelift® or Synthetic Fillers

Unlike other injectable such as Artefill, the Vampire Facelift® is natural since it uses the patient’s own healing and growth factors collected from their blood to revitalize the face along with hyaluronic acid filler.

There is a well-documented synergistic benefit from the use of hyaluronic acid filler with platelet-rich plasma in wound healing. Synthetic fillers alone have not shown this benefit and have other risks which make hyaluronic acid a preferred filler for the Vampire Facelift®. Botox is different than dermal fillers as it’s a neurotoxin which decreases muscle activity by affecting nerves which stimulate a particular muscle.

Is the Vampire Facelift® considered a “liquid facelift”?

The term “liquid facelift” was used to describe the use of several different types of injectable to enhance a person’s appearance. This means that the Vampire Facelift® is a type of “liquid facelift”.

Various type of fillers can be used to get some of the effect of a facelift, from Botox to using your own fat (referred to as fat transfer or fat grafting). Depending on your personal situation, a liquid facelift might be a better option than a facelift, which can still be considered in the future.

Vampire facelift relations to other cure procedures: How much does the Vampire Facelift® cost?

The liquid facelift cost is dependent on Dr. Akoury’s evaluation of your needs. It’s important that you have a proper evaluation to determine if you are a candidate. Some patients also combine The Vampire Facelift® with other facial procedures. The cost will also vary if you prefer a facial instead.

The benefit of the Vampire Facelift® continues over time after the procedure as the growth factors in the blood stimulate the body to create collagen and new blood vessels that result in enhancing facial skin. Dr. Akoury is a renowned practitioner of the Vampire Facelift®. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Akoury.

Vampire facelift relations to other cure procedures: FAQs and solutions