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Vampire facelift associations to other procedures

Vampire facelift associations

Vampire facelift associations to other procedures is totally outstanding in delivering beauty

Vampire facelift associations to other procedures: FAQs and solutions

In contrast to the Vampire Facelift®, the Vampire Facial® does not use any fillers. The purpose of the Vampire Facial® is to enhance the benefits of micro needling with a device such as the Dermapen by applying PRP (platelet-rich plasma) during and after the micro needling process. Even as we undertake to differentiate the vampire facelift associations with other treatment procedures, it is important to note that doctor Dalal Akoury MD, and President of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center will customize the depth and the rate at which the micro needling is done in order to get the most benefit from the treatment for each patient. Micro needling is the skill which is not performed the same way by every practitioner. The combination of micro needling with the application of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) results in the stimulation of collagen and improvement of the skin. And that explains why scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury today for the commencement of this treatment process becomes essential for you. In the meantime, as you consider doing that, let us continue the discussion by looking at vampire facelift and synthetic fillers.

Vampire Facelift® or Synthetic Fillers

Unlike other injectable such as Artefill, the Vampire Facelift® is natural since it uses the patient’s own healing and growth factors collected from their blood to revitalize the face along with the hyaluronic acid filler.

There is a well-documented synergistic benefit from the use of hyaluronic acid filler with platelet-rich plasma in wound healing. Synthetic fillers alone have not shown this benefit and have other risks which make hyaluronic acid a preferred filler for the Vampire Facelift®. Botox is different than dermal fillers as it’s a neurotoxin which decreases muscle activity by affecting nerves which stimulate a particular muscle.

Is the Vampire Facelift® considered a “liquid facelift”?

The term “liquid facelift” was used to describe the use of several different types of injectable to enhance a person’s appearance. This means that the Vampire Facelift® is a type of “liquid facelift”.

Various type of fillers can be used to get some of the effects of a facelift, from Botox to using your own fat (referred to as fat transfer or fat grafting). Depending on your personal situation, a liquid facelift might be a better option than a facelift, which can still be considered in the future.

Vampire facelift associations to other care procedures: How much does the Vampire Facelift® cost?

The liquid facelift cost is dependent on Dr. Akoury’s evaluation of your needs. It’s important that you have a proper evaluation to determine if you are a candidate. Some patients also combine The Vampire Facelift® with other facial procedures. The cost will also vary if you prefer a facial instead.

The benefit of the Vampire Facelift® continues over time after the procedure as the growth factors in the blood stimulate the body to create collagen and new blood vessels that result in enhancing the facial skin. Dr. Akoury is a renowned practitioner of the Vampire Facelift®. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Akoury.

Vampire facelift associations to other care procedures: FAQs and solutions

stem cell therapy

Platelet rich fibrin matrix ingredient

Platelet rich fibrin matrix

Platelet rich fibrin matrix ingredient essential for vampire facelift

Platelet rich fibrin matrix ingredient: Vampire facelift

The Vampire Facelift is a “designer procedure” developed as a way to enhance volume in the face using a combination of hyaluronic acid and platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) which is a thicker form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The key ingredient for Vampire Facelift is platelet-rich fibrin matrix, which is derived from the patient’s own blood before being mixed with other factors. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix starts with a blood draw, in the normal blood test is done from the laboratory. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then separated by spinning the patient’s blood through a centrifuge. Platelet-rich plasma appears as a clear yellow serum after it is separated from the darker components made mostly of red blood cells. Calcium chloride (CaCl) or other activator is added to the PRP to turn it into the thicker and longer lasting platelet-rich fibrin matrix.

Platelet-rich plasma is used throughout the medical world for its wound and injury healing properties. It also stimulates the production of collagen and for tissue regeneration. These properties enable platelet-rich fibrin matrix as an ideal natural serum for rejuvenating facial skin quality and volume with increased collagen production, blood supply, and new skin and fatty tissue generation, creating the youthful appearance that comes with generating new, healthier skin.

How the Vampire Facelift helps you look younger

Ordinarily the face will age in two ways:

  • There is loss of volume from bone, muscle, fat, and skin. This can make the under eye area and cheeks look flat and hollow. Because of this the skin will appear dull instead of being tender and glamorous as it was when younger.
  • The loss of support of the skin results in drooping upper eyelids, lower eyelids, cheeks , jowls and sagging neck skin (turkey neck).

Platelet rich fibrin matrix ingredient: Hyaluronic acid fillers for adding youthful volume

Doctor Akoury explains that for Vampire Facelift® to work effectively, first the doctor will apply injectable hyaluronic acid dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm. It is important to remember that one of the two main components of the facial aging process is the loss of volume due to a reduction of facial bone, muscle and fat, commonly known as the apples of the cheeks.

  • Dermal fillers add youthful volume to the face, while keeping a natural appearance.
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers do not paralyze facial muscles like Botox, so volume is added without constraining facial movement or expressions.

There is an art to the application of fillers for a natural and youthful appearance, and you can be confident that Dr. Akoury will apply her natural artistic abilities with her technical skills and over two decades of experience to perform your procedure.

Platelet rich fibrin matrix ingredient: A quick procedure that keeps working for several months

The Vampire Facelift procedure being the new techniques for facial treatment, will only take about an hour to be administered. Inside this hour also includes:

  • The drawing of blood
  • Preparation of the PRP
  • Platelet-rich fibrin matrix and
  • The Vampire Facelift® treatment itself.

Finally, it must always be remembered that since the skin renewal and rejuvenation is using the body’s own active regeneration components, facial skin renewal is continual for about 3 months after the procedure. The overall effects of the Vampire Facelift® can last for over a year. Therefore for any concern about rejuvenating your skin consult with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for professional solutions.

Platelet rich fibrin matrix ingredient: Vampire facelift


Acne Scars Treatment

Facial treatment techniques

Facial treatment techniques

Facial treatment techniques that makes you stand out no matter where you are

Facial treatment techniques: Facial transformation using vampire facelift

If you want to be noticed instantly, there are only two things you need to do. One, you can work on your face so that it is appealing and no one will miss noticing the beauty on it. The other way is to carelessly ignore the beauty of your face and let it shrewd and ugly. Either way you will be noticed. I want us to dig deeper in facial treatment techniques and how best we can protect the beauty of our face. It is interesting how people make plans of what they want to do and slot time for accomplishing them. But then again, before they realize time is gone and the target has not been met. What surprises many is that we have become too busy to the point that we do not even have time for ourselves let alone families.

The nature of our work has made it very difficult to do certain things which are very important in our lives. For example, in the beauty industry one would want to make some improvement on her wrinkling skin but because of tight work schedule this become very difficult thanks to the time inadequacy. Even though this is the situation we find ourselves in, experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD are coming up with new techniques for facial treatments which are time friendly especially to those very busy people. Vampire facelift is one of them and it is going to form the basis of our discussion. Doctor Akoury is going to help us understand more about this new technology that is so uploaded in offering speedy facial transformation to the busy society.

Facial treatment techniques: Effective skincare treatment approach

Because of the commitment and tight work schedule we have today, there was need to come up with a skin care treatment approach which is acceptable to the whole community whether busy or not. For a very long time we have heard surgeries which besides their painful side effects, requires more time to be spent in hospital bed and a period of convalescing before one can resume work. Then came the introduction of Vampire Facelift primarily developed for people who want healthy, youthful, and rejuvenated skin within the shortest time possible. This became the relief for many say doctor Akoury. In this case the procedure uses your own body’s healing and regenerative properties. The Vampire Facelift® is actually an outpatient procedure where on visiting doctor Akoury in her office, she will evaluate your situation and put you on treatment that will last for less than half an hour. The good news about this procedure is that, up on completion, the result or benefits can be experienced almost immediately on the same day. Nonetheless there will be continual skin regeneration benefit lasting for months after the procedure with the benefits extending beyond one year after treatment.

The Vampire Facelift® (new techniques for facial treatment) is not a facelift (surgical) at all, but rather a skin treatment using the body’s own natural healing and growth factors derived from your own blood combined with a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. The procedure is a painless series of injections to areas of the face to reduce wrinkles, add youthful volume, and improve the quality of your skin. Doctor Akoury having been in this practice for well over two decades has administered this new facial treatment techniques to very many people across the globe. The feedbacks from the past patients are overwhelmingly positive and your desire to have a more youthful face will be safely done in her office. All you need to do is to schedule for an appointment with her today and in a record time, you will have your skin radiant and glowing again.

Facial treatment techniques: Facial transformation using vampire facelift



Vampire facelift application

Vampire facelift application

Vampire facelift application a perfect way of wrinkled skin transformation to real beauty

Vampire facelift application: Can vampire facelift work well for you?

With vampire facelift, the application areas are unlimited. You can use vampire lift to treat almost virtually any area of the body including face, neck, chest and hands. Most patients will only need one vampire facelift application treatment to achieve optimal wrinkle-smoothing and improved skin volume. According to the experts at AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, this treatment is particularly effective for concerns such as facial creases, wrinkles, sun damage lines, acne scars and other superficial scars.

Because people have different and unique needs when it comes to signs of ageing, doctor Akoury will carry out a customized treatment plan tailored to meet any cosmetic goals. For example, if the concern is wrinkles, one vampire facelift can smooth away those wrinkles and the results can last for up to a year. However with this treatment procedure successfully done, patients will see optimum results a few weeks after the procedure, this is so because the collagen takes some time to grow and generate more and more healthy cells underneath the skin. Now take a look at yourself in the mirror and if you see wrinkles then you are a candidate. All you need to do is to reach out for help and doctor Akoury will be there to see you through the process professionally.

Vampire facelift application: What to expect before and after treatment?

Like I had indicated before that it all starts with the doctor’s professional examination of the skin to determine if the vampire facelift is necessary. If it’s appropriate, there may be some medications and supplements that need to be avoided prior to the treatment in order to reduce bruising or bleeding. The process takes approximately one hour to complete. Up on the completion of treatments, there may be some negligible patches of side effects like the patient experiencing temporary redness, discomfort, swelling, bruising and lumps in the injected areas. And because they are negligible they will last for only a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on the skin. Doctor Akoury recommends that it is very important to avoid sun exposure, exercise of whatever kind and alcohol during the recovery.

Vampire facelift application: Is it safe?

This is the most interesting part of this procedure says doctor Akoury. Safety is one of the major highlights for this treatment. Like I had mention before the vampire facelift involves injections to the desired areas using the patient’s own serum, so there is very little chance of allergy or side effects. The treatment also requires almost negligible healing time. In most cases, a patient will only see redness and maybe slight bruises for a couple of days at the most but all these are very negligible. It is the safest and newest technology available for skin rejuvenation at pocket friendly rates. To get started on this beauty corrective measure, schedule for that appointment with doctor Akoury today.

Vampire facelift application: Can vampire facelift work well for you?


Menopause and You

Vampire facelift hype

Vampire facelift hype

Vampire facelift hype. It is the miracle of beauty for everyone

Vampire facelift hype: Can vampire facelift work well for you?

What make the vampire facelift procedure hot in the movie industry at Hollywood hot at this time? What explanation do we have for vampire facelift hype and how helpful is it to you us? The truth is the present generation is aggressive in seeing that they are free from any form of aging effects. No wonder the beauty and cosmetic business is flourishing and everyone is moving in that direction. But the a million dollar question is “can vampire facelift work well for you?” I believe that you are very much interested in finding answers to this question. I will not disappoint you either just keep reading and get the solutions to all your beauty concerns from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of Doctor Akoury’s care.

Having been in this profession for well over two decades with numerous successful treatment feedbacks, doctor Akoury is not just a professional in this but also very experienced in her work. As we get into the discussion if you want to get a one on one with the most trusted professional then you need to schedule for an appointment with her today and before you know it you’ll be joining the endless statistics of great testimonies of successful operations which can only deliver the much needed result.

Vampire facelift hype: What is vampire a facelift?

The source of the nickname vampire facelift is probably because this non-surgical procedure involves extracting the patient’s own blood to achieve skin rejuvenation and renewal. What happens after consultation with doctor Akoury in her office is that, she will professionally evaluate your individual condition before commencement of treatment. As it is always in her professional practice she will puts the extracted blood into a machine which spins it around at high speed for about six minutes until the red and white blood cells have been separated. This process is always done primarily to produce plasma rich platelets (PRP) or very small cells if you like which stimulate the rapid growth of more cells. Remember we are still responding to your concern which is “can vampire facelift work well for you?”

Very systematically and professionally after this the next procedure is to synergistically combine hyaluronic acid fillers (HA) with the platelet-rich plasma. This combination or solution if you like is then injected into the area to be treated. PRP, drawn from the patient’s own blood, contains growth factors, and when concentrated, stimulate the skin’s collagen, revitalizing its texture, laxity, volume and tone. The hyaluronic acid filler is a smooth gel that softens and minimizes wrinkles. Wrinkles are the major threats of beauty that has made this generation to be spending heavily on the numerous beauty products available in the market. I want to therefore recommend that before you settle on any given cream for your skin, get the professional opinion about its effects on your skin. Remember that the beauty of your skin is very important yet very delicate. Any simple mistake done can cause you dearly, therefore before you get there, schedule for that appointment with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Vampire facelift hype: Can vampire facelift work well for you?