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Peach Compounds and Cancer Treatment


Breast cancer is a worldwide catastrophe’ distressing most women. The condition is quite dangerous and has affected a large number of females, in serious situations it has claimed lives of very many people each year. There are several factors that may enhance occurrence of this disease and currently global campaigns are held globally each aiming at urging women to go for breast cancer checkups. A famous old adage goes, prevention is better than cure and true it is. There are many ways to rid yourself of the ailment. Paramedics have carried out all day and night research seeking for ways through which women can prevent the disease before it encroaches and develops to irreversible stages in their bodies. This piece of writing gathers accurate information from different sources aiming to prove that peach compounds can help a great deal in preventing growth of cancer cells.

The best drugs are natural, any doctor advices their patients to go for vegetables and fruits for a healthy living. The same applies here. It is agreeable that almost if not all fruits are yummy and nutritious. Well, that is not disputable. Nonetheless, the peak of curative fruits lies at the peach. These sweet simple fruits can work wonders in your body. Laboratory tests from leading cancer specialists have clearly confirmed with no doubts that compounds contained in these fruits aid in inhibiting development of breast cancer.

Peach Compounds

A food scientist from Washington State University and his contemporaries at Texas A&M have confirmed that peaches contain compounds that can inhibit growth of cells that cause cancer of the breast and their ability to multiply throughout the body. They laid emphasis on the significance of good quality nutrition in preventing cancer.

More gripping research that featured in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry proved that the compounds could as well be recommended as a new addition to therapies that help in reducing the risk of metastasis commonly known as spread of carcinogens. However they insisted that it does not have to come from a supplement or compound.

Peach Compounds Can help you fight breast cancer

“Just 2-3 peaches a day, which could easily be achieved with a blender, juicer or blaster – can result into an astonishing result” says a cancer specialist. “Do three peaches a day.” Adds the WSU assistant professor for food science, Giuliana Noratto. In addition, she insisted that other foods are equally important. She said, “Having enough veges and fruits can provide our bodies with these compounds, consequently, they might have a similar preventive effect.” Another word of hope she mentioned was that “there exist a variety of traditional plants with medicinal values and a perfect well-balanced diet can that can lead you the right way in getting rid of such ailments.”

Peach CompoundsCurrently the doctor is researching on compounds in barley, wheat, apples and other dairy products that could play an ardent role in preventing obesity-related diseases. In 2009, medical investigations showed that plum and peach extracts concealed breast cancer cells grown in Petri dishes.  For the new study, the panel of researchers implanted cells leading to breast cancer beneath the skins of the mice under scrutiny. The technique, referred to as a xenograft, is often used to study the growth of cells causing breast cancer in a living animal demonstrating the process by which tumors start and progress. After one week, they fed mice with doses of peach polyphenols, which secures plants from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

The “internal sunscreen” upshot of green veges and fresh fruits have been noted over and over. Noratto and his colleagues intended to see if these compounds would have a ‘killing’ effect in carcinogens. 12 days later, mice that had fed high levels of polyphoenols had smaller tumors with few blood vessel formations that could assist cancer cells spread to other body parts. These tumors also had less evidence of enzymes that take part in the spread of carcinogens and invasion of cancer.

Being the author of all the studies, Noratto released a statement saying that there are several studies that showed peach compounds as antioxidants and as a result can protect DNA against damage that can lead to cancer related diseases. According to her, Different researchers have experienced the same phenomenon and concluded the same. Noratto added that and her colleagues wanted to know if the compounds might have started as a torrent of signals that could encourage the growth of cancer cells to “kill themselves”.

During their research, the team never had metastasis in mind, the whole realization came as a surprise as they went on with the analysis of lungs and the fact that the peach compounds repressed the growth of cancers. The panel found out that these compounds also inhibited the levels of metastasis on the lungs which is important in reducing growth of cancer. Now you know how to prevent it before it advances to its worse stages, go peaches and stay healthy.



Cancer Therapy; Dietary manipulations for Cancer

Dietary manipulations that affect the growth of cancer cells

Cancer therapy

Cancer therapy

Cancerous cells just like other healthy body cells depend on steady supply of nutrients to be able to survive. Many nutritionists have opined that the best way to safely kill the cancerous cells is to starve them. However over the years it has never been easy to starve the cancer cells while supply the healthy cells with nutrients since they all depend on glucose. There are many researchers that went a step further to come up with safer ways to kill the cancer cells through starving them without hurting the healthy cells. Other loopholes have been found that have enabled nutritionists to come up with some effective dietary manipulations to help fight cancer without leaving the patients with life threatening side effects. These dietary approaches are meant to be a better alternative to cancer therapy of and other nutritionally afflicted diseases.

Some of the dietary approaches developed are still up to now being researched on to establish how effective they are. Some are even controversial as they are supported and rejected in equal measure.

Here are some of the dietary manipulations that are said to have an effect on cancer cells survival and growth.

Ketogenic Diet and cancer therapy

A ketogenic diet advocates for high quality proteins and healthy fats while it eliminates all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates. The argument behind the ketogenic diet is that: since cancer cells need glucose to survive and the carbohydrates turn to glucose in the body reducing the amount of glucose in your body starves the cancer cells. The healthy cells also rely on glucose for survival, fortunately our healthy cells are flexible enough to turn to ketone bodies for energy unlike the cancer cells that suffer defects that deny them this flexibility to turn to ketone sources of energy. This gives a loophole to starve the cancer cells by reducing the amount of glucose in the body.

cancer treatment

The healthy cells will survive in absence of glucose as they can depend on ketone bodies for energy and live on however the cancer cells solely depend on glucose hence will be starved to death.

The ketogenic diet also minimizes the mTOR pathway that enhances cell proliferation. This diet that restricts all starchy vegetable carbohydrates but advocates for healthy fats and high quality is a better way to kill the cancer cells and should be adopted by anybody not only to treat cancer but as a daily feeding lifestyle as it is an ideal fat burning diet.

Calorie restriction and cancer and Cancer Therapy

Reduced calories intake has a positive impact in fighting cancer. Researchers have come out with findings to support this notion, however a more detailed argument is that when humans reduce the calories intake the expression of certain proteins that foster cancer cells survival will be limited.

Basically eating calories results in the calories being broken down to provide energy for building of proteins so when calorie intake is restricted there will be slowed rate of metabolism and the functions of  most proteins will be limited. The researchers have also found out that reducing calories intake will help in minimizing over expression of Mcl-1 which is the protein linked to formation and growth of cancer cells.

Sugar is the sole energy for cancer and if sugar is restricted and replaced with another alternative: fat, there will be no fuel to help in the growth of cancer cells since they cannot switch to fat since they do not have the metabolic flexibility to change to other energy sources other than sugar fuel.

Amino acid restriction and cancer therapy

Amino acids are vital building blocks in our bodies and the cancerous cells are dependent on the amino acids for growth. Two of the amino acids these are phenylalanine and tyrosine have an ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Most cancer cells are dependent on these two amino acids but melanomas, breast cancer and prostate cancer are greatly affected by restriction of these two amino acids. When the amino acids are restricted the growth of cancer cells is inhibited greatly. Restriction of amino acids has also induced apoptosis on many cancer cells. A research that was spearheaded by Dr. Meadows who is the Director of the Cancer Prevention & Research Center at Washington State University showed that amino acid restriction can be a very valid alternative cancer therapy.

Carbohydrate Restriction and cancer therapy

Carbohydrates are a major source of glucose and the cancer cells solely depend on the glucose for their survival. The cancer cells need more of the glucose than the healthy cells. When there are lots of carbohydrates in the diet the cancer cells are poised to grow and spread even faster. Since the cancer cells can only survive on the glucose when the carbohydrates are restricted they will not find enough glucose to feed on and will therefore starve to death. The normal cells are able to adapt to other sources of energy like fats in the body.


Alternative cancer therapy  are becoming the most popular options to cancer Cancer therapy. This is because the conventional  Cancer therapy like chemotherapy are not only expensive to most cancer patients but also leave the cancer patients with lots of life threatening side effects.

To be able to live a cancer free life you need to get empowered on how you can keep away from the unhealthy habits that may put you at risk. You also need to know the better alternatives to cancer therapy

 Coley’s Toxins as an Alternative Cancer Therapy 

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Dietary manipulations that affect the growth of cancer cells