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Excess sugar consumption

Infant food addiction prevention

Infant food addiction

Infant food addiction prevention is possible when parents are well informed of their roles in caring for the children

Infant food addiction prevention: The best feeding habits for kids

When it comes to child protection, nothing is left to chance. We will always do all it takes to ensure the safety of our children and therefore, infant food addiction prevention must be top on our priority list. Ironically in our quest of bringing them up, we sometimes do certain things ignorantly that impacts quite negatively in the development of our children. We spoke with experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of Doctor Dalal Akoury MD and a veteran addiction expert whose primary objective is to make a difference in people’s lives. In her, over two decades of working experience doctor, Akoury has really made immense contributions in transforming peoples’ lives from all walks of life across the globe. We are therefore privileged to have such brains to help us understand some of the techniques for preventing childhood food addiction going forward in this discussion. Doctor Akoury is very categorical that children can eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods and textures and will not complain much as we do. It is important that all parents and guardians should to take the earliest opportunity when children are still young to encourage them to enjoy family meals and even go beyond the family means by trying a wide range of other foods, tastes, flavors, and textures.

Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center have established that toddlers and young children have a natural ability to sense when they are hungry and when they are full a function that most of us adult may not have. Ordinarily children will learn to eat what the family eats and that will only be possible if they are offered the same food and encouraged to try it. Low-fat or restricted diets are not always recommended for toddlers primarily because this may result in poor growth and development. Nonetheless we all ore our children the duty of care to ensure that as we feed them they do not engage in feeding habit that can have serious addiction impact in their lives in the future. In that regard, let us take some time to briefly highlight some of the concerns parents may have in bringing up their children to be free from the temptation of being addicted to food.

Infant food addiction prevention: Involving children in decision making

Your role as parent to your child is to decide what food and when to offer it, but the child decides whether or not to eat and to what quantity they’ll eat. Remember that children eat when they’re hungry. They have a natural ability to sense when they are hungry and when they are full. Therefore insisting that your child eats more than they choose to is not advisable because doing so is likely to encourage them to overeat in the future and probably become addicted to certain foods particularly those that you are forcing on them. Professionally doctor Akoury recommends that you let your children decide whether they will eat and how much they will eat. This may not sound reasonable for you but remember it is one of the best techniques for preventing childhood food addiction. Let us reason together and keep our children safe. You can always reach me on telephone number 843 213 1480 to address any concern you may be having about your children feeding habits.

Infant food addiction prevention: The best feeding habits for kids


weight loss

Healthy feedings for healthier weight

Healthy feedings

Healthy feedings for healthier weight is a must do for everyone

Healthy feedings for healthier weight: Sweetened drinks, grapes, and fruit juice

For effective weight management, avoiding sweetened drinks is a step in the right direction. Such drinks make your stomach feel full, thus makes you eat less. Alongside with that many people like taking fruit juice as takeaways believing that they are healthy. The truth is most of them miss out on the fact that during their preparation, a lot of sugar is added to flavor them. The consequent of that is they end up consuming a lot of sugar unknowingly. Fruit juice taken without sugar is good and is highly encouraged. And when it comes to grapes, they are sweet and of course being fruits, they are people’s favorites thinking that taking them is a good idea. The truth is, grapes add more sugar into your system since they have high sugar content which then starts craving for the more sweeter stuff. Healthy feedings for healthier weight is necessary and so, if you want to include grapes in your diet, ensure you also have some protein, with low calorie to stabilize your blood sugar.

Healthy feedings for healthier weight: White rice, certain breakfast cereals, and salted nuts

White rice does serious harm to the weight loss campaign. Unfortunately, this is something that many people do not take seriously. As compared to the brown rice, it has little nutrients. It is processed very fast thereby sending your blood sugar up. This is likely to results in energy crash which comes not so long after eating the white rice. This will then prompt you to look for food in order to energize the body more. Brown rice is also more nutritious and has less craving as compared to white rice.

Bread is generally low in fat but high in sugar. Bread has sugar, and its intake translates to a lot of sugar in the body. Natural cereals high in protein can, therefore, be a good substitute in place of bread. Besides, that nuts are good because of the protein they add to the body. However, the salted nuts add more calories into your system. Unsalted nuts, on the other hand, are better because there will be no consumption of salt.

Healthy feedings for healthier weight: Alcohol

Amazingly enough, alcohol lovers are always ready to shell out even to the last coin, even when taxes are increased. Alcohol is harmful in nature. It adds more calories to the body, which then leads to the addition of more weight. Those taking alcohol make a poor decision when it comes to food.  They then end up eating fried foods every time they take alcohol.

Finally, the list is endless and from the discussion, it is evident that most of the food items we feed do more harm than good to health. It is no wonder that for effective weight loss we must all take a keen interest in balancing the foods we eat since all of them add up to something in your body. This may pose a challenge and if that is the case then doctor Dalal Akoury will be more than willing to help you out upon schedule an appointment with her.

Healthy feedings for healthier weight: Sweetened drinks, grapes, and fruit juice







Chronic stress frustrations

Chronic stress frustrations

Chronic stress frustrations alongside chronic sleeplessness effects needs to be dealt with professionally

Chronic stress frustrations: Acute stress

We all live with it but what exactly is stress? In this article, we want to focus on the understanding chronic stress as it is exactly since it affects us broadly. Our reference is going to be from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a medical facility which was founded by doctor Dalal Akoury primarily to offer health solutions to people struggling with chronic stress frustrations. Stress can come in many forms including emotions, chemical, electromagnetic. When stress set in an individual’s life, it will not matter the kind of stress it is since the body understands stress in the same way irrespective of the type. How then does stress affect the body? The effects of stress are many and may include the following:

  • It can lower your immune system
  • Increase your cholesterol
  • Blood sugar and blood pressure
  • It can cause sexual dysfunctions
  • Arthritis’s
  • Heart disease
  • Weight gain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Ulcers
  • Cancer as well as lower thyroid function and metabolism

Normally when a person is under stress the body will switch into a fight or flight mode.

  • This will then trigger several physiological responses and you will have a decrease of all noncritical processes.
  • Your energy will be mobilized to your muscle.
  • Digestion will be turned off (50 percent of people have digestive complaints)
  • Detoxification will be impaired
  • You will have a decrease in cellular repair
  • You will be placed in a catabolic (breaking down) state. This catabolic state will weaken all your systems.

Chronic stress frustrations: Different states of stress

You can be in a sick state – This is when your stress levels are higher than your resistance levels.

You can be in an average state of health – This is when your stress levels and resistance levels are about equal. These are the people who feel good until something stressful happens then they get symptoms.

The last is a state of good health – This is when your resistance is much higher than your stress levels. This leaves you with two choices; reduce stress, or increase resistance. The easiest one to do is to decrease stress. Unfortunately, some people are unable to do this, therefore we must increase resistance. This means you need to support your hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis.

Finally, it is obvious that stress and sex hormones are all derived from cholesterol. It, therefore, means that if you are under constant stress, you will produce more stress hormones, and therefore you will need more cholesterol to make those hormones. This is how stress can lead to elevated cholesterol. When you’re continuously making stress hormones your body will decrease in production of sex hormones, as well as aldosterone, this is called cortisol steal. Lower sex hormones will lead to hormonal imbalances such as irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, and low libido. Lower aldosterone levels will prevent your kidneys from absorbing sodium and therefore spilling sodium into the bladder. Wherever sodium goes, water follows. This will cause dilute urine and frequent urination, as well as the craving for salt. You can always learn more with doctor Akoury any time any day.

Chronic stress frustrations: Acute stress



Overweight solution

Weight gain dangers before pregnancy

Weight gain dangers

Weight gain dangers before pregnancy are real and must be taken seriously

Weight gain dangers before pregnancy: Taking remedial action

I remember when the maker first created the earth, before the man he made available healthy food to help the man in developing the land for more production. That assignment of producing more has been done to the disadvantage of human life. All the healthy fresh healthy fruits and vegetables are now being passed through chemicals all in the name of adding value to them. The concept of value addition to our food items today is not working well for humanity. In fact, all the processed foods are categorized as unhealthy food. This is not what the maker intended for his creation. With our own hands, we have succeeded in creating for us more problems. It is no wonder our obese mothers continue to give birth to obese children with high risk of being obese in future in oblivious of weight gain dangers. There is always a great joy for parents to bring forth healthy children. And because of our actions, we have to make a certain adjustment when planning to get pregnant if this joy is to become a reality. We are obligated into understanding the effects of obesity before pregnancy for us to bring forth healthy children.

Obesity the serious global health problem

We are aware that the issue of weight gain is developing at a very high speed to the point that all the world health organizations are getting concern of the emerging trend of weight gain. Recently the world health organization (WHO) listed obesity as one of the serious global health problems in the twenty-first century. This confirms the magnitude of the problem at hand and it means that time has come for us to be very aggressive and bring this problem to manageable levels. Obesity is a health condition in which an accumulation of excessive body fat work to impair health and increase morbidity and mortality.

The most commonly use method of measuring obesity is body mass index (BMI) where an individual will be considered to be overweight if their BMI is between 25 and 30 kg/m2 while those with more than 30 kg/m2 are considered to be obese. The effects of obesity can be very frustrating not just to the victim, but also to the people close to them. It is therefore very important that we have this problem addressed in good time so that our mothers and unborn children can be safe from all the health complications associated with being overweight or obese.

According to WHO the prevalence of obesity in pregnancy cut across 1.8 to 25.3% with effects of obesity before and during pregnancy constituting a major risk factor for both maternal and fetal complications. While appreciating that children born of obese mothers may become obese in their childhood and develops metabolic syndrome in their adulthood, it is possible to address some of the issues at this time since mothers will be willing to accept certain changes in their lifestyle like a well-balanced diet and bit of physical activities. Achieving this may be difficult but with guidance and help from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center this won’t be a problem. You can schedule an appointment today and your life and that of the unborn child will be safe not just during the pregnancy period but even in their lifetime.

Weight gain dangers before pregnancy: Taking remedial action


weight loss

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss

Good meal policy

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss a better solution to good health

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss: Changing family feeding strategies in our life time

As families we need to change our strategies about our kitchen affairs. A lot of wrongs are done in the kitchen which impact negatively to our general health. From the expert’s desk at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD when we have a good meal policy and all the kitchen activities planned well, we will certainly eat the right kinds of foods. The result of feeding on good food items is good health. Now how best can we sustain the most precious human asset? By nursing it with the right ingredients. Obesity and overweight are increasingly becoming a threat to humanity. Therefore, our focus is establishing “a good meal policy for healthy weight loss in our life time”. What we are saying is that when you chose to feed well, it should not be done in seasons but always for the rest of your life. The same practice should be passed to the next generation. In other words, our children must be brought on board so that they can carry the good feeding habits into their families when there time comes.

If you want to be smart in this discipline, you must develop a good meal policy of your own. We’re all aware that the body needs to be fed on daily. This must be done objectively if we want to eliminate the effects of weight gain. Consulting with experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center from time to time is very important. Remember that doctor Akoury is one of the best and experienced weight loss experts and has impacted positively in the lives of many people globally. Therefore, if you have any concern relating to weight gain then this is the right professional to reach out for help. As we progress with the discussion you can schedule for an appointment with her and she will professionally help you get back on truck to the healthy life free from all elements of weight related complications.

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss: Making the right decision over weight gain

Now to the meal policy for healthy weight loss in our life time, I am going to share with you some of my personal experience and lessons learnt from this facility (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care). A good meal policy would necessitate that you work on a weekly plan. And as for me I usually make food choices just one time during the week.  Sunday is my day of running the errands of the kitchen going to the grocery shopping. This is actually the starting point and also the single most important activity in any given week when it comes to staying on track with a healthy eating plan. Therefore after getting the professional input from the experts (doctor Akoury) you can now make good meal policy that will cause positive life experience in your life and that of your family.

Good meal policy for healthy weight loss: Changing family feeding strategies in our life time