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Women’s Sexuality In The 19th Century

The Great Awakening encouraged a commitment to a new standard of morality. Women’s Sexuality in the 19th Century: The concept of Homosexuality as a sexual orientation appeared in America during the late 1800’s.

Women sexual revolutionConsidering both physical and psychological wellbeing, Masculine anxieties in the 19th century are repeatedly seen to be focusing on the purportedly malevolent impacts of masturbation, which was apparently there as one of a broad range of physical and psychological ailments, and on venereal illnesses, specifically syphilis. This carries us precisely into the topic of nineteenth century sexuality, which has been an ongoing subject of arguments and captivation.

When most people of this age were questioned, their responses suggested that they were both plainly ignorant and emotionally aloof when it came to sexual issues. But soon enough another side of these people was revealed, a hypocritical one, in the shape of a secret world where prostitution and pornography were very common. This social contrast was highlighted in a number of societies and the argument mainly presented was that sex was not something to be treated as a taboo but the exact opposite of it. People highlighting these ‘dark sides’ of their societies argued that this matter must be discussed obsessively on every forum and regulation would be far more fruitful for the society rather than suppression of the issue. One can argue that these were the reason why the subjects like art and medicine of that era were so influenced by sexuality.

Sexuality in that era was also highly gender biased. At that time, it was a common misconception that females don’t really like the ‘taste’ of sex, i.e. they merely did it to satisfy their partners and if it was up to them, women might not even want to do it. Lately, however, this misconception was cleared by scientific research as well as the involvement of more and more married women being involved in extra-marital affairs. It was also revealed by later studies that many couples actually did enjoy mutual pleasure as it is common nowadays. And thus the 19th century moralism, which was tantamount to slogans like “men are polygamous, women are monogamous’ with the added detail that majority of women don’t even have sexual urges as compared to males, was thrown in the trash can through social and biological ideas based on scientific investigation.

On one hand where women were being oppressed is the name of morality, these ‘moralists’ also proposed and, to some level, also imposed a socio-medical binding on the males grounded on male self-control to encourage the middleclass standards of familial life. These initiatives were taken to control males’ chronic desires, and also in regard of ancient predictions that population upsurge would inescapably exceed the planet’s food supplies. For similar motives, ‘irregular sexual activity’ was also slammed. There is sufficient proof that numerous working-class people were expected to be married or at least married once a pregnancy has happened. The proportion of illegal deliveries was comparatively small.

Prostitution, on the other hand, continued to be the most upsetting issue. Moral alarm were buzzing at full intensity in the mid-19th century as urban population was on the rise which consequently increased ‘flesh selling’ on the streets, theatres and public parks. To some extent it gave women the visible female freedom that they were wanting from the controlled society. From their point of view, women were subject to male dominance in roles of daughters, workers or domestic help. However, as prostitutes, they at least possessed personal and financial liberty. To curb this thinking, a ‘Contagious Diseases Acts’ was formalized which made a binding on female prostitutes to be medically examined for venereal disease from time to time. Those found positive were to be detained.  The enforcement of this act gave rise to one of the most triumphant and distinguishing sexual restructuring campaigns of that epoch.

Feminists however still insisted and focused on both physical and mental sexual liberation for women. The quest for sexual satisfaction for women was the main philosophy which consequently set the groundwork for female autonomy.

How couples behave in private is no doubt hard to evaluate, but there has been evidence that partners who did not enforce intercourse were appreciated. This behavior is also evident by the indicator that 19th century families of eight to ten people were disappearing by the start of twentieth century. Couples during the last three decades were opting to plan and restrict their family size regardless of which social class they belonged to. Family size restrictions were escorted by hurdles for growing viewpoints to sexual relations from the modern woman and her male benefactors.

In a period where heterosexuality was not allowed to be discussed despite being considered both normal and natural, one can imagine how homosexuality would have been dealt with. But even with all the opposition during that era, homosexuality still increased, mainly in men (the literati kind to specific). While homosexuality was frowned upon in public, acts of this specific ‘indecency’ were not openly and harshly legislated by the last decade of nineteenth century. As a result of this law, gay sex was declared a disgraceful crime even in private. This new law even led to the infamous incarceration of Oscar Wilde in the year 1896. If we talk about females, the most famous association during that time was that of Anne Lister in west Yorkshire and her lesbian lover. The relationship, as described, is filled with sensuality and passion. Another affair in the same era that gained a lot of attention was that of Charlotte Cushman (an American actress) and her European lover Rosa Bonheur (a painter). The couple was famous for their outright boyish freedom and appearance.

In the end we can safely conclude that in the domains of gender, medication and sexuality, the 19th century people rarely conformed to their stereotypes. Unlike in other fields that involved complex ideas and experimentation, it took them much longer to realize that the basic human right to what a person does in their own time and space cannot be curbed. Unless someone is getting hurt, a human being is entitled to have and promote his opinions, live up to his own preferences and be what or whoever he wants to be.


Women’s Sexuality In The 20th Century And Today.

Women’s Sexuality In The 20th Century And Today.

women sexualityAs seen with many tests, reports and surveys, women’s sexuality was becoming something of a big issue, receiving interests and attention from all quarters of life. This sudden flurry of interest was believed to have started with the publication of a book titled What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire by Daniel Bergner. This book was one of the greatest hits on the New York Times list. It was focused on the treatment of women that has low sexual libidos although many angles have been explored and current researches are still going on, on women’s sexuality in the 20th century and today.

As each day goes by the complexity of the sexual character or behavior of women seems to be spiraling beyond control. Evolutionally, females are seen as the conservatives when it comes to sex. While they are careful in choosing their partners, they are mostly loyal and steady in their relationships. Males are the ones who don’t attach too much importance to who they have sex with and are mostly not so committed. For males, it’s the pleasure first before the commitment. As such, they tend to just choose a partner at random and they are more likely to have multiple partners that not. However, with the recent results shown in researches and studies conducted on the 20th Century women, the story has changed to a large extent.

The today’s woman tends to have sexual appetite that may not be as consistent as what obtains in the past. Women today want to enjoy sex with reckless abandon, something that would have been more consistent with me. They want the good sex. For them, they have been taken for granted for too long. According to the research, many females interviewed agreed that they have always had desires for passionate and unrestricted sexual life but that has not always been seen as normal within social, political and religious points of view. A woman who seeks to express or explore her sexuality will soon be seen as promiscuous. Today however, there seems to be a newfound freedom for women to express their sexuality.

The TV seems to be one of the biggest pivots in changing women’s sexuality in the 20th century and today. Turn on the TV and you are watching a show that is displaying women expressing their sexual appetite as they like it. Gone are the days when sex used to be something you keep for the sacred confines of marriage, you can now pick it up on the alleyways, in the restrooms, the hotels and anywhere you like it and this doesn’t look too good for the menfolk. Also, with the increased number of women fighting for women rights in public and personal domains, women have come to see themselves as deprived for too long and are therefore no longer ready to play the servant any longer to men in their relationships. In most movies today, where women are lead characters, they are portrayed as confident and assertive. Many magazines today are focused on helping women discover their various sexual potentials.

The published work of Williams Masters, M.D and Virginia Johnson was a groundbreaking one on Human Sexual Inadequacy in 1970 was a groundbreaking one. According to the studies, more than 50% of women have unsatisfying sexual lives in their relationships. Then, it was believed that the cause was either conservative cultural issues or ignorance of how sex works. It was the general believe that men are the experts in sex and that they should be gentler with women. This was one of the errors we have seen as today, it appears men don’t even know anything about sex.

Women claim they have been on the conservative because there was little or no way to reduce the occurrence of pregnancies when they have sex and no woman wants to get pregnant for any random man. Today however, contraceptives are everywhere. This has given women the ability to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. Most women today have long-term partners for the purpose of raising family; people they hardly now enjoy sex with and because of that, have a couple other males outside with whom they enjoy steamy and passionate sexual encounters with no strings attached.

The thought of this has raised too much dust and it is understandable. Men feel insecure because they don’t know who now satisfied their partners outside. It’s kind of crazy because one out of every 5 women you see go by is keen on sex without borders. The question still remain “How did we get here?” Women sexuality is now celebrated and this definitely is not doing too much good to anyone. These are issues that are bothering to parents and people in relationships alike and no one really knows how to put an end to such.

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Women Sexual Revolution

Recap After looking at the Women’s sexuality was not a huge issue and rampant until the 20th century with the “Sexual Revolution”

Women sexual revolutionAfter looking the Women’s sexuality or sexual revolution presently going on among today’s women, it became obvious that it is a topic that really needs to be addressed. Women today actually are “free” sexually, or so it seem, throwing caution away and willing to explore their sexual appetites. There is really nothing wrong with wanting to explore if it were for the purposes of discovery. But the issue is, more often than not, exploration leads to discovery and then there is increasing desire to discover more till it all spirals out of control.

Several factors have been claimed to be responsible for the increased sexual awareness among women. For the purposes of this article, let us focus on the Pill or contraceptives.

In the late 60’s, a feminist movement started rabble rousing, challenging the government that women should not be excluded from politics and the workplace. This feminist movement also placed clauses on sexual roles of women. At the center of the sexual revolution, started by the movement was that women also enjoy sex just like men do and that they have sexual needs too. The movement also argued that women who are single should be free to express their sexual desires without prejudice in the society. This whole movement was aimed at empowering women sexually. However, the social conservatives then see this as a way of inviting sexual promiscuity in the society and eventually, the family. This way of sexual revolution, therefore started in the 60s between the social conservatives and the feminists. Amidst these arguments, the Pill was brought into focus.

The social conservatives argued that the Pill is evil because it allows women to have sexual affairs without the worry of pregnancy. Many have even argued that the sexual revolution was possible because of the pill because it simply empowered women to separate sex from procreation, something that has not been possible before. In the past, women are forced to kill or suppress their sexual desires at the thought of getting pregnant except when they are really ready for that. The thought of getting pregnant held single women back from having sexual affairs before marriage. Now since the Pill can control fertility and pregnancy occurrence, single and married women now could have sex anytime, anyhow, any place and with anyone without worrying about pregnancy.

The argument of the Feminist Movement was that there is double standard in place. Why should single men be free to have sex when young women are not allowed to do same? The idea of young women behaving like men disturbed too many people. The Pill was tagged and this was not without response from the makers of the Pill.

In reply to the conservatives who have tagged the Pill as the evil that will cause promiscuity to explode, John Rock and Gregory Pincus said that the technology of the Pill is not the determinant of the behavior. Although the veneer of the Chaste Society and the Social conservatives does not agree, there appears to be evidence to back up their views clinically. Studies carried out to prove this showed that unmarried women were already having sex prior to the advent of the pill. They were using other methods to prevent pregnancy although the other methods were less effective.

Today, the way between the conservatives and the Feminist movement seemed to have ended because there seems to be no societal emphasis on chastity or virginity and marriage any longer. What we have now are celebrations of single women displaying their sexuality as they wish. There have been many books written and many movies shot that promote female sexuality and the sexual revolution among women, gently pushing aside every contrary view.

After a careful look, we can all see that this is a big issue. You can sit at the bus station and watch every woman and one out of every 5 is sexually free. Marriage doesn’t even seem to hold some women down as they are free to use pills, go and have sexual affairs with other men outside the confines of marriage. Now this has standard and lasting adverse effects on the family and the future generation. This is why attention has been given to the Sexual revolution among the 20th century women lately.

So the pill was the culprit, as it is still believed by most social conservatives but is it? Yes the pill gave women power to have sex without worrying about pregnancy but will it still be responsible for the moral breakdown in the society? What about the condom?

Sexual revolution and women sexuality today still remains an issue that no one really knows which direction it’s going. There seems to be more forces in support than against and this further erodes the moral levels of our society.


Sexual Dysfunction Disorder

Sexual Dysfunction Disorder – Substance Abuse


Sexual Dysfunction Disorder brings with it lots of frustrations in relationships. You can get your sex life back by the application of Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®)

There are certain things we may take for granted and ignore but they will still find there ways back to haunt us. Take for example sex which is a very private thing and is done very privately when it is not satisfying to the engaging partners then its effect will come out in the open to the embracement of the sexual partners. Therefore sexual dysfunction is a condition that affects many men and women in their lifetime. The condition covers a range of sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation in men, pain associated with intercourse, low libido and poor response to sexual contact. Drugs and alcohol are known to affect a person’s sexual behavior, ability to function and sensations. Drugs and alcohol are often taken as a way to hide psychological or emotional problems or to ignore physical difficulties that are contributing to sexual dysfunction. There are four main classifications of sexual dysfunction disorders in which doctor Akoury can be of great help to you to restore your sexual fulfillment and also to recover from all kinds of addiction, the classifications include:

  • Sexual desire
  • Sexual arousal
  • Orgasm
  • Sexual pain disorders

It is important to note that each of these categories has distinct symptoms, yet all are negatively contributed to by drugs and alcohol. Some drugs have been found to make sexual problems worse, others are milder. Regardless of the way you look at it, sexual problems can cause major relationship and psychological problems if not addressed. To avoid instances where your hard earn relationship is being ruined by conditions which can be easily corrected, I will recommend that you call for help from the experts and doctor Dalal Akoury who is not only an expert in a matters addiction but also very much knowledgeable in sex and many other discipline will be able to professionally bring lasting remedies to you condition.

Sexual Desire Disorders

Sexual desire disorders are more commonly referred to as a loss or decrease in libido. The influential enemies of this condition may include substances, fatigue, depression or anxiety. Some medications like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications are known to cause a loss of libido. Alcohol and other substances can also negatively impact on a persons’ libido. Fatigue associated with an alcohol or drug binge may also affect a person’s desire to have sex.

Chronic, long term marijuana use is a serious contributor to loss of libido and more so in women. This lack of sex drive is a symptom of bigger motivational issues that many people suffer when using this drug. For the most part, a persons’ sex drive will return to normal with discontinuation of using marijuana.

Sexual Arousal Disorder

Alcohol consumption is the enemy number one when it comes to one’s ability to be aroused and maintain that arousal because it greatly affects the brain which is a key component to sexual satisfaction. Sexual arousal disorder is therefore that condition which is associated with getting erection and maintaining it and for women it is all about being able to maintain arousal all through the sexual intercourse. Besides alcohol, cocaine and other stimulants can also cause people to experience difficulties in becoming aroused or maintaining that desired level of arousal during in intercourse.

Orgasm Disorder

Men and women often find they have trouble attaining the desired orgasm or climax especially when under the influence of alcohol other substances. It is worth noting that women are very sensitive to the effect that drugs can have on their ability to orgasm and men can have premature or delayed ejaculation as a result of being high or drunk. Most orgasm disorders, or anorgasmia, are the result of undiagnosed or untreated psychological issues that a person is suffering. Chronic fatigue and insomnia can also affect a persons’ ability to achieve a normal level of orgasm. Opiate addiction is known to cause anorgasmia.

Anorgasmia can cause significant personal and relationship problems. Frustration arising from an inability to orgasm despite stimulation and arousal can cause irreversible relationship breakdowns, especially in the case of men. For women the disorder is more common and can lead to unhappiness, depression and feelings of inadequacy. All these complications are very serious and needs an urgent remedy which can only be realized in the care of experts. For instance a visit to AWAREmed Health and Resource Center a facility established by doctor Dalal Akoury is one of the best places you can have your disturbing condition professionally addressed. calling on doctor Akoury will be the starting point and she will handle your problem with great level of confidentiality while offering both Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) and Priapus Shot ® in the most painless way to rain-state your sexual life, she will also work on your addiction problem in the most natural way purposely to attain full recovery and by the time she is done with all these conditions you will not only have our sex life back but you whole life in a relaxed and sober state of mind.

Sexual Pain Disorder

Sexual pain disorders are almost exclusively a female-only condition. This disorder causes a woman to feel immense pain and discomfort during intercourse and sexual interactions. There are two main types of this disorder, dyspareunia or painful intercourse and vaginismus which is an involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles. This condition is believed to be caused by psychological concerns, especially anxiety about sex or being the victim of sexual assault or trauma.

When to see a doctor

If you have an ongoing sexual difficulties like what we have discussed above it will be important that make an appointment with your doctor. It may feel embarrassing to talk about sex with your doctor, but this topic is impeccably suitable. A satisfying sex life is important to a woman’s well-being at every age and stage of life and this is what will be waiting for you at AWAREmed Health and Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury. Your part is only to call and book for an appointment with the expert, remember that doctor Akoury will be very flexible to your time schedule and so how busy you’re will not cause any delay because your time will be the best time for commencement of great sex life a head.

Sexual Dysfunction Disorder – Substance Abuse



Women Fitness is this your goal

 Women Fitness is this your goal

The word fitness is commonly used, but do you know what it means? It is used to indicate Health, vigor, strength, energy. Each of these can be diminished by inactivity, which leads to a loss of muscle, functional ability, and increased weight, all indicators of low fitness levels. Low fitness increases risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and more. People who are physically fit have better endurance, can do more things more easily, and generally live longer than those with low fitness.
It is important to diversify your exercise, and each one is important. Together, these make up a system that leads to high levels of physical fitness. The four components to physical fitness are:
1. Cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) endurance is the ability to perform sustained physical activity, such as walking, swimming, running, etc.

2. Muscle strength and endurance are linked, and improved by resistance training, such as weight lifting.
3. Body composition is the body’s proportion of muscle, fat, and water. More muscle means greater fitness.
4. Flexibility is related to the range of a body’s movement and motion, and can be increased through consistently stretching muscles.

There is a correlation between exercise and weight, but thin does not mean fit, and the impact of physical activity goes beyond obesity. Coupled with good nutrition, exercise will reduce the risk of premature death, help maintain healthy bones and joints, elevate mood, and enhance performance. Fitness brings a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and some cancers. As muscle mass and metabolic rates increase, weight is balanced, chronic illnesses more easily managed, sleep improved. So, walk whenever you can. Park the car far from the entrance. Get off the bus early. Walk the dog. Dance. Clean the house with wild abandon. Weed by hand. Take the stairs. It all adds up.
Cardio/aerobic exercise is physical activity that requires the heart and lungs to work hard to meet the body’s increased oxygen demand, and is usually accomplished through repetitive movements of large muscle groups (arms, legs, hips). When you are aerobically fit, your body takes in and utilizes oxygen more efficiently in order to sustain this repetitive movement, and results in improved heart and lung function, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved blood sugar control, enhanced immune function, better cholesterol balance, and a longer life expectancy.

There is a world of aerobic exercise, so choose those that you enjoy. Running, fast walking, biking, and swimming are all good choices. In the gym, there are treadmills, elliptical trainers, spin cycles, and rebounders. Play with the kids. Dance. Make it fun!

Strength training involves the use of weights or other form of resistance to build muscle. With benefits similar to aerobic exercise, resistance training increases strength and endurance, improves balance, and revs up metabolism – the number of calories burned at rest. Muscle is active tissue (vs. the more inactive fat), so requires a lot of energy to function, burning about 60 calories per day. This means that adding 10 pounds of muscle will burn 62 pounds of fat over a year. Strength training is not just for young people, either. Studies show people in their 70s and 80s can see strength improve up to 180% in just a few weeks!

Free weights, weight machines, and circuit training are found in most gyms, and there are Soloflex, Bowflex, and Delta Trimax machines for home use. Pilates, Total Gym, and some yoga poses use body weight for resistance, and can be very effective, too.

Weight bearing exercises force muscles to work against gravity or resistance, which strengthens bones when stress causes new bone formation. The bone actually becomes denser and stronger. Studies show that weight bearing exercise can help slow bone loss and osteoporosis, thus reducing fractures, even in people well into their 90s.
Exercise that is weight bearing includes walking, running, jumping, hiking, stair climbing. One especially good form is rebounding, which can be done at home (mini-trampoline) or in a gym.
Tightness and constriction lead to reduction of blood flow to muscles and tissues, resulting in fewer nutrients and more buildup of metabolic waste. If not stretched regularly, muscles grow shorter, resulting in less flexibility and greater risk of injury. Stretching is the cure for tightness and restriction, so regular stretching promotes health, reduces muscle tension, enhances range of motion and circulation, reduces injury, increases energy, and feels great!

Proper breathing is a topic worthy of its own article. The concept is simple, and uses a device that restricts inhalations and exhalations. This strengthens the muscles involved in breathing, increasing lung capacity. These devices are inexpensive and widely available, and have been shown to increase breathing capacity by close to 300%.

Another key aspect of exercise is balance, which diminishes with age unless exercised, leading to falls and fractures. To enhance balance, try this simple exercise:

• Stand with one hand on the back of a chair for support.
• Bend the knee nearest the chair 90 degrees, keeping your knees together.
• Get used to balancing on one leg while holding the chair, working toward standing without support. Once you do, work on holding your hands in front of you, prayer-like, as you stand in position. For more intensity, close your eyes.
• Repeat on other side.

Many yoga poses are specifically designed to improve balance, and can be used for variety, as can vibrating platform equipment.

Exercise is as important to good health as proper nutrition – and you need both. Adequate nutrition while exercising includes:
• Protein for muscle repair. Rice protein combined with yellow pea protein is exceptional.
• Carbohydrates, especially ultra-long-chain carbohydrates (ULCs) such as pre-sprouted barley, which release energy over several hours and do not spike blood sugar.
• High quality fats; especially omega-3s and 9s.
• Extra antioxidants to clear the metabolic byproducts of exercise.
• Minerals (electrolytes) and water soluble vitamins (B vitamins and C). Consider adding liquid trace minerals to your water.
If you don’t move you die. Exercise fundamentally changes every system and function in your body – keeping you moving and healthy.