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Fibromyalgia and NAD Treatment

Fibromyalgia and NAD Treatment

There is often a thin line between chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The two conditions exhibit almost the same symptoms. Many are the times when patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome have been diagnosed and treated for fibromyalgia.

So what is fibromyalgia? It is a health disorder that is often characterized by intense and widespread pain in the muscles. These pains are accompanied by other symptoms like increased fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and impaired memory and concentration levels. Studies show that the intense pains in patients with fibromyalgia is as a result of manipulation of the way pain signals are processed by the brain.

The symptoms of this disorder begin to manifest themselves after an individual has undergone a major stressful situation, physical trauma, infection or surgery. In some other cases the symptoms will continue building up over a period of time.

Contrary to many beliefs that fibromyalgia is a disease of the old folks, the condition can affect anybody from the young to the old. However, women are more at risk of developing the disease as compared to men. This is probably because women are more exposed to psychological stress than men.


Most people who are diagnosed with the disease suffer from conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders, anxiety, irritable bowel movements, headaches as well as depression. While fibromyalgia remains without a cure, the patients are given medications which aim at controlling the symptoms. Also some physiological measures such as relaxation, exercises and reducing the amount of stress you are exposed to also help ease the situation.

NAD Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia are like those of chronic fatigue syndrome. NAD treatment is one that is used on patients suffering from this condition.

Basically we all need energy to survive. Every process in our bodies relies on energy and that is what keeps us healthy from circulation, breathing to even digestion. The mitochondria are responsible for generation of energy used by cells to perform their functions. Without this energy we are prone to diseases and medical conditions like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) refers to a molecule whose function is to react with the oxygen found in the mitochondria. This reaction creates energy that is used by the cells to help you in breathing, movement, food digestion, blood pumping and thinking.  In short, this energy is what enables to live your life as it is.

Studies show that lack of this molecule is what causes chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, weakening of the immune system, impaired memory and decline in concentration levels, sleeping problems, muscle aches and weakness and even drug and alcohol addictions. Deficiency in this molecule is a cellular disease epidemic that may go undetected.

How Does NAD Works?

NAD is basically and active form of vitamin B3. NAD is converted into a co-enzyme that binds with hydrogen to become NADH. Hydrogen combines with oxygen in the body to generate energy. Naturally when hydrogen and oxygen react in their liquid forms they generate energy like in the case of hot air balloons. This same reaction takes place in the body.

However due to the explosive power of hydrogen, during NAD treatment it must be carefully inserted into the NAD molecule so that it can generate energy for the body without causing harm to the patient. NAD in this case acts as the hydrogen carrier before it reacts with the oxygen to become NADH.

The process of converting NAD into NADH undergoes through a cycle called Citric Acid Cycle. The fats, carbohydrates and proteins that we eat in our diet provide the necessary chemicals that enter into the cycle. At this point the NAD molecule becomes loaded with the hydrogen which enters into the mitochondria generating a reaction with oxygen that ends up generating energy.


The energy produced by this reaction in the mitochondria is in form of ATP and also a bit of water. The ATP is what is used by the body to assist in blood pumping, contraction of muscles and also the energy that is required by billions of cells in the body.

It is clear how important energy is for normal body function. The energy produced is utilized by body organs like the heart and brain. When there is a deficiency in the energy production the brain is the first organ that is affected. This leads to decline in concentration, memory problems and reduced attention.

If incase this shortage of energy lasts a bit longer, the brain is unable to produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline which are useful in maintain consciousness. We thereby start experiencing depression, anxiety, moods swings and lack of sleep.  It is afterwards that the muscles begin to ache and fatigue creeps in because processes like blood pumping have reduced.

At AwareMed we believe in health and wellness and genera body health. Dr. Dalal Akoury will provide more information about this topic and more. Just visit www.awaremednetwork.com today and she will answer any questions you may have about Fibromyalgia and other health conditions.

Fibromyalgia and NAD Treatment

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Fermented Milk Boosts Skin Health

Fermented Milk Boosts Skin Health

fermented milk The human skin is the largest organ and an essential excretory pathway too. All that biology aside, the skin is the most immediate point of contact with the outside world and a woman for instance would do or give anything just to have a beautiful lustrous skin. Well that is not a strange thing, beauty is such a worthy aspect of humanity.

Funny thing, different folks have had their unique ways of approaching the skin health. Some traditional and others contemporary. While the market is flooded with all the lotions and gels with some such as Nivea using the term ‘moisturizing’ as a key selling point, other people, more traditional in their ways, have for a long time depended on milk in various ways to realize some really beautiful glowing skin. There is definitely something in milk, isn’t there?

But the question is, what is this ‘thing’ in milk that these women targeted for the beauty of their skin? Today there is growing evidence indicating that if you consume milk products refined with probiotic bacteria, you can end up with not only a healthy gut, but also a nice healthy skin.

This is not entirely a new idea in the scientific marketplace. Scientists have for a long time suspected that the health of the human skin and gut health are rather interrelated. Simply looked at, the lining of the mammalian gastrointestinal tract is somewhat an extension of the actual skin. In this manner, the bacteria on the skin surface find their way with ease to the surface of the gut.

In terms of immunity and the general health, one mechanism that has been identified by medical practitioners of maintaining the intestinal health involves boosting the probiotics (good bacteria). Good because these bacteria help to keep bad microbes in check as they naturally inhabit the gut.  Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are examples of these good bacteria and are used for instance in the food industry. Their purpose here is typically to make refined milk products like yogurt.

Unveiling the Gut Phenol Guard

A number of recent studies by a Japanese probiotic milk pioneer has reported evidence indicating the beneficial effects of fermented milk on the general skin health. This was from some test samples containing Bifidobacterium, a bacterium found in fermented milk.

The researchers compared the effects of the fermented milk against those of a non-fermented placebo milk in a clinical test. Two clusters of healthy Japanese women were given the milk and various parameters later measured in those women’s urine, blood and the level of hydration of their skin.

Four weeks later, the women who had been subjected to drinking the placebo milk were having significantly drier skin as compared to their colleagues who drank the fermented milk.

Based on the results of this study, the Japanese scientists deduced that the women who drank the fermented milk had lower levels of phenols in their blood and urine. Phenols are a group of noxious by-products emitted by some gut bacteria during proteins digestion.

Phenols are often absorbed from the gut to some extent, taken through blood circulation and eventually excreted from the body via the urine. In this process though, the phenols may often build in the skin as they are carried along with the blood. Prior studies have shown this happen to the skin of mice. And for the human skin, lab tests have shown that these toxins disturb the skin cells’ production of keratin 10, a major skin protein responsible for strengthening the skin’s barrier function.

People with a troubled gut environment have typically been reported to have high levels of these toxic substances known as phenols. The Japanese scientists associate problems such as skin dryness to high levels of these phenols produced by particular gut bacteria.

Consequently the researchers recommend daily intake of fermented milk rich in probiotics as an antidote to the problem of dry skin. This according to them could help maintain healthy skin by encouraging a conducive gut environment which will suppress the production of the toxins. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), these probiotics (found in fermented milk) are live microorganisms which have the capacity to confer a health benefit to the host when administered in adequate amounts.

fermented milk

Further Skin Health Benefits

Aside from the fight against phenols, fermented milk has been found to have a host of other benefits to the skin. Other studies have indicated that the milk may help assuage dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) while reducing water loss from the skin of the individual.

The fermented milk contains a number of biologically active peptides. Peptides are compounds consisting of two or more amino acids that are linked in a chain. These fermented milk peptides are produced in the process of fermentation. Here a bacterium known as lactobacilli chew down certain milk proteins converting them into the peptides.

Sebum, oily secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin, has been reported to get stabilized by intake of fermented milk. Taking fermented milk increases the hydration levels of the skin of young women due to increased levels of sebum in the skin.

The studies indicate that the age and hormone levels influence the working of the fermented milk in influencing sebum production. Even better, the milk helps check the effects of sebum that could result in acne if in high amounts. This applies to both men and women. The acne alleviation effect on skin is attributed to a milk protein called lactoferrin.

Given its anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, fermented milk helps in improving g the skin luster making it glossy and radiant. The effect results from combined properties of increased sebum and an acidic skin pH.

At AwareMed, we care about the health of your skin and continue to provide you with these and more health insights for your wellness.

Fermented Milk Boosts Skin Health



Substance Abuse Promotes Violence Against Women

Women with Substance Abuse Problems Exposed to Violence Against Women by Men

substance abuseWomen are type vulnerable lot. They are the victims of most violence against women cases that happen in homes and even outside home in clubs and public places. However when a woman engages in substance abuse she even become more vulnerable. It is not strange to see a woman who has got drunk being dragged away by men who do not even know her, in most cases women are raped when they are drunk by people who are closest to them. In this society women who have become dependent on alcohol are an easy prey to men who insult and use them for all their benefits; their handbags snatched, they get physically harmed and in extreme cases where they drink too much to contain the have been victims of gang rape.

In family setting, in a home where a woman is a drunkard there will always be fights between her and her husband, women increase their chances of being physically hurt by their husbands when they get drunk and hence are unable to reason well as they would without the influence of alcohol and other drugs. The drugs taken often interfere with the cognitive abilities of the people who use them and women are no exception, with this impaired cognitive abilities in a person nothing happens the same and for women it places them at risk of assault not only from their spouses but also from the general public. Some  have also turned to substance abuse or alcohol, as a result of exposure to violence against women perpetrated by men . When someone is exposed to violence the will suffer Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms which is majorly characterized by emotional numbing, intrusion, hyper arousal and even avoidance, a woman experiencing PTSD will turn to alcohol and other forms of substance abuse to escape these memories but this will only make her even more vulnerable. Women who might have also been brought up by parents who constantly fought face a problem in the future as the woman has the syndrome in her, she grew up seeing her mother being victimized by the father and that in itself is a myriad dosage of inferiority complex, making her view herself as a someone to be subjected to a man’s control hence giving in to constant harassment by men. This problem can be light in normal circumstances but if she also takes alcohol or uses other drugs then the risk of substance abuse is greatly escalated.

Research study in Stockholm

Between March 2009 and April 2010, 79 women with substance misuse in Stockholm were interviewed; 35 WwH (WwH) participating in outpatient treatment for substance misuse, and 44 HW (HW) with or without treatment for substance misuse in contact with Social Services. When in contact with Social Services, there is a standing offer to participate in treatment for substance abuse problems, though not mandatory for receiving help. Women were asked to participate in the study by the staff at the respective units or by a researcher when visiting each participant unit.

HW in the present study were individuals without a residence, owned or rented, had no permanent address, had to rely on temporary housing options, or were living rough. Women in shelters or temporarily living in institutions were also included.

There were some missing data on items randomly distributed over the measurements for one of the subjects included in the HW group.

A shortened version of the World Health Organization questionnaire of male violence against women – experience of men’s physical and psychological violence, sexual abuse, number and incidence of assault, and domestic violence between the adults during childhood was completed by the subjects. Questionnaires concerning relation to male perpetrators like partner, father, acquaintance, etc., if the violence against women was reported to the police, if the report passed to prosecution, any help they got and from whom, and experienced satisfaction with this help/support, were formulated for this study by the authors. ASI, Addiction Severity Index, was also used to seek information about substance misuse problems, physical and psychological health, family situation, marital status, children, and experience of the justice system.

The results of the study

In total, 91% (72 of 79 women; WwH 29; HW 43) had experienced  violence against women by men. In total 99% (WwH 97%; HW 100%) reported experiences of emotional/psychological violence against women, 90% (WwH 83%; HW 95%) physical, and 61% (WwH 59%; HW 63%) sexual violence. Nearly two fifths (WwH 18%; HW 82%) of the women had been assaulted during the past year and about one-fifth (WwH 10%; HW 33%) from their current partner, most exposed by numbers and times were the HW. About a third of the women (WwH 34%; HW 28%) had been abused by the father or another male relative, for further information about the number of women in the respective group subjected to violence against women during childhood.

substance abuseThe study, on substance abuse, also found out that alcohol dependence was a contributor to the injustices that women were put through. The mean score for the WwH alcohol consumption days during the last 30 days was 6.8 days (SD=9; range 0-30). Most frequent substance abuse during the last 30 days was amphetamine used by 24 of the HW in mean 7.3 days (SD=12.2; range 0-30). Both groups were suffering from physical ill health as prolonged physical damage/illness (WwH 51%; HW 82%), receiving medication for physical problems (WwH 43%; HW 45%), and had Hepatitis C virus infection (WwH 6%; HW 70%).

In conclusion, it is clear that women who engage in are more exposed to violence against women than those who are not. It is therefore necessary for women addicted to drugs to seek treatment. We at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts by availing some of the most integrative approaches to healing an addict. We advocate for natural healing to all kinds of addiction. Call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for help.

Women with Substance Abuse Problems Exposed to  Violence Against Women by Men



Intravenous Amino Acid Therapy


   Intravenous Amino Acid Therapy Is Effective For Addiction Treatment

Intravenous amino acidDrug addiction is a vice that many people are fighting with today. In fact the world’s economy has been seriously affected by drug addiction due to the huge amounts of money that many governments and organizations spend in rehabs to help those who are fighting addiction. Addiction recovery has never been an easy procedure. It takes time and resources and most importantly the input of the addict matters a lot. Doctors have been involved in research in the past to try and come up with better ways of help addiction patients through addiction recovery. However, in most cases addicts are treated by using medication detoxification drugs which are chemically similar to the chemical being removed from the body. The patient is given this substance to manage the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

In most cases the substitutes for the chemical used is either Librium or Valium. These drugs are used because they can calm the nervous system. When using these drugs the dose is gradually reduced as symptoms subside. The drugs however do have a half-life for several days after the course is completed. During this process the patient can still experience severe discomfort with tremors, nausea, vomiting, and occasionally even delirium tremens (DTs). These are just of the disadvantages of using advent pharmaceuticals in fighting addiction in patients besides medical detoxification in drug addiction patients takes longer than the IV amino acid vitamin therapy because the addicted person has also to withdraw from the substitute drug. The fight against addiction from a substance may get complicated when the patient become dependent on the substitute drug.

Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment safe and effective in fighting addiction

As commonly practiced most addiction detoxification is done by use of another substance of substitute. This may work well but as you have noticed it will take a longer period of time for the patients to be free from dependence on the drug of abuse with a higher risk of becoming dependent on the substance of abuse. Were it not for the withdrawal symptoms that addicts suffers when they stop using the drugs then the fight against drug addiction could be easily won. But the bitter reality is that even with the advent pharmaceuticals that can be used in addiction recovery the patient will suffer withdrawal symptoms if they stop using them. However there is hope for the addicts as with IV nutritional detoxification no substitute medication is necessary. So the process is far faster and consequently more effective. The use intravenous amino acid treatment in fighting addiction is devoid of the withdrawal symptoms and therefore safe and more efficient in fighting addiction as the patients will not take more time fighting withdrawal from the very substitutes used in fighting addiction.

In spite of the advent of pharmaceutical medications is now the prevailing form of detox therapy – the standard one-size-fits-all medical detox , amino acids have been a popular option for the alternative or natural form of treatment used for depression , addiction and other issues relating to brain chemistry imbalances, since the early 1900s. Since then amino acid therapy has become a vital component of addiction recovery, thanks to its efficiency and effectiveness.


Intravenous Amino acids therapy works in a way that it gives the brain what it craves from the substance of abuse so cravings are greatly reduced even after one IV therapy session. Safe and effective, these proven natural remedies allow the client to detox in a comfortable manner that significantly diminishes withdrawal discomforts, many times eliminating cravings. Craving for the substances of abuse is what keeps the addicts asking for more of the drug and because during drug addiction the brain cells are affected in that a manner that they become dependent on substance of abuse to be able to perform. it therefore means that the brain must be detoxified so as to clear all the residue of the drug of abuse and break its effects on the brain and the entire nervous system and nothing does that better than intravenous amino acid therapy. The amino acid therapy is the best for fighting addiction because it gives the brain what it craves in a natural non habit forming way while rebuilding the neurotransmitters which are always destroyed by substance of addiction. Normally, the cravings will begin to recede very rapidly. In most cases the cravings will take between 3-5 days subside with minimal if at all there is any withdrawal symptoms. This is because amino acids boost the body’s own detox response eliminating most of the symptoms expected from a withdrawal.


The process of using intravenous amino acid in addiction therapy is completely safe, the solutions are made from ingredients that occur naturally in the body and are prepared by a compounding pharmacy. Only FDA-approved ingredients of the highest purity are used.

The use of intravenous amino acid in detoxification was developed by Dr. William Hitt who reached his formulas after a lifetime of research. He received several awards during his lifetime, completing his research with the help of the World Health Organization. He was a member of the 1985 International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. The organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Addresses the root cause

Intravenous amino acidUp to date there is still no drug currently in use, medical or recreational, addresses the root cause of neurotransmitter levels. Drugs merely stimulate temporary excessive release of pre-existing neurotransmitter stores. They do not increase production of neurotransmitters. Greater transport into the brain of the relevant amino acids, vitamins and minerals augment nourishment of the brain when there are less than adequate levels. The only cure that heals from the roots is intravenous amino acids and good nutrition. However with the effectiveness of intravenous amino acid therapy in effective treatment of addiction it still matters a great deal the commitment and willingness of the patient to stop using the drug of abuse.

Drug Addiction is a vice that should be fought by all means that is why we at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts and offering them a place to call home. It does not matter what kind of addiction you are wrestling with right now, just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) today and begin your journey to victory against addiction.

   Intravenous Amino Acid Therapy Is Effective For Addiction Treatment




Eating Disorders and Poly-Behavioral Addiiction

Pathological Eating Disorders and Poly-Behavioral Addiction

eating disordersEvery living thing depends on food for survival. Without eating not only will a person be weak and unable to perform optimally but he will   die because there will be deficiency in the nutrients that the body needs to continue performing optimally. Feeding is a vital part of every living thing since foods also help in protecting the body against disease causing pathogens. Certain foods are very good at immune building and so through feeding the body is nourished and protected.

However there are also eating disorders that may cause you more harm than benefits. To begin with let’s define what pathological eating disorders are and possibly get some examples of the most common pathological eating disorders.

Eating disorders are illnesses that are caused by abnormal eating. In most cases it has to do with the amount of food taken by an individual. When a [person takes to little food that is insufficient to the needs of the body he will suffer consequences that over a time may become a full blown eating disorder. Eating too much food will also result in certain eating disorders. Eating disorders harms not only the physical health but also the mental health and therefore any eating disorder must be attended to curb its severe effects. Examples of eating disorders include:

Bulimia nervosa– it is normal to turn to food when feeling hungry, lonely, bored, or stressed. However with bulimia, overeating is more like a compulsion and a person feels out of control. When a person suffers from this eating disorder he will not eat merely to get satisfied but he will punish himself by purging, fasting, or exercising to get rid of the calories. The danger of purging and binging is that it affects the body and the emotional well-being of an individual. A person suffering from bulimia will need treatment so as to be able to overcome the feelings of shame, guilt and anxiety by developing good relationship with food.

A person struggling with bulimia is constantly in conflict with himself as he homes the battle between the desire to lose weight and the uncontrollable compulsion to binge food. After eating a person will engage in any act that will undo overeating by running or inducing vomiting. This is the major cause anxiety in those struggling with this eating disorder.


Anorexia nervosa

It is normal to have a desire to put your weight under control. People especially ladies have the need to have lean bodies. However in some instances the need to control your weight may interfere with your eating habit. You will begin to restrict eating some foods and this may become habitual. You may restrict food to a point of starvation all in the need to lose weight and gain that lean body. This results in an eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa. A person suffering from this eating disorder has his thoughts dominated by the urge to lose weight and this may become an obsession.

This eating disorder is very dangerous as it affects all the facets of your life. You will not even know who you really are and that is a major cause of torment in anybody. A person who suffers from this eating disorder is constantly in fear of gaining weight as they believe it will interfere with their outlook. Mealtimes are always very stressful to those who are suffering from anorexia as what they always think about is what to limit so as to keep them lean.

Today pathological eating disorders and their related diseases have become a major health concern worldwide. Many people are suffering from these pathological eating disorders than malnutrition. In fact some experts have purported that obesity which is a disease related to eating disorders has become the major health problem in the world replacing heart disease and cancer.

This thought is echoed by the World Health Organization which in June, 2005 stated that “obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with more than 1 billion adults overweight – at least 300 million of them clinically obese – and is a major contributor to the global burden of chronic disease and disability. Often coexisting in developing countries with under-nutrition, obesity is a complex condition, with serious social and psychological dimensions, affecting virtually all ages and socioeconomic groups.”

eating disordersAnother body that has shown concern on the contribution of pathological eating disorders in poor health in people is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which in June, 2005 reported that “during the past 20 years, obesity among adults has risen significantly in the United States. This claim was backed up by the latest data from the National Center for Health Statistics which showed that 30 percent of U.S. adults 20 years of age and older – over 60 million people are obese. The pathological eating disorders and their consequential diseases do not affect the adults only but affect people of all ages. Today the percentage of young people who are overweight has more than tripled since 1980.

Poly-behavioral addiction would be described as a state of periodic or chronic physical, mental, emotional, cultural, sexual and/ or spiritual/ religious intoxication. Pathological eating disorders are valid cause of poly-behavioral addiction just like any other substance of abuse. Therefore a person suffering from any form of eating disorders should seek help before it results into a bigger problem like obesity and other related diseases.

Here at AWAREmed we are dedicated to avail help to all those who may be suffering from pathological eating disorders. Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) is an expert in integrative treatment and will be willing as always to avail help to all those in need.

Pathological Eating Disorders and Poly-Behavioral Addiction