addictive patterns

The addictive pattern is one of the most destructive behaviors worth changing. It isn’t easy understanding the reasons we want to stick with it even after knowing the obvious risks. Despite the fact that we are aware of the benefits of stopping, we still want to go ahead with it.

According to several 12 programs, insanity is defined as doing one thing repeatedly expecting to get varying results. Other organizations define Karma as being unable to stop doing something even when what you get from it are suffering and pain. The best way to end karma and insanity is practicing wisdom that is gained from education and experience.

How Addictive patterns work

Your personality is determined by your external senses that include hearing, taste, touch and sight. Addiction to certain habits or stimuli can change these senses. The habituation process is simply a survival technique coded in your genes to prevent you from doing original learning.

For example, you taste a chocolate cake for the first time, and it made you feel good. You’ll probably eat it again and again. You become addicted, and it reaches a point you can’t resist it. And when you realized it isn’t doing you any good, you have divided attentions. You want to eat it, but another thought tells you not to.

How regular and irregular reward systems affect changes your behavior

A regular reward system is predictable. You know very well that whenever you eat the cake, you get a reward that is, its sweet taste followed by satisfaction.

An irregular reward system is unpredictable. When you eat your favorite cake, there are two options. You can get the satisfaction you need or not. Not getting the satisfaction you need can be painful, but because you have hopes you can get it, you go ahead and do it. On the other hand, if you get the satisfaction, you’ll want to do it again and again, making it an addiction.

addictive patterns

The best way to deal with the reward system is to stop receiving the reward. For example, you eat your cake, and you don’t get the reward you expect.

Dealing with irregular system means going for it even if you know you won’t get the reward. You eat your cake; you get the satisfaction. You eat it again, and the satisfaction doesn’t come causing you pain. You’ll do this until you get bored of it.

Changing the awareness

You now know that the cake doesn’t give you the satisfaction you used to get, but you can still get the satisfaction by eating it. To do away with such an addiction, you are required to go beyond your personality. Whenever you think of doing it, think of the consequences. Follow up by making a wise choice.

For example, when the feeling of taking that cake comes again, take it as an opportunity to test your addiction limits and to make yourself stronger. Let it show up, but try not to think about eating it. This will make it easier for you to control it in future and before you know it, it will be history.


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