Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight: The relationship between sex and overweight

Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight

Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight. Being obese has several disadvantages when it comes to sexual life. Treatment is therefore necessary in good time.

I find it very difficult to understand why people shy away from talking about sex. Sex is a gift and a good one for that matter. If one has a problem with sex in whichever way, it should be discussed openly. If you are shy about it they let me encourage you not to because everyone of us is a product of sex. I have noticed that there are various reasons why sex is not what it is to many people. There is a lot of quite discomfort from many people either because they are not getting the satisfaction from their partners or they themselves are the problem and interest is quickly running out. It is because of this growing concern that doctor Dalal Akoury is persuaded to take the lead role in addressing the sexual problems arising from overweight. This has become necessary because sex today is not just meant for producing babies but it is for several other things including pleasure and some cases assign of unity in married couples.

There are very many reasons why the desire to have sex may die in some people, but as for the purpose of this article, we are going to narrow it down to obesity as a factor of sexual problem people face across the globe. The problem on weight gain is becoming a thorn in many people’s flesh and this is even affecting their sexual relationship. The question many are asking is why? In response to this, obesity is associated with a ray of other diseases like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension health conditions which can affect ones sexuality immensely. Therefore, when administering treatment to these health conditions, careful attention must be taken to ensure that such medication does not complicate the whole issue further. Such medications are capable of triggering lack of libido and erectile dysfunction among other sex-related problems. Doctor Akoury says that because of the prevalence on obesity and weight gain in our societies today, immediate solution should be found to bring back the sexual life in most relationships. Now let us consider the following conditions that are believed to be the biggest culprit in creating sexual problems.

Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight: Erectile dysfunction

Obese men are at high risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotency due to health complications associated with obesity like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. These complications can inhibit efficient blood flow to all parts of the body including the penis which then results in weak erection. Various studies have also demonstrated that even losing a little amount of weight can help beat the condition and bring back your ability to keep your sexual fulfillment obligations.

Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight: Hormonal imbalance leading to low libido

  • Obesity is directly linked to hormonal imbalance and lower testosterone levels, which in turn can inhibit sexual desires in both men and women.
  • Another issue is that increased body fat leads to more sex hormone binding globulins (SHBG) in the system which is a natural chemical that binds to testosterone meaning that there is less of the sex hormone left to handle the demands of a normal sex life.
  • There is also evidence to suggest that obesity in young boys can lead to fatigue and development of male breasts.
  • In young girls it can lead to PCOD, irregular menstrual cycle and thyroid problems.
  • Obesity can cause certain abnormalities in women’s eggs which may leads to infertility.
  • Obesity also causes excess insulin production and PCOD (a condition where the periods are irregular and ovaries produce small, immature eggs instead of healthy mature ones).
  • Obese women are also likely to suffer from failed pregnancies and miscarriages than regular weighing ones.
  • Obesity is directly associated with infertility in men due to its effects on the sperms.

Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight: Infertility

Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight: Obesity and related diseases that hinder sex

Being obese, and more so if when there is an accumulation of fat around the central abdomen will most likely experience a host of health conditions which can impact negatively on their sexual lives. The experience can arise due to physiological or psychological reasons or due to medicines taken for the disease. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, depression, dementia and other ailments all affect your sexual functioning. In fact, one of the most tell-tale symptoms of diabetes is erectile dysfunction.

Medicines too, ranging from anti-depressants to those used to treat heart conditions, high blood pressure and cholesterol can lead to sexual issues like impotence, decreased sex drive, ejaculation problems and even delayed or no orgasms.

Less sex positions

Sadly, the absolute logistics of sex can change when one or both partners are fat and can make coitus in some positions particularly hard. The popular missionary position is out-of-bounds if the male partner is too heavy. And if both partners are obese, then the central abdominal area can prevent proper penetration. The rear entry style which is more popular among the obese can also cause problems because the woman usually has to spend a long amount of time on her knees. Spooning, a sex position where partners lie side by side is also hard for fat people. However, fat people shouldn’t fret and there are multitudes of positions that they can try with their partners.

Lack of stamina

Obesity is often associated with laziness and a sedentary lifestyle. And this may often percolate into their sex lives as well. In men, it will also significantly decrease the time they can maintain an erection. Now that you are enlighten of the possible sexual complications arising from being obese or overweight, it would be very important that corrective measures are taken on your part if you are obese. The good news about this condition is that it can be fixed if only you could schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for treatment. Do this and you will never regret it because the outcome will not only deliver back your sexual life but also your whole life.

Addressing Sexual Problems arising from Overweight: The relationship between sex and overweight