Can Stress Cause Weight Gain in your life: How to keep the world’s woes from weighing you down


Can Stress Cause Weight Gain in your life

Can Stress Cause Weight Gain in your life? Irrespective of what causes weight gain a lasting solution should be found

Stress complicates everything and is also associated with nearly everything we do, think or places we go to. Much as I do not want to agree with the school of thought that stress is becoming part of people’s lives my introductory statement betrays me. I want therefore pose this question to you who is reading this article right now “can stress cause weight gain in your life?” are you able to see the connection between the two? This is what we want to find out and with the help of professionals at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care all these concerns are going to be adequately addressed. Therefore keep reading and find out the true position. Look at the environment around you and evaluate each like your job is hanging on the balance and it is only a matter of time before you get the termination letter, the credit-card bills are mounting. Your teenage children are threatening to quit school and become something else you’re troubled your spouse has filed a divorce in court. Everything around you is not just right and all your efforts to have them to manageable levels are not yielding anything consoling. You are stressed and hopeless. Irrespective of the reason or reasons, stress is a way of life in this generation. And because we are different stress will also affect us differently. If you are in that category where stress is beyond the normal feelings of anxiety and discomfort, then stress can mean facing each passing day gluttonously hungry and adding weight gain to their list of your problems.

Even though the immediate response to acute stress can be a temporary loss of appetite, it is however becoming evident that for some people, chronic stress can be tied to an increase in appetite and stress-induced weight gain. The problem in this case lies within our neuroendocrine system which is a brain-to-body connection that harkens back to evolutionary times and which helped our distant ancestors to survive. Though today the source of the stress is more likely to be an unpaid bill than a saber-toothed tiger, this system still activates a series of hormones whenever we feel threatened. These hormones give us the biochemical strength we need to fight or flee our stressors.

The hormones released when we’re stressed include adrenalin which gives us instant energy along with corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH) and cortisol. While high levels of adrenalin and CRH decrease appetite at first, the effects usually don’t last long. And cortisol works on a different timetable. Its job is to help us replenish our body after the stress has passed, and it hangs around a lot longer. It can remain elevated, increasing your appetite and ultimately driving you to eat more.

Can Stress Cause Weight Gain in your life: Fight, flee or chow down

While this system works fine when our stress comes in the form of physical danger — when we really need to “fight or flee”, and then replenish — it doesn’t serve the same purpose for today’s garden-variety stressors. Often, our response to stress today is to sit and stew in our frustration and anger, without expending any of the calories or food stores that we would if we were physically fighting our way out of stress or danger. In most cases in this respect eating becomes the activity that relieves the stress. In other words, since your Neuro-endocrine system doesn’t know you didn’t fight or flee, it still responds to stress with the hormonal signal to replenish nutritional stores which may make you feel hungry.

Following those stress signals can lead not only to weight gain, but also the tendency to store what is called visceral fat around the midsection. These fat cells that lie deep within the abdomen have been linked to an increase in both diabetes and heart disease. To further complicate matters, the “fuel” our muscles need during fight or flight is sugar one reason we crave for carbohydrates when we are stressed. Therefore to get out sugar from our blood to our muscles will require insulin, the hormone that opens the gates to the cells and lets the sugar in. So people, who are under stress, metabolically speaking, will gain weight for that very reason.

Can Stress Cause Weight Gain in your life: Mind over Matter

In the cause of trying to solve the riddle “can stress cause weight gain in your life” it would be very important that we do not put all the blames on stress for our weight gain, this is because eating in response to stress can also be a learned habit, that is to say that one can just be encouraged by brain chemistry into feeding heavily. Remember that when under the influence of stress, there’s that force, power or an impulse to do something, to get moving, and in most instances eating becomes the remedial activity that relieves the stress. It’s easy to do and it’s comforting. Nevertheless, it may be our bodies’ initial response to rising levels of cortisol that communicates us that there is comfort in sugary or starchy foods to relieve us from our current stressful situations. The result of this is that in the very first couple of days after encountering a stressful event, cortisol hormone would give you the urge and persuasion to eat high-carbohydrate foods. And the moment you give in and you comply; you quickly learn a behavioral response that you can feel almost destined to repeat the same action anytime you feel stressed again in the future.

Finally the good news is that whether your concern is can stress cause weight gain in your life or whether your urge to eat is driven by hormones or habits or a combination of both, research shows there are ways to interrupt the cycle, break the stress and stop the weight gain. Stopping weight gain is one activity that up on scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury will be done in the most natural and professional way with a team of able experts at the home of weight loss solution (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center).

Can Stress Cause Weight Gain in your life: How to keep the world’s woes from weighing you down