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Family pains emanating from Alcoholism and drug addiction: The support mechanism of alcoholism

Family pains

Family pains caused by alcoholism and drug addiction can be very devastating if not treated in good time. However with treatment the joy of family is lifted up.

It will not be business as usual when the scourge of drug addiction and alcoholism set foot in any family. This problem is very destructive and causes a lot of family pain whether physical or psychological. And when any family is in pain everything within that slows down. One may ask how this causes family pains. It could be argued that if one member of the family is struggling with addiction then it is only that member who should be in pain after all the rest are not victims of his addiction? Sure that is only the face value of the magnitude of the problem. The family pain cuts across and goes beyond the family to the society. Doctor Dalal Akoury relates the consequences of addiction with the health of a human being. Like for instance if one is having an injury on the toe, it is not just the toe that suffers the pain, the whole body is in pain. The nose cannot disassociate itself from the pain coming from the toe neither can the knee or any other part of the body stand along and be comfortable that it is only the toe that is affected. In the same way if a member of the family is into addiction, the whole unit of the family is in pain.

Take for instance if the first born son or daughter is the direct victim, the other siblings who rely on them for guidance will suffer and are likely to follow into their habits further addicting to the family pain. And in the event that these victims were the family bread winners, then their action will injure the family stability. Any resources that are channeled to their addiction hurt the family and a financial gap is created. This could result into one dropping out of school, luck of basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. That is not something that we can overlook in any way. Therefore if one member of the family is addicted to alcohol or drugs for that matter, it would mean that the whole family will suffers the consequences. Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, defines an addiction as a family disease that stresses the family to the breaking point thereby impacting on the stability of the home, the family’s unity, mental health, physical health, finances, and overall family dynamics.

We must therefore stop burying our heads on that sand and pretend that things are just normal because they are not. Even as we seek to find solutions to addiction and by extension the family pains, it is important to note that dealing with addiction and its complications is not easy because of several reasons including family obstacles. We are all aware that no family was actually formulated with the knowledge of how to deal with addiction effectively, and because this is not inborn, it is important that serious public health awareness is created so that both the direct victims and their loved ones (indirect victims) are well informed and educated on the do’s and don’ts so that together we can bring this problem to its manageable levels. And that is why doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center have prioritized creating awareness about all the elements through which alcoholism and drug addiction causes family pains and beyond. This is one of the best ways of containing the situation because when people are informed, they are less likely to make mistakes. Therefore if you want to have a private or a one on one discussion with our experts over the issues relating to addiction and family pains, they you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today and all your concerns will be addressed professionally.

Alcoholism and drug addiction causes family pain: Obstruction to recovery

This is often a common question more so with people taking care of victims like for instance one may ask “why do i need help? She is the problem.” Have you ever said something like that? Whether your response is Yes or No one of the biggest challenges to family recovery is the belief that everything will be ok by just fixing their loved one who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. After all, “she’s the one who needs help, not me!” that is very easy to say but nevertheless, professionally doctor Akoury says that helping families understand that just as the addict is responsible for their own recovery they too are responsible for their own recovery. One fact must be put straight and that is the whole family must be in this together without excluding the children. Remember that addiction in the family strains relationships and people are likely to become anxious, mistrustful and tired. Besides that an overwhelming sense of hopelessness can set in too and because addiction hurts the whole family, it is therefore very essential that solutions are tailored to restoring the whole family which therefore means that even as we seek for professional solutions, recovery process from addiction will greatly depend on the commitment and willingness of the family.

Alcoholism and drug addiction causes family pains: Recovery from addiction is a family affair

As a family disease, those who have been affected by addiction may take years to recover, as they rebuild and stabilize their lives, independent of what alcohol and drug addicted family member does. Without question, it can seem overwhelming, but it helps to keep in mind that commitment to the recovery process is also a commitment to the overall well-being of the whole family. Therefore very constructive and active family engagement in the recovery process is essential if the family is to heal from the destructive impact of addiction. To keep hopes alive, the whole family needs a variety of supports, information and working skills from the experts like doctor Dalal Akoury.

Finally as we settle on solutions to this problem, we must all appreciate that family recovery is very ideal and realistic for millions across the globe, and because of this hope, helping and healing of family recovery has become one of the most powerful way to break the intergenerational cycle of alcoholism and addiction in the family thereby bringing restoration to where hope was dying and discouragement was thriving. You can speak to us at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center about al concerns you may have in relation to alcoholism and addiction as potential factors of family pain and we will gladly come to your aide.

Family pains emanating from Alcoholism and drug addiction: The support mechanism of alcoholism