Widely Used Hallucinogens

There some drugs that when used may cause hallucinations.  The drugs that cause hallucinations are called hallucinogens. These drugs when taken make a person to see things that are not even in existence. The drugs take a person to a trip. He ceases to see what is in the real world but instead sees things that nobody else sees. Hallucinogens may also have other destructive effects to those who take then in fact most drugs that cause hallucinations are often linked to such grave symptoms as memory loss among others. Hallucinogens are interesting drugs, they work differently for each individual person. A person may take a hallucinogen in huge quantity but still will not see many crazy visual hallucinations as compared to others who will even see dogs talk to him in his hallucinations even after taking the least quantities available.


I’ve never actually taken LSD before but i know and have talked with many people who have. Color enhancement, visual distortions, and “melting” are typical effects produced by LSD in medium quantities. One of the drugs that cause a person to hallucinate is the LSD.  The way LSD affects people varies greatly, however when taken it can take you to a ‘trip’ that may go for as long as 12 hours but there is a peak halfway through the middle. During these trips a person may also experience bodily changes which include dilated pupils, increased blood pressure and a high body temperature. People on LSD may also feel dizzy, sweat, have blurred vision and feel tingling in their hands and feet. They may feel drowsy but not sleepy.

LSD also induces a feeling of euphoria and a person becomes extremely happy laughs a lot and everything in his world becomes magically beautifully. A person who has taken LSD will feel like he has broken the barriers of his brain and hence become very contemplative. They feel like they have learnt new ways that were hidden and they get new understanding of how things are in the world. They trip to religious and spiritual a journey which is dreamlike revealing very strange phenomena to them. The colors in their surrounding become stronger than they really are and so are the lights that become brighter than normal. Taking LSD also causes synesthesia — a confusion of sensations between different types of stimuli. Some people have described this as seeing colors when they hear specific sounds.
LSD also causes poor judgment and so LSD users prefer taking the drug in groups and in calm environments like homes where they may not interact with other people who may take advantage in the twist of their judgment. They may spend a better part of their trip trying to understand something that seems rather unimportant.

Sometimes a person may have to be taken to hospitals in case he has got ‘a bad trip’ which means he might be hallucinating to a point not good for his mental health. The trip may take too long and in most instances the person may lose control. When taken to hospital he may be injected with anti-anxiety medication or a mild tranquilizer to ease the patient’s panic.


hallucinogensMescaline is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in several cactus species, most notably, Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) and San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi). Several other members of the trichocereus family also contain mescaline.
Mescaline belongs to a family of compounds known as phenethylamines, making it quite distinct from the other major psychedelics which belong to the indole family. LSD, psilocybin, harmaline, and DMT are all indoles. Many synthetic “designer” psychedelics, such as ecstasy (MDMA) and 2C-B, are phenethylamines, and are related to the chemistry of mescaline.

Mescaline has been used for a long time in religious functions in san Pedro and today the use of mescaline in religious functions is still upheld by the Peru. The major reason why this plant extract is being used in for religious purposes is because of the hallucinatory effects it possesses. It helps a person to see more than he could in normal setting.

Due to its hallucinatory effects it has become abused in that instead being used for religious purposes people now use it as a recreational drug. When taken a person will experience visual hallucinations and radically altered states of consciousness, often experienced as pleasurable and illuminating. It takes a person to a mental trip where every boundary of the mind seems overcome. However with the good feelings of happiness and euphoria a person may get feelings of anxiety and revulsion after using mescaline. Visualizations euphoria and laughter are the better part of taking mescaline. However there are other side effects associated with it.

Side effects of mescaline

Being a product highly valued as it is used for religious purposes most researches that have been done on it have not shown its side effects. However these are the side effects that have been reported; dizziness, anxiety, increased heart beat diarrhea and even headache. However vomiting is considered an advantage by the Shaman ceremonies as it is considered cleansing.

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Widely Used Hallucinogens

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