Herbs Associated With Relaxing and Strengthening the Nervous System

Herbs Associated With Relaxing and Strengthening the Nervous SystemComposed of the all the nerve tissues in the body the nervous system plays very critical roles in the body. They are composed of the nerve tissues that receive stimuli and transmit stimuli to the nervous systems and to initiate responses. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord and functions as the points of collection of all the nerve impulses. This is how the nervous system works; the sensory nervous system receives the stimuli, the central nervous system interprets them while the motor nervous system initiates responses.

The nervous system are very vital in the body and so they ought to be performing at optimum always, however due to some of the substances that a person may use such as drugs and alcohol the communication between these nerve tissues may be tampered with leading to rise of some complications in a person . Therefore there is need for the entire nervous system to replenished, relaxed and strengthened and nothing does that better than the nervines. The nervines are herbs that are specifically for the nervous system. They correct all the defects in the nervous system as well as strengthening the nervous system.

Here are some herbs that can be used to replenish, relax and strengthen the nervous system

Kava– This herb is very potent. It is very effective for intense anxiety, stage fright.  Inability to cope. It is also good for toothache, pain from cystitis, muscle relaxant, insomnia.  Due to its extreme potency it can only be used once in a while

Lavender– this herb is uplifting hence good for low moods. It is good for mild anxiety and improves sleep quality.  For persistent depression use lavender with holy basil and damiana.

Prickly Ash– it is good for depleted nerves.  Prickly ash stimulates nervous system, circulation, and disperses herbs.

Rhodiola– Rhodiola is a powerful antidepressant.  It works to restore inner reserves. It also cures fatigue from heartache.

Lemon Balm– calming and uplifting.  For mild depression and SAD. It can be used with St. John’s wort, vitamin D and fish oils. It also elevates mood.


Linden Blossom– It can be used for mild hypertension and heart palpitations. It can be used with motherwort and hawthorn.

Motherwort– good for hormonal or menopausal anxiety.  It settles chronic anxiety with racing heart.  It can be used with oats and vervain.

Mullein root and leaf – protects myelin sheath- holds moisture around the nerve endings. It can be used with St. John’s Wort.


Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora herb). Skullcap is a broad spectrum Nervine tonic. This herb has been used successfully in cases of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. Skullcap is considered one of the preferred herbs to help ease withdrawal symptoms during recovery. During the first 72 hours of withdrawal, it may be taken every couple of hours. Skullcap contains large amounts of flavonoids which act as natural anti-inflammatory agents.

Valerian (Valeriana officinale root). Valerian is another strong nervine. Extracts of Valerian have been used for centuries in Europe to resolve cases of insomnia, nervous disorders, anxiety, and depression. It is known to be beneficial for individuals who have a history of cocaine and/or alcohol use and also suffer from nervous disorders.

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata blossom). Passion Flower is another great nervine. Milder than Valerian, it is excellent for relieving tension and for insomnia. Rich in flavonoids, Passion Flower is probably most effective when combined with Valerian and other nervines.

Herbs Associated With Relaxing and Strengthening the Nervous System

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita blossom). Chamomile is known as a mild relaxant as well as a stomachic used for improving digestion. It contains the two compounds azulene and guaiazulene, which have been shown to stimulate growth of liver tissue in rats. Chamomile may also be helpful when prepared as a homeopathic remedy.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba leaf). Ginkgo is an outstanding herb which has been shown to improve cellular glucose uptake, scavenge free radicals, encourage peripheral circulation, improve short term memory, and enhance energy. For the recovering addict who feels that his memory and circulation have been compromised, Ginkgo is a good place to begin.

Thunbergia laurifolia– This herb is commonly used in Thailand for detoxification. This herb is potent enough to cleanse the body of harmful; effects of the long-term use of drugs and alcohol. It also works well in reducing fevers. In a recovering addict it may help in clearing all the debris of alcohol and drugs.

Dandelion– This herb is widely used in Europe as an excellent liver detoxifier and mild diuretic. It increases the flow of bile and encourages both the transformation and transportation of nutrients. It has been used historically to treat liver disorders, arthritis and gout. In the addict it will ease the transportation of nutrients in the body and restore energy in the cells.

Oats (Avena sativa) – Oats is one of the best remedies for “feeding” the nervous system, especially when under stress. It is specific in cases of nervous debility and exhaustion, especially when associated with depression. Also for shingles and other herpes infections and even degenerative wasting conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Oats may be taken as porridge. Tincture: Extracts of “milky” seed, 2-3 ml up to 4 times daily.

St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) – St. John’s wort has a sedative, restorative and pain-reducing effect. Thus it can be used for the treatment of neuralgia, anxiety and tension. Its tonic action on the entire nervous system makes it useful for nervous debility and stress. Useful for irritability and anxiety due to menopause. Not recommended when there is severe depression.

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Herbs Associated With Relaxing and Strengthening the Nervous System