The Role of Naloxone in Sex Addiction

NaloxoneSex addiction is not yet recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a distinct diagnosis and they coat it in names like hypersexual disorder but are just that, it doesn’t reduce the severity that those addicted to sex suffer. Sex addiction is one of the most common addictions today that many teens as well as adults alike are enslaved to. Sex addiction has been on the rise thanks to the digital age that has availed pornographic materials at the click of the button. Just like with other forms of addiction exposure to erotic movies, books and pornographic clips play a role in escalating the rates of addiction generally and increasing an individual’s chances of getting into the bottomless abyss of sex addiction.

However, there is a misconception that sex addiction is just about sex, Robert Weiss the director of Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles is quick to rubbish this, he says that sex addiction isn’t just about sex but rather the obsession about sex. Sex addiction is characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and actions. If a person has a sex addiction he will no longer have the power to control the sexual desires that will crawl his mind all the time. When a person is addicted to sex he loses his will not only in controlling his/her desire for sex but he will also lose focus on other aspects of life as his thoughts become caged in a sexual abyss.

Just like any form of addiction sex addiction has its share of darkness, when one is addicted to sex, he will suffer the consequences in all his spheres of life; socially, physically and emotionally. As have been evident those who are addicted to sex may never maintain any steady relationship and even they may become withdrawn and find it hard to easily mingle in social circles. Like in heroin addiction, the brain chemistry will be adversely altered; the neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin become dependent on the acts of sex as they will become the only avenue through which the levels of dopamine can be boosted. When this doesn’t happen they will exhibit down feelings and depression and anxiety will find their way in.

However, sex addicts should be treated with care and shown love as most of them never played a part in the events that culminated into sex addiction. Statistics have shown that most of those who are addicted to sex got there because of acts of sexual abuse they were subjected to earlier in their lives. Sex abuse is a leading cause of sex addiction. Nevertheless the cause of sex addiction doesn’t matter what matters is the menace is real and is underrated by the American Psychiatric Association. The addicts need help just like other people addicted to drugs and other behavioral addictions.

Some of the signs and symptoms of sex addiction include;

Like I stated earlier, sex addiction impacts your life in all spheres; socially, physically and emotional. But since I can’t tell all about sex addiction in a single post, I will not delve much into these categories of the signs and symptoms.

Sex with multiple partners– when a person has an obsession for sex he may not draw the redline to demarcate who he involves with sexually and who he doesn’t and so he may engage in sexual activities with even strangers and this may put him / her at risk of venereal diseases.

They may often suffer mental emotional torture as the feelings of guilt loneliness and fear may creep in their thoughts most of the times they are lonely. Feelings of emptiness may even catapult their urge to meet new sexual partners.

Treating sex addiction with naloxone

NaloxoneToday there is little literature on the effectiveness of naloxone in treatment of sex addicts. There have been few research studies that have been done on the same and even the very studies that have been done were done on a much smaller scope to communicate any reliable information. With this said, naloxone isn’t a new drug as it has been used in the past for treatment of heroin overdose and addiction to opioids. This drug has been a favorite for many addicts and doctors as it is non-addictive unlike other opiates like methadone. It has been particularly been found to be effective in treatment of addiction-induced respiratory depression. It is also useful in ultra-rapid detoxifications and helps restore balance in the brain chemistry. Naloxone is an antagonist and works by blocking receptors in the brain hence breaking the chain in reward mechanism.

Today the WHO still maintains that naloxone is an essential drug owing to its effectiveness in treatment of heroin addiction. Its use in health institutions all over the world is approved by the FDA. There is much to be done in order to show the effects of this drug on sex addiction treatment. There has been growing body of interest in its use in the area as it has been found to be free from abuse by those using as it is not addictive.

Sex addiction isn’t about sex, it is the obsession about sex and lots must be done to free anybody caged in this. We at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to giving help to those addicted to sex. Could you be a victim of this menace, feel free to call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) for help.

The Role of Naloxone in Sex Addiction