Role of Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment

What is poly MVA?

This is a supplement which is prepared in a very special way. These supplements are obtained from blending variety of minerals, vitamins and some amino acids. These supplements are meant to give support to cellular energy production and also promote overall health. Studies which have been conducted to ascertain the use of poly MVA have shown that people who take the supplement not only do they feel overly well but also feel high energy level. Another advantage of using poly MVA has been that, it balances the pH levels in the body. This helps your body’s wellness in many ways. Poly MVA has also been known to get rid of some harmful compounds which are known to harm liver. This makes your liver remain free from the effects of these chemicals.

Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment

How does poly MVA work?

The working principles of poly MVA are based on mitochondria. The understanding of mitochondria and how it works is therefore important before one seeks to understand how poly MVA functions.

What is this mitochondrion then? How does it work? Mitochondria are sometimes referred to as the cell’s power plants. They are discrete structures of any cell, which function to generate energy for the cell. For any cell to remain healthy there must be sufficient and reliable supply of energy. During the production of this energy o molecular level, a compound which helps in the transfer of this energy within the cell is also stimulated. This chemical is called Adenosine 5;-triphosphate.

Whenever poly MVA is administered to a patient, it crosses the cell membrane and thus it conducts electrical current from the membrane itself to the mitochondria. These mitochondria as discussed earlier are structures within the cell itself that serves as for production of energy and respiration. Under normal circumstances, mitochondria possess properties of ability to redistribute the electrical charge throughout the cell to energize it as well as enhancing its activity. When mitochondria cannot perform this function, there is need for intervention, preferably with the poly MVA supplement which will intervene and ensure the mitochondrial functions are executed.

Can poly MVA be helpful in addiction recovery?

Poly MVA has actually proven to be helpful when administered to patients who are recovering from addiction. It is a fact that almost all the addictive substances will damage given parts of your body. The process of recovering from this addiction, must involve healing of the damaged parts or cells, for a complete and successful recovery to be realized.

One of the common damages caused by addiction from drugs is cell malfunction. When the cells malfunction, there is high likelihood that the patient will be a victim of a disease as a result. This is common with cancer, which is caused by death of cells as a result of malfunction.

When poly MVA is administered, it helps to ensure that the cells which malfunctioned are restored back to their functional state. This occurs through re-energizing of mitochondria, which are the power plants of the cells. Poly MVA provides mitochondria with energy and thus stimulating it to function well.

Some of the properties which make poly MVA helpful in recovery are:-

  • It plays an important role in helping the body to produce energy. This is as a result of re-energizing mitochondria, which is responsible for production of energy for the cells.
  • Poly MVA has also proven to support the liver in removing some harmful substances from the body. These chemical substances which would otherwise harm the liver are removed from the body. This has health benefits beyond recovery from addiction, since the patient remains free from liver damage related illnesses even after recovering from addiction.
  • Poly MVA also plays a vital role in preventing call damage. When cells are not supplied with sufficient energy, they will definitely get damaged. Poly MVA ensures that optimal conditions for proper functioning of the cells are maintained.
  • Another advantage of using poly MVA is that it helps the body in removing heavy metals from the blood streams. Many of the heavy metals are known to be toxic. Their presence in the body could have a serious health impact. These metals need to be removed from the blood streams since their transportation throughout the body would be toxic to many body organs. Poly MVA helps the body to get rid of such metals.

Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment

  • Poly MVA, when used as a supplement can act as a very powerful antioxidant and detoxificant. It neutralizes the negative effect of poisonous compounds in the body. This is an effect which can be very helpful for a person recovering from drug addiction. Many addictive drugs are known to leave a residual effect and thus usage of poly MVA would neutralize this effect.
  • It also prevents B-12 deficiency, which is related to mental breakdown in people of elderly age. Deficiency in this chemical result to decline or loss in memory.
  • Another important property of poly MVA is that it supports nerves and neurotransmitter functioning. Neurotransmitter is responsible for reward system, and its proper functioning results to one feeling healthy and in a good state.
  • Poly MVA has also been proven to support white blood cells function. White blood cells protect our bodies from diseases, and by supporting their function, poly MVA contributes to healthy living.
  • Another important role of poly MVA worthy mentioning is that it plays role to balance pH levels in our bodies. This help in maintaining oxygenation of cells and tissues.

Addiction treatment process is a serious treatment procedure and should only be carried out by professional who are certified and really understand what they do. At Awaremed Wellness and Resource center, we understand all steps and phases of addiction treatment. If you need help with any addiction treatment, call in and keep reading our blog

Role of Poly MVA in Addiction Treatment