Rapid And Safe Drug Detox Using A Crafted Blend of Intravenous Amino Acids and NER

Many people are trapped in lives that they have never been pleased to live. Addiction has caused lots of problems in our societies today. The problem is that when a person becomes addicted then the problem ceases to be his alone but spreads to the entire society. Today addiction to drugs and substances accounts for more than half of the societal ills that our societies face.  The addicts are facing problems associated with stigmatization and so most of them cannot even work and fend for themselves, this in itself is a source of depression that commands that they use drugs to help them escape and the endless vicious cycle ensues. In such a case an addict will be forced to go against the societal codes of ethics to find his daily dosage of his drugs of abuse like robbery and that will affect the entire society.

The naked truth however is, most addicts have tried to seek help in rehabs but have not succeed this may be the case since in most rehabs the pharmaceutical products are used in trying to help the addicts to overcome addiction. In some cases these drugs may work but in most cases the patient is left to deal with the withdrawal symptoms which may make these pharmaceutical medications ineffective in treatment of addicts. In most cases addiction detoxification is done by use of another substance of substitute. The substance of substitute serves the cravings for the drug.  This may work well but as you have noticed it will take a longer period of time for the patients to be free from dependence on the drug of abuse with a higher risk of becoming dependent on the substance of abuse.  Withdrawal symptoms make it hard for the patients to stop using the substitute substances that are used in detoxification enslaving them to the substances. Unlike pharmaceutical medication, IV amino acids when used in detoxification do not leave the patient with withdrawal symptoms hence the treatment is effective and efficient.

drug detoxification

For emphasis, I repeat. The use intravenous amino acid treatment in fighting addiction is devoid of the withdrawal symptoms and therefore safe and more efficient in fighting addiction as the patients will not take more time fighting withdrawal from the very substitutes used in fighting addiction. The intravenous amino acid serves the brain cells that have become dependent on substance of abuse with the right substitute that eliminates the cravings. It also detoxifies the brain and clears all the residue of the drug of abuse and break its effects on the brain and the entire nervous system and no pharmaceutical medicine can do that. The amino acid therapy is the best for fighting addiction because it gives the brain what it craves in a natural non habit forming way while rebuilding the neurotransmitters which are always destroyed by substance of addiction. It also works within days and improves the body’s own ability to detox. Apart from Intravenous amino acid detox in addiction there is also another effective way of fighting addiction at the root. Neuro Endocrine Restoration. Owing to the effectiveness of these two methods of detox in addiction Dr. Dalal Akoury of AWAREmed has crafted a formula for using both of the methods in healing addiction patients.

Neuro Endocrine Restoration

Neuro Endocrine Restoration (NER) is critical in treatment of addicts. It is one of the best ways of fighting addiction. What happens when a person is addicted to a substance is that the substance of abuse that he uses damages the brain by changing its biochemistry creating an imbalance in the brain and the entire endocrine system. This means that any effective treatment must restore the state of the neurotransmitters as was before addiction. The neuro endocrine restoration is the best at doing this since it cost effective, natural and takes a shorter time.


In our bodies there are neurotransmitters that help us feel good and at harmony with our surrounding. There are also other neurotransmitters that are responsible for low feelings. The brain needs all these neurotransmitters to work normally. In a normal person’s case the balance between these two neurotransmitters is achieved naturally but in case of an addict this balance ceases to exist as long term use of drugs affects the neurotransmitters. The use of NER in addiction treatment aims at helping the patient to evade the use of the drugs since without restoring the neurotransmitters, anytime an addict will attempt to stop using the drug of abuse his brain will trigger reactions of danger leading to release of adrenaline and endorphins, in such instance the addict will be forced to use the drug to restore calm and this explains why most addicts fail when they try to stop using drugs without restoring the damaged neurotransmitters.

Intravenous amino acids and the NER are natural approaches to treating addicts that have so far bore juicy fruits. They are affordable, effective and are free from withdrawal symptoms that many people suffer after going through addiction treatment with pharmaceutical medicines. We at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are committed to availing help to addicts and offering them a place to call home. We advocate for natural healing to all kinds of addiction. In case you are struggling with addiction just call on Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for help.

Rapid And Safe Drug Detox Using A Crafted Blend of Intravenous Amino Acids and NER

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