Stress and Weight Gain during the Holidays – Staying Calm and on Track

Stress and weight gain

Stress and Weight Gain during the Holidays can cause you a lot of harm in your effort of fighting overweight. Stick to the healthy side of life even during holidays.

Dear friends it is my pleasure sharing with you these valuable pieces of information about your health and more so those that are related to overweight. If you have been with us on the link you must have come across several articles torching on overweight and obesity. These are health conditions which are life threatening if not avoided or put into control. We are going to be discussing in this article the topic stress and weight gain during the holidays. As a matter of fact we are approaching that season when everyone will be tuned to marry making during the Christmas festivities. This article therefore comes at an opportune time for you and your loved ones. Therefore I want to welcome you and request you to keep reading and have useful tips to help you prepare for the holiday season a head.

When we talk about holiday weight gain, you maybe think about the varieties of delicious foods lie in wait for you everywhere you turn. Holiday parties, family dinners, office luncheons, 20 dozen Christmas cookies cooling on your kitchen counters literally there is no scarcity of temptation during the holidays to indulge in over eating. However, there is another major stake holder to holiday weight gain which is not necessarily food and unhealthy lifestyle. The holiday season comes with different packages it is known for being one of the most stressful seasons of the year. Stress is never friendly to human health because it is one of the major causes of the formation of fat belly in both male and female. The fat belly is often as a result of certain chemical known as cortisol. It may not matter whether your feeding habits are emphatically pure throughout the holiday season; letting stress get to you may still cause you to gain some weight which is not very healthy.

From experience we know that managing stress may not be very easy for many and that is why at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Dalal Akoury’s care we focus on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. We bring to your attention that any stress and weight gain especially during the holidays can be avoided. I encourage you not to dye in silence because help is only a phone call away. Pick that phone now and schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today for professional direction. As you consider making that valuable call the following are some of the easy steps you can adopt to help you avoid stress and weight gain during the holidays  .

Stress and Weight Gain during the Holidays – Keep Your Mind Peaceful

Consistent meditation is a brilliant way to discharge stress from your system. This can be done in the simplest way without any form of complications. Just by positioning yourself in a sitting position with your eyes closed and breathing systematically slowly can bring a big difference in your stress level. Remember that even 2minutes of meditation can knock off stress out. Therefore if you can dedicate 10 full minutes twice a day to simple meditation, you’ll notice a huge reduction in stress.  You’ll not only feel calmer but also you’ll be able to think more clearly. In other words your memory will improve, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll feel more balanced emotionally. The result is stress and weight gain during holidays is eliminated.

Stress and Weight Gain during the Holidays – Discharge Bodily Tension

  • When you’re stressed out, do you ever feel like all of your muscles are threaded too tight?
  • Your shoulders feel like they’re wrapped up around your ears
  • Your lower back feels like it might snap if you bend forward
  • Your legs might be restless
  • Arms feel achy
  • Stomach churning

When all this happens in your body, tension displays up in your body, you can’t help but feel uncomfortable. Daily exercise does wonders in releasing bodily tension and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it to enjoy great results. Even marching in place for 10 minutes followed by a gentle stretching routine can instantly make you feel more relaxed. For instance if you enjoy walking and the weather is nice, take an invigorating walk after dinner each evening.  When you go shopping at the mall, take 10 minutes to stroll briskly around and focus on how festive everything looks. This way you’ll be inspiring a positive mood while releasing tension from your body at the same time.

Stress and Weight Gain during the Holidays – Create Time for Yourself

Doctor Akoury will tell you that having sometime for yourself is very healthy. You have this life only once and what you do with it today determines how well you will live it tomorrow. It doesn’t matter how busy or tight your schedule is. You need peace of mind to need those deadlines. So devote some time and relax doing things you like most. Taking an hour or more in a relaxed state of mind will make you freshen up and you’ll quickly realize that the things you have to do don’t seem so stressful anymore.

Stress and Weight Gain during the Holidays – The Art of Detachment

Sometimes what you need to be free is all dependent on you. There are certain things you may want to shed off if you have to defeat stress and weight gain during the holidays. For instance, if your holiday season is usually packed with irritating and stressful scenes and events, you may want to devote a little bit of practice to the art of detachment. Being able to step back psychologically and enthusiastically from upsetting people and circumstances is a worthy practice to accommodate not just because you want to be free from stress and weight gain during holiday’s seasons but for the rest of your life. Detachment means declining to become emotionally capitalized in the situation at hand. If you can calmly keep your emotions in check rather than getting angry, defensive, or aggressive, you will avoid taking on too much stress.

Finally it is helpful if you are able to avoid taking things personally. Stay in control of your emotions and you’ll feel like you have greater control over your life in general. Doctor Akoury will always be there for you in all the steps you take in managing your stress and weight gain during the holiday. You can now schedule that appointment with her today.

Stress and Weight Gain during the Holidays – Staying Calm and on Track