Substance Abuse Trend in London Current Treatment Available

LondonDrug abuse is common in London with the major drugs that are commonly abused being cocaine, ketamine, heroine, alcohol, cannabis and designer drugs. The drugs that were commonly abused in the past decades were cannabis and cocaine but in 2012 there was rise in the use of other drugs probably because of the pressure that authorities put on the users of cocaine and cannabis as they are illegal in London just the same way they are in most countries of the world. Ketamine was purportedly being produced in India from where it was smuggled into the United Kingdom and most of the users of this drug were the Londoners. Other drugs were also reported to be in use and most designer drugs that were in use were not even known. This onslaught of readily available drugs had become a major worry to employers. In 2007, the City of London Corporation published a report titled Tackling alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Its research found that 22 per cent of London businesses reported absenteeism as a direct result of drug abuse. This is an illustration that if not looked into keenly and appropriate solution given then the economy of London will be adversely affected by drug abuse as the workforce are slowly but surely losing their lives to drug abuse.

In 2012 published The City’s toxic new drug trends, an expose of drug abuse in the City. The feature highlights the prevalent use of drugs such as GHB among City boys. In 2007 the City of London report cited ecstasy, cannabis, alcohol, cocaine and heroin as substances to watch out for, but neglected new drugs that were increasingly being used like GHB and even ketamine.

There were a whole host of other substances that were not listed in the 2007 report. These included 2CI, 2CB, 2CE, GBL, GBH, mephedrone, ketamine, methamphetamine, speed, crack and opium, all of which were increasingly being used in London. With these designer drugs creating hybrid-like mix and match highs (2CI, 2CB and 2CE are said to replicate acid-type trips but without the same intensity, or for the same period of time), those with demanding jobs can achieve shorter highs with shorter comedowns.

Cocaine capital of Europe

The use of drugs of abuse has been at an all-time rise in London with designer drugs contributing a good percentage of the drugs that are consumed in London. Unfortunately, as I stated above most reports about drug use in this city has emphasized the use of major drugs of abuse like cocaine and cannabis while ignoring the use of other equally dangerous drugs like ketamine and other designer drugs. There are today very many drugs of abuse in London but still according to the recent report on drug just in the United Kingdom, it has been found that cocaine is still the most abused drug in the London, in fact London is now referred to us the ‘cocaine capital of Europe’. Yeah you heard it right-London is the cocaine capital of Europe and has the highest use of the drug than any other city on the continent, new research published today is proof to this statement.

This report was from The European Drug Report 2014 that reached this conclusion having analyzed the sewage systems of 42 cities for traces of the drug and found the English capital had the highest cocaine use of any city tested, with consumption of the drug appearing to peak on a Tuesday. The samples, which were taken and tested during a week in 2013 to provide a forensic snapshot of drug use, found London was one of the cities with the highest use of ecstasy. Contained in the report was the information that the sewages water in London contained 711 mg of benzoylecgonine, the main chemical in cocaine, per 1,000 people, compared to 393 mg in Amsterdam and 233 mg in Milan.

LondonGenerally, cocaine and ecstasy were the more popular drugs in western and some southern cities, while crystal meth remained the most popular in Eastern Europe. However, overall use of the drug is continuing to decline in countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom after a peak in 2008. Eleven out of the 12 countries also reported falls in cocaine use in surveys undertaken between 2011 and 2013.

The international report also warned against the increasing use of so-called ‘legal highs’, which are sold over the internet and often try to mimic the effects of drugs such as cocaine or LSD. The agency identified more than 80 new chemical drugs last year, making a total of almost 250 detected over the past four years.

Available treatment options for drug addicts in London

Here in London like any other part of the world addicts can mostly get help by visiting rehab centers. There are very many rehabs in the London and you may have to do a little research on which rehab can suit the case. In rehabs there are different ways through which an addict will be helped. One of the ways of fighting addiction is through drug and alcohol detoxification.

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Substance Abuse Trend in London Current Treatment Available