Substance Use Disorder Treatment with Nervine Herbs

The basic knowledge of drugs is that they are substances that interfere with the normal functioning of the body. This therefore means that after using some drugs and substances a person’s behavior will be altered by the substances he has used. However it should be known that there are far more damages that drug and substances use cause to an individual health wise. Substance use disorder, also known as drug use disorder, is a condition in which the use of one or more substances leads to a clinically significant impairment or distress. In this context contrary to common knowledge that substance can mean any physical matter, the term substance here is used to mean drugs. Substance Use Disorder refers to the overuse of, or dependence on, a drug leading to effects that are detrimental to the individual’s physical and mental health as well as the effect on other people’s welfare.

The diagnosis of substance abuse disorder has improved treatment of patients. Before his approach to treatment of addiction related cases, doctors used to treat addiction and other clinically significant abuse as separate issues but with substance use disorder diagnosis, doctors can simultaneously treat both addiction and non-addiction related dysfunctional substance abuse in patients. the rule of this approach of treatment is that the doctor will identify the specific cause of problems to an individual for example if a person is alcohol-related issues then he Is termed to suffer alcohol use disorder  while a person suffering from cocaine is termed to be suffering from stimulant use disorder.

Nervine Herbs

a person suffering from any substance use disorder will exhibit at least three and at most eleven specific symptoms related to the use of the substance with the most prominent examples of these symptoms being substance cravings, an inability to curb substance intake, the development of tolerance to a substance’s effects, serious life disruptions that stem from substance use, use of substances in clearly dangerous circumstances and devotion of significant time or resources to either using a substance or recovering from substance intake. However, people affected by the minimum number of symptoms have mild substance use disorder, while people affected with many or most of the required symptoms have major or severe substance use disorder but all of these people need substance use disorder treatment in order to be free from the effects of the drugs they are using.

Treatment of substance use disorder with nervine herbs

What are Nervine Herbs?

The Nervines are herbs that are very essential in supporting the nervous system. The nervines may work as tonics and to create a mild calming effect. The tonic nervines may include the Skullcap and the oat tops while Catnip and chamomile can be used for mild calming of the nervous system. Apart from these two categories there are also nervines that work as strong sedatives on the nervous system, they may include the Hops and the Valerian among others. Generally the nervine herbs are used to relieve nagging muscle tension and spasms, circular thoughts, insomnia, and the occasional worry that has become a part of day to day life. Some of these herbs provide multiple nervine actions, such as Skullcap which relaxes the muscles, helps calm worried thoughts, and nourishes the nervous system. Others such as Oat Tops, are not necessarily relaxing to the physical body, but help restore and support healthy nerve functioning when taken on a regular basis.

The nervous system is Composed of the all the nerve tissues in the body and plays very critical roles in the body. They are composed of the nerve tissues that receive stimuli and transmit stimuli to the nervous systems and to initiate responses. The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord and functions as the points of collection of all the nerve impulses. This is how the nervous system works; the sensory nervous system receives the stimuli, the central nervous system interprets them while the motor nervous system initiates responses.

The nervous system are very vital in the body and so they ought to be performing at optimum always, however due to some of the substances that a person may use such as drugs and alcohol the communication between these nerve tissues may be tampered with leading to rise of some complications in a person . Therefore there is need for the entire nervous system to replenished, relaxed and strengthened and nothing does that better than the nervines. The nervines are herbs that are specifically for the nervous system. They correct all the defects in the nervous system as well as strengthening the nervous system.

Nervine Herbs

Here are some of the useful Nervine Herbs

Catnip – this nervine is a very gentle sedative that is used in solving insomnia related problems. Some drugs may often leave the user with sleeplessness after along use. Catnip could be the answer. It’s also good for headaches.

California poppy – this herb has anti-anxiety, sedative, and analgesic properties. It’s used to promote relaxation in those seeking rest from nerve pain.

Passion flower – This stunning plant offers anti-spasmodic power and is helpful with tension headaches, occasional nerve pain, nervous restlessness, and restful sleep. Good for many symptoms of substance use disorder.

Lavender – Calming herb that is often used in aromatherapy applications for its mild calming action. This herb is uplifting hence good for low moods. It is good for mild anxiety and improves sleep quality.  For persistent depression use lavender with holy basil and damiana.

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment with Nervine Herbs