The Physical Factors of obesity and Overweight: Interesting things to watch out for

The Physical Factors of obesity and Overweight

The Physical Factors of obesity and Overweight. The prevalence of obesity and overweight could be avoided if we change our lifestyle.

In the prevalence of obesity and overweight, it is only prudent that everyone is aware of the factor that causes this problem which is quickly turning into pandemic. A lot of postings and books are available about eradication of obesity and overweight. But with the varieties of materials so is the vigorous campaign aired in the both the print and electronic media. These campaigners are simply marketing their products for sale. They can be very enticing because they have a mission to achieve. To be direct these people are in business and their main objective is to make profit even if it would mean danger to their consumers. That statement sounded a bit heard on the spirit of entrepreneurship. I agree with you but it is the truth as painful as it may appear. Take for example the cigarettes manufacturers or alcohol brewers; are you now changing your mind? Anyway our focus is on the physical factors of obesity and overweighs bearing in mind of what I have just mentioned in the introduction.

The Physical Factors of obesity and Overweight: Television watching

Obesity is a state of being heavy beyond being overweight according to the BMI formula where overweight is of 25 and obesity is 30 BMI and above. this is necessitated by several factors among them the enjoyment of television programs, playing video games and endless conversation on the online plat forms using the modern handsets like the iPads. It is no wonder that Television watching has been closely associated to the onset of obesity. The fact is that, the more time one spend watching TV or enjoying the usage of these of these other gadgets, the greater the degree of obesity. TV watching has led to childhood obesity, and excess weight in adults. According to one clinical study where some 4,771 adult women were examined to determine the relationship between time spent watching television per week and obesity, it was established that twice as many women who reported watching three or more hours of TV per day were obese, compared to the reference group of women who watched less than one hour of television per day.

Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of Doctor Dalal Akoury points out several physiological effects of taking too much time in watching TV that promotes obesity. Doctor Akoury says that too much time taken on watching TV impacts negatively on the effort of eliminating overweight and obesity as it reduces physical activity. Besides that it also lowers the resting (basal) metabolic rate to a level similar to that experienced during trancelike states. It is in the culture of human being to respond to external stimuli such as the sight, smell, and taste of food, which can trigger almost addictive tendencies to eating. And like I had indicated our TV channels are not just full of entertainment, but by constant advertisement of very unhealthy luring food stuff. It is no surprise that such advertisement are mostly aired around meal times, primarily to promote their fast food products, which trigger memories of sweet, fat, and other stimulatory tastes. Trance-like effect that is created by watching TV influences the brain into thinking that it needs something and because of not knowing exactly what it needs, the very first decision becomes food, and of course food is the easiest answer. In that way people are often motivated to eat even when it is not necessary. And besides that people who watch a lot of TV are also very inactive. They tend to do the least amount of exercise. All these factors put together contribute to obesity and weight gain.

The Physical Factors of obesity and Overweight: An excess-starch diet

In an effort to controlling obesity and overweight, it is important that foods which are rich in fats are consumed proportionately. Starch is the most fattening food. That explain why people who eat excessive amounts of starch are prone to gain weight. Some of the foods which are rich in starch may include bread, pasta, rice, and beans. Therefore a healthy diet should include thyroid-stimulating foods such as adequate protein, sea salt, fruit, and coconut oil, in addition to organic vegetables.

The Physical Factors of obesity and Overweight: Low metabolism

Metabolism is deficient in many overweight people for genetic reasons and lack of physical exercise. The metabolism of stored fat in the body is considerably below that of lean tissue. So the metabolic rate of obese people is well below that of lean people, reduced by the sluggish metabolism of fat. To break this vicious cycle doctor Akoury says, individuals must be active physically. There is no two ways about it. It would be very difficult to break the routine without vigorous physical activity. Therefore it is important that when you are considering working out and somehow there is push and pull of discouragement, you may need to consult with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. This is a medical facility established by doctor Dalal Akoury to meet your individual weight loss needs. Up on scheduling for an appointment with her, she will be able to evaluate your individual conditions and naturally put you in a weight loss program tailored to meet your specific needs.

Certain disease states are also associated with a greater likelihood of obesity, including diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, hypopituitarism, and hyperlipidemias. For example, an underactive thyroid gland can slow down metabolism and lead to weight gain. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is caused not only by the inability to digest sugar (sucrose, lactose, and maltose) but also protein, because 56% of digested protein is converted to glucose (blood sugar) as needed by the body. People in this category can be either heavy or lean depending on how much what they feed on is digested. Besides that is how the body uses insulin is also another factor. If your body lacks the ability to clear insulin from the bloodstream quickly, you may feel hungry even when you have eaten enough.

Finally the physical factors of obesity and overweight are not just about exercise and feeding habits. It is a collection of several elements which we may have not discussed in this article. Nonetheless you can be able to get them straight from the experts up on scheduling for an appointment with doctor Akoury for all your concerns and you will be attended to professionally and in confidence.

The Physical Factors of obesity and Overweight: Interesting things to watch out for