Turmeric and Women’s Health

Turmeric plantGiven the range of health issues experienced by women they are essentially a rather delicate gender. Unlike men, women have to battle with regular cycles of physiological changes involving a lot of hormonal tides and a number of variations in the composition of the chemical substances in the body.

Such compulsory cyclic processes make the woman a person of alternating moods and emotional states in addition to the generally delicate nature of their health component.

The aspect of reproduction which makes the woman’s body a biological lab conditioned to support a life, added to today’s eating habits and lifestyle present even more complications. A lot can occur in the female reproductive system. Tumors, cancers, pain associated with periods, all present the females with a challenging health factor.

Turmeric and women’s periods

Health experts have associated turmeric with anti-inflammatory effects in the human body. Most women experience a lot of pain and aches during their monthly periods. A number of them would often take this as a natural phenomenon that lasts only a few days. Others however find it a little difficult to keep up as the pain is usually too much for them. They resort therefore to various means that can bring them relief from the aches.

Turmeric has been found to bring immense relief from these menstruation related pains. The plant contains a lot of chemical compounds that give it an antispasmodic effect on the females during the monthly experience and help reduce intensity of cramps.

Turmeric therefore provides a great natural alternative to the various medicines that are currently available for relief from such menstrual cramps. This is handy when the person involved does not delight in taking medicines.

Such persons find turmeric as a great alternative since they can take it in the form of spice mixed with food. This way they do not have to experience the strain associated with ingesting the commonly biter pills or capsules.

The herb- Turmeric is said to help bring back the uterus to its proper shape and functioning. In addition, certain reports indicate that the chemicals in turmeric help with balancing of hormones in the female body and thus restores irregular periods and cases of breakouts.

The herb is useful in regulating menstruation among women as an emmenagogue. The term is used to refer to plants which rouse the blood flow around the pelvic area and the uterus. Some of these herbs stimulate the monthly periods. For Turmeric, this effect is achieved by purification and movement of still blood which causes a normal menstruation.

Turmeric as a mild contraceptive

Indian medicine practitioners have been using turmeric for decades now. Some existing reports indicate that turmeric was used before as one of the herbal methods of birth control at the time when science had not invented the modern ways of doing so.

Indian traditional medical prescriptions indicate that if you take 4-5 grams of the herbal product every day during periods then it prevents pregnancy at the next ovulation period. Science is yet to provide explanation to this state of affairs.


Other critical uses

Imbalances in the level of hormones among females are usually responsible for the secretion of some viscous vaginal discharge. The problem of the thick yellowish discharge also known as Leukorrhea can often go for years. Turmeric is said to provide lasting relief from this condition.

This herbal product is also said to be useful in dealing with cancers. This concern is slowly getting commendable backing from a number of scientific studies.

Turmeric and Women’s Health