What is your inspiration towards losing weight: Weight loss begins from the mindset?

What is your inspiration towards losing weight

What is your inspiration towards losing weight? People have different reasons for losing weight, but the most important reason is for good health

It is not a secrete anymore that people across the globe desires to lose weight. Even without the mass rooming growth of the gym business where nearly in every neighborhood there is at least one gym facility, there are still very many evidences that the demand for losing weight is becoming more than the supply. What then is your reason for losing weight? What is your inspiration towards losing weight? I know that people lose weight for different reasons but the most important reason should be health. When the body is healthy the whole family is and by extension the society is. Production levels go up and a lot more development is bound to take place. The reason for you struggle in weight loss should be very realistic less you lose without plan and end up causing yourself more problems. Before you chose to enter into this weight loss program, you must ascertain the accuracy of your BMI. It will be pointless to do this if your BMI is below 25.

It must be noted that the exercise of losing weight is not an easy one. Many people have begun with a lot of enthusiasm but fell on the way sometimes even before the end of the second day of the program. How then do you ensure that your objectives in weight lose are met? On your own it may not be possible and discouragement and disappointments will come in handy. Therefore to overcome this you may want to speak to a professional in this discipline. This would be the starting point but even as you opt for this, you must be sure that the professional is a respected one. They must have what it takes to deliver to your desired expectations. For instance we offer tailored weight loss programs to all people and our specialist at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are not just trained but are also experienced to hand both individual and group weight loss programs. Doctor Dalal Akoury who MD and also the founder of this facility will up on scheduling for your appointment carry out an evaluation on your individual situation case by case and administer the most appropriate treatment for you.

Back to our topic of discussion, we had asked “what is your inspiration towards losing weight?” many people would highlight some of the following are their primary reasons:

  • Due to the bullying by your peers you want to loss
  • You are looking towards fitting into your wedding gown
  • You are contesting to be the beauty queen in your territory
  • Your health is deteriorating and the doctor advices you to do so
  • You are finding it difficult to play around with your three year old son
  • Your sexual life is affected and your partner is not comfortable
  • You are not able to fit well in the public transport sector and you have to pay more because of your weight and size
  • Your weight is just making you look down up on yourself

These are just but a few but irrespective of your inspiration the common denominator when it comes to losing weight is to be healthy. Good health should be the main motivation why you are doing this. Being overweight is not just about what is highlighted above, but it can be very chronic and disastrous. Obesity and overweight is directly linked to some of the most life threatening health conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and respiratory problems among many other health conditions which needs to be prevented by ensuring that we all take the initiative to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

What is your inspiration towards losing weight: What to consider in the journey

It is very important that behind your problem, there is something that is motivating you to move on amidst numerous challengers. However, even with that desire, the primary thing on your part must be the willingness to tale the challenge. If this has been overcome then you need to take a self-evaluation and respond positively and openly to the following life concerns:

Your lifestyle – This becomes the pillar of what needs to be changed if it was not right. To succeed in losing weight your general lifestyle must change from regular physical activity to healthy eating habits. You must go forward choose wisely the kind of food you eat and this must be done irrespective of your current weight or BMI.

Your family historyGenetics is a very important factor in weight loss. Persons desiring to lose effectively must study the history of their genealogy well. For instance if in your lineage there are pockets of people who had history of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or other weight-related ailment, it’s crucial to be mindful of your weight then this can be a pointer to you that you could be the next victim and so is the need to start exercising the preventive measures.

Your weight distributed – Weight gained above the hips commonly called “apple” shape can be problematic. In both men and women, bigger abdomens can signal trouble.

Your waist size – The National Institutes of Health has determined that a waist circumference of over 40 inches in men and over 35 inches in women signifies a health risk, particularly in people with BMIs of 25-34.9 (the overweight category). It is however very important that you understand that clothing size is not a good indicator of weight or health, since sizes vary with different manufacturers.

How do you feel – Seriously consider weight loss if you are overweight and have joint problems, shortness of breath or other health troubles that limit your day-to-day living.

Finally doctor Akoury says that while appreciating that you need to be concern about your weight, worrying about it exceedingly is not good either. You could develop psychological problem along the way which may not be very good for your obese condition. If this describes you and you are not at ease with the way things are, don’t die quietly, come out and seek for help in good time. Doctor Akoury will be weight for your call to help you get the best out of your current condition for a better tomorrow.

What is your inspiration towards losing weight: Weight loss begins from the mindset?